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where do you use lidocaine and septocaine?
just need to know, where exactly do you use lidocaine on the top of the teeth in the back, or bottom only. and also where do you use septocaine on the top or bottom of the teeth.

means each tooth is different i suppose, and so say tooth number 22...would you use lidocaine, or septocaine?

im studying to be a dental assistant, but i cant seem to find it in my book.
  Lidocaine and Septocaine are interchangeable and can be used anywhere depending on the dentist's preference. They can be used with or without epinephrine.
grandpa walleye
I have MS. I would prefer not to use Septocaine?
I am the one with the previous Septocaine question. I am multichemical sensitive including but not limited to MSG, Aspartame, Sulfites, Sulfer Dioxide, Splenda makes my tongue and gums numb In my research Septocaine is both an Amide and Ester. I do not want an ester, nor do I want Articaine after reading about complaints on parasthesia . It is the newest local anesthetic, sure the dentists love it, but you docs our there, if you read further on Septo, it IS the hardest to excrete. That may be ok for a healthy person, but for MS patients, I noted in my reading that Xylocaine, or Mepivacaine. may be better, though dentists hate not using Epi - I can not tolerate the metabisulfite buildup any longer. In addition, with Septo I inevitably need a second administration before the procedure is done anyway. Also, blocks don't work with me. What is the safest local "caine" for me to use without sulfiltes?? .. and yes that would mean no epi, but I am more concerned about me, not the dentists ease
cora c
  Ask your dentist to give you Polarcaine 4%, It contains no epineferin.
-dental assistant
how long does it take for Septocaine to wear off?
i just got a cavity filled about 2 hours ago and the dentist gave me a shot of Novacaine. at first i couldnt feel anything, but when the drill got deeper into my tooth i could feel a sharp pain. then, she gave me another shot and the same thing happened. finally, she gave me a big shot of septocaine because its stronger.i cant feel anything at all in my mouth except for a little tingly feeling. how long will the numbness last?
  It can take several hours, it really just depends. For me it took 5-6 hours. I know it's driving you crazy, but it will go away.
Aujee L
I am having a dental procedure and need to know if septocaine is safe as well as clindamycin?
I am having a dental procedure in 3 weeks I have been given a rx for clindamycin and have read all kinds of horrible effects of it as well as septocaine. Are these drugs somewhat safe? Does anyone have any stats on effects?
  All drugs can have serious side effects including non-RX drugs. Clindamycin is like any other antibiotic. It is relatively safe and by that I mean it isn't any more dangerous than some of the other antibiotics. I assume you are allergic to Penicillin because Clindamycin isn't normally the first line of antibiotic for dental infection. If you have or develop an allergy you should obviously stop. The mycins are notorious for causing intestinal problems but clindamycin isn't as bad as erythromycin which is in the same catagory of antibiotic. I have given it to patients for years with no major problems.

As for septocaine (articaine) you will find differing research and opinions. It came out recently and is known to be pretty potent meaning your less likely to feel anything for your it works very well in the presence of infection. The big negative is the potency....As compared to lidocaine which is the most common anesthetic you can only use half as much septocaine for procedures. Believe it or not your dentist can OD you with anesthetic and it can cause death..and there have been some deaths (or at least rumors) linked to dentists giving too much Septocaine. Two other things associated with septocaine are prolonged anesthesia meaning you stay numb (this can happen with any anesthetic but incidence has been higher for septocaine) and because it contains sulpher there are some who are allergic to it although there is no link between sulpha drug allergies and allergies to septocaine.
As for real data....I have used it exclusively for almost 10 years....seen close to 20000 people during that span. I have used it for infiltrations(not as controversial) and blocks (more controversial) for any dentists reading this. I have had 2 cases of prolonged anesthesia (one coming from a difficult extraction which means most likely not from anesthetic) --------The difficult extration got sensation fully back in several months...the other case more likely related to anesthetic got feeling fully back in about 2 weeks.----------- I have had one person have an allergic reaction to it (She broke out in hives but within a few hours and some benadryl was back to normal) No deaths :)
Does anyone know with what or how to naturally excrete the dental anesthesia Septocaine after a visit?
cora c
  Septocaine is just like any other dental anesthetic and is metabolized by the liver.
Septocaine is the toughest of all anesthesias for the liver and body to excrete fully, any natural remedies?
cora c
  The best thing if you can find it is called Chinese Bitters. This will cleanse your liver very well, and your gall bladder.
If this is not available, the next best is dandelions. Used as a tea, or in capsule form.
Others used are as mentioned above milk thistle(though not the strongest),chammomile, lobelia, wild yam, sassafras, and kelp.
Oh and Parsley, :)
Good luck with the cleanse. Remember to start the cleanse on a day when you are home, as most of them will cleanse the gall bladder and colon as well, and you may want to stay near a toliet depending on how blocked up you are.
why is this drug in my system?
I recently took a drug test for a employer, and it came up positive for Benzodiaspine.

I don't take any drugs, i'm not prescribed to it, and i haven't the slightest clue how it got in my system.

The only thing is the morning of the drug test, i went to the dentist and was given lidocaine, septocaine, and nitrous oxide.

Could this be why?
Joey D
  No, benzos are drugs such as valium or xanax. Either you ate one or were slipped one within a few days of the test. I am not aware of any common false positives for benzos.
Jamie *
Any dental offices having problems getting anesthetic from their supplier?
We use Citanest Plain and we can't get it anywhere. I have called Patterson, Darby, Sullivan Schein, and no luck. I hear it is a problem from the factory, meeting supply and demand due to the European factory shutting down.

Where can I find some Citanest?
I never heard of Sinclair.

My dentist uses Septocaine also, but he always starts with Citanest. We are down to about 20 carpules. I don't know what we are going to do when this runs out.
  We're having the same problem with Lidocaine. Try Goetze Dental; they're a local company I use and they're website inventory shows they have some instock.
Hope this helps!
dental assistant question: differences between lidocaine, carbocaine, and septocaine?
the dr always has to tell me which carpule to load and the length of the needle, but to save time and have it ready before he enters the room can some one help explain the differences to me? does it depend on the patient's health like high blood pressure or diabetes, or does it depend on the strenouity (if thats a word) of the procedure being done? and correct me if im wrong, but are the long needles for numbing any area closer to the back and short for the front? its probably duh, but maybe there is further info. thanks!
How can I make the numbness go away?
I was at the dentist today to have a tooth chip repaired (it originally chipped when I was 12 because I was on a rollercoaster and my face flew forward on a hill and hit the bar, but the repair fell out for some reason so they fixed it today), and the dentist gave me too much anesthesia. The right side of my face is numb, even though it was just a tiny chip that wouldn't have needed much anyway.

It's been three hours since the dentist got done and 4 hours since he first applied it. It's still really numb and it's quite annoying, and I'm drooling up a storm so much that I can't drink anything (it just drips out the side). What can I do to make the anesthesia go away? It was 4% Septocaine if it helps.
That Gay Guy
  You can't really make it go away. I should last 4-6 hours, so it should start wearing off real soon.
Blue Haired Old Lady
So i'm getting my Wisdom Teeth out this week. No sleeping, just anesthetic. SUPER SCARED! Advice? lol?
I have an appointment to get like 3 wisdom teeth or maybe even all 4 out on Friday. I'm SUPER SCARED! I was supposed to get it in September but someone happened to cancel so i have it this week :[
Anyways, my mom chose to not take the thing to make me sleep because its like an extra 500. So i'm just getting the anesthetic. I'm Just extremely frightened right now LOL. okok so how was your experience? Someone told me it was okay for them because they're gum was really soft or something and the swelling only lasted about 4 days for them. So how was your experience? How much pain can you tolerate?
My friend told me to to ask for septocaine instead of lidocaine for my local anesthetic, whats the difference?
ahh! i cannot tolerate pain!
You say you have high tolerance and you describe it as it hurts really bad so its gonna hurt like crazy for me! :[[[ scaredd

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MissJanetXX: @STEEZY_E oh no I was conscious they gave me lidocaine and septocaine I was able to hear and see them pull em out
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iowadentist: @trialia That is horrible. I would go with mixing the lido/septocaine only numb one tooth at a time and don't wait to long to start!