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I had and injection done yesterday with i believe steroids. the dr was not direct about any instructions for pain or even an allergic reaction. I took a half of a 1000 mg percocet half and then a few hrs later i was n a tremendous amount of pain. I am now having flushed cheeks and alot of pressure n my ears can i be having an allergic reaction to the 2 meds togther?
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oxycodone hydrochloride?
my friend would like to know how many mg of oxycodone hydrochlordie will get him high. not sure if its extended release or instant. he has two 30mg and wants to know if he should take one or two. the pill has a v on it and says 48|12 its a little blue pill. the pill identifier at said its oxycodone hydrochloride but not if its extended or instant relase. will this make a difference?
and does anyone know if its IR or ER. by any chance
  i would take a 30 mg tab & cut it in half. Take that. That should be plenty enough to get him high if he dont have a tolerance level. Do not take both 30 mg tablets together he could get really sick. Do not crush them & snort them either. If u have any questions message me thanks.
I am here to help
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what's the difference between oxycodone hydrochloride and oxycodone with acetaminophen?
And what does acetaminophen do when mixed with oxycodone or hydrocodone?
  Oxycodone hydrochloride - The narcotic pain reliever is mixed with aspirin

Oxycodone Acetaminophen - The narcotic pain reliever is mixed with Acetaminophen
Acetaminophen relieves pain by elevating the threshold to sensing pain. It reduces fever through its action on the heat-regulating center of the brain. The combination of oxycodone and acetaminophen or hydrocodone acetaminophen achieves greater pain relief than either taken separately
What is the difference between oxycodone and oxycodone hydrochloride?
And also could you tell me if hydrocodone is the same as a percocet or what?
  The difference between the two is basically in the chemical structure. For all intents and purposes, they are the same. Another version is Oxycodone terephthalate.

As for hydrocodone, it is NOT the same as percocet. Percocet is a compound of oxycodone and acetaminophen. Dosages can vary; the standard is 5mg oxycodone and 500mg acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is found in Vicodin and Lortab, and many other generic versions. It is a weaker painkiller than oxycodone, and the chemical synthesis process is different.

I see you are asking questions about opiods, just curious, why?
Czar Walters, Child Saver!
Can a 14 year old take oxycodone hydrochloride oral solution for pain?
I had a root canal and could I take like .5 of someone else's oxycodone hydrochloride oral solution for pain?
  I'm 15 and I take Oxycodone if I've had a surgery or something.
ä∩g€L ₩ï∩g§ ☜♥☞
How long do the effects of an oxycodone hydrochloride 15 last?
Sarah V
  Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately it's almost impossible to answer your question, because this is going to vary from person to person. The duration of effect will depend on whether the drug is rapid or controlled release for starters, but also on how severe your pain is, your body size and rate of metabolism, your tolerance to oxycodone, whether you've eaten/drunk. And so on. At a guess though, just based on my own experience, I would say between two to five hours for a rapid release, and seven to twelve hours for a controlled release.

Sorry that I can't give you a more precise answer.
What does the M stand for on Oxycodone Hydrochloride pills?
  Many different companies manufacture oxycodone under their own names.
Oxycontin, for example, is manufactured solely by Purdue Pharma.

The Oxycodone pill with the "M" stamp (M30, for example) is manufactured by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. Hence, the "M".

Another example would be Oxycodone stamped with A215, which is manufactured by Actavis US... Hence, the "A".
Is oxycodone bad for your liver w/out the acetaminophen?
I have oxycodone hydrochloride (oxycontin) and there isn't any acetaminophen in it so is it bad for your liver still since I know acetaminophen is, but not sure about the oxycodone alone.
  Oxycodone is not bad for your liver at all, in fact, you always want to make sure you get pure oxycodone instead of an oxycodone / acetaminophen pill. The vast majority of people finally know that acetaminophen damages the liver badly, but they don't know that pills with acetaminophen will also cause damage to the body if they're taken on an empty stomach. You should always eat a cookie or 2, or something of that size, before taking acetaminophen and other types of pills. However, oxycodone can be safely ingested on an empty stomach.

Also, just for further information: oxycontin is not exactly the same as oxycodone. Oxycontin is extended-release oxycodone. Compared with oxycodone, oxycontin is formulated differently and it always has some type of coating that is required to ensure the oxycodone is released over an extended period of time.
How many tablets of oxycodone hydrochloride would you have to take to have a lethal overdose?
  agree with the other answers
How much does a 20mg Oxycodone Hydrochloride sell for on the street?
Selina Blimka
  in the US this is considered a schedule ll drug and you should only be able to get it on prescription from a doctor so if you want to buy it on the streets and are desperate then you pay the asking price. be very careful this is a dangerous drug.
is dicyclomine hydrochloride the same oxycodone aka perks ?
dicyclomine hydrochloride M D6 is on the pill



what is the dicyclomine is it a pain kill like perks ?
jorden r
  No. it is not an opioid (aka Oxycodone or hydrocodone etc). It is an anticholinergic that blocks muscarinic receptors. It is used to treat people with irritable bowl syndrome (IBS). If you take too much it may have a delirious effect, but not that of opiates.
How long is instant release oxycodone hydrochloride detectable in urine?
I have an urinalysis in 7 days.

I took 15mg 24 hours ago.

I will discontinue use I am just wondering if I am in the clear by the time next tuesday rolls around?
  In a 24-hour urine, 33-61% of a single, 5mg oral dose is excreted with the primary constituents being unchanged drug (13-19%), conjugated drug (7-29%) and conjugated oxymorphone (13-14%)1. The window of detection for oxycodone in urine is expected to be similar to that of other opioids such as morphine.

The OXYCODONE One Step Oxycodone Test Device yields a positive result when the oxycodone level in urine exceeds 100 ng/mL.

the link is it
How long does a 5mg Oxycodone Hydrochloride stay in your system?
I have a drug test for the doctor tomorrow and I need oxcodone to be in my system when should I take it? My appt is at 9:30 am
  It's supposed to last up to 20 hours. If you're getting your script then selling the stuff, I'd hate to be in your shoes when Karma catches up with you. It's all great while you're on it but when you run out the withdrawal is pure hell so basically you're selling misery. If you're not selling it, kindly disregard my comments n good luck :)
What is the difference between oxycontin and oxycodone?
My mom is going thru cancer and has been on percocet (oxycodone + acetaminophen) for a year and recently her oncologist put her on oxycontin every 12 hours and percocet for breakthrough pain as needed. Is oxycontin just a long term or delayed release form of oxycodone or something different entirely? We just want to understand what she's on.
  Percocet is a mixture of oxycodone and APAP (acetaminophen) like you said. Oxycotin is pure oxycodone with a time release effect. Oxycotin comes in much higher doses of oxycodone than percocet.

Is it safe to mix oxycodone and aspirin?
First of all I would like to say that there isn't any need for negative comments, I have a prescription for the oxycodone. I have a lot of back problems and this morning it was just killing me and I had forgotten my prescription so I took an aspirin. I'm very uneasy about mixing anything. It was around 12 or so in the afternoon when I took just one aspirin and it is now nearly 9pm so I was wondering, would it be safe to take the oxycodone now or should I wait for a longer period of time?
Emme Cooper
  It should be fairly safe to do so. Aspirin isn't prescription where all the big problems come in, that you have two different things working on the same problem and you can get too much of them in your system. If you are interested in pain free living I have the techniques to pass along to you that can bring you out of that pain world. It did me after 40 years of it. If interested, let me know and they will be yours.
Douglas B
  Emme, why not just have the doctor prescribe Percodan rather than Percocet? Percodna such as Watson 3551 has the opiaoid combined with the aspirin already.
Oxycodone and itching?
I have taken oxycodone for about 5 years for breakthrough severe Restless Legs Syndrome in both my legs and arms. While the dose is moderate (usually less that 20mg of an evening) for treatment of RLS and it has never been an abuse issue for me, suddenly, I have developed head to toe itching. I use straight oxycodone without any aspirin or acetomenaphen, There is no rash, but I itch in some pretty personal areas. Benadryl will exacerbate the RLS. Any suggestions as to what and when to take it
It is straight Oxycodone not Oxycontin. I got 5mg tabs so I could easily take only what I need to control the symptoms. Oxycontin did not work that well and make me dopey. I am surprise about the fuss with Oxycodone. I have never gotten any high from it - just might get a bit sleepy. I avoid the benzodiazopine as they make me dopey and may exacerbate the RLS. Had it since I was a kid. I am a 56 year old retired RN (ER and Infection Control) and it is getting worse every year.
Jerold C
  Oxycontin comes in 20 mg., I'm not sure about Oxycodone, thought it was categorized as 325 mg. Acetaminophen with 5 mg. Oxy, or just 5 mg. Oh well, keep up the Benadryl. Also, I don't understand your itching, I have only seen it after Epidurals and Morphine. I don't think you need any Oxy drug at all. You should take the Beta Blocker Propranolol 20 mg. for the restless leg syndrome. Valium or Diazepam works too, and doctors may not know that, I do.
Van Bo
How many mg of oxycodone is in 10mL of Roxicet?
The bottle says 5/325 (or maybe its 325/5, I can't remember off the top of my head). How many mg of oxycodone are in that?
  The 5/325 means 5mg of Oxycodone and 325 mg of Tylenol. I dont know about the whole Roxicet thing.

How many promethazine should I take with one oxycodone?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out and my docter perscribed me oxycodone to relieve the pain and promethazine to relieve any sickness I would feel from the pain reliver. I am scared to take the the oxycodone cause im scared of being nauses!
Caleb Mcneal
  Oxycodone for a pulled wisdom tooth? I hope you don't get addicted to it. If a doctor prescribed the medicines for you, then the prescribed directions for both drugs should be listed on the bottles.
Fentanyl (Duragesic) 100mcg patch is = how many mg of oxycodone?
I tried to use the narcotic converter but got messed up results. I was recently prescribed Fentanyl 100 mcg duagesic patches from my doctor for cancer. He had me on 15 mg of oxycodone 6 times a day. I told a friend recently about this patch he prescribed me and my friend said woah wtf? Thats a huge jump from what you were taking and the strongest drug in the world.

So my question is:

One is this the strongest drug in the world and as dangerous as everyone says even when taken as prescribed and with 2 yrs opiate resistance.

And my other question is, roughly if you compared this drug to the oxycodone i was taking. how many mg of oxycodone is this thing equivalent to, per hour? I haven't taken it yet I wanted to do my Homework first.
  First of all, Fentanyl is NOT the strongest pain killer in the world. Not by a long shot. While it is very powerful, your not in any serious danger as long as you take it as prescribed. The fentanyl patch delivers 100 MICROgrams every hour. The LD50 (lethal dose of 50% of experimental subjects) in rats is about 3 MILLIgrams per kilogram from sources in my medical books. The patches deliver the drug very slowly. 100 mcg of Fentanyl is approximately equivalent to about 8-10 mg of Morphine which is equivalent to about which is equivalent to somewhere between 4-8 mg Oxycodone an hour. The only real worry is post-use withdrawal. Fentanyl is EXTREMELY commonly used in cancer pain treatment and many times is prescribed with an oral opioid such as oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Don't fear using the fentanyl patch, it's very effective and when used as prescribed it is very safe. Just be careful to fold the sticky sides together when you are done with your patch as there is still active drug in the patch even after 24 hours of use. I wish you the best in your battle with cancer.
Oxycodone script refill?
I just got back from a major surgery on my arm a couple of weeks ago and was prescribed Oxycodone, they normally said they wouldn't put me on any kind of painkillers but I can't use any kind of aspirin or Ibuprofen because of the antiplatellet effect and I could bleed a lot easier.

Well now that is over and my counts are back to normal and I only had one refill for the oxycodone. The thing is neither aspirin nor the ibuprofen helps the pain that I still have. What are the chances I could get them to allow me to get another oxy script?

I really am tired of feeling like shit..

  If the surgeon/physician has "released" you from his/her care, he/she will not refill your prescription. Or at least should not, according to federal law. Doing so will risk his/her license. If you had a followup visit and the doctor didn't schedule another one, you have probably been released.

You don't mention what type of major surgery you had on your arm, or what the surgery was for. Sometimes arm surgery can result in loss of range of motion, stiffness, and pain. And sometimes a Physical Therapist can help you with an exercise program to strengthen the arm, increase the range of motion, and even decrease the discomfort of shortened ligaments and tendons.

You should contact your physician's office to find out if you've been released. If not, you may appropriately ask for another prescription, perhaps in the smallest amount (i.e., 2.5 mg). You may also want to ask about a referral to Physical Therapy.

If you've been released, you may want to ask for another appointment and tell them you're having a lot of discomfort. Not every major surgery goes perfectly well, and there may be complications with yours. Ask the doctor how long you should expect to have this discomfort.

Many people have major surgery and end up dependent on oxycodone. My own brother was one of them. As another poster suggested, be careful with this situation!
What is the best way to get high on Oxycodone acetaminophen percocets?
i have 4 of them so that makes 20 mg of oxycodone.
ive always just railed them but i was just wondering if theres a better method to get high off ov them.
Riley Wilson
  5 mg of oxycodone is not enough for you to feel it. The best method would be to crush the pill and either put it in a gel cap or parachute it (put crushed powder in a small bit of tissue paper and swallow with water) and I didnt really see addiction I was doing over 250mg of oxy a week for 2 months and have been off that for a LONG time with no withdraw effects.
Is it bad to take Dimetapp while on oxycodone?
I was given oxycodone about 3 hours ago for post-operative pain and I've also got a bad cough. Would it be a terribly bad idea to take Dimetapp now? I'm also going to be taking Tramadol later tonight, will it react badly with that?
  do NOT take tramadol with any other opiate or opioid. tramadol itself is a heavy duty opioid, and oxycodone is an opiate. both will depress the cardiac system, and tramadol alone is enough to slow breathing to the point you shouldnt take any other downers. I code blue'd in the hospital on a dose of morphine they gave me that wad too heavy. add on tramadol and i probably would have been dead. as far as oxycodone and dimetapp, if you follow dosing guidelines it should be ok. the thing about opiates like oxycodone is that people in a lot of pain can take doses that would kill a healthy person. if the doctor prescribed you the tramadol and knew you were on oxycodone i suppose it would be ok, if following dosing instructions, but with my personal experience with opiates and opioids, in the hospital and out, legitimate or not, i personally would not take tramadol with oxycodone. opioids and opiates often clash in the body, so just exercise caution. all i can do is attempt to instill knowledge that will help you better judge whether or not to do it. and good luck whatever your choice =)
What is the difference between Percocet and oxycodone?
I suffer from chronic back pain and it has been suggested to me to switch from the Percocet to the Oxycodone so I can minimize the amount of aspirin/acetaminophen my liver is exposed to
Ross K
  oxycodone has no acetaminophen in it like percocet, it is just the narcotic. percocet is the brand name for a pill that contains oxycodone and it does have acetaminophen. an example would be 5/500 the five being the mg's of oxy and the 500 being the amount of acetaminophen. there is oxycontin which is just oxycodone. the contin part of the word just means continuous release and does not contain any other medication. many medications for pain have part narcotic and part acetaminophen like fioricet which is part butalbital and part aceta. fioricet is the brand name for butalbital. percocet has many siblings the exact same medication by a differant name because it is made by a different pharmaceutical company. try they have all the info you need. gd lk
What is the maximum amount of Oxycodone tablets one can take in a day. 5mg oxycodone, 325mg acetaminophen?
i was prescribed these for my intense migraine, they told me they will numb the pain. i might of taken too many. like 4. my head is killing lol thats why
thank you. i guess 20mg of oxy is nothing. but yea lets say if i were to have taken 9 throughout the whole day what would happen. lets say 5 then 4 like 6 hours later
  You will be fine,, you may get sleeping and feel a little off balance but you are on a very low dosage,,, 2 mg of oxycodone is not much at all,,,, worry more about the tylenol,, don't exceed 4,000mg a day.
Even if what you meant was 5mg the total of 20mg is what I take 4 times a dday and have for years,,, you really need to stop messing around,,, some people end up having a bad reaction to even a little bit too much,,,,

the way you are trying to self-medicate really is not a smart thing to do at all.

It's how every addict and abuser I have ever known started,, no one ever thinks it will happen to them,,, well it does,,, I started messing with opiates and ended up a heroin addict,, it sure wasn't what I planned,,, I had an spine injury, was in pain and self medicated like you seem to be,,, it's not smart at all

Really the smart thing to do is to NOT listen or care about what I take or what anyone else writes here,, you can't compare medication,,, everyone is different,,,,, some people can take 120mg of methadone at one time and other people 40mg kills them,,, TAKE THEM AS DIRECTED,, it's pretty simple

PS: I hope a doctor did not tell you that the oxycodone would numb the pain,,,,, it's meant to help control the pain to a manageable level not make it go away completely

PS: look at the link from Ginny,, it's a good one

PS PS: You can't compare MS Cotin to oxycodone,, MS Cotin is morphine sulphate,, they are not the same thing at all and as far as I know the are a 12 hour release
about oxycodone and acetaminophen?
So, Im taking oxycodone for back pain and am concerned about the acetaminophen, as it supposedly causes liver damage. Ive heard of soaking them in water then filter it to remove the acetaminophen. Does anyone know if this actually works? Thank You.
angela g
  This is not a useful method for pain control. This is an addict's method. If you are taking 12x325 or 8x500 or whatever adding up to 4000mg a day over time, max safe dose, liver damage is unlikely in the absence of alcohol. If you need more than that or are on for years, your doc can prescribe pure opioid.
Does the Acetaminophen in percocet reduce the effect of the ocycodone or increase it?
My doctor gave me 7.5/500 oxycodone/acetaminophen.

How is this compared to the 7.5/325?

I'm guessing the increased milligrams of tylenol subdue the "drunken" feeling of the Oxycodone, because I can't really notice any difference?

Or, am I wrong?
  Acetaminophen theoretically increases the amount of analgesia (pain relief) obtained from opioids (like oxycodone) but if there is an increase, its marginal.

They also put acetaminophen and other drugs in with opioid medications to deter abuse- too much acetaminophen will make you sick and kill your liver (FDA allows 4 grams or 8 500mg pills or 12 325mg pills in a 24 hour period).

The acetaminophen should not have any effect on the sedation or intoxication from oxycodone so 7.5mg w/, w/o or w/ more acetaminophen should all feel the same.
Bradley R
Is 205 mgs/day of Oxycodone too much for a male who does not have cancer nor ever had surgery-only joint pain?
Combined with Valium, Elavil, Neurontin, high blood pressure medicine (Tarka), Colace & previously taken anti-depressants such as Cymbalta and Wellbutrin--- wouldn't 205 mgs. of Oxycodone be considered "too much" for a 45 yr. old male who is only experiencing shoulder & knee joint pain? No cancer or surgery, just pain from joints (scheduled for, but not had joint replacement surgery). Wouldn't this amount of Oxycodone per day cause a fatal overdose?
  Damn - who's your doctor - I need to go to him. Yes 205mg of perocet is a lot but the real problem is mixing it with the valium and other anti-depressant. I would be worried I would go into a drug coma and stop breathing. Be very careful with these mixes.
David B

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