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Anyone try Latuda for anxiety?
Is there anybody out there who tried or is taking Latuda for anxiety or anxiety disorders?

If so, what dose are you taking, what side effects do you get, and any other information you wish to share about your treatment with Latuda.

Thanks everybody,
what antipsychotic will increase my weight the most?
hello i am a 17 yr old male and my psych thinks i have schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. i would like to know what antipsychotic creates the most weight gain, basically i wanna know which one is the worst when it comes to weight gain plz help i have been on risperdal, abilify, and latuda so far. on risperdal i gained 60 lbs in a year. on abilify i have been on it for a week and have lost 10 lbs on latuda i didnt lose or gain anything. so plz help i would really appreciate it
Reid Kudzal
Latuda. Multiple personality maybe? Lets just say I made a new friend.?
Ok so the doctor put me on Latuda 40mg which i started 4 nights ago. Im also on Topmax 200mg a day, Wellbutrin 150mg, Xanax 3mg aday. Ugh. Well He told me I had depersonalization disorder, I have bi-polar, depression, anxiety, personality disorder and idk what else I'm so sick of this. But I have been having a lot of problems since January. Anyway. Yesterday I got really upset and I was alone and i started talking to myself which of course is not a first but i started ranting on and on and getting really mad and then next thing you no.... she shows up. Her name is Raven ( she told me ). She kept trying to calm me down. Shes really nice. She was there but then she wasnt if that makes since. But shes very pretty. I didnt give her a name. she gave it to me. I didnt give her a image. She came out of no where. But Shes been coming and going every since. Mostly when know one is around but iv seen her when others are around every know and then. Can anyone tell me whats going on? I'm not scared be/c I like her and to tell you the truth I would like to keep her around but it kinda freaks my mom out. lol I mean im almost 23 years old.
  Either thats a disorder from all the mental disorders you have OR its from all those drugs your taking.
Could my medication be making me feel this way?
ok,i recently started medication. I'm on pristiq and latuda.
Whenever I go to bed,my legs feel kinda numb,and I feel
like I can breathe,and I just keep tossing and turning
and my body just cant stay in one position or it'll start to feel
a little numb and weird...

today i didnt take my meds,and dont feel
this way,but i still have trouble breathing when trying to sleep
my doesnt exactly feel numb just kinda light,its
hard to explain
  Yeah it might be your meds, talk to your Dr.
Skye R
How to get rid of religious necrophobia?
I have nercophobia(fear of death) and religious fear comes with it..
I need to know how to get rid of this..don't tell me to block it out of my head or not think about it or go to church...I try so hard to not worry about it and it just makes it worse..sometimes I can go weeks without the fear, but as soon as something triggers the fear(I have racing thoughts too, so it can easily be triggered) I think about it for the rest of the day and I'm just scared and depressed..
I'm just about as good of a person as you can be these days, I mean, yeah..I "sin", but I think everyone does..but I'm an overall good person, I treat people the way I would want to be treated, try not to kill anything(plants and bugs included, although I will eat meat, because it's already been killed, and there is nothing I can do to stop that, so I might as well eat it) I really shouldn't be worried about religion..but I can't help thinking about it and death
I feel like nothing will help me, nothing anyone has said has ever even slightly changed my thoughts for the better..

I'm going to see my psychiatrist on Friday and I'm going to ask for antidepressants and I have a small history of abuse with benzos, but I think if I'm really taking them to help I will be able to control myself

I'm mostly just writing this to get my mind off of death, I do this every once in a while, never the same subject though..I JUST reLized all my problems relate back to the fear of death..I thought I was all made sense, and maybe I am, but it all comes back to the fear of death.

I'm currently on an antipsychotic called latuda but it doesn't seem to be helping, neither did a wide range of others(I've tried almost all of them)

There are many things that could have caused this brother showing me videos of people being killed or dying or my teacher dying in front of me...movies, pets dying..anything(probably mostly the first two)

I'm really hoping someone can help
Thanks, but that's what I've done and it made things worse.
  Those who give you goals are your enemies. Those who tell you what to become and how to become it, are the poisoners. The real master simply says, “There is nothing to become. You are already that, it is already the case. Stop running after shadows. Sit silently and BE. Sitting silently, doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.If you compare yourself with the people who are greater in some way than you, you will become bitter, very bitter. Your life will become poisoned by the comparison. You will remain always in a state of depression, as if God has deceived you, betrayed you, as if you have been let down. Or if you compare yourself with people who are smaller than you, in some way lesser than you, then you will become very egoistic. This is one of the reasons why politicians are always surrounded by people smaller than themselves. They collect them; that is their joy. They collect smaller people around themselves so that they can look bigger than they are by comparison. It is stupid.People have judged you; you have accepted their idea without any scrutiny. And you are suffering from all kinds of people's judgments, and you are throwing those judgments on other people. And this game has become out of proportion.The whole humanity is suffering from it. If you want to get out of it, the first thing is:Don't judge yourself.Ecstacy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary . To be ecstatic and natural, spontaneous . It needs no effort to be ecstatic , it needs great effort to be miserable. That's why you look to tired, because misery is really hard work; to maintain it is very difficult, because you are doing something against nature...Just watch your life and you will find it: one minute of anger and how many minutes of guilt? One minute of lust and how many minutes of guilt, or how many hours, or how many days?
“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”

"There is no need of any competition with anybody. You are yourself, and as you are, you are perfectly good. Accept yourself."

Mind only thinks about things. “What will happen after death?” Why can’t you wait? One thing is certain: you will die — I guarantee it! How you prefer to die, that is another matter.....
Peace is your natural state. It is the mind that obstructs the natural state.

you should learn from this example

For example ,Mr x was exsisting in the state of deep sleep but in what way was he existing was he is the son of somebody ,or he was a man or a women ,a rich man or a poor man ,what was he at that time , none of these things , these great things that you are evaluating so much in the world ,has no meaning in the state of sleep and yet you are more happy there than when you posess the kingdom of the earth , you are in yourself at that state ,you exists at the state of deep sleep as a pure awareness ,awareness of pure existence ,this awareness of being cannot be only inside the body because awareness cannot be located at any particular spot , because if consciousness that awareness is only in one place ,there must be somebody to know that it is not in another place, and that who knows which is not in another place is itself only. To know that , that it is no in another place it has to be there already ,that means your consciousness is all prevading . So only in the state of deep sleep you have an indication of your real nature ,that is pure existence and nothing else . To reach that state you are trying your best to withdrawing yourself from all the entitlements with which you are connected in waking and dreaming . God knows himself that he is and any one who knows that he is or she is ,it is, and knows nothing else that is god himself . the whole trouble is that there should not be the awareness of any thing outside , that is the whole difference between god and men . Man knows that there is something other than inside whereas god knows that there is nothing outside. Social life is nothing but your consciousness of their being someting outside you . There nothing else in society except your conciousness that there something outside you . The vision of creation conditioned by sence organs , you can ask who created sence organs? It is a very complecated question on the contrary you may ask who created the substance out of which an object is made , that will raise a further question whether creation took place at all. You can take an example of a large granide stone , if you bring a very powerfull microscope and look at the granide stone you will see molecules, if you bring more powerfull microscope you may see atoms, now the stone which you sees with your eyes is not seen by the microscope. Are you seeing the thing properly or the microscope is seeing it properly ,now why does not the microscope see the stone if you can see it ,that is to say that, the subtler the vision the better the perception ,when the vision becomes very su

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