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Is it Ok to Mix Lisinopril and Maxzide?
I went to the ER with high BP around 184/116 and was prescribed 10 mg of Lisinopril and 25 mg of Maxzide now my BP averages around 130/80 so I know it worked but today I went to get a refill from a different Hospital/Doctor and this doctor said your not supposed to mix these two drugs??? Infact when he pulled it up in his computer you could see a big red flag flashing the computer would not let him prescribe this combo even if he wanted???? so he put me on the same amount of Lisinopril and 25 mg of regular Hydrochlothiazide.

Also on forums I've read NO ONE is on a combination of lisinopril/maxzide, which doctor is correct?
My 41yr old sister is taking Abdominal Cuts supplements with perscription meds, aspirin,atenolol, and maxzide.?
My sister, she's 41 African American and 200lbs, and works out 3 times a weeks. She has 3 prescription's Aspirin 81mg, Maxzide 50/75mg, and Atenolol 50mg. Her Doctor said it was okay to take Abdominal Cuts by (Corr-Jensen Labs). She doesn't drink or smoke. I am worried. Is this product safe to take with her medication?
Divas AndD
  Sorry, this is one of those questions people don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole. Notice that nobody else has answered in a week? The reason is that this is a complex medical question and needs to be answered by a doctor -- in person. Even if a doctor were to read this question online, he wouldn't answer it in specific terms without seeing your sister face to face, reviewing her medical history, and probably doing a blood work-up.

In the meantime, while you're trying to figure out the answer to your question, it is best to assume it is unsafe to mix all of these together. From what I can gather here, her doctor has approved her using Abdominal Cuts, but not with the prescription drugs she's taking. Prescription drug taking will alter body chemistry in so many ways. Please encourage her to see her doctor soon if she wants to mix another product into this chemical soup. There are side effects any time you stir something else into the pot.

God bless your sister -- and you -- for helping her.
Medications that could conflict with anesthesia?
I may have to have surgery next week for a hernia in my left hip area. I take lipitor, aciphex, singulair, mazide?maxzide, phetermine, nasonex, restoril, and seroquel DAILY (as well as 2 baby aspirin). I also have clonezepam (1 mg pills w/ option to take 3 per day) to take AS NEEDED (sometimes I only take 2 mg....MOST of the time, I do NOT need it).

My question is this:
With anesthesia in mind, do I need to stop taking any of these medications prior to surgery? And if so, which ones and how much time should pass before the surgery?

My primary concerns are the phen, maxzide, and baby aspirin.
Camaro Lady
  Phentermine should be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery.

We usually recommend that diuretics not be taken on the day of surgery, but are fine until then. You will get specific instructions about that.

Aspirin needs to be stopped a week before surgery, or it will cause bleeding problems. (clotting problems, actually)

Your surgeon ought to have already had you stop the phentermine and aspirin if he/she plans to operate next week. You'll be better off if you can delay the surgery until you've been off the phentermine for more than a week.
what is this pill for Maxzide?
  It is a diuretic--a "water pill" used to make you take off excess fluid--also used for high blood pressure
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What is the medicine maxzide?
Nicole Dowlen
  Maxzide is a combination of two different blood pressure medications, triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide. In addition to treating high blood pressure and edema, it may also be effective for Ménière's disease.
Does anyone here take Metformin (for diabetes) with a diuretic (thiaxide, maxzide, etc ) for blood pressure ??
I read somewhere that these two should not be mixed ? that it could cause renal failure....
Thanks for all the responses, I also take Lisinopril 20mg, and I'm wondering should I just take that exclusively
  Thiazides and combined medications containing thiazides are usually quite safe for diabetics to take when they are on metformin. But, as with any medication, the effects of the medication (benefits and potential complications) must be monitored regularly and adjusted, changed or stopped as appropriate.

It is perfectly safe to take metformin as long as the blood creatinine level is less than 1.6 mg/dl. This is because metformin is excreted unchanged through the kidneys and when the creatinine level is increased, the ability of the kidneys to excrete metformin is reduced or impaired. If the body cannot excrete metformin, unsafe blood levels may result.

Diuretics are commonly used in the treatment of hypertension, or high blood pressure, and diabetics are twice as likely as non-diabetics to have hypertension. In diabetics as in non-diabetics, diuretics act to lower blood pressure by slightly reducing the circulating blood volume. In most cases, this is perfectly safe. However, every physician who manages diabetic patients should monitor the diabetic routinely.

I ask my diabetic patients to get their basic chemistry panel and glycohemoglobin checked every three months. The glycohemoglobin is useful in measuring whether the diabetes is controlled adequately or not. I also ask them to have a urine microalbumin test at least once every year. Rising levels of microalbumin in the urine may be an early sign of diabetic or hypertensive renal damage.

One of the terrible complications of diabetes and/or hypertension may be impaired kidney function due to irreversible kidney damage, and if there is evidence of impaired renal (kidney) function, the treatment of a diabetic should be changed as the condition of the patient warrants.

To try to reduce the risk of diabetic complications, I usually treat diabetic patients with an angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor (ACEI) and/or an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB). These are medications that are commonly used to control high blood pressure, but which have been shown to reduce the incidence of complications of diabetes -- so there are two benefits rather than just one when ACEI or ARB medications are used.

I hoope this at least partially answers your question.
What is the best way to eliminate/reduce to cellulite on front of legs.....does drinking a lot of water help?
although healthy I do take Maxzide 1x daily for blood pressure and it's also a very mild diuretic. Can I still drink alot of water? Thank you.
  Drinking more water wont do anything :P

Massaging your legs really hard (not too hard) gets rid of 80% of cellulite. The creams DO work.. everyone says they don't but they do. But that's because they get the cheap ones, if you want a cream that works really well then it's going to be expensive. The best and most affordable one would be Soap and Glory's 'Slim Wear' it's a greeny-blue peppermint cream, it costs around £7 and you can get it from Boots or online.

It's a reliable make I swear it's amazing. You can check reviews on the products.

Most cellulite can be defeated at home :D

It's annoying, but, it has nothing to do with how healthy or skinny you are, either you get it or you don't.

This picture of Mischa Barton might make you feel better

Question to Tramadol users?
In the last two months I have been on a medication called Tramadol. I am also on several other medicines (Lyrica, Synthroid, Cytomel, Maxzide, etc.). Within the last month and a half-I'm assuming within the time-frame of my body getting used to the medicine-I have been getting these really horrible feelings of dread and terror. Is this a normal side-effect or could it be a conflict of some kind with one of my other medicines?
  anxiety neurosis ,
No one can diagnose these symptoms?
About a year ago, my mom fainted immediately after having blood drawn. Her arms and legs drew in and her speech was slurred. She was better a few hours later. ER and doctor couldn't find reason. She had started taking Maxzide a month prior. It all happened again today in church. ER says Potassium level was low. No one seems to take this as a concern, but it's very scary to think she may not wake up one day or it could paralyze her. Has anyone else heard of this or have any idea what's going on? We're at a loss of what to do.
I'm not necessarily concerned with the fainting. I'm just concerned about her arms and legs pulling towards her chest and her speech being slurred after it happens (for about 1 hour). Am I just being over-concerned?
Triamterene and Hydrochlorothiazide - Dyazide, Maxzide - is a diuretic (water or fluid pill). Diuretics increase the amount of urine passed, which causes the body to lose water and salt. This drug combination is used to treat water retention and swelling caused by conditions such as heart, kidney, and liver disease. Triamterene is combined with hydrochlorothiazide to treat high blood pressure. Triamterene does not cause your body to lose potassium the way that many diuretics do. Generic hydrochlorothiazide; triamterene tablets and capsules are available. However, if your mother is still using the drug, it is normal to have routine tests to check the levels of chemicals in her system. Also, regular blood pressure checks should be done for people taking diuretics. The position of your mother’s limbs and the fact that you state that her speech was slurred after she had fainted, are indicative of a possible stroke. That would need to have been addressed at the time. Provided your mother is regularly checked there should not be any immediate cause for concern. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
I add a link with details of the drug maxzide.

Hope this helps
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