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spironolactone and penicillin
Hi i've been on spironolactone for about 6 months and now i'm sick and on penicillin 2 pills 2 times a day for 10 days is mixing this medication safe?
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Is Penicillin V Potassium good to treat urinary tract infections?
Yesterday I had my wisdom teeth removed and was prescribed a pain killer, penicillin V Potassium, and another pills. But the night before the surgery I developed a urinary tract infection. I had one just 2 months ago and took amoxicillin but took half the bottle because the pills were too big. Will the penicillin I am taking for my tooth get rid of my uti? The uti pain is horribly bad, worse than my first one. Thank you for your answers!! :)
  Yes, its a gram positive & Negative Antibiotic. UTI's are Gram Positive. As long as you take it LONG enough it should also help that too. You may notice elevated body temps.. a little fever..but just watch yourself. Azo helps too.. it coats the UT so the bacteria cant hold onto it...kinda like putting super slick stuff on a slide.. It also makes your Pee Orange but thats ok. You can also get the Azo that has cranberry extract which helps your UT heal. The Bacteria cause alot of inflamation down there. Take some Anti-inflamitories.. Aleve, Ibuprofen and that will help but its not for the pain.. You said you had a pain killer too.. probably 10/325 Hydro codone and or Perco-Cet...those will help with the pain. It would be better if you had Amoxcillin, its more specific along with Pen G. But.. since this is all you have.. it may work. If its not better in 2 days.. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Edit to Add - TAKE ALL YOUR MEDS, NOT HALF! Otherwise it WILL come back. Even if you feel FINE!

Hope you feel better
can Penicillin (VK penicillin v potassium) or Ibuprofen make you gain weight taken alone or together?
i have a reallyy bad infection in my gums caused by my upper wisdom teeth coming in
  Uh no. It is just an antibiotic and over the counter pain med.
Taking penicillin v potassium every day,what are the side effects,if any?
I have Lymphedema,an have been in hospital may,june an july,5days each month.It keeps on coming back an that is why the doctors put me on penicillin to try to keep the cellisitis from coming back.Any ideas,help
  penicillin every day?. you'll wipe out your good (natural) flora of your digestive system leading to numerous stomach and intestinal problems. And, when you do get infected with something, penicillin and P-based AB wont be much effective.
if i am allergic to penicillin can i take amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets?
i have stomach pain, should i throw up?
i ate somthing wrong and Ive been having stomach pain for 12 hours now and its not going away.

heres the catch i removed all 4 wisdom teeth last week and the wounds arent fully healed yet. i dont want to dirty the wounds in my mouth.

But i have these penicillin v potassium 300 mg pills presribe to me to prevent infection and i still have a bunch left.

so should i just throw up, clean up and take a penicillin or should i wait it out?
Genital Kid
How long does it take for penicillin to get out of your system?
I am in the midst of an allergic reaction to penicillin, and I would like to know when this will go away. I took 1,000 milligrams a day for four days, and noticed the allergic reaction yesterday. I have not taken any penicillin since Thursday night, but I still have the hives and itching. I've been taking Benadryl like crazy. When will the penicillin get out of my system and the reaction pass?
miss elaineous
  Penicillin has a pretty short half life (the time it takes for the amount in your body to be reduced by half) of about 1 hour. After 5 half-lives, ~95 percent of the drug should be eliminated by your kidneys. Some forms of penicillin such as amoxicillin may remain slightly longer in the body until eliminated.

Basically after a day if not re-dosed it should be out of your system. However the allergic reaction may last longer due to the histamine which still remains in the skin released by your white blood cells which view penicillin as a foreign substance. That's why the hives and itching can continue even though you've stopped the penicillin.

Keep taking the Benadryl™ and if you are still bothered by Monday your doctor could prescribe an oral steroid. Topical hydrocortisone cream can be used on more severely affected areas to help relieve some of the itching.
How long does it take for Penicillin V to work?
Okay, so I've had a very low grade fever (from 99.5-100.3) on and off for going on 3 weeks now. Since I don't have medical insurance, I wasn't able to go to a doctor as I'm quite broke. My symptoms finally got bad enough for me to find a doctor, and what went from an upper respiratory infection has now become tonsillitis.

The doctor has perscribed me 500mg of penicillin to be taken 4 times a day. While my fever still comes and goes, I'm on my third day of taking the penicillin, and I still don't feel any better. How long does it take the penicillin to take effect? Could the infection maybe be viral, which is why the penicillin doesnt seem to be taking effect yet?
  Your infection might be bacterial but resistant to penicillin or it might just be taking some time to get better. It might be viral...many infections are. Be sure to take the penicillin on an empty stomach or it wont be well absorbed.
my child's medication said " take 1 teaspoonful by mouth" does it mean he can drink it?
it is an oral antibiotic used to prevent bacteria. It contains penicillin V potassium solution with red pink color.
Hành khách
  well i think by 1 teaspoon he should just drink it out of the cup thats measured to one teaspoon but if he hate the taste of it real bad give him a chaser of milk or juice good luck
Potassium citrate and potassium chloride?
If someone has been on Potassium citrate (urocit-k) for 9 years (for Cystinuria/Kidney stones), why would a doctor have them to start taking both the potassium citrate and the potassium chloride, together? Especially if that person has developed High blood pressure?
Why would a strain of Staphylococcus aureus become resistant to penicillin?
Assume that you are a microbiologist who has been doing research on a penicillin-sensitive strain of Staphylococcus aureus for many months. One day you discover that the organism is now resistant to penicillin. You know that it has not come in contact with any other species of bacteria, nor has it come in contact with the DNA from any other species of bacteria. What are two possible explanations for its sudden change from penicillin susceptibility to penicillin resistance?
  Genetic mutation.
All it takes is one little bacterium with a gentic mutation that makes it immune to your penecillin. If it manages to survive and replicate, it will create a whole bunch of little baby mutuants, that will live long and prosper without fear of your deadly penecillin.

A second way... hmm... not sure.
Danielle D
How long after finish my Penicillin can I drink?
I had some oral surgery last week and was on Penicillin for 7 days... I took the last dose about 12hrs ago. How long should one wait before drinking alcohol after finishing his penicillin?
Miguel Saucedo
Penicillin v potassium chlamydia?
Is this a good drug to cure chlamydia?
jack r
  Absolutely not.

Go to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and prescription. Pen V will do absolutely nothing to chlamydia.
azithromycin or penicillin for tooth infection?
Back in june I had an infected wisdom tooth, which i was given penicillin for until my dental insurance kicks in at the end of october. well, last week i was at the doctors office for an ear infection and was giving azithromycin for it. Yesterday my tooth infection returned (I know my ear isnt related to my tooth..different sides and i saw the dr), so my dentist prescribed the penicillin again and some dolobid for the pain. So my 2 questions are:

Can i take the penicillin while on the azithromycin, or should i wait until i finish that up on saturday and maybe start the penicillin monday or tuesday?

And also, how is dolobid? I never took it before and I am worried it's going to keep me up all night or make me sick, although most things make me sleepy.

Thanks to anyone who can help!
  These are not questions you should be asking here. Call your dentist and tell him you are on arithromycin and why and ask him what to do next. He may want to coordinate something with your other doctor. This is definitely the time to ask a professional, and his advice and guidance should be free when you call. By the way, you should have told the dentist office when you went in tthat you were already on another med.
Go make that phone call!
Good luck! :)
Cookie Preston
Could I do something about the ER doctor?
I took my 5 year old son to emergency room yesterday morning. He was running a fever and throwing up. He has asthma and has an allergy of trimox which is a form of penicillin, his dad is allergic to penicillin and so is his older sister. I told them this and they put the orange allergy band on him with PCN which of course lets nurses and doctors know he is allergic to penicillin. Well, he has Strep throat and the er doctor prescribed him penicillin. The pharmacy where I get prescriptions filled had a red flag when they started to fill his prescription. Needless to say, they did not fill it and I called his doctor to have them phone him in another prescription for an antibiotic other than penicillin. Do you think I could do anything about this? If the pharmacy would not have caught this, My son could have had severe reactions to this medicine.
  This is the problem with emergency room doctors, they are over worked and get little sleep. And yet this is the way America trains her doctors. No forget about it, you did the right thing, and so did the pharmacy. Good that they had a flag on his records. I read an article in my doctors office yesterday that when you have a patient in the hospital or a relative, you should always have someone with that patient, and they should always ask what the medications are he or she is receiving. So many times in hospitals now, patients are given the wrong medications. Google Denis Quaid + too much blood thinner.
He appeared before Congress, to try and prevent what happened to his new born twins from happening to any other patients. They almost died from an overdose of blood thinner. And he was concerned when he found out this happens every day in hospitals in america.
He will be on the Oprah show today, you should watch it, gives all sorts of information about how doctors and hospitals make mistakes and how we as patients can insure that we and our relatives get good care.
If Im taking 4 tablets a day of penicillin for a UTI, how soon should this horrible burning sensation go away? I just started my penicillin tonight (2 tablets).

Is this buring sensation normal? How about a desire to urinate but only having 5ml come out? What about having less control of my bladder (urine just flying out)?
  In a couple of days the burning and frequency should have abated. You will probably start to feel some relief by tomorrow.
Penicillin is a broad spectrum antibiotic which works quickly. In the meantime, try to avoid any high acid intake (Citrus, tomato, pepper and even aspirin).

I hope you feel better soon. Don't forget to finish your prescription completely.
What does Penicillin do for a toothache?
Alright, so I had a toothache for about 3 days. I went to the dentist yesterday and he prescribed Penicillin to me. I wanted to know what will the Penicillin do for my toothache?
  Julia is right, this will not address the noiceptors involved in pain.
Hey, any pharmacists out there?
I have strep throat and am taking penicillin (2-3x/day) But I also have a UTI. Can I take penicillin and Sulfatrim together?
actually both have been perscribed to me...Penicillin today and Sulfatrim a couple of weeks ago...have re-occuring UTI's and my doc said to use the Sulfatrim when needed. But when picking meds for my strp throat I forgot to ask the pharmacist.
  yes you can use both......there are alternative antibiotics that will likely resolve both
Will Penicillin V Potassium help heal pink eye?
I was prescribed this because I got the flu and got an infection in my throat. I've been taking it for a few days so far and today I woke up with pink eye. I will continue to take the medicine but will I have to go to the doctors to get a different antibiotic for the pink eye?
Why are Potassium tablets so low in the DV%?
I have looked at all the other supplements at GNC, like Vitamin C and Magnesium for example, and they have well over 100% of the DV. However, Potassium is only like 3 or 4% of the daily value, why is this? It seems pointless to buy if that is all the Potassium you are getting.
  I don't know, it does seem pointless but I am thinking that because Potassium is so easily obtained in the human diet they think that they don't have to put very much in the tablets. Or because they think people don't care to read the label and just pick up any random supplement they see.
I have to take Potassium and Magnesium bc I'm on diuretics - Does it matter between Calcate, Citrate, Carbo-
-nate etc. Also, does using Potassium Chloride (NoSalt) count towards Potassium supplementation?
  Citrate and carbonate are good forms to take. NoSalt would count, too.
Note that the different forms of the minerals have different molecular weights, so make sure you get the right amount of the mineral. Check the label to see how much potassium or magnesium is in a tablet of the supplement.
Susan S
Can i consume alcohol while taking antibiotics?
Going to a party tonight and i was wondering if its safe to consume a moderate amount of alcohol while on Penicillin V Potassium 500 mg.
  You might as well not take the anti biotics if you plan on drinking alcohol. It destroys all the effect of the antibiotic. I would guess that you are on medication due to being sick to some degree. Stay in tonight with a friend or a good book and wait till next weekend. God Bless Reggie
why is this penicillin for animal use only? i looked at that penicillin its made by durvet its penicillin G procaine and ive seen online that it has human used (stds, utis, other various infections) but the bottle i linked says "not for human use" is it a different kind or something? is it dangerous to use in humans or just not effective?
im not planing to use it i get its not for human use i allready stated that, my question was "why its not for human use?"
Samuel K
What is the difference between potassium chloride an potassium bicarbonate?
In terms of healthy balance of bodily electrolytes, I'm not sure what difference there is between the two. Is it as simple as potassium chloride is the combination of the electrolytes potassium + chloride while potassium bicarbonate is the combination of the electrolytes potassium + bicarcarbonate? I'm not sure if it breaks down that simply.
  Yes, it actually is that simple. Potassium bonds very well to both chloride and bicarbonate. Potassium has a +1 charge, while both chloride and bicarbonate have a -1 charge.

Check out this site for a detailed description of these three electrolytes and their effect on the body:
Why is there never a supplement that can provide a 100% DV of potassium?
I have constant muscle spasms in twitches and I was advised to take potassium and drink more water by both a doctor and a massuse. I've noticed that most any of them ever say is 3%. Is too much potassium a bad thing?
  Yes, too much K is a bad thing. It can cause kidney failure. I was put on a supplement by a doc and i didn't actually need it and i OD'd my kidney's went into whats called Azotemia which is a condition where your kidneys are messing up but aren't in actual renal failure. I was so sick for like a week til my body got it all out of my system. Stick to eating K rich foods like bananas and dark green leafy veggies. Don't mess with K supplements they will mess up your body.
☼▬Jessi Ann▬☼
can you build up a tolerance for penicillin?
Specifically, Penlac?( A penicillin laquer for the nails)
antonio andolini
  You dont build the tolerance, you bacteria does. And anyones bacteria can build up a tolerance for any antibiotic.
This is why when prescribed antibiotics, the person must finish all of them even if symptoms have disappeared. This is also why they should only take them if they need them. Some doctors prescribe them for viral infections just to make the patient happy---not good. And this is also why doctors shouldn't keep prescribing the same antibiotic to you.
How do you get penicillin into your body?
Just out of curiosity, how does a person take in penicillin? I mean is it a tablet or a syrup or an injection?
  All 3.
penicillin vk?
what kind of fever reducer medication can be used along with the penicillin vk 250mg/5ml soln 200ml for a 7 year old?
  Motrin or Tylenol but do them separate times. Like an 1 or 1/2 hour in between. If there is ear ache than I would use Motrin because it takes the swelling down.
Why won't my tonsillitis go away? It's been over a month and a week and i still have!?
Ive had tonsillitus about 7 or 8 times before but have never gone to the doctors for antibiotics because it usually gets better after a week. On Feb 20th i got it again and deided to go to my GP. The doctor gave me 250 mg of penicillin 4 times a day for 7 days and took a throat swab. The penicillin seemed to work and by the end of the 7 days i felt OK but then a couple of dayslater it came back so i went back to the GP who then gave me a futher 4 days of penicillin and said the swab came back with strep throat which was sensitive to penicillin. Then after these four days i felt ok again but got ill a couple of days later and went back to the GP who then gave me 250mg of penicillin to be taken 8 times a day for 7 days. The same thing made me better then a few days after i finnished the course i got ill again. I went back to my Gp and am now on erythromycin stearate but nothing seems to be happening. Why wont it go away?If i hadnt gone to the GP would it be better by now?
  It wouldn't be better if you hadn't gone to the GP.
You may have a weakened immune system which is why you haven't stayed better.

I agree that you ought to go to an ENT MD. However, if the ENT tell you to get tonsils out...go for 2nd opinion.

To boost immune system immediately:

Vit. C 2000mg. every 2 hours
Suck on Zinc lozenges.
Suck on cough drops with eucalyptus.
Zinc 50 mg.
Goldenseal root (only 5 days in a row)

Hope you feel better soon.

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