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What do you think of Natazia?
So I'm taking this fancy new birth control, Natazia, & I'm just wondering what other women who are also taking it think about it. What kind of side effects have you had? Any problems? Concerns? Has it helped with acne? Heavy bleeding? Any comments about Natazia (positive or negative) would be appreciated. I just started it Sunday so after only 2 pills, I don't really have an opinion about it yet. I've noticed that I'm VERY impatient today but I might just be having a pissy day. lol I won't blame that on the new bcp just yet! Thanks for sharing, girls!
  I've taken it for two months now. No period, but I'm not pregnant. While I LOVE not having one, it is worrisome. I'm not sure what other side effects I've had, but thats cuz during the first week of both months, I've felt ill. (not sure if its the pill or just under the weather.) My skin has cleared tremendously and I know my hubby has noticed a dramatic decrease in PMS symptoms such as my crankyness. My suggestion would be to give it a few months trial before jumping to conclusions! I
Can you share the side effects you experienced on Natazia Birth Control Pill?
Anyone have positive or negative opinions about Natazia Birth Control Pill?
I haven't taken birth control in 5 years- I stopped b/c the pill gave me horrible side effects including acne. YUK! I'm now on Natazia and scared that I'm going to get acne again. If you are using Natazia, please let me know what side effects you have had...I want to either put my mind at ease or think about other options. THANKS IN ADVANCE LADIES! :-)
Victoria c
this is my first month taking Natazia, and my period never came when it was supposed to. is that bad?
Hi, i take natazia for birth control.. and i just finished my first pack today. My period never came, but i did get spotting about a week ago and that lasted about 2 days. I've never taken any other type of birth control before. Before taking Natazia, my period was never that heavy to begin with. I'm just a little nervous that my period didn't come at all. I'm 19 years old and 110 pounds.. if that means anything. Thanks to anyone that helps with my question!
Jennifer C
  Your period can be a little different than usual when you start birth control-- it should regulate after a few months. Often, birth control causes your period to be very light. Mine is so light I don't need to use tampons or anything. It varies. If you miss a period, and you've had sex, I'd be concerned though.
Amber Colvin
When will hormonal acne cause by Natazia/Birth control go away?
I was on Natazia for 6 months and it gave me horrible acne. I have been of it for about a month. When will it go away. Will my skin ever be the same.
Ava Lynn
  It may take a while, several weeks. Acne requires a multi-faceted approach. If you have acne clean your skin gently, ry not to touch your skin when your hands are not clean, and avoid the sun.

The three basics of acne treatment are to (1) unclog pores, (2) kill bacteria, and (3) minimize oil. Use mild exfoliating cleansers to unclog your pores. Use benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria. Get rid of oil on the surface of your skin by using a gentle toner. Generally drug store brands will do each of these things well. You don't need to spend a fortune.

These are all good basic skin regimens that may help with the acne battle:

Cleanse twice daily with a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. An alternative for those who are allergic to benzoyl peroxide is 2% salicylic acid.

Apply a gel or cream containing 5% benzoyl peroxide; an alternative is sulfur or resorcinol.

At night, apply a spot cream containing sulfur to the affected areas.

Use a light skin moisturizer and oil-free makeup.

If you try all these approaches and it still does not seem to work, it is time to consult your doctor. You may need a prescription medication approach to deal with your acne.

And read the information at these sites. You may find other ideas that will help you.
anyone on the new birth control natazia?
i was just put on the new birth control called natazia? has anyone taking this pill have any side effects? thank you!
  I've been on Yaz for just over 2 year and my new gyn just changed my pill to Natazia. I start it tomorrow. I will keep you posted on how I do. With Yaz I was suffering terrible mentral migraines during the 4 white pills so this doctor suggested Natazia.
Laura C
have you taken the birth control pill natazia?
when do u actually get your period?
like when u finish all the pills...?
  In your pack, you have 28 tablets. The first 26 contain a drug that prevents your period. The last 2 have no drug in them. You should expect your period when you take the last 2 tablets. It is common for women to have shorter periods, and some women don't have one at all. If you go 2 months without a period, tell your doctor. It is also common for breakthrough bleeding throughout the month, if this happens to you, you should contact your doctor and consider a different oral contraceptive. Additionally, don't smoke while taking this prescription. Good luck!
Big Nick Rx
can i start taking the pill (natazia) a week before I'm supposed to start to delay it?
  ask your doctor
Johnny Dough
Have you tried the birth control Natazia?
What was your experience like? (Increase in breast size, nausea, moody...etc)
I tried it for 3 days and had horrible mood swings (crying for hours over tiny things) my doctor gave me several packs of it, so I was wondering if I should go back on it again.
Have you tried the birth control Natazia?
What was your experience like? (Increase in breast size, nausea, moody...etc)
I tried it for 3 days and had horrible mood swings (crying for hours over tiny things) my doctor gave me several packs of it, so I was wondering if I should go back on it again.
Delay period while on Natazia?
I;m going on a trip next wednesday and i just took the 17th pill from my 1st pack. Anyone know which pills to take if i want to delay my period until 3/27 or 3/28 because its supposed to come then?
burn with me

The first 26 tablets contain the active ingredients. The last two tablets contain no active ingredients. By taking these last two tablets, your body gets a break from the hormones, allowing you to have a period.

So take them till day 26 (skip last 2) and then start a new pack the next day.
Enjoy your trip.
What are your feelings on Natazia?
It seems like it came out amid controversy and doctors are prescribing it left and right to "test" it. Is it worth the risk? Why is is that it cannot be taken as a Sunday start like other birth controls? It just seems like a big risk to take, and I would appreciate any medical input before I risk complications.
Kat S
  I wish I could answer your question. But, in my opinion, the important answers that you seek should come from your doctor...

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