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dog ate pentasa 500mg cr what should I do?
12 lb dog ate Pentasa 50mg cr tablet, what should I do?
  Call a Vet ASAP. Do not leave your dogs life to Yahoo! Answers.
Can i drink alcohol while taking Pentasa tablets?
Tomorrow night im going to this party but i have suspected crohns disease and have been on medication since last week. At the moment the only tablets im taking are pentasa 2 tabs 3 times a day and a zinc capsule once a day. Will it be ok for me to drink or should i lay off the alcohol?
  Read what it says on the leaflet or on the box.
But with most pills you are not supposed to drink at all.
Does pentasa interact with birth control?
I just got diagnosed with crohns disease, my doctor said at the moment its inactive & looks like is very mild. I'm going to do a small bowl series on tuesday, but she has prescribed me Pentasa to start taking. I just picked up the prescription & wondered if it would interact with the birth control I'm taking. Does anyone know if it not being ok to take while on the pill? I'm going to calll the doctor tomorrow but was just wondering! Thanks!!
  birth control may decrease the effectiveness of the pentasa, but if you are being monitored for symptoms of your crohns by your doc it should be okay
crohn's, cholestyramine and entocort?
I have Crohn's and recently I thought of seeing a new gastroentrologist to see whether he has any new treatment for Crohn's. I use to take pentasa 500 mg 2 capsules 4 times a day. The only thing I had concern was going to rest room 5 to 6 times a day. The new doctor asked me to stop me taking pentasa and suggested I take Cholestyramine for a month. So far I am in 3rd week and that is making me go to rest room very often and most of the time the stools are floating. I think I should stop this as I am not feeling any better. He was going to start me on entocort after this. That medicine is so expensive and I want to know does it give any relief to Croh'ns disease and is it better than Prednisone. I am asking this because prednisone is cheap. Once I took bactrim for some other symptoms but it had helped to control going to rest room a lot.
  Herbal remedies often work when drugs don't, and usually are much gentler on your system. If you consult a master or experienced herbalist (make sure choose one who has treated crohn's) they should be able to help you, maybe even cure your Crohn's, or at least manage it so you are more comfortable. Ask them about lobelia inflata and barberry bark, it might help your case. Also chickweed (organic) fresh or steamed.
Is it okay for me to take probiotics while taking Pentasa?
  Hey. ^^ I've had Chron's for about 4 years now, and my doc had me on Pentasa for the first two. All probiotics are are cultures, like in yogurt, that promote better digestion and other such things like GI wall cell growth. Taking them with the pentasa is perfectly fine, in fact, I'd recommend it. Vitamins too, and antacids.
how does Pentasa work with crohns disease?
Albert K
  Its a 5-ASA it really depends on the individual. I have used it a few times, once with success, and twice without success.
Drugs seem to work better for people with CD than UC in general.
erica b
How much does Pentasa 1000mg cost for Crohn's disease?
  You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here -
Can Crohns Medications Like Prednisone, 6-Mp, Pentasa, and prevacid be taken with alchohol?
Damaris P
  I wouldn't recommend it until checking with your doctor and pharmacist as well to see what they say.
What are the possible consequences of taking 4,000 mg of Pentasa each day?
How can my health be affected by taking this dosage of medication daily?
  most likely nothing.
unless you are vomiting or other side effects
Is pentasa an effective drug for Ulcerative Colitis?
My son was put on the medication by his doctor, its his 4th day of taking the medication, and i havent seeen any real improvement yet.
  Yes, in clinical studies, it has been shown to decrease inflammation in people suffering from UC. Pentasa delivers effective medicine throughout the large and small intestine. Pentasahas been shown to help decrease urgency, trips to the bathroom, and the pain in your stomach and rectum.

Check out this site, its really good about pentasa and UC.
I have forgotten to take my Pentasa tablets for Crohn's disease for about 2 to 3 days, should I be worried?
It just compleatly slipped my mind I've had a few days that have been a little stressful on my body and am feeling a little run down, I'm just a little worried.
  As a pharmacist I would tell you to try not to forget your maintenance medications. And if you skip this medication for a few days, you may want to contact your doctor if you show symptoms.

But as a Crohn's patient I can tell you that this has happened to me not once. It didn't change anything.

The key is to not just keep the inflammation down with Pentasa but also prevent future inflammation of the colon and prevent future flare-ups. That's why you would take this medication on a regular basis. And if you are usually good about taking your medications and you are symptom free for a while, those 2 to 3 days of skipping Pentasa should really not cause any issues.

Stay symptom free and good luck!
Is medical marijuana legal in New Jersey?
Im a bit confused about this. I hear it passed, but I have not seen it on the list with the other 13 states. I suffer from crohns disease and I've taken every medicine. I've been on pentasa, 6-mp, prednisone, Lialda, and currently remicade. Nothing seems to be working, but I know marijuana does. Does anybody know If i can legally get marijuana from a doctor now in New Jersey? Thanks
  no. but i wish it was
shawn b
Entocort EC for IBD ?
I am having a "flare-up" with my IBD and my doctor prescribed Entocort EC. I am concerned about the fact that grapefruit can increase the amount of Entocort in my blood.

1) Can I eat grapefruit, and how much can I eat, and

2) Will I most likely be able to stop taking the medicine after my flare-up is over? I also take Pentasa.
  hi x, I am a crohnie like yourself. I've been on Entocort for a awhile. I don't eat grapefruit as I don't want any problems. Ask your GI or pharmacist how much you can eat.

As for stopping the medication, I was told that I'd be on it for a lifetime unless a problem arises. Ask your GI about it.

For more information on crohn's, check out the crohn's and colitis foundation's site. It has tons of stuff like the latest meds, diet, women's/men's issues, surgery, coping, a hotline, a live chat, and an open forum where you can post questions to others like yourself.

My heart goes out to you as I am in a flare as well. Being in pain stinks and feeling like nobody understands what you are going through is just as bad. I hope you feel better soon.
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jadedamber: @8bitEmily if this pentasa keeps helping I might have the energy to do some poi myself!
razeeva: Mesalamine derivatives pentasa and asacol is used for cd and uc respectively .
posixclaire: @aristor_cat665 regularly asacol, pentasa, mebeverine amytryptaline. since being on amyt. the pain hasn't been as bad but still symptoms..