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Can I take a 750mg Methocarbamol and two midol pills as well?
I have terrible cramps and was prescribed Methocarbamol (a muscle relaxant) for them but the Methocarbamol alone isn't cutting it. Can I also take two midols as well?
  I wouldn't advise mixing these two together. But if you want to be absolutely sure, you can call up the pharmacist at your local drugstore, or call and ask your doctor (leave a message and get him to call you back if he's busy).

I had extremely severe cramps most of my life. Before they invented ibuprofens I was taking 4 emperin codeines every 4 hours and it wasn't strong enough for me. Once ibuprofens came on the market, I found that I had to double the recommended dosage to 4 ibuprofens every 4 hours, and this seemed to help a great deal and I was able to work during my period. Worked better for me than anything else I tried. I recommend using the Motrin IB brand from the store (non-prescription).

See if you can find Lemon Balm herb at an herb store or health food store that carries lots of herbs, and you can take it as 1/2 cup of tea along with the 4 ibuprofens, works good; but will make you sleepy.

Some tips to help prevent cramps from being worse:

Before your period, take some laxatives, take some diuretics to get rid of excess water; this takes some pressure off of the uterus and lessens severity of cramps.

Tip: During your period, eat very little food the first two days, as this also takes pressure off of uterus. Absolutely do not drink any coffee or take anything that has caffeine in it because this makes the cramps a lot more severe by restricting blood flow.

P.S. I am not personally familiar with the pain killer your doctor prescribed, but if it isn't working very well I'd have him prescribe something stronger; but try my advice, above, first, since taking prescription drugs isn't the best idea since they tend to have side effects.
Maraiya Storm
Is it bad to take expired Methocarbamol?
I found an old muscle relaxer called Methocarbamol. Would it be a badd ideea for me to take itt still?
  you should not take expired medication. if you're still not sure, ask a pharmacist if you could still take it.
Is Methocarbamol any good for relieving back pain?
They also have Methocarbamol with Codiene. Would this combo be better?
Can someone compare hydrocodine to Methocarbamol for me?
I like tabs, i found a west-ward 292 which contains Methocarbamol. Are the effects similar to loratabs?
  Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxer, not the same as Lortab which is a pain killer. Hydrocodone is the active ingredient in Lortab
Can I take 20mg of Flexeril and 1500mg of Methocarbamol and 400mg of Advil at once?
I pulled a muscle in my back and my dr prescribed 10mg Flexeril and 750mg Methocarbamol. The directions said to take 1 Flexeril 3X/day, and take 2 Methocarbamols 2-3X/day. But I only take them at night before I go to sleep, and tonight my back is really killing me.
  I see no reason to prescribe both Robaxin (methocarbamol) and Flexaril together, but hey, I'm only a pain specialist.

At any rate, you can take ONLY what your physician prescribed. To suggest you take anything else would be malpractice on our part as we have not examined, performed a physical exam, seen copies of test, ect...

how many methocarbamol pills can i take at once?
I have methocarbamol prescribed to me and i usual take 2 pills. I don't really feel anything when i take two though. Could i take 3 pills even though its not prescribed? They are the 750mg pills. I understand i should ask the doctor first but do people think it would be safe to take 3?
  no dont. u never know what'll happen. contact your doc or a hospital or someone who actually knows. maybe your doc can increase the mg or something. dont make the decision on your own tho
Is it safe to take expired methocarbamol?
I was injured yesterday snowboarding and the doctor prescribed 500mg tablets of methocarbamol (robaxin) muscle relaxers. I did not have a chance to pick up my prescription today, but I checked my medicine cabinet and noticed that I still have a bottle of the same exact medicine/dosage that I was prescribed for previous injury. The only problem is that they expired nearly two years ago. Is it still safe to take these?

Please no smartalec answers!!!
  In this case absolutely not. Take a look at this:
Note that the shelf life is 5 years after the manufacturing date but keep in mind that you have no idea how long it sat in the pharmacy before you got it.
Some meds are safe for some time after the expiration date and some are not. This is not one of them. At best it won't work at all and at worst it is degraded to something toxic.

What is in Robaxin and how much is safe to take?
I know that it is methocarbamol, but what exactly is that and what does it contain?
  Methocarbamol is a muscle relaxer. take 1 every 3-4 hours or as directed by your physician
Megan S, CPhT
What is Methocarbamol and is it good for a bad tension type headache?
Is it OTC or by prescription?
  Methocarbamol (brand name Robaxin) is a prescription drug that is used most often as a muscle relaxant. It is often helpful for both tension-type and migraine headaches.

Since no one responds to headache medications in exactly the same way, you would have to try it to see if it works for you and is tolerated by you. The most common side effect is drowsiness.
David A
how many 500 mg methocarbamol pills could i take before it got bad?
i am 17, 5'1, and 95 pounds.
i take one at bedtime every day.

i'm not abusing them. just curious.
can i get any of these without a perscription?
Naproxen , Acetaminophen (paracetamol), Tramaden ,Zanaflex ,Methocarbamol (Robaxin) ,Lioresal ,Ketorolac (toradol ) ,Celecoxib (celebrex)
is this an okay prescription drug combination?
This morning I found out that my mom is on a lot of different prescriptions for several different medical conditions. I went through her medicine cabinet while she wasn't home to take a look at what all she's taking, and noticed that they're not all from the same doctor. This makes me wonder if they all would have all been prescribed together had they came from one doctor. If anybody knows about this sort of thing, some insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The medicines are:
metoprolol er succinate
  if she gets them from the same pharmacy they usually check for complications. but if you are doubtful, call the pharmacists and ask them to check for complications. also next time she goes to any doctor go with her and have her take ALL her pills with her.
How Long does Methocarbamol (Robaxin) stay in your urine?
I have an upcoming drug test and took a Robaxin and need to know how long it stays in your urine
Kyle C
  The elimination half-life of methacarbamol is 1 to 2 hours. It takes five and a half (5.5) half-lives for the drug to be out of your system.

Therefore the drug will be in your system for about 11 hours (5.5 x 2 hours).
Kate from

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