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Monistat (miconazole) cream is an antifungal agent that kills the fungus (yeast) by weakening their cell membrane in addition to its antiparasitic properties. Apply carefully into the vagina at bedtime and wash your hands immediately and avoid contact with eyes, if you miss a dose use it as soon as you remember. Monistat is not useful for itching caused by other conditions so it should be diagnosed first by a doctor prior to use. Avoid vaginal sexual intercourse, douches, tampons, spermicides, or vaginal products while on Monistat. You can stop using Monistat if your symptoms do not improve within 3 days, or if they last more than 7 days.
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How soon can I repeat the dosing of Monistat
I used Monistat 3. Itching, burning went away for 3 days then slow returned. How long do I have to wait before I use it again?
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Why did I get intense burning with Monistat 3 but not Monistat 7?
I used Monistat 3 the last time I had a yeast infection. When I applied the first dose it felt like my vagina was on fire, but the next 2 nights I felt no burning. Now I have another yeast infection because of stress. I am using Monistat 7 and I have no painful side affects at all and I am starting to feel some relief on the 2 day. Why did I get side affects with Monistat 3 but not Monistat 7?
  I'm far from being an expert in this area, but I would think it's probably because Monistat-3 is a stronger medication than Monistat-7 (due to the fact that it is a 3-day treatment as opposed to a 7-day treatment)..
Jersey Giant
Monistat 1 Combination Pack: Can I take it during the day?
I've used the Monistat creams before, and I remember I had to take them at bed time. I read all the instructions for the Monistat 1 suppository, and it doesn't say anything about when to take it. I tried some online research with no luck. I'm assuming I can take it during the day, but thought I'd ask a question here in case someone can help. Thanks!!
  you can use it at any time but night time would be best to prevent leaking...and monistat 1 really works..i used it last night along with the cream and today the infection is competely gone along with the itching...i would recomend to still use the cream for one or two more days to make sure that everything is was well worth the money...hope i helped...xoxo
what is the best Monistat to use for a severe yeast infection?
im planning on taking a mild douche (hydrogen peroxide) and then taking monistat.
but im curious which monistat will work best?

  both douche and monistat are good for yeast infection management. you can use both of them for severe yeast infection. it is better to consult your obstetrician before trying any over the counter drug. you should also consider your diet and hygienic practices since they are factors that causes yeast infection.
Whats the difference between monistat 3 and monistat 7 medication?
I have a yeast infection. In the past I've used monistat 7 but I hate the treatments so I bought the 3 day treatment this time. Will it work exactly the same, just quicker? Why do they still sell the 7 is they have quicker treatment?
  sometimes the 3 day treatment doesn't work as well's more concentrated ...but the 7 day is the best to make sure the infection is completely gone
Monistat Derm Cream? Does it get rid of the yeast infection?
I bought Monistat cream that says it relieves itching, but do I need to buy those capsules as well? I know yeast infections can go away on their own, and the Monistat is just to relieve symptoms etc. so if I just use the cream is that fine?
  Your good to go with the cream, just use it every day and even after you think it is gone, still use it for a few more days. it works great.
Good luck, you will be fine, OK
what causes monistat 7 to cause horrible burning in the virgina?
i have used monistat 1 for a while now with no bad effects, but i just had a miscarriage and i went to the doctor, it looked like my body expelled everything so i was good to go, well once my bleeding got real light i inserted a about have a tube on monistat 7 and had bad burning inside my virgina. what in the work cause this?? could my body have got allergic to it or something?
Dani J
  No, you don't really have a problem. You were too sensitive when you applied the Monistat 7, that's all.
Has anyone ever experienced foam in their urine after using monistat 7?
I think I have a yeast infection, so I started using monistat 7 two days ago. I've noticed that when I pee over the last couple days, I have a lot of foam in my urine. Anyone else have this happen after using monistat?
  i just barfed all over my keyboard.
  Its not foam in your urine. its the monistat in the bowl that caused it.
okay to take monistat during day instead of at night?
i just bought monistat 3 ovule combination pack for my first yeast infection.

it says to insert it before bedtime, but if i use it during the day and stay still and lie down for most of the day, would it be okay?
  It would be ok ONLY if you are going to lay down and not get up for hours on end. It has to have time to soak in and the minute you stand it will all come out.
monistat 3?
i used monistat 3 last night and after it made the itching waaaay worse but i used the cream and it helped. is that normal? and how long does it usually take to start working?
  Monistat 3 is for 3 days worth of medication right? So that means it will usually take 3 days for it to start working and too feel maximum relief.

The medication is pretty much a chemical burn from the inside out. The medication is killing yeast and along the way will also kill a few health cells so it will make ithcing and burning worse for a while but it will subside.
Just stick with it and take all 3 days.
I used Monistat 1, but my yeast infection is back during the same week?
I used monistat 1 last Saturday, I thought it was healing well. But now I'm getting the same chunky discharge and odor. Idk how to get rid of it. Any home remedies?
c f
  If you have a bad yeast infection the one day treatment is not good enough .I've had 3 doctors tell me this and I know this from experience. At least do the 3 day but the 7 day treatment (as much as it sucks) is your best bet. There is a reason they still make those 7 day treatments.

Also don't use tampons for at least 2 months and when you get out of the shower, dry thoroughly but don't rub just pat. Moisture is it's worst enemy. Also cotton underwear is important. I promise you will get rid of it if you do these things. Good-luck!
Amy N
Can I use garlic and monistat 3 to cure a yeast infection?
I have just read that inserting a clove of garlic into the vagina at night can be very effective for curing a yeast infection, but i am also using monistat 3 (on my second night of treatment). Is it ok to use both at the same time or should i try the garlic after i finish the monistat? Also, has anyone tried the garlic method, and does it work?
Why did the yeast infection come back after using Monistat 7?
I had the yeast infection for the first time. I used Monistat 7 and i felt fine. Well the day after the last day of treatment, my fiance and I thought it was fine to have sex. So we did. The next morning i felt the symptoms of the infection. I bought the Monistat 1 just in case but can anyone answer why it came back or if im allergic to the lube on the condom?
  It came back because you didn't wait the recommend time for the cream to kill the yeast. Yes you waited the day after but the cream needs to be completely gone and you should always wait to see if symptoms return. Monistat 7 doesn't always get rid of your yeast infection. You would have to see a doctor and ask them to prescribe you Diflucan. With this they give you one tablet you can get from Wal Mart for $4. It will gets rid of your yeast infection in 24 hours no creams. Yes if you're using brands like Durex that tends to irritate females more. Lifestyles is a very good brand it's nice and smooth. Beyond Seven is nice as well and Trojan is okay. I would recommend trying to switch condom brands. Before you go trying another cream you need to get Vagisil screening kit to make sure it is a yeast infection and not something else.

I had a yeast infection about 5 days ago and I used Monistat 3. But now its back again. What should I do?
My mom will not take me to the doctor. She said I should just use Monistat 3 again, but i think i should go to the doctor. It also feels like there are scratches by my vagina but I am not sexually active.
Jessica H
  If you can't get into the doctor, you can try a different brand of antifungal like canesten. Read the box and it will tell you what the active ingredient is. I think monistat's active ingredient is miconazole. You might have had a reaction to this and that is why you feel like you have irritation down there.

You can also try some home remedies too. There are a bunch listed at .

Also, make sure you are either eating plain, unsweetened yogurt with active bacteria cultures or that you are taking probiotics. This helps replace the over active candida albicans yeast with some good bacteria. Good luck - if all this doesn't help - you should go back to your doctor.
I have a yeast infection and my mom bought me monistat for it.

I was reading the directions and it kept saying things about "while you're using the product", like don't use a tampon and don't have sex. But it looks to me like it's just a one time thing; I just insert it once.

How long would I actually be considered "using the product"?
  The medication is still working for 3-7 days. You wouldnt want to insert anything into the vagina for at least a week so that you dont interupt the medication. Hope this helps.
monistat burning after day 5?
so after day 3 of using monistat 7 i felt really good but then day 5 burned and day 6 i put it in last night and it burned and now my vagina doesnt feel as healthy as it did 3 days ago? why is that, and also in the mornings after day 4 less creme discharges it like staying up in there?
  Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel rates 5 out of 5 stars, from ... Thigh Burn: You know the problem...bare legs with skirts or shorts, ... by Elizabeth [Verified Reviewer] in Antioch, CA on 6/9/07 ... A few weeks ago I started using this product twice a day
Live Sports
Can I use monistat 7 three weeks after giving birth?
I was told nothing IN for 6 weeks but I am breastfeeding, therefore cannot take Diflucan (the yeast infection pill)

So can I use Monistat 7? I can't find any info on this subject online and I am miserable!
monistat burning after day 5?
so after day 3 of using monistat 7 i felt really good but then day 5 burned and day 6 i put it in last night and it burned and now my vagina doesnt feel as healthy as it did 3 days ago? why is that, and also in the mornings after day 4 less creme discharges it like staying up in there?

  Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder-Gel rates 5 out of 5 stars, from ... Thigh Burn: You know the problem...bare legs with skirts or shorts, ... by Elizabeth [Verified Reviewer] in Antioch, CA on 6/9/07 ... A few weeks ago I started using this product twice a day

Yeast Infection/Monistat?
I think I have a yeast infection, I started feeling itchy and noticing more discharge than usual about 5 days ago, a few days after I finished my period. My symptoms are slight itching in the day and severe at night, dryness and occasional abdominal pain. I took Monistat 1 (the ovule kind), this past Wednesday evening before bed. I have noticed that I have more itching than I did before I took the Monistat. I have been applying the cream that came with combination pack but it only seems to work for about 30 minutes. Is this normal for the itching to continue? Should I see a doctor, or wait for a full 7 days first to see if it goes away? I am unsure what to do. The itching is really bothering me.
  First please be advised that a yeast infection is easily passed through sexual activity in other words you can give it to your man so make very certain you avoid any of that til well after the synptoms are gone. Just as you can pass it to him he can have passed it to you. Now no disrespect to you im not sure of you age or if your sexually active doesnt matter to me its just allways good information to know.ok take it from me i got A horrible YEAST INFECTION from a antibiotic "Cocktail" I was given for a totally differant medical issue, and if ive ever told the truth, here it is...the only, i mean ONLY thing that worked for me was to basically douche with PLAIN WHITE YOGURT!! The PH level of a womans vagina is very very touchy it has to be to keep the inviroment PERFECT for contraception to happen otherwise it would kill off the sperm and we wouldnt be able to have babies. and when it gets sort of, for lack of a better term, "Thrown Off" it gets angry and fights back with a host of what are Normal yeast cultures that we have in there naturally. They are for keeping homeostasis, "Perfect balance". So when something throws it "off whack" our ph level that is, we fight back. Now plain white yogurt is full of live cultures (I think thats the term for em) and when you introduce them into this war going on between your legs(again for lack of a better term) Im not exactly sure of the exact way it assists our own natural yeast but it does and for me IT WORKED and it certainly is worth a try Cuz it cant hurt you. Heres how ya do it or rather how I did it. I filled up one of those applicators you would use to administer contraceptive foam inside of you and basically i inserted it as i would have the foam.I would assume that even a cardboard tube or one of the plastic one MINUS the tampon would work also. REMEMBER to WASH IT WITH SOAP AND WATER if its not a disposible item! Get at least one applicator or two if you can up in there LEAVE IT IN and just use a kotex pad to keep it from getting everthing a mess.DO NOT douch this too is a way of throwing our own PH level off balance!. I did this 3 times a day for get this ONE DAY thats all it took for me. each and every one of those horrible symptoms disappeared. You certainly can call at the very least your Dr.s nurse and speak to her or him about using the yogurt remedy. Once you get that under control youll need to get to the root of why you may have gotten it in the first place so it is less likely to return and antibiotics are a major culprit so are THONG UNDERWEAR!!! Believe it or not more women get a arrray of infections from thong underwear because the stringy is up against your you know. Its the perfect host for bacteria to thrive in.These bacterias can then TRAVEL DOWN THE STRING AND THEN IT HAS NOW BEEN INTRODUCED INTO YOUR VAGINA. So try the yogurt and contact your dr to discuass possible causes and if indeed it is even a yeast infection and not something else going on and hopefully it was just a freak thing and not something that is chronic. I'll pray for you on that ok?
Monistat 3?
okay, so i found out that i got a yeast infection so i got monistat 3, tonight is my last night of using it. is it normal to still have some pain down there and some itchiness? the white discharge is gone but im still experiencing some pain and itch. is this normal?
Jamie B
  It is somewhat normal - it should feel not as painful/itchy as before. If you are still having pain/itchiness after tonight's dose, I would contact your GYN doctor and be sure that it is a yeast infection.

Good luck!
Can monistat 1 effect a pregnant person or someone with a urinary tract infection?
It's too soon for a pregnacy test, so will it effect the baby if she is pregnant?

Can monistat 1 affect someone with a UTI or make the UTI worse?
  never take anything if u suspect a pregnancy read the leaflet that comes with the meds it will give u all the info u need....
help girls taking monistat?
i took the monistat 1 day combination pack today for a YI. how long do i have to wait to have sex? i know it suggests not having sex while on it but how long is the wait period??
lexi marie
How long do you leave monistat external cream on?
I have a package of monistat 7, and I'm applying it externally. I'd like to know how long it's required for me to leave it on.
  It is usually reccomended that you apply before bed. This way it can work all night and you don't have to worry about feeling messy with the cream during the day. Obviously the longer it is on the more relief you will get and the quicker the yeast will resolve.
Yeast infection and a 7 day cure...?
So. I live in a small town that consists of a family dollar, a grocery store and a gas station. The closest walmart is like 30 minutes away.

That being said, I have a really painful, annoying, frustrating yeast infection. I was hoping to go to walmart today and get monistat 7 (after reading reviews I was terrified to try 1 or 3). I ended up not being able to go today so I got the Family Dollar brand of Miconazole 7. It has the same ingedients and amounts as monistat 7. I took the first application a few minutes ago, and... nothing. No pain. At all. I'm afraid that it isn't working after reading all the horrifying reviews about monistat. Has anyone ever used this?
Monistat 7 cream ran out on day 5?
I am using monistat 7 (the cream, not the pill) for a yeast infection and the cream is practically gone and it's day 5 of 7! I haven't used it for topical treatment either, just for the 'injection'.

All my symptoms are gone so should I still buy another pack so I can finish the treatment?

I really don't want to buy another because it's expensive but I will if I need to.

  If it was me I would just finish the treatment on day 5. It's quite likely that it will be enough. However, it is possible that it will come back in a few weeks and if that happens you will need further treatment.

I've had plenty of yeast infections and I have cut the treatment short without a problem. I think you will be okay.

Good luck
Would it be harmful to use Monistat if no yeast infection existed?

^(hypothetical because I'm fairly certain I do have a yeast infection, but not entirely sure. My mom's gyno told her just to buy me the stuff and bring me to see him if I have recurring yeast infections.)
  I don't think it is going to hurt you, but you should see a doctor if the monistat doesnt work because you may have a different type of infection that may need antibiotics.
Jordan H
Can you use regular Monistat to cure ringworm?
Regular meaning not "Monistat-derm".

If you could include why it does or does not work I'd be interested in that also.
Thanks in advance!
Regular meaning not "Monistat-derm".

If you could include why it does or does not work I'd be interested in that also.
Thanks in advance!

**Ringworm is NOT a parasite! it is in fact a fungus and is actually a lot like athletes foot. The reason they call it "ringworm" is unknown to me.
Megan Thompson
  Run and get that Monistat! It works! now read on and why.

How do medications target ringworm?
To stop ringworm, medications must have the necessary components to kill fungi. As such, many of the antifungal medications prescribed for ringworm are topical or applied directly on the skin. Some of the most common include ketoconazole (Nizoral), clotrimazole (Mycelex), terbinafine (Lamisil) and miconazole (Monistat).

you can read more about it @
Is increased itching after applying Monistat external cream normal?
I heard this may be a side effect. Also, how long does it take to feel relief from Monistat 3 combo pack? I put in a suppository yesterday at about 5 pm, and it is almost 8 pm the next day and i dont have much itching unless i apply the cream, and then it only itches/burns for about 5 mins.
OK thanks for the answers!
  I have itching and burning whenever I use that external cream. It's usually so bad, I don't even bother with it. I just use the internal "egg" thingy (one dose treatment) and use Vagisil on the outside. It burns too, but only for a minute and then it gets numb. My mother recommends "slapping some plain yogurt up in there." That may help too, but I haven't actually tried that yet.
Is it okay to take monistat during your period?
I have a yeast infection and I am planning to see a doctor soon but in the meantime I've been taking monistat 7. I just got my period andwant to know if it is still okay to take. Also I'm feeling more burning and itching after using it is this normal?
If anyone has any other tips on getting rid of a yeast infection please let me know!
  Yes, it is fine to use monistat while on your period, just make sure to only use pads and not tampons, as they will remove the medicine.
Vicky D

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