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keloids treated with levulan,then removed with fraxel laser?
I have had keloids on the back of my neck for 15 years nothing has worked.A doctor is trying levulan with blue light first then will try fraxel laser. Has any one tried this levulan has really made improvment.
jerry z
  Here are some articles of people that have tried. Should be of some help.
does medicare cover Levulan Kerostic therapy for cancer?
Levulan Kerastick is a two step treatment for skin cancer on the scalp
  It should be. You can always call your drs office and ask for the diagnosis code and the procedure code then call your insurance company to see. By law they have to tell you!!
Sometimes they want a prior autherization. So have you had this treated by other methods first? As far as I know medicare covers a great deal of treatments. But it also depends on what type of medicare too. ( I work in a doctors office) Just remember if you have it done plan to stay indoors as much as possible. Light makes it more irritated. You won't like the outcome but is very effective!!
I want to buy a Levulan Kerastick? where do I get one?
I had the Levulan with BlueLight treatment done at a cost $550. All they did was rub the clear gel on my face, leave me alone for 3 hours, then exposed me to blue light for 7 minutes. I have a blue light at home....I know I could do the treatments myself...for much less money.
This is an acne treatment.
curious J
  Here is a site that has a pdf file that you can read. it is addressed to the doctors that administer the levulan kerastick treatmennt. I don't think that the equiment is available for purchase to the public yet. the best you can do is to ask the doctor if they are for sale. The cost of this machine is $8,000.00 dollars and they consider this a cheap investment.

This article is from the
Journal of DRUGS in Dematol 2006;5(2) Supplement
Can the use of aminolevulinic acid HCL for the use of keratosis on your scalp cause blood clots?
I had a procedure called Levulan Kerastick by my dermatologist for the removal of keratosis on my scalp. The ointment is aminolevulinic acid HCL. 2 days later I had a small stroke. All the doctors including my dermatologist and cardiologist have said this procedure was not a result of the Levulan Kerastick and aminolevulinic acid HCL. They said it is a co-incidence that this has happened. I still have some doubts and am wondering if anyone has had problems with this procedure. Thank you.
  gail_92625 It's your news?
efa g
anyone ever had a levulan treatment? or know side effects of it?
  nope sorry
Elaine F
What will get rid of severe acne when I've tried topical creams, birth control, and blue light treatments?
Help!! I'm getting married in 6 months and I need to find out a way to get rid of or at least lessen the appearance of my horrible acne. I've been dealing with it ever since I was 10 years old and have tried birth control, levulan and blue light, facials, proactive, antibiotics, epiduo gel, benzoyl peroxide, tazorac, retin-a-micro, benzaclin, and differin. The levulan and blue light treatment seemed to work the best but it's harsh on my skin, long recovery time, and after a few months my acne comes back with vengeance and is right back to being horrible again. Do I need to do the blue light treatment once or twice a year to keep my acne away? Is there something else I should try?
Jejo Odlando
How long does the purple bruising last after levulan and v-beam treatment for acne?
Rickey H
  Whoda-Whata-Acne? No clue what your talking about besides acne.
Levulan Kerastick Photodynamic Therapy??
Has anyone ever had this treatment? I'm getting it done in a couple of weeks for acne but i don't know anyone who has ever done it
  It seems to be a new technology, but not for acne. It is for Actinic Keratoses, a precancerous skin displasia due to sun exposure. The average patient is around 70 or older.

It works by "priming" the skin with a topical chemical that makes the affected cells very sensitive to certain kinds of blue light. When the light hits, free radicals are produced, and cells (the keratotic cells) are killed. It is less traumatic than surgical removal, especially since some people have many keratoses, primarily on the face.

I have a hard time imagining how this treatment would help acne, since if you "kill" all your pimples, there no doubt will be more tomorrow.
Susan S
Can one safely administer blue light treatment?
I'm referring to SELF treatment, using Levulan and blue light.
  No. You need an expert.
Has anyone done a Levulan treatment for acne?
Im considering this treatment but i would like to here some feedback from some people that have done this treatment. How much has your acne improved? Did you have alot of acne scarring? and Did it diminish them? I have read that by getting this treatment patients wont break out for 6 month to a year. im concerned for my acne scarring and if this can help then i will get it done . Thank you so much n sorry 4 allthe question! :-]
Cassandra G
  I am getting the treatment done on Friday, I will let you know my results, but if you can't wait here are some threads

take care! good luck! my acne was from PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormone thing, taking the birth control pill has reduced my acne by 50% in one month...

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