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I was just prescribed Parafon Forte (Chlorzoxazone) 500mg for a really bad headache. Does that make sense?
I had a really bad headache and still do. I took 2 500mg tablets as prescribed by my doctor. I read they are for muscle spasms. That really doesn't make sense to me and my headache is till going strong. But now, I'm really sick to my tummy.
Me Me
  Take it with a little food or milk.
lana s
I have developed glaucoma from using Pred Forte. If I stop using Pred Forte will the glaucoma go away?
I've been using Pred Forte for about 2 mo. on doctors orders, 1 drop twice daily. Now I have glaucoma, but the doctor still wants me to use the Pred Forte. If I stop using the Pred Forte, willl the glaucome reverse itself?
  Usually glaucoma reverses after stopping steroids.If applying pred forte is absolutely necessary,you can ask your doctor to prescribe antiglaucoma medication to control the intraocular pressure temporarily.
Dr.Mihir Shah
What is the name of health food store(s) where I can buy Megazime Forte?
Megazime Forte is a combination of trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromelain and zinc. I am wondering where I can buy this certain product as I have searched the Internet on where I can buy it but my online search turned 0 results. Please help me and tell me where I can buy Megazime Forte. Thank you very much for all the help.
  Ah, I see the reason you can't find it... it's actually called Megazyme Forte (a common switching of the letters that seems to be a knock-off from Enzymatic Therapy's product). I found quite a few hits at;_ylt=A0oGki.6iCZKeXkAtUtXNyoA?p=megazyme+forte&y=Search&fr=yfp-t-106&fr2=sb-top&sao=1 although it looks like there are several different companies using the name and putting different labels on it.

If you're looking for the original Enzymatic Therapy brand, you could probably find that at most health food stores that carry the brand and you may be able to have your local store order some for you as well. Good luck and I hope I helped!
Drooping eyelid from Pred Forte - will it resolve?
I have begun to notice eyelid droop in the eye in which I take pred forte. How likely is it to resolve on its own when I stop pred forte?
Drooping eyelid is one of the side-effects of long term optical steroid, so it is caused by Pred Forte, and not my eye condition (for which drooping eyelid is not a symptom). I did not say that I wish to stop the steroid without tapering off. If you have any information as to whether or not the side effect from Pred Forte will resolve on its own, that would be great.
Red Momma Firebush
what is pamine forte 5mg prescribed for?
I"ve been having knife stabbing pains for a week in my mid- stomach area, also in the colon and kidney area. After other medications weren't working my doctor prescribed Pamine Forte 5mg to me. What is this medication for and what does it do?
  Do you have discomfort in your stomach or intestines - sometimes a doctor will prescibe this for a person who has a problem with their stomach or bowels - such as spasms that feel like cramps. It's called an anticholinergic and will probably be part of a treatment to relieve the symptoms like spasms. If it's not prescribed - FOR YOU - by a doctor that you trust, don't take it. It can be a very uncomfortable feeling if it's not used for the right illness. It's not a pill that someone takes without knowing what's wrong.
Is clouded vision a common side effect of prednisone eye drops? Brand name "Pred forte"?
I have been diagnosed with bilateral uveitis and have been prescribed pred forte to take every 4 hours. The drops however have clouded my eyes alot and I'm just wondering if that's the natural progression of how they work.
  Clouded vision is not a common side effect of Predforte eye drops. But clouded vision is a common symptom of uveitis.

I get recurrent uveitis. When I start with Predforte, I start at a drop per hour, a level that is maintained for several weeks before tapering down.

So by my experience, your dosage seems low. I suppose it is quite possible that the T-cell levels in your eyes has continued to go up.

Regardless, you should immediately contact your ophthamologist's office regarding this clouding of your vision. I expect they will want to see you immediately.

Good luck with it.

Why did my doctor give me Pred Forte and Pataday when i told her I think I have extreme dry eyes?
For the past 4 months I have had intense crazy dry eyes, my eyeball looks so dry and unwatery when I look at it and it is constant RED. When I put on my glasses it makes no difference in the vision like it was before but if I put on contacts its almost crystal clear. In the morning my eyes feel super dry and it feels like sometimes there is mucus on in my upper eyelid and if I bilnk it gets stuck on my eye ball and it becomes hard to see, it feels slimey and thick and a bit stick. I went to the dr and she tested my eyes and said it was very irritated and gave me Pred Forte and Pataday to try for a week, is this the right treatment for extremely dry eyes? It sounds like it's for eye itchiness instead or pink eye. Help
I actually went to an optometrist at first about the problem and she gave me tobramycin to see if it would help, after a vial it didn't really help much so then I decided to goto a ophtha to get it checked today, the dr seemed a bit rushed and nonchalant and looked at my eyes and said it looked really irritated and asked if i had allergies and i said yes but this was going on even a little before allergy season for me, then she gave me Pataday and Pred Forte to try for a week
John C
  Why would you question your doctor's diagnosis and prescriptions? No one on this site has had the opportunity to examine your eyes, so you ought to listen to your doctor and try the medications for a week.
Hopefully you saw an ophthalmologist.
I am a 58 year old Patient of Asthma.I have constant Irritation in my throat, & a Troublesome Chronic productive cough, I teach @ College.The Medication I am taking is....
10 puffs of Clenil Forte daily in three doses.Azythrocin,250mg BD.Ventolin Inhaler SOS, Saline gargles,Steam Inhalation @ times with VICKS in them,
SIBCOS Cough syrup, which has,Aminophylline.....This is now a week ,almost, tha antibiotic, I am now taking since 36 hours, was preceded by a course of ERYBRON 500mg. BD. but to no avail
  big quesition, with chronic sore throat and cough and asthma do you have any gastric reflux? there is a strong connection between gerd and asthma. and the gerd would cause the sore throat, and coughing
is pred forte safe to use?
leo j
  For the appropriate patient, yes.
urso forte?
  Your question is too vague. are you taking this stuff or has a Physician told you to take it? there are many ways to treat gallstones. I suggest you just type "urso forte" in your search bar and you will see lots of websites.
Where can I find "Imazin XL Forte"?
  is it a otc drug
How long is it safe to take pred forte after an Excell shunt is inplanted in your eye?
can taking pred forte eye drops for 3 months cause weight gain?
  Eye drops generally do not affect the digestive system.
mel s
pred forte (eye drops),?
My grandmother uses the medicine, every 2 hours of 24hour day, is that ok?...our doctor did not specify the number of times it should be taken a day...
Lorenz Ras
  Pred Forte contains a steroid medication that eases redness, irritation, and swelling due to inflammation of the eye.

Recommended dosage for

Put 1 to 2 drops under the eyelid 2 to 4 times daily. During the first 24 to 48 hours, your doctor may want you to use more frequent doses.

A one-time accidental overdose of Pred Forte eyedrops ordinarily will not cause acute problems. Over time, however, overdosage may have serious consequences If you suspect symptoms of a chronic overdose with Pred Forte eyedrops, seek medical attention immediately.

If you accidentally swallow Pred Forte eyedrops, drink fluids to dilute the medication. Call your local poison center or your doctor for assistance.

What side effects may occur?
Side effects cannot be anticipated. If any develop or change in intensity, inform your doctor as soon as possible. Only your doctor can determine if it is safe for you to continue taking Pred Forte.

More common side effects may include:
Allergic reactions, blurred vision, burning/stinging, cataract formation, delayed wound healing, dilated pupils, drooping eyelid, increased pressure inside the eyeball, inflamed eyes, perforation of the eyeball, secondary infection, ulcers of the cornea
Since many of these developments could affect your vision temporarily or permanently, it is important to keep in close contact with your doctor while using Pred Forte eyedrops, and to use the drops only as directed.

Occasionally, long-term use of Pred Forte eyedrops may cause bodywide side effects due to an overload of steroid hormone. Such side effects may include a "moon-faced" appearance, obese trunk, humped upper back, wasted limbs, and purple stretch marks on the skin. These effects are likely to disappear once the medication is withdrawn. If bodywide side effects occur, you will need to stop using the eye drops gradually rather than all at once.
Question about Phrenilin Forte?
My fiancee just got a prescription for this and I was just wondering if anyone has ever taken this and how it affects you. Does it make you feel weird or high? It's supposed to be a barbiturate.
  tell you what... this is all i know about it... i had it afew years ago.. it was crap!

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol taken during therapy with Phrenilin Forte can be very damaging to your liver and can increase drowsiness and dizziness.
In terms of efficacy, are these two medicines the same?
I am taking ophthalmic steroid drops to treat uveitis. The first doctor I saw put me on Pred Forte (which is prednisolone acetate 1%), which worked quite well. The doctor she referred me to, however, ordered prednisolone sodium phosphate 1% when I requested a prescription refill. Aside from the fact that the acetate is milky white and the sodium phosphate is clear, the sodium phosphate does not seem to work as well.

Does anyone have any clinical knowledge or personal experience with the efficacy of both of these medicines?
Thanks, Dave! Your answer has been very helpful. Thankfully I'm no longer being treated by the doc who prescribed the phosphate, but I continue to discover things he did that were seriously wrong...should have listened to my instincts the first time I met him. The opthalmologist I'm with now has his act together and knows what he's doing (and isn't afraid to tell me about what the previous doc did wrong).

I'm leaving this question open for a while longer because I now have a follow-up that I'm hoping Dave or someone else will be able to answer.

My pharmacy is also a source of major screw ups. They didn't have Pred Forte when I went for a refill, so I now have Falcon's generic. I'm beginning the tapering off process and will have to switch to the new bottle later today. Do you think Falcon is one of the "better" generics (i.e. am I more at risk for another flare?)

Thanks! :)
Red Momma Firebush
  Yes, they are different, as the sodium phosphate form doesn't penetrate into the eye as well as the acetate form will. Many docs find the phosphate form is good for treating superficial inflammation, only (like allergies), and I personally wouldn't treat uveitis with anything but Pred Forte for reasons you've discovered.

And even there, many of the generic forms of pred acetate don't work as well as Pred Forte (pink bottle), and hence why many docs will write "no substitution" when Rxing Pred Forte.

PS remember to shake well before putting in your eye, as the med is the milky substance which settles to the bottom.
my sis in law was rushed to the ER complaining of severe abdominal pain. She was given the following medicine
s: BUCOPAN, DALACIN C, FLAGYL FORTE, ELDICET. What could be her condition? She was advised by the ER doc that if she feels the pain again and cannot bear it anymore, she should see her personal doctor.
  Flagyl and Dalacin are antibiotics - they treat infections by killing bacteria. They are frequently used to treat abdominal infections, including abcesses. Buscopan (note the spelling) and Eldicet (also called Dicetel) are antispasmodics used to calm painful intestinal spasms and cramps.

So they are both treating an intestinal infection, and treating painful spams that might be caused by the infection.

Could be that they found a high white blood cell count, which would indicate that an infection was present (white blood cells are produced to fight bacteria). Could be they detected actual and specific bacteria through a culture or some other tests. Could be they didn't find definite proof of an infection, but they are including the antibiotics just in case there is an infectious cause for the pain.
Jerry E


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