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pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
I failed a drug test for meth-amphetamine. I don't do drugs, so I was wondering if pseudoephedrine hydrochloride contained some type of ingredient to cause this. I took Sudafed 12 hour sinus relief.
  yes it could of caused a positive result-- this is one of the chemicals used to make meth. it should be out of your system in 3 to 5 days-- ask for another test
Can you get high off of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
I'm just curious. I like to learn about these kinds of things. And when it says Active ingredients Pseudoephedrine - 15mg, does that mean 15mg in each pill? And how many milligrams of pseudoephedrine hcl do you have to take to trip?
  do you consider death to be the ultimate trip. Than you've found your poison. By the way, it won't be a pleasant death. You'll start by having a very rapid pulse and feeling dizzy, then the seizures start and go on and on. If your still conscious you'll feel suffocation and the fear that comes along with it. You die trying to get just one more breath.
God bless.
Why shouldn't Diabetics have Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride?
I am diabetic and wanted to take some Sudafed (Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride) and in the information leaflet that comes with the tablets it says do not take if you are diabetic. Whats the reason behind this?
Thanks but this isn't a site and cannot find what you want me to read....really need someone who knows the answer as I have already searched the net before coming on here and asking!!
Thanks formley_bob :o)
What is the difference between pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and Pseudoephedrine Sulfate?
  they are just different salts of the same drug although one is more easily converted into an illicit substance than the other.

another words as a decongestant they are the same.
What is the difference between Pseudo ephedrine Hydrochloride and Pseudo ephedrine Sulfate?
Sudafed and Tavist-D contain Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride.
Claritin-D contains Pseudoephedrine Sulfate.

What is the difference between the two decongestants? (I know the antihistimies are different).
  Their composition and rate of reaction. Also their concentration and strenght of effect. Different may be used in case of allergies/severity/dosage/expense and so on.
Dr Hrvacic
American equivalent drug numbers for Z-Pak (Azithromycin, 250 mg) and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (60 mg)?
I was prescribed a Z-Pak (Azithromycin, 250 mg) and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride (60 mg) on a cruise and now my insurance company wants the American equivalent drug numbers for them.
Neal 1
  Equivalent drug numbers?
What is the most powerful nasal decongestant available?
Oxymetazoline hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine sprays cause rebound congestion. Oral pseudoephedrine and loratadine do not work.

Does ANYTHING work that can be taken for long periods of time for completely eliminating nasal congestion?
  I have had more luck using a nasal rinse and the snore patches. I also like the fact that there are no drugs involved.
guaifenex,what is the difference it and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride?
  guaifenisine is an expectorant (meaning loosens secrections so you can cough it up)which is used for chest congestion and pseudoephedrine is a decongestant, meaning it dries you up and is used for nasal congestion.
What medicine besides clarinex, has pseudoephedrine ?
The active ingredient pseudoephedrine was taking out of every sudafed product that I saw in Rite Aid.

Why was it taken out, did something bad happen ?

Also, what other medicine besides the clarinex, that I had to get a prescription for, has pseudoephedrine ?

The reason I want to know is, incase I get another bad allergy attack. I don't want to run up a big hospital bill again, I'd rather treat myself with a over-the-counter allergy tablet.

Maybe it's my imagination, but this DESLORATADINE; PSEUDOEPHEDRINE Clarinex-D® 24 Hour pill, is really helping me feel better.

Unlike those nasal sprays, that I'm never using again !
  One of the ingredients in the illegal drug methamphetamine is pseudoephedrine and the makers of this illegal drug used to go to drug stores and buy huge amounts of sudafed to make this drug. So, laws were passed making drug stores put any OTC meds that contain pseudoephedrine behind the counter and people would have to ask for it, show ID and sign for it. The new Sudafed PE does not work. My daughter has allergies and has very good luck with Alavert-D and Claritin-D, but you have to go to the drug counter and ask for it. The D is for decongestant and that is pseudoephedrine.
How can I extract dextromethorphan from a syrup containing pseudoephedrine and triprolidine hydrochloride ?
Billy Lo
  Poop on it.
Norman Yang
Why does pseudoephedrine (found in actifed) make you drowsy?
Pseudoephedrine is a sympathomimetic drug, which means it increases sympathetic activity. However sleepiness is caused primarily by parasympathetic activation. So why does pseudoephedrine (a sympathomimetic) cause sleepiness?
Sisith A
Is it okay to take Actifed Cold and Allergy with Advil Cold and Sinus?
Actifed C&A does not contain Pseudoephedrine. It's Chlorpheniramine maleate and phenylephrine HCl, which is an antihistamine and a nasal decongestant, respectively. I read somewhere that this is the new reformulated Actifed (I'm guessing that it used to contain Pseudoephedrine).

Advil C&S --> Ibuprofen and Pseudoephedrine

I took Advil C&S around 10 P.M. and it should be taken every 4-6 hours. After 4 hours (2 A.M.), can I start taking Actifed? I've been taking Advil C&S every 4 hours since 10 P.M. last night, so I've been on it for a whole day. I'd like to switch to Actifed. The Advil took care of my muscle aches, but my nose is running like a waterfall. I'm plugging up my nostrils with tissue balls. The post-nasal drip is giving me a sore throat.

Also, since the Actifed does not contain Pseudoephedrine, would it have been okay to take them at the same time if I really had to? I was thinking that it wouldn't be such a good idea because both of them contain nasal decongestants, except one is phenylephrine HCl and the other is Pseudoephedrine.

Thanks in advance!
  Yahoo is a risky place to take your health, but yes you can handle both drugs if you are an adult, but I wouldn't make a habit of it. No other pills for high blood pressure, beta blockers, arrythmia, anxiety or tranquilizers. You may get a little temporary prostate trouble, enlarged, or in an extreme case, bladder infection.
Van Bo
Can a fever (or the sensation of a fever) be caused by one of these common drug ingredients?
This morning I sneezed a little, and I took a pill -- Cold & Allergy Relief (by CVS). It contains Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride and Triprolidine Hydrochloride. After a couple of a hours, I started feeling feverish and drowsy, so I went to bed.

I noticed that this has happened to me previously. My question is -- did I really have a fever? And if I didn't, why did it feel as if I was having one? Could it be the result of taking this pill? If I did have a fever, did the pill cause it?

Thank you in advance for serious answers.
  This likely happened from the medication.

Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant that can temporarily raise your heart rate or increase your blood pressure. It was likely an increase in blood pressure that made you feel warm. It wasn't a fever, it just felt like one. If this happens often, try a cold remedy without Pseudoephedrine. Coricidin is one brand name that doesn't contain any decongestants and they market it for people with high blood pressure.

Triprolidine is an antihistamine with a side effect of drowsiness which is why you felt sleepy.
How long after taking pseudoephedrine can I use an inhaler? (albuterol sulfate)?
my doctor said use one or the other... im not having much luck w/ the pseudoephedrine but I want to be safe
Any help is much appreciated!
  I'm a tad confused by these directions, but it could be because of the possible cardiac side effects. They are 2 totally different drugs and they work differently.
Since the jitters and rapid heart rate don't last as long with the inhaler, I recommend using it first. About an hour later, take the pseudoephedrine and analyze how that system works for you. If you still are too jittery, ask your doctor to replace your Albuterol with Levalbuterol/Xopenex instead.
What can I do to help my allergies? I already get allergy shots, and the medications I have tried don't work?
I had to go to the hospital a few times because of my allergies so I started getting 2 different types of allergy I have to get over 18 shots a year...not fun. They help A LOT....but I still have bad allergies...mostly runny/congested nose and sneezing...I mean like sneezing fits were I will sneeze 5 times in a row, and sometimes my nose will be so plugged that I can't taste my food and I loose my appetite. I have tried cetirizine hydrochloride and pseudoephedrine but they don't seem to work...and the pseudoephedrine makes me feel really weird. So what other medications should I take? What are some other things I can do? Ohh...and nasal sprays don't work...not even prescription ones...they only make it worse...I have tried at least 5.
  I had the diagnosis of allergies for the first time ever in my life this year. I was given a steroid shot (did nothing) and then told to take Claritin (sold over the counter now). After taking the Claritin for a week and a half, I could miraculously breathe again and felt 100% better. I highly recommend you go buy the generic brand of Claritin called Loratadine at Walgreens or Walmart. I, like you, couldn't smell, was congested constantly, and felt horrible. You have to keep taking it though. It takes at least a week to start working and then just keep taking it. I guarantee this will work for you! I am now allergy symptom free and feeling wonderful.

Good luck.
Elizabeth M
i am 6 months pregnant and i am wondering if i can take pseudoephedrine hydrochloride? its basically sudafed?
i know i can ask my obgyn and i will!!! i dont need yalls answers to be like that. obviously i can ask my obgyn but i just wanna hear other women's opinion about it and if they did the same thing or not.
MBlessed (SOC)
What is the difference between pseudoephedrine sulfate and pseudoephedrine hcl?
  There is no difference. Pseudoephedrine is pseudoephedrine whether it is the sulfate salt or the hydrochloride salt. It still works the same way.
Can I snort pseudoephedrine?
I've got this Advil Cold & Sinus pill and it's really tempting me. I know I could just swallow it and get all decongested, but what about snorting it? The ibuprofen to pseudoephedrine ration is pretty high, but I think I can get higher.

Failing that, would it be better to swallow it whole or crush it and prepare an enema like with morphine sulfate?
  It works a lot faster for me when I snort it.

Once I kinda "melted" it in a spoon that I heated up with a lighter, then put it into one of my insulin needles and injected it between my toes, but that took too long.
Just how does it work ????
Below are some of the common cold medicnes and there contents i would like to know how they work in the body the most info you can provide plesase


Guaifenesin= expectorant

Vicks Nyquil cough
Dextromethorphan= cough suppressent

Dextromethorphan hydro bromide

Doxylamine succinct

Robitussin cold md cough

Acetaminophen pain reliever Warning suggest may cause liver damage

Chlopheniramine malete = antihistime

Phenylephine nasal decongesant found I kids products

Menthol= cough drops

Zincum gluconicum product cold eeze claims to get rid of your cold faster

Anas Barbariae hepatis claims it reduces flu period and symptoms



Hydrochloride sufficate



Chlorphemiramine maleate

Oxymetazoline hydrochloride



Naproxen sodime
Talking Hat
  you have done so much research and still depend for an answer??

Please send me ur phone no
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride for weight loss?
I've heard that it can be used for weight loss? Does anybody know how I can do this?
♥ Łαrỉ ♥
  It is a central nervous system stim, but its not a very good fat burner besides that.

You could accomplish exactly the same affects with large amounts of caffeine.

I hate to actually tell you this because I dont feel your ready for drugs, but the only stuff that does work are Ephedrine/ Ephedrine HCL, albuterol, Clenbuterol, and thyroid hormones.

Anything else is pretty much useless.

I put those in order of how dangerous they are, and I dont recommend you use anything until you have a perfect diet and exersise program.

And dont ever use T3, it can ruin your metabolism for life.

All of these drugs are capable of killing you if you mess up with them, and even then they only burn about 200 extra cals a day, so if your routine and diet arent perfect, even they do nothing.
How much Pseudoephedrine Sulfate can I take?
I am taking meds with Pseudoephedrine Sulfate in it. My question is how much "in increments of 240 mg" would it take to make me feel "speedy" and how much "in increments of 240 mg" would make me sick or need medical attention? I am about 5'11" and 180lbs.
  Pseudoephedrine is not ephedrine, so it has no speedy feeling i have taken 500mg every 5-6hours and was ok
Cetirizine hydrochloride (zyrtec) from online pharmacy?
hi...i used an online pharmacy to buy 180 10 mg cetirizine hydrochloride pills (generic zyrtec...for allergies)...normally they are oval but the ones that came in the mail are round and unmarked. they came packaged in little boxes labeled cetirizine hydrochloride and it has all the info on the boxes and also the bubble packs but ive never seen them round and unmarked before. i just want to make sure that i didnt get ripped off and that they are in fact 10 mg of cetirizine hydrochloride. any help is appreciated. thanks!
  generics never look like the brand name pills.

if you are concerned, call or email the pharmacy and double check that you got the right med, but if the package has good labeling then you should be ok
Dancing Girl 1
What will happen If i mix Fluoxetine hydrochloride, Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride, and Ambien CR?
  Consult your doctor.
[ ★♏ . A I R ]
Are the following classified as narcotics: 1.Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride 2.Chlorpheniramine Maleate &..?
Are the following classified as narcotics:
1.Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride
2.Chlorpheniramine Maleate
3. Dicyclomine Hydrochloride
Please let me know for each item. Is there a list available online where the names of narcotic items used in medicnes is listed?
  You can check on the web site It has all you want to know about any med.
how to make Diltiazem Hydrochloride for injection stability?
we make Diltiazem Hydrochloride to dry powder for injection , but it degaretion after one month. it have another substance. how to make it stability? Diltiazem Hydrochloride must be preserved in tight,light-resistant and cool containers.
zheng y
  Why are you asking this? If you are working for a legitimate company making diltiazem, the chemists would know what to do.
If you're working for a less than legitimate company.....
Do any of these rx drugs get you fucked up.?!?
ChlorproMAZINE Hydrochloride
Hydrochloride Extended-release
Lescol XL
Zocor (simuastatin)
Augmentin XR

any of them?!

thankks (=
not looking for remarks..


  One is an antibiotic(for infections),One is an Antihistimine(for allergies)....what are you doing,going through your parent's Medicine Cabnit?!?

I'm not going to "help" you...but I'm sure we have plenty of people who will,they believe in "helping" kids get "high safely" around here!

Why don't you go join a sport...or something useful that will encourage your health/body....NOT DESTROY IT ;-)
Mrs Jim
Phentermine Hydrochloride online?
What is the best that you have used? or does anyone know of a website where I can get Phentermine hydrochloride without a perscription. I want the tablets not capsules. My sister was buying them from and now they do not have them.
With My Forever
  Go to
(I know it is a body building website)
Click on Other Treatments
Click Weight Management
Select the dose you want and put in your cart
Fill out info for billing and shipping.
After you have paid, you will see a questionnaire pop up. Fill this out and make up a fake name to go into the Physicians info spot. After you finish filling it out (of course saying you are very healthy) Click Submit.
You will see at the very top it will say Your order has been successful. It will look like you need to do something else because the screen stays on the same page you filed out.
Just X out of the screen and your meds will get to you in 2 days.
I order from this place only....and you do not have to wait for your script to renew before you can order more.
Best of all it is an American pharmacy out of Jacksonville, FL.
Teeth whitening after tetracycline hydrochloride?
I've tried Britesmile and it didn't do much at all. Anyone know of any other system that will work after taking tetracycline hydrochloride?
  Your NOT going to find anything that will remove that staining.

Zoom Whitening, is the best system out there, that i have seen. I perform the Zoom Whitening Treatment in my office. Plain and simple it wont whiten Tetracycline stains. Nothing will.... Not even, Internal Bleaching. I've seen it (internal bleaching by the doctors) and done it (the Zoom treatment).. and its just NOT going to happen.
what are lincomycin hydrochloride and lidocaine hydrochloride gel use for?
  Lincomycin hydrochloride is mainly used for fighting respiratory tract and soft tissue infections.

there's another type: It is indicated for the infections due to Staphylococcus,Streptococcus Pneumococcus and anaerobes. It may cause enteritis of pseudo-menbrane after prolonged administration. Patients with hepatic insufficiency should use prudently.

Lidocaine hydrochloride is used as a pain reliever. Lidocaine (lignocaine) belongs to a group of medicines known as local anaesthetics. Lidocaine acts to block temporarily the pathway of pain impulses along nerve fibres. This relieves or prevents pain in the area where it has been injected. This preparation is injected to provide local anaesthesia for minor procedures, such as dental surgery.

you can check out these websites. it's good. good luck!
Mucinex D is a stimulant, but why am I feeling tired after taking it?
It contains pseudoephedrine, which used to be in over the counter Sudafed. Is it the way my body is responding? I got drowsy about an hour after I took a dose.
iPhone Mike
  Different people react differently to some medications. That, coupled with the fact that pseudophedrine isn't a concentrated stimulant, may explain why you're tired. Plus, I'm guessing that if you're taking Mucinex D, your sick. Illness increases fatigue. If you're taking Mucinex D BECAUSE it's a stimulant, put down the drugs and pick up a cup of coffee. It'll work better.
Danielle D

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ieatblog: 500mg paracetamol, 9.5mg codeine phosphate, 0.5mg phenylephrine hydrochloride ingested. Wished they still used pseudoephedrine :-) Joking!
CHIRO_EDGE: Read food labels carefully - pyridoxine hydrochloride or thiamin hydrochloride R chemical (man made) forms of B vitamins added to food.
Delsu: Clarinase 24hr (Loratadine 10mg + Pseudoephedrine 240mg Extended Release Tablets) Once-a-day. Yup should work.
stillchip: @krisstraub 60mg pseudoephedrine, 500mg acetaminophen , 4 mg chlorpheniramine maleate. A common sinus mixture that works for me.
danielle_bree: 5 75 mg of clindamycin palmitate hydrochloride. Do I really need all of this for tonsillitis?
misaMR: I had endone which contains oxycodone and hydrochloride an hour ago, why am I still awake?