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Is there a specific way to take Pepcid Complete?
I have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) which makes it difficult to swallow my food. Pepcid Complete contains 10mg famotidine tablets which I take twice a day. How long does the effect of Pepcid last? Is it really 12 hours? Should I be taking them before a meal? Or should I take one in the morning and one at night?

Helga G. Pataki
  Famotidine is a H2 recepter blocker reduces ur acid secretion in the gut.
Generally u must take on empty stomach so that it is absorbed and secretion is reduced even on food stimulation.
Generally acts for 12 hrs. in the evening again u should take before dinner.
Can Pepcid Complete be taken in conjunction with Pepto-Bismol?
I was told Pepcid Complete can be taken in conjunction with Pepto-Bismol to help any upset stomach or acid reflux symptoms. Is this true?
  Yeah you can take both Pepcid AC and Pepto-Bismol at the same time. They don't conflict with eachother at all because of their active ingredients, so it's fine to have both in your system.
why have the chewable Pepcid A C been removed from every store that I have looked for it?
I have looked at Wal mart, Schnucks, Dierbergs and Target for the chewable Pepcid Complete, and at all of the locations, the shelf's are empty.
  One lot number of chewable Pepcid was recalled by the manufacturer. See this:

However, you should speak with the pharmacist at the stores you frequent to see why they are not stocking the product. It may be that it is just in short supply right now.
is it ok to take nexium and pepcid complete if the nexium is not working?
i take nexium and i took a pepcid together cause my acid reflux is bad.
Does pepcid interfere with the depo shot?
I am on depo birth control and the dr put me on pepcid because i may have an ulscer from being pregnant. Will my bc still work if im on pepcid. I have to take the pepcid everyday.
  Yes, it will still work. And besides, your doctor is a doctor for a reason -- they would not have put you onto something knowing that it's going to make your BC worthless
Why do we not have any Pepcid Complete at any stores anymore?
  My pharmacist told that Merck's pepcid plant was closed by FDA due to some violations.
As Clark Kent, I purchase generic pepcid now - Famotidine, Absolutely the same effect.
Melissa G.
What works better Nexium or Pepcid complete?
  Nexium since it is prescription.
Will pepcid complete help stop Nausea?
My mom bought it for me and I'm just wondering if it would work?
  Pepcid is to help stop the burning of over-acidity. It might help with some nausea but it's main function is stomach acidity.
Alice RN
what happened to pepcid complete chewables?
now i cant even get the store brand The shelves are empty!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
  I have heard that there will be lack of regular pepcid(Famotidine) too. I have already ordered 6 months supply of pepcid not to run out of them.
John S.
I found a box of Pepcid AC Complete in my medicine cabinet & the tablets expired in '06. Can I use them?
Are they still safe to use even after the expiration date or should I definitely throw them out?
  It is not that they are unsafe. It is that they will have lost much of their strength to do their job. Pretend they weren't there and get a fresh box.
What's up with Pepcid (chewable) not on the shelves at stores?
I've been to Wal-mart and Walgreens as well as a local grocery chain. All have the shelf space for the Pepcid chewable bottles, but they are out of stock. Did I miss a Pepcid recall or something?
  I have noticed the same thing recently. I did a little online research, and it appears there are some serious quality control issues at a Johnson & Johnson plant in Lancaster, PA. It's not dangerous, but if you look it up, they were having some problems with packaging, flavors being mixed together, and some other things like that. The FDA has shut this particular plant down and they won't be back in production until the second half of 2011. Apparantly they have issued some non-health threatening recalls. They will now be behind on production also for quite awhile it looks like. I did find a few bottles left at a local pharmcy here in northern Wisconsin, so they can still sell them if you can find them. I suggest trying small, local pharmacies. That's where I found mine.
Linda S
How long do I have to wait to take Pepcid AC?
can I take Pepcid today if I took Rolaids yesterday?

I am going to take pepcid because Rolaids aren't working.
Koter Boters misses Rufus!
  yes, u can take pepcid ac..

if u want to be sure then call ur doctor or call the pharmacy and talk to them..

most on the counter meds .. are safe..
it is the ones that are behind the counter u have to worry ur self about..
have a good day..
♥ Blondie ♥
Will taking CVS brand acid controller be just as effective in reducing asian glow as Pepcid AC?
For some reason pepcid AC is not going to be available for a while at my local cvs...
  Remy, I had tried Zantac, Tagamet, and Nexium with no success. Pepcid at 20 mg twice a day eased the discomfort, and did so well. I purchase generic Pepcid - Famotidine off reputable
By the way, the acid reflux resolved itself when I quit drinking caffeine.
Mitchell J.
Is Pepcid Complete going to be back on shelves soon?
Why was it taken off, I found one lonely bottle at CVS a couple of weeks ago or so.
I hear there was a production puncture on bottom of a batch of bottles?
If they take this product off, I really want worked for many people who can't afford the prescriptions..thoughts?
So that is great,just in time for Thanksgiving.My husband will be happy!
  Its back
Does Pepcid AC help reduce the redness when you drink?
Does Pepcid AC really help you not to turn red after you consume alcohol? Is there even a chance of intoxication taking it before alcohol?
  Definitely, I get the red flushing and it removes the redness, the racing heart beat, the slight headache and the heat. I usually take 2-3 20mg pills at least 30 minutes before the first drink.
how long for pepcid ac to kick in?
I have very upset stomach and took a Pepcid ac... how long do I have to wait to feel better?
Does Pepcid have aspirin or aspirin like products in it?
I cant take aspirin before surgery, and my stomach is amazingly sensitive. I need pepto, but can't take it, so pepcid is my next best bet.
Better to counter asian flush with pepcid on a full or empty stomach?
When you take pepcid AC an hour before drinking, does it work better if you take the pill on an empty or a full stomach?
  The label usually states "take this med one hour before meals" which means an empty stomach. Alcohol is an irritant to the lining of the stomach and if you are drinking while taking this med, it is not going to do any good. The alcohol will cancel out the effectiveness of the medication.
Is it safe to take Pepcid and Vicodin together?
I have an upset stomach and took a generic version of Pepcid called Famotidine to sooth my stomach. I wanted to make sure that I was able to take a Vicodin without any problems. I recently had an abscess lanced and it's currently packed with gauze. It hurts a ton; too much to sleep without it. Is there any possible reason that I couldn't take both? I just don't wanna risk messing up my stomach more than it already is.
  According to, they have no interaction problem on file.

My personal advice though, would be to call the local hospital pharmacy (they are open 24/7 in the hospital) or wait until you can call your doctor/pharmacist in the morning. They may not have a recorded drug interaction, but it may be bad for your specific condition.

Best of luck.
Is it alright to take calcium carbonate to supplement a maximum dosage of Pepcid?
Under doctor's orders, I'm taking 2 Pepcid a day to treat abdominal pain -- and it works, but a few hours after the dose I sometimes get more pain. Is it alright to take Rolaids/Tums a couple times a day to supplement these? Hopefully this will only last a couple weeks total.
Pareidolon 6,o
  no don't take that crap.
If it's for stomach acidity problems like acid reflux, almost always you actually need more hydrochloric acid. Sure pepcid and calcium tablets will help for the moment but it's actually just making everything worse.

Try finding hcl tablets.

Research it, it's very true, and hcl can help with the real problem. Actually low hydrochloric acid is most likely caused from your diet. So I guess your diet would be the real problem. Your stomach NEEDS high acidity to digest foods and kill bacteria. If you are using anti acid blockers, worse digestion problems will arise.

Well to your actual question, I don't know for sure, but I think it would be fine. I actually saw on food busters they used plain baking soda to lower stomach acid, and it worked just as well as using tums
is taking ibuprofen and pepcid origional strength at the same time safe?
Hi, I've recently taken 2 ibuprofen and one pepcid origional strength pills at the same time as i have stomach pains and don't feel well.. is there a drug interaction between the two pills?

  I believe it is not the interaction of the pills but rather the side effect of pepcid.
If the pain is to serious, stop taking it and get an alternative.
~< A T >~
Would you suggest taking pepcid ac prior to drinking alcohol to prevent facial redness?
I have the asian flush and hoping to get some treatment to prevent my facial redness after drinking a bottle of beer. I've read in articles that taking pepcid ac prior to drinking helps, just want to make sure its safe.
  That approach has anecdotally been suggested to work, but there is no medical support for it. Taking it 60 min before your first beer is not likely to have a long-term effect on it's own.

The biggest risk is that if you are aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 enzyme deficient and you simply cover the symptoms with a proton pump inhibitor, that long term use could increase your risk of esophygeal cancer. Beyond that... you should be good.
If allergic to tagamet is it safe to take pepcid ac?
well i am allergic to tagamet and it is an acid reducer that contains cimetidine...and i was wondering if it was safe to take pepcid ac which contains famotidine which is another acid yea if u could let me know soon that would be great :)
  the only way to know for sure is to try it. You might also consider Nexium which a bit further away from cimetidine than famotidine is.
Can Pepcid (h2 blocker) cause a bowel obstruction or partial bowel obstruction?
Is it possible for an H2 blocker like pepcid to cause a bowel obstruction or even a partial bowel obstruction?

Even if it was only taken a few times?
Thanks for the info Anasthasia, however it doesn't answer my question, lol
  hii Lex,
Famotidine (Pepcid AC) is the most potent H2 blocker. The most common side effect of famotidine is headache, which occurs in 4.7% of people who take it. Famotidine is virtually free of drug interactions but the FDA has just issued a warning on its use in patients with kidney problems

Famotidine is excreted primarily by the kidney. This can pose a danger to people with kidney problems. Physicians are now being advised by the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada to reduce the dose and increase the time between doses in patients with kidney failure. Use of the drug in those with impaired kidney function can affect the central nervous system and may result in anxiety, depression, insomnia or drowsiness, and mental disturbances.

OK. I hope you will be glad with my answer.
Takecare there.
Anasthasia Pride
[email protected]
Anasthasia P
Can I take Pepcid AC (max strength) and Prilosec OTC at the same time for peptic ulcers?
Can I take Pepcid AC (max strength) and Prilosec OTC at the same time for peptic ulcers?

Is this too much? Will it harm me?
  They work by different mechanisms. I am a pharmacist and when my insurance would not cover the "Prilosec like" drug, my doctor gave me samples to take in the morning and a prescription for a "pepcid like" drug, to take at bedtime.
Don't just take this stuff for the rest of your life. I completely changed my diet to a no grain diet and a whole foods diet, and have not needed either drug, for more than a year. I also quite taking 6 other drugs, so who knows what the key was. So doctors think that many stomach problems are caused by too little acid. I think Celtic Sea Salt was part of my success.
Good luck
Is it ok to take vitamins with meds?
I take Cymbalta, Trilipix for cholesterol, pepcid, and Clonipin.
Would it hurt for me to take a multi vitamin too?
Fran W
  Since vitamins are naturally in food, anyway, there's no harm in taking a vitamin supplement with or without other medication, unless your doctor has advised otherwise. Taking megadoses of vitamins can have side effects (even if you're not on any other meds), but a standard daily multivitamin should be fine.

Some vitamins also contain mineral supplements. Usually this is no big deal, but do be careful about anything that contains iron. If you take a great many vitamin tablets that also contain iron, the iron can build up to toxic levels. A single daily tablet taken as directed should be okay, though.
Olay complete moisturizer for sensitive skin?
The new formula for Olay Complete for sensitive skin SUCKS!
cause it has Avobenzone (very irritating!!!) So i googled it and I
found that they were bringing the old formula back because
of a lot of complaints in April 2010 (now?)
But it's April already and i don't seem to find it anywhere? Does anyone
know if they are already selling it or what day it is coming back?
Melissamarie <3
  Try searching it on or
if you want to consider other options, Cetaphil cream or Vaseline lotion both work very well. (I personally have very sensitive skin and I have no problem withstanding cetaphil or vaseline)
Cetaphil cream is creamier, and will stick to your hands better if you're going to use your hands a lot (typing, writing, etc). Vaseline is great to put on before you sleep so you don't wake up with sticky cream all over your pillows.
cheese sticks
On a complete drug test for a clinic, does Darvocet show up different than Lortab?
I just found out that the bottle of generic Tylenol that my grandmother gave me was actually Darvocet. I took a drug test for my pain clinic & they do a complete drug test. Im so scared that I will get kicked out of my clinic over this mistake. Also how long does something like xanax stay in your system? I took 1/2 half the day b4 the test due to panic attack but it was my sisters.
  Given otherwise normal organ function, the general rule is 5X half life to wash out. So, since Xanax has a half life of 10-12 hours, it would be easily detectable for over 2 days.
BTW, who told you you had panic attacks? It doesn't sound like you have gotten to step one yet. Sorry, but that is the way it is....
Is it bad to take Pepcid Ac before drinking alcohol?
I usually take one before consuming alcoholic beverages because it helps with the redness. Can mixing these two be harmful to my health in the long run?
Daniel H
  There isn't any drug interaction so no worries.

HOWEVER, some antacids can neutralize antibiotics and alchohol does as well. Before you take any antibiotics talk to your doctor about the antacid medicine you are taking and do not drink alchohol. The combination could deal a double whammy to the antibiotics and you could wind up in serious trouble. Deadly trouble.
Jason W
can taking too much pepcid ac cause blood in your stools?
I have taken 1 pill everyday for over a week because of heartburn..I am pregnant so I get heartburn really bad.
Aimee R
  Baring any serious medical condition (you should consult a doctor) it is likely from hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are common for pregnant women and can cause blood in your stool.
Robert H


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