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What should I mix with MoviPrep?
MoviPrep is a medication taken in preparation for a colonsocipy, but apparently it tastes like crap. I've heard of doctors recomending mixing stuff with it, but mine didn't. Any ideas?
  You can mix it with banana puree..or ask for Osmo-prep instead, they are 32 tablets that you have to take with water throughout the day, some like it better than swollowing the liquid stuff
Colonoscopy this Thursday! Anyone taken Moviprep? Any tips?
I have to take Moviprep any tips on how to make it taste better? I would like tips from someone who has taken this before. Also another odd question.....If they found a worm or parasites in my stomache (not that i have any) would they remove it? Or give me medicine to take after to kill them or it? Just curious.
Has anyone else experienced nothing at all after taking MoviPrep prior to a colonoscopy?
I have been very prepared to get my first colonoscopy over with this morning. However, I began the mandatory colon cleansing around 6 pm last night and experienced no bowel movement whatsoever. I followed the MoviPrep instructions exactly and absolutely nothing. I poop all the time (diarrhea) and then they tell me to down some heavy duty laxative that tastes like salt and this doesn't make me go! What the hell is going on?
  By now you should be passing liquid and it should be starting to become clear in colour. Are you bloated? as this may be why nothing much is happening. Plus they won't do a colonoscopy unless your bowel is totally clear.
Is there a way to make MoviPrep taste better?
I have to have a colonoscopy tomorrow and that means I need to drink this absolutely disgusting liquid laxative called MoviPrep. It is literally the most disgusting stuff I have ever tasted in my life. Has anyone that has had to drink it before found a way to make it taste a little better? I feel like I'm going to throw up.
  I guess you figured out the answer was no. In my case the way I get through it is I tell my GI doc I refuse to take a PEG based prep. She has always found an acceptable alternative.
Póg Mo Thóin
Can I drink Moviprep slowly?
I'm taking moviprep for my colonoscopy tomorrow and I'm having trouble drinking it as quickly as it suggests. It tastes so awful it's making me nauseous, so it's taking a while to get it down. Why do they want it drunk quickly? Is it okay to drink slowly or should I force myself and gulp it down?
it's also difficult to drink it all as quickly as they want when i'm already having to go to the bathroom...
I'm having a colonoscopy Friday and start the prepping tomorrow using Moviprep. Any used this for prepping?
I have Crohn's and have used golytely (terrible stuff!). It didn't cause nausea for me which was odd because pretty much everything else does. Wanting to know if anyone has used Moviprep and how it compares with golytely (golytely I just had a horrible time with the taste and the volume I had to consume). I will drink my first round at 6pm tomorrow night and second round at 3am. Thanks so much!
I drank golytely with my ileostomy takedown last year - BLECK! =)
  Golytely/Halflytely is awful. I've used it three times. Never again.

When I needed my last colonoscopy (just before my colon resection surgery last December) I begged "Doc, no more halflytely. I can barely keep it down. The excessive saltiness triggers my gag reflex.

Moviprep is far superior. It doesn't taste nearly as bad (although it is a bit cloyingly sweet at the bottom of the jar). I only needed the single prep every time I've had a colonoscopy, and next time (in five years) I'll go with Moviprep!!
William K
Moviprep for Colonoscopy?
Has anyone had any experience with taking Moviprep before a colonoscopy? My colonoscopy is scheduled in a week and a half and I am already dreading the prep as I am terrible at drinking things for tests. I was hoping I could do the miralax prep, but they said this is their preferred prep. Believe it or not, it was hard for me to drink the CT contrast and I couldn't even get all of it down! I have a horrible gag reflex and get nauseated very easily. I would have to assume that it tastes awful like the other ones do. Can it be mixed with anything to make it more palatable? I just hope I can get through the prep so the test can be done. Any serious advice or tips on how to get through the prep would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your help!
  Try eating lots of ice cubes before you drink the moviprep...that's what i do,i also eat popsicles to get through have had 7 scopes in the pst 10 years,so ive had lots of practice. Im in Canada and the prep solution is called pico salax, but im sure its the same as yours just another name,it is better than the old stuff we used to have to was so vile. Just drink it fast with your nose plugged,i find that helps and dont think about it too much...i know that's hard not to do though...i wish i could help you more.I also find mixing it with other liquids just makes it worse and prolongs the i take it straight...and invent new swear words after
How bad is MoviPrep really?
I have to take it in a few hours for my colonoscopy tomorrow and I am terrified after reading all the reviews and other questions about it. Will someone tell me honestly, am I bound to throw up?
  I took MoviPrep a few months ago in preparation for a colonoscopy, and had no problem at all. It was much, much better than the gallon of horrible stuff I had several years ago. It didn't taste bad, and didn't make me sick like the previous stuff, and there isn't as much of it volume-wise as used in the past. Piece of cake, so to speak! Don't worry, it will be fine!
Is the preparation for a colonoscopy really horrible?
He has been told to take 2 dulcolax and a prescription liquid prep called "MoviPrep"
I'm taking my husband in for one on Friday and he is dreading the day before prep. He's worried that it's going to make him sick and cause a lot of stomach pain. He's hardly worried at all about the procedure itself!

Can anyone with experience let me know what the "day before" is really like? Any advice to share? Thanks.
  No, been through both, endoscopy and colonscopy. As you know you have to clean the bowel out, hence the dulcolax and moviprep. Then they take you in, knock you out and when you comes around, well have the urge to wanna go to the loo and so you go.
The day before, you are just taking the prescribed drugs and that is it, wait for the bowel to empty.
I'm having a colonoscopy done today, I had to drink that MoviPrep stuff. But I couldn't finish it all. Help?
I finished a liter and a half of it. I couldn't finish the rest because every time I would drink it I would almost throw it back up and didn't want to risk just throwing it all up. Will I be ok? I took two Dulcolax tablets this morning too.
I would have done that, but it said to not mix it with anything. I tried to drink apple juice behind it and it helped a little. But they told me not to drink / eat anything that was red or purple. I had grape juice in the fridge too :(
  If you drank most of it you will be OK...Lace it with orange juice....I just did the same thing and it worked out great for me. Grapefruit juice would also work

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