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HELP! I Belive My SONS friends are abusing his metadate cd 50mg?
i recently went through my sons cell phone and found some disturbing text mesasage. tgey were from 3 off his friends aking hi togive them so metadate. im planning on haveing them all come over to have a "talk" about it. i nnned teh following facts.
1. How many 50mg Metadate CD do you nieed for a "high" or "buzz"
2. How many 50mg Metadate CD do you need to OD
3. i belive 1 of his friends takes 25mg aderall. when he stays the night his mom gives them to me so he can take them in teh morning, so the 3rd question i need awnserd is. 3. what can happen if you mix 50mg metadate and 25mg aderall.
Thanks To whoever awnsers this. please no smart comments. i just need awnsers. QUICK PLEASE!!
  I looked it up, and it seems like the highest does the gov can give legally is 60 mg. So, I guess anything over 80 mg would seem to give you a buzz. From the site I have, it says sudden deaths occur even in the normal dosage, so taking any more than 70 mg increases the chance.
My son is on metadate cd, 20mg, with 1 month of school left he is havin problems concentrating, wonder what he?
wonder what he can take to help him?
i am not tryin to self-medi him-
i am looki for parents who have been in the same boast as i am.
i wonder what he could take along with the metadate cd?
  If your son is on a prescribed medication, there is no reason to seek help on YA. It's your responsibility as a parent to call his doctor if there are problems with his medication. Never try self-medicating when taking other medications.
Dark Angel
Does anyone have any 6 or 7 year olds who take Metadate CD?
My 7 y/o has been prescribed Metadate CD for ADD. I was wondering if anyone has any children who are on it, and how does it affect his or her behaivior. The doctor assured me that it wouldn't turn him into a zombie, but I want to hear it from someone who's expirienced it. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
  my son just started it about two weeks ago.. and he is doing find on it, it just keeps him calm and to concentrate better..and he is doing better and i hope this works..
How long does Ritalin (MetaDate CD) last? Roughly how many hours?
I was recently prescribed MetaDate CD (Ritalin) 20 mg Capsules in the morning. I took my dose at 9:30 AM. About how long will this effect me. Although not overwhelming I feel slightly anxious.
  that's an extended release i guess?

it should only last about 8's ok to have a beer if u r old enough. it will help calm your nerves..
Metadate cd 10mg, son took it yesterday & seemed hyper & talkative.?
My 8yr. old Neurologist wanted my son on the Metadate since February but I just decided to start it yesterday. His baby sitter said he was talkative. I noticed it when I picked him up. Just raren to go. His Pedatrician said it will be a good thing to, to calm him down & to get him through any daycares if I have to send him & I want him to be able to focus on 3rd grade next year since he was not at 2nd grade level. He is a sweet kid but just needs to calm down! He is also on risperdal & clonidine. Should the metadate make him hyper at the beginning? His Pedatrician said he can go up to 30mg w/ his weight of 93 lbs. The risperdal is making him gain weight so I want to get him off of it.
  Metadate is a stimulant. It's used for ADD and ADHD, but if your son really had either of these disorders it would not make him hyper and talkative. He doesn't need it.
Does Metadate CD make you have sweaty hands?
My son is on Metadate CD 60mg 1 time in am and always complains about sweaty hands is this normal?
What Dietary and Muscle Building supplements am I allowed to take with lithium carbonate and Abilify.?
I take 900 MG of lithium carbonate a day, 20 MG of Abilify and 30 MG of Metadate. Metadate is for ADHD.

I was wondering, however, if there is anything in paticular that I should avoid taking or be recommended to take.

I'm looking to get a pre work out supplement/shake and also a post work out thing as well.

Brad J
If you eat 40mg of metadate cd's will it get you high?
I am not ADHD. I was wondering if I ate 40mg of metadate cd's if it would get me high. And if so for how long? And what kind of high?
  Yeah, you will! You'll be happy, and relaxed as heck. Good times. How long it lasts depends on how much you weigh.
Tainted Love
what are the side effects of metadate cd?
  I have a 7 year old who just started. After researching it says most common are headache, stomach ache, insomnia, loss of apetite. He has been on it for a week and has had a headache in the later evening after it wears off twice and once had a stomach ache.
Is Adderal Xl and Metadate CD safe drugs to take for ADHD?
  go to and enter adhd in their search,follow links for info.
My son takes a medicine called metadate cd capsules and we are having a hard time getting from pharmacy.why?
not-fair 17
  Best thing is to ask your pharmacist or switch pharmacies. I can find no reason for them not to be available since they were approved in 2001 for ADHD they should be available or your pharmacist should be able to get them from the manufacturer. Just ask him/her to order them. When you are near to running out call your pharmacist and let him/her know you will need them in X amount of days so they can have them ready for you.
Medicine Woman
What will 5 Methylphenidate (MPH; Ritalin, Concerta, Metadate, or Methylin) pills do to you?
if you took 5 27mg of methylphenidate pills when your 5'5" 100 pounds what can of afficts will happen?
Bob Pound
  They would make you very sick or worse. Please don't do that.
Question about my pills and pregnancy!?!? I am currently on Lamictal (200mg), Zoloft (100), Metadate CD (20), high doses of iron, and Yasmin birth control (continuous with no period)
My question is, all of these pills cause extreme birth deformities, so if I were to get pregnant...would the "fetus" even stand a chance?????
  If you stopped taking them the moment you knew... maybe. But with you not having any periods at all, it is unlikely you will get pregnant so you shouldn't have to worry.

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