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do you know about levofloxacin for typhoid?
After Ihad blood test, the doctor said that I got a thyphoid. And the doctor gave me a receipt to buy levofloxacin. Is it right levofloxacin for typhoid?
riva n
  Typhoid fever is a systemic disease caused by Salmonella typhi. Symptoms are high fever, prostration, abdominal pain, and a rose-colored rash. Diagnosis is clinical and confirmed by culture. Treatment is with ceftriaxone or ciprofloxacin. (Merck)
Typhoid fever in most cases is not fatal. However, in some cases it is. Antibiotics, such as ampicillin, chloramphenicol, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, and ciprofloxacin, have been commonly used to treat typhoid fever in developed countries. Prompt treatment of the disease with antibiotics reduces the case-fatality rate to approximately 1%.
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Please see the web pages for more details for Levofloxacin and Typhoid fever.
gangadharan nair
will levofloxacin work on a tooth infection?
i have a tooth infection and my face is alittle swollen from it and want to know if i take Levofloxacin will it help get rid of this infection ?
all i have is levofloxacin and want to know if it will work on my tooth infection ,, my cheek is a little swollen and dont have access to a dentist so can levofloxacin work ?
what is the effect of oral contraceptives when taking levofloxacin?
is there apossiblity to get pregnant when taking a strong antibiotic like levofloxacin?
  Yes!!! Taking antibiotics while taking oral contraceptives can make them not work. Always use another type of contraceptive (condoms, foam, etc) while on antibiotics for safety. I have several friends that have gotten pregnant that way.
Difference between levofloxacin and ciprofloxacin?
I read that levofloxacin cures chlamydia but i read cipro was not as effective. why is this?
  Cipro stops the growth of bacteria, but does not necessarily kill it off as well.

I suggest Bactrim.
Levofloxacin makes me exhausted and drowsy, is that possible?
Hi, I have been prescribed levofloxacin 500mg for 5 days for a sinus infection but I have been feeling drowsy, very tired and sleepy, will this go away once I stop it? should I be worried, I have never felt this tired before please help!!!!
Alexandra Demolling
  Anybody can have an odd reaction to a med. Having said that, you could be tired from the infection.
How can i find the crystal sturcture of an antibiotic name levofloxacin and it's related polymorph in the web?
Is there any web site that i can find the cystal structures of levofloxacin and any related polymorph of the drug. Any journal that show the structures will be alright.
  go to they list tons of differnt medicines and chemicals and under each substance there are images and one of them will be the chemical structure for the substance
What are the interactions between these drugs?
Desloratadine or Ebastine
Levofloxacin Tablets
Alcohol (Maximum 2 drinks)
Grapefruit juice may block the breakdown of amlodipine by the liver. If this happens, blood levels of amlodipine could be increased and that could increase the risk for side effects.
Levofloxacin Tablets decrease the Seizure threshold?
Ajeesh Kumar
  I would not expect Anyone here to answer such an complex question first of all.

Second..I would not trust this site for that kind of info.

Check with a pharmacist!
Interactions between tizanidine and levofloxacin?
I'm taking Zanaflex (tizanidine) for back pain, and I have to take antibiotics for a severe cold I have. The antibiotic that I'm taking is levofloxacin which apparently has some interaction. Is this something I should be worried about? Should I change antibiotics? The thing is, once you start treatment with an antibiotic you're not suppose to stop it or change it. So I'm not sure. Help anyone...
Mr.Tug B.
  Call the pharmacy where you filled your prescription. Explain to the pharmacist that you are taking both of these medications. He/She should be able to tell you the interactions....and if it is minor or something needs to be changed. If it is an interaction that needs to be avoided, your pharmacist should be able to contact your physician and get you a different medication......even if you are in the middle of a round of antibiotics.

Hope this helps!
Is 100mg Levofloxacin 3X/day for 1week an effective treament for Chlamydia?
I have not been satisfied with the medical treatment i have received while living abroad. I'm seriously considering returning to a "Western" nation if I am not better soon. I believe I have Chlamydia, due to the exact symtoms for that disease arising a few days after unprotected sex.

Doctors here took samples and couldn't find the cause of my symptoms and have said that it may be a urinary tract infection, or some other cause. I am convinced it is Chlamydia, though of course I could certainly be wrong.

A few weeks ago I was prescribed 100mg Doxycycline once daily. This did not cure me, and through research on the internet I found that it should be taken twice daily to cure Chlamydia.

So, if anyone with knowledge of this new medication (Levofloxacin 100mg) could tell me if the regimen I have been prescribed will be effective for either Chlamydia or a urinary tract infection, I would greatly appreciate it.
  Levofloxacin CAN treat and cure a chlamydia infection. Usually doxycycline (2 or 3 times daily) or a single dose of azithromycin (Z-Pack) is used though.

Also, levofloxacin doesn't come in 100mg tablet. There is a 250mg tablet and a 500mg tablet.

You may also want to get tested for gonorrhea. Almost half the people who have chlamydia also have gonorrhea. They kind of go hand in hand. Good luck!
i have taken levofloxacin antibiotic i took the pill twice next thing i know i breakout in a itchy rash?
3rd day i cant stop itching is there any cure for instant results please help
mark m
is levofloxacin a sterodal antibiotic and could it be used to treat gonnoria?
if not are any sterodal antibiotic used to treat gonnoria and some names of them
  Levofloxacin is a Fluoroquinolone antibiotic used for staph, chlamydia, non-socomial pneumonia (pneumonia contracted in a hospital), UTI's, and also gonorrhea plus scores of other things...

also try:
ceftriaxone (Rocephin)
ciprofloxacin (Cipro)
ofloxacin (Floxin)
spectinomycin (Trobicin)


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