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Is Patanol good for my eyes?
My got infected by using contact lense. I also have a small pump under ond of my eye lid. I don't know what caused this pump. Is it because of my eye infection or because my something else. When I don't wear contact lense, it feel fine, like there's no pump at all, but when I put on my contact, the side with the pump is really painful and irritated. I've stopped wearing contact lense since then (3 weeks ago). I've consult with my optometrist and she prescriped me Patanol- Alcon (olopatadine hydrochloride). She said the pump will take 1-6 months to go away. So i have to use patanol till it goes away
I did a research on Wikipedia, it says that olopatadine hydrochloride in Patanol should not be use to treat irratation caused my contact lense. Should I listen to my doctor or go to a different one?
My friend said if you don't take care of this pump before it's too late, I might not be able to wear contact lense again. Any advice?
correction: eye bump not eye pump ... :) sorry.
answer: the bump is under my eye lid, that's why it's so painful for me to wear contact lense
  is that bump on the eye ball or on the inside of the lid

edit : from your doctor choice of patanol I assume it's an allergic condition [ but if there is pain inside it while not having the contacts in and it's red and hot all the time , that is an infection ]
so I would suggest you get the contacts off and do cold compresses frequently like every hour and get oral antihistamine like zyrtic or claritine it would go in a week .
good luck .
Patanol eye drops burning my eyes?
I've been prescribed Patanol for allergies, when I put the drops in, it burns my eyes. Is that normal?
Ferret Face
  Yes, it is normal for them to burn for a little bit. But if they burn for more than 30 seconds, I would consult the doctor that gave them to you, because there is several medications for eye allergies, which is what patanol is used for. You could go with Pataday and only use it once a day verses using the patanol twice a day.
Doctor prescribed Nevanac for Eye Allergy?
Doctor prescribed Nevanac for Eye Allergy?
My Optometrist pulled me from my contacts a month ago because of severe eye allergies. I used Steroid Eye Drops for 3 weeks and am now on Patanol, but the itching, etc persists. I went for a Lasik Consultation today. That doctor said my eyelids were still inflamed and it would have to be under control before surgery. He said he didnt like didnt like to prescribe Patanol because it didnt take away the inflammation and this was also why my eyes are dry. (Regular Doc never mentioned any of this or addressed my dry eyes as being associated with this allergy/contact problem.) Everything I am seing says Nevanac is for Cataract Surgery. Is it going to help finally clear this up better than Patanol?
  If the eyelids are inflamed, then yes, Nevanac will work a lot better than Patanol.
Patanol is an allergy drug - a mast-cell stabilizer and antihistamine. It works well for allergies, but doesn't do a whole lot for inflammation. (Which is probably why you were on a steroid to start with.)
Nevanac is an NSAID -- a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug -- that is meant to clear up inflammation. It won't do much to fix allergies, but it'll make things feel better. It's used after cataract surgery fairly routinely (and other surgeries, come to think of it) but there's no reason it can't be used in place of a steroid for things like this. It's also safer to use for longer periods of time than steroids, which is probably why you were given it.
In a nutshell, the two drugs do different things. If the allergy stuff is gone but the inflammation and dryness are still there, then Nevanac ought to work.
Patanol eye drops side effects question?
I recently started using Patanol for dry eyes.
There are many puzzling things in medicine but this one is particularly interesting...

Why do the side effects list "dry eye" as a side effect? The drops are specifically made to treat dry eye!

  patanol is not designed to treat dry eye. patanol is an antihistamine, designed to treat the symptoms of ocular ALLERGY like redness, itch, and watery eyes.

patanol is a combo antihistamine and mast cell stabilizer. it definitely does not treat dry eye. it definitely CAN cause dryness, just like every antihistamine can.
Can you become tolerant to 0.1% Patanol allergy eye-drops?
I'm told by my family doctor that I can use 0.1% Patanol allergy eye-drops for bad eye allergies three times daily and he believed that I wouldn't develop any tolerance and they would never lose effectiveness. If anyone could help me with information regarding whether or not it is possible to develop a tolerance to this eye-drop I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your help.
Can i give patanol eye drops to my 11 month old for conjunctivitis ?
  In a word, NO. For one it is for allergies and an anti histamine could cause serious adverse reactions in your child. If you have already used it, call poison control. Go see the doctor when your child has a problem. Their little bodies are not as strong as ours, nor prepared to handle the same sorts of drugs.

You are a good parent for asking advice. If you ever have a question about medications and dosages and reactions, pharmacists are also a good source of information if you are lacking the money to go to the doctor. But patient beware, doctors are trained to see what is wrong and use diagnostic skills the average person does not have. Most doctors will also usually give you a payment plan if there is just no way you have the money... even if it means giving them 5 dollars a week.

Blessings to you for a happy Season.
I am wondering if there is an alternative to Patanol that doesn't cost quite as much?
  There isn't anything that works nearly as well. I know its a lot, but in my opinion worth every penny. Just try not to look at how tiny the bottle is after you've just forked over $70!
Seriously, you can try OTC allergy drops but I didn't get much relief. I think checking with your doctor is your best option, or your opthomologist may have samples as well. (That's actually who prescribed mine.) I've found a cold washcloth over the eyes is about as soothing as anything if your eyes are already inflammed and itchy.
I think we're all counting down the days until Patanol goes generic! Even "good" insurance doesn't cover much of the cost of that med.
Is it safe to take both Viagmox (for pinkeye) and Patanol (for allergies) at the same time?
  Yes. The drugs are in 2 different classes. One is an antibiotic and on is an antihistamine. You are fine take them at the same time.
I have bad allergy doc. gave me patanol over 100.a bottel it?
has olopatadine,hydrochloride,ophthalmic solution at 0.1%
any just as good or better?
Wes S
  naphcon i believe is how its spelled. thats the closest ur gonna get to patanol though. i work in a pharmacy and i asked my boss to be sure and he said thats as good as u can get otc.
Anything as good as Patanol eye drops for allergy eyes?
I went to the pharmacy today to refill and my co-pay is up to $70 (from $30) for the teeny 10ml bottle.

And I have tried Bausch & Lomb Alaway but it doesn't work near as well.
  There is a similar drug called Zaditor. It is OTC. It is also an anti-histamine eye drop
Can I use Patanol drops for my "Eye boogers"? If not, what can I do to make it go away?
I think it may be allergies, and my eyes are getting that gunk in my eyes a lot...any suggestions?
  Patanol drops are used for allergic conjunctivitis (or in plain English- itchy, watery, bloodshot eyes). If you are having much eye discharge you probably have bacterial conjunctivitis and should be treated with antibiotic eye drops. If you aren't sure you really need to see a doctor or call them to let them know what symptoms you're having, some will prescribe eye medications over the phone. Good luck!
I use Patanol some for eye allergies and don't have other allergies. My eyes are basically always red!!?
I have tried visine so it is not that I am addicted to that and I get plenty of sleep, good vision, no drugs, or smoking. Does anyone else have this problem and if so know what can be done?
  Ask your doctor if you could be allergic to the Patanol. See if there is another rx drop you can use. Or, you can try switching to over the counter non RX Zadtidor and see if it works better. It does for me.
How long does it take for Patanol to start working?
I've been taking it for a few days and it hasn't started working yet. How long does it usually take for it to work?
Ferret Face
  If the reason you are taking the eye drop is for allergies, and the problem you are having is NOT allergies, it may not help much if at all.

I know for me, if an over the counter or prescription medication or eye drop for my seasonal allergies, is not working in at least two to three days, I will either need something else, or the problem I am using it for, isn't what I or the doctor thinks it is. If you are not having any relief in say a week, you need to have the doctor re-examine your eyes to see if there is something else going on with your eyes, other than suspected allergies.


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hammen: @GMEmployee Zyrtec and Patanol will fix you right up.
MrsOrganic: @nativepilgrim you need to take a chlortab and some real sudafed from behind the counter. Also, patanol eye drops are the bomb.