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My 53 year old son has been dealing with his bipolar on the medicine lithum. His doctor is changing him to lamictal because lithum is casing kidney disease. He"s been on lithium for 32 years. They are currently slowly adding to his 200 mg of lamictal each week little my little. He is experiencing lack of sleep. Is this normal. And how do we help if there is anything for this thats safe.
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  I have Bipolar II, with gradioise mania and severe depression. After about a month of taking Lamictil, my moods stabilized dramatically. At one point, I supplemented with Abilify, but have recently been able to stop taking and now rely on Lamictil solely. If you would like to know the drug interactions and side effects visit here
How serious is a missed period if you believe it is due to Lamictal?
I have been on Lamictal for seizures for about four months now. I have now missed two periods. My neurologist claims lamictal could not be the cause because it doesn't effect the hormones. It clearly states on the Lamictal pamphlet " CONTACT YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY if you experience a missed menstrual period". I don't understand this. If anyone could share any information or resources it would be greatly appreciated.
Stefanie H
  For the last year I've been on Lamictal and have never missed a period. I think perhaps the packet states to contact your doctor in the case of a missed period because Lamictal can be dangerous to a fetus if you're unexpectedly pregnant? I guess I'm not sure, sorry I can't be of more help.
What birth control pill brands have the least effect on Lamictal?
I know oral contraceptives reduce Lamictal's ability to control seizures and bipolar disorder. But I was wondering if anyone who's taking both has found one brand of birth control pill that doesn't alter the Lamictal as much? It's such a pain having to up my Lamictal in order to take the pill. :( Makes me tired all the time.
  the second
Can Lamictal start causing tiredness after half a year of use?
I started having trouble sleeping way to much about six months into taking the medication. Since then the only medication that has not changed is Lamictal. Can Lamictal maybe slowly wear down the body system, or cause something to build up?
  I've been taking Lamictal for 3 years and I am tired a lot of the time. I am decreasing my dose and weening off of it now. I am hoping that will help. It's a blood level drug, so it could certainly take time to build up enough in your blood before you get the full side effects. Just remember to look out for the rash!!
How many of you taking Lamictal have developed acne or had acne get worse since?
I have done some research on Lamictal and acne, and there seems to be a definite connection, but I want to hear from actual people taking Lamictal how many of you have developed acne since starting Lamictal.
Karen S
  Hi... when i started lamictal 4 years ago i had very bad acne when i started it (i was a senior in highschool) but i was patient and it faded with some of the other side effects. My doctor said it is a rare side effect.Maybe go to a dermatologist and check out differin?
Can I take a higher dose of Lamictal than what is normally prescribed?
In the seven years I've taken Lamictal, I've fallen behind and caught up with my dosages without following the slow ramp up dosages that most doctors suggest. I've never contracted any rashes. Doesn't that prove it
is safe for me to start at a higher dose? I've been off Lamictal for two months.
Carla B
  I believe it increases the chances of the bad side effects. If you never followed the normal doctor's orders and you were fine with hardly any side effects I'm pretty sure it's fine. It seems like you know your body well and how it reacts to the medication
Scarlet M
What are the implications of taking Lamictal and smoking weed?
I take 100mg Lamictal for mood disorder and I smoke daily. I wonder if they interact or affect each other because I still go through periods of depression. I only started taking it two months ago. It is definitely helping but I've heard the age old tale that weed makes anti-depressants ineffective. Can anyone shed some light on the combination of lamictal and weed?
  I took Lamictal 250mg along with Abilify 30 and something else I can't remember (I had been on about 25 different psych meds and was diagnosed with about 8 different disorders when the doctors figured out I was just really unhappy and that the meds were actually making me regress) for about a year and a half, and during that time I smoked pot frequently. The high wasn't dampened, if that's what you're asking. The most substantial street drug interaction I noticed with Lamictal was with psychedelic drugs. I took acid a few times and didn't trip at all, only feeling the sort of stretched out feeling you get after the trip is over without any hallucinations at all.

If you really think the Lamictal is helping you, I'd say avoid the pot. ANY street drug you take (even alcohol) will interact with the effect of psychiatric medications, and there are no studies done to tell you what happens beforehand. It's a question of which you want more; I don't believe you can experience the full, unadulterated effect of Lamictal while smoking pot (on Lamictal I always felt highly irritable after smoking, though I'm sure the effects will be different for everyone), and if you take Lamictal, your high probably won't be as pleasant as it would be if you were sober.

Good luck.
Depakote ER to Lamictal XR?
I have been taking Depakote ER for about 7 years for epilepsy and it has worked wonders for my seizures however I gained about120lbs while taking this medication. I am sick of looking how I do so I was talking with my doctor and he suggested Lamictal XR. I was wondering if Lamictal will work like Depakote for my epilepsy and rage, and would I lose the weight I gained from Depakote?
  I know what you are talking about with the Depakote, same thing happened to me. I lost the weight after being off the Depakote, I kept doing my usual everyday work which was a lot of walking and I lost it. That med is one which makes you retain fluids you can't get rid of. I was on Lamictal also, it did'nt make me gain weight at all, only side effect to it is if you get too much in your bloodstream you'll have double vision for a little while.
Is it possible to go under depression when using Lamictal?
I have bipolar disorder, I've been taking Lamictal for almost 2 years and a half, a 200mg dose. I often feel depressed so my doctor makes me take an anti depressant for a limited time then my mood gets better but then after I stop the anti depressant, every thing starts over again! isn't Lamictal supposed to be "stabilizing mood"? may be I'm getting depressed for other reasons? Shall I take the anti depressant always?
  Some people require multiple meds to maintain an even keel with bipolar disorder and it's rare to find the right one or ones on the first try. If Lamictal alone isn't doing it then yes, take the anti-depressant as well. My case is not common, but I'm on 5 meds daily to stay stable, and I'm still depressed. Talk about your concerns with your doctor. It's important that you're open and honest with him about everything or he won't be able to help you properly.
Is anyone on or know about Depakote & Lamictal XR???Please Read?
My 10yr.old son has epilepsy. He's on 3pills a day of Depakote (250mg each) for seizures, now he is still having problems and was rushed to ER his levels were to high(they were 114). I followed up w/Dr.only for her to tell me to keep him on 2pills of Depakote then add him on 1pill(25)mg of Lamictal till he works up to 2pills of that a day. 2pills of Depakote(500mg)&2pills of Lamictal(50) don't you think that's alot for a 68lb.boy? Is anyone out there who knows anything about or is on these 2pills? Are you having any problems taking these 2 pills together? I've looked up some info but still worried?????Any info would be nice..trying everything here...thanks
  I was on both meds also. I was not put on the full doseage right away, Before I started full doseage of meds I was more or less eased up within a month to the full doseage so my body would grow used to the medications,it's not good to start full doseage right away.

As for taking the 2 combined, each person has different side effects. One side effect to Lamictal is if you have too much in your bloodstream you will get double vision,it happened to me before and I would be adjusted to my doseage.
What is the difference between Lamotrigine and Lamictal?
I am taking Lamotrigine but now I was prescribed by my neurologist to take Lamictal which is the same thing under a different name.
  Lamotrigine is the generic version. They've only recently (last year or so) come out with it. Much less expensive than lamictal.
Julie C
What will happen if someone suddenly goes off lamictal because they no longer have health insurance?
My son was fine before he started taking the lamictal. He just had one severe manic episode in September of last year. If he stops taking it, like he says he will, what will happen? Let me thank you in advance for your answers and any help you can possibly give me.
  He needs to talk with his doctor; it would be much easier if he were weaned off. There might be a cheaper med he can take. Did he think he was fine OR did you think that? That's 2 different issues.
Much luck.
Can I take Vicodin with Klonopin, Effexor XR, and Lamictal?
I take .5 mg of Klonopin twice a day, 75 mg of Effexor XR once a day, and 100 mg of Lamictal once a day. Would mixing Vicodin with that combo do anything bad? I have a really bad jaw ache. I don't feel like calling my pharmacist because he's a douchebag.

  These are all drugs which cause central nervous system depression, so just advises that you be monitored closely. If you are not having any problems on the three medications and a doctor has prescribed the Vicodin, then you should be fine, especially if you are in good health with a good blood pressure and normal weight. Call your doctor immediately if you have any bad reactions.

"MONITOR: Central nervous system- and/or respiratory-depressant effects may be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs that cause these effects, especially in elderly or debilitated patients.

MANAGEMENT: During concomitant use of these drugs, patients should be monitored for potentially excessive or prolonged CNS and respiratory depression. Ambulatory patients should be counseled to avoid hazardous activities requiring mental alertness and motor coordination until they know how these agents affect them, and to notify their physician if they experience excessive or prolonged CNS effects that interfere with their normal activities."
Tara J
Are you taking EQUETRO? Give me my LAMICTAL back NOW!?
I am having the side effect of VERY vivid dreams, my new lab puppies were mangled by pit bulls in my dreams last night. They are horrible night terrors i have every night i take this stuff. But now I stopped cold turkey and don't have an appt until next Thursday! It will be 10 days without anything. I think I want to stick to my lamictal when I go back to him!
Stephanie P
  How much Lamictal were you taking? Your Dr. should've weaned you off the Lamictal if it was more than 50mg, before starting you on something else. Are you taking Lamictal for Bipolar? It seems like your dreams are a result of the withdrawal.
Lamictal XR for bipolar?
I take lemictal 200mg in the morning and 200mg in the evening. Is there anyway that lamictal XR works with bipolar also? I would like to reduce to only one pill but i havent found anything about using lemictal XR with bipolar.

  I'm sure Lamictal XR will work for Bipolar patients.... it's just Lamictal in an extended release form..... talk to yoru doctor about it.
Ms Kitty
Anyone use zonegran for partial seizures, how does it affect your cognition?
I was just put on zonegran (from lamictal) for partial seizures, but I've heard it messes with your brain and memory, makes you slow... if it does, I will not be taking it. I am in college and I loved lamictal because I could focus BETTER. I cannot afford to be brain dead!

Very concerned.

Any recommendations for other bi-polar and seizure medicine?
  Hello, I'm a doctor. Use topiramate. I think that you want to get more info about it. Please go to ---->
Anima P
Is it bad to take lamictal and allegra together?
During the spring I take allegra but over the winter I started taking lamictal (about 100mg). Spring is coming and I would like to start taking allegra but I want to make sure they are ok to take together.
  if you take them together you will grow an additional leg that is fine of course if you only have one leg but most people have 2
Alright, so I had posted a question earlier about Lamictal because I was nervous about taking it. Well, today I took my first pill and I'm still uber nervous about gaining weight!!!! I figure I'll take it for a week or so and if I notice any weight gain, I'm going to stop. Does this sound like a good idea?? Also, if anyone else has anymore experiences (positive or negative) with this drug, let me know. And I hope caffeine will not make this drug have any weird effects on me because I drink tons of it....Get back to me! =D
  Hi there:

I have been taking Lamictal for about 2 months now.

I am a bit overweight. I have battled it my whole life. I have not gained any additional weight on this medication.

If you are just starting on this med you should be on the 25mgs for 2 weeks, then 50mgs for 2 weeks then 100 mgs for 2 weeks then 200 mgs as a therapeutic dose.

I think you may want to at least get to the theraputic dose before you write it off.

There is another med called topamax which works in the same way and it helps with pain if you want to expand your options. (for bipolar disorder).

I understand your concerns but I have not had any side effects. It doesnt interact with any of my other meds (Cymbalta, birth control etc.). Studies show that there are relatively benign side effects to this medication anyway.

I take it for bipolar disorder, not epilepsy.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me! Good luck honey!

Has anyone had any reaction to LAMICTAL XR like double vision?
Has anyone had any reaction to LAMICTAL XR like double vision? or Been taken off Dilantin and had double vision. If so, how long did it take for it to go back to normal?
  According to it's more common to have "blurred vision" or "lack of coordination", but double vision isn't listed. If you got double vision shortly after taking (or stopping) this medicine, you really need to report these adverse effects to your doctor as soon as possible and ask for another alternative to the Lamictal. Good luck and I hope I helped!
What are some common side effects regular people experience from Lamictal?
I have looked up all the possible side effects etc on the internet and the official website. Recently been prescribed lamictal. Its been increased very slowly. I am curious to what others who are treated with it their "small" side effects. I seem to be having a slight cough shortness of breath nothing I find serious but I didn't expect it and well since its september I am assuming its the change of weather as I always get a cold from season to season. I have no signs of the potentially fatal rash though. I just want to know what others have experienced first hand without a doctors stamp on it.
  Lamictal is an anticonvulsant and the side effects you have described such as coughing and dyspnea are some of the reactions that are listed in the PDR manual. And the rash is called toxic epidermal necrolysis. I have not spoken with anyone who is currently taking this medication. I am currently taking Neurontin for pain disorder with no serious side effects other than weight gain. Maybe you can consult with your doctor about the side effects and ask him about Neurontin if you haven't already taken this before. Maybe Cerebyx or Primidone might be a better choice. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns and best of luck to you.
i recently was put on vimpat and topamax to control epilepsy and being wheened off lamictal by my neurlogist?
i recently was put on vimpat and topamax to control epilepsy and being weaned off lamictal by my neurologist while starting the whole thing i am noticing it feels like a freaking speed high from hell yet the valium they gave me for the MRI calmed these feelings down has anyone had these feelings experiences etc the topamax is for epilepsy /migraines vimpat is epilepsy
  I felt like that coming off of Lamictal. I'm pretty sure that's normal. If you're concerned though, you should call your neurologist.
any weight gain on lamictal xr?
  nope, not that either
Does anyone know what the highest doses are for Effexor XR and Lamictal?
  I don't take Lamictal and have never heard of it, but I do take Effexor XR and know that the highest dose for that one drug is 300 mg. Why do you want to know?
Will you get a rash if you take Lamictal and Depakene concurrently?
Bℓαcк Scαяℓєтт
  Not usually, Lamictal can give you a rash if you take too high of dose to quickly. Many doctors start people out of small doses and work them up to a theraputic level. Depakene/Depakote is common and many people take it without a problem.
I'm a psych nurse and I've dealt with many of those medications.
If you have a rash I'd bet it's caused by too high of dose of Lamictal too quickly.
Clonazepam and levetiracetam experiences?
Well, I went to a new psychiatrist today and he switched my meds. He kept my lamotrigine(Lamictal) because it helped stabilize my moods. But he took away my quetiapine(Seroquel) because he felt like it wasn't doing anything. He added clonazepam(Klonopin) for my anxiety and he said it'd help me sleep, and he added levetiracetam(Keppra) too. From what I'm reading, levetiracetam actually can cause severe depression, and I'm taking this as an antidepressant of sorts. Has anyone had any experience with clonazepam or levetiracetam? I'm more concerned about the later though. I just don't want to be worse off.
I am prone to seizures because of my brain injury, and I had increased seizure activity on Trileptal.

My psych thought that Keppra would help my depression, apparently if used with Lamictal it has positive benefits. I'm worried though, reading all the information on how it causes severe depression. I'm already very depressed, and I'm scared that this will cause me to go down a path I don't want to.
  I personally have experience with clonazepam for anxiety. I find that whenever I take my prescribed dosage, the anxiety relief comes in about 30 minutes, and it is a very subtle, yet noticeable difference. Maybe my doctor just has this down to a science, but I don't feel "messed up" or just brings me back to what feels normal.

As for the Keppra, I had a friend that took it, but that was for seizures. I'm not sure why they are giving you anti-seizure medication if you don't have seizures though. She has been on Keppra for 6 months...the side effects she has with Keppra have been interesting. She gets really mad easily, like out of no where, and she doesn't really give a care what she says or does. This drug definitely can create anti-social behavior very quickly. This is actually preferable to her depressive mode swings though...sometimes the medicine makes her really depressed.

I hope this helped =)
Keith C
How to stop ongoing bipolar dysthymia/mild depression?
I am on a high dose of Lamictal, the stabilizer with the most antidepressant properties.

I am on Lithium to manage the hypomania and augment Lamictal's antidepressant properties.

I take Omega 3 fish oil as an antidepressant supplement.

I take Seroquel and sleeping pills to get a full night's sleep.

I cannot take antidepressants without going manic.

I see my therapist regularly.

I am fairly stable and hold a full-time professional job.

This is a typical problem of med compliant, proactive people with bipolar type II. It sucks, and I'd like to figure out how to make it stop.

Any ideas on how to shake the dysthymia/slight depression?
Tayebird - I'd be institutionalized or turning up daisies if I went with your snake oil, oops I mean juice.
  I'm not doing NEARLY as well as you, but here are a few ideas -

A lot of times the meds don't work right when you have PMS, or if you are older, getting on towards menopause, there are problems. I keep track when I will have PMS because I know I will be in total relapse at that time. I avoid putting things on my calendar then (which I can do to some extent, because I am on disability for bipolar).

I use a light box, one that's REALLY bright. My doc says for many bipolar people, they get more depressed in the fall/winter. It's best to use it about 1/2 hour in the morning, first thing when you get up. You can get the Sunray, I used that in a mental hospital, and it was very good. Don't get the dinky little lights, they aren't bright enough.

I wrote up a list of happy things to read when I'm down, stuff like a basket of fluffy kittens, the sound of popcorn popping, the scent of jergen's lotion, the feel of snowflakes melting on my face, or the first snowfall on pine trees, that kind of thing. My list is 4 pages long. It helps quite a bit. I also hug my cats and tell my hubby I am needy. I ask for sex when I'm low, even when I don't feel like having it at all, because it actually helps a LOT.

I found that ativan and other benzos, and especially ambien, made me have a LOT of trouble controlling my behavior, and made me very angry all the time, way beyond irritability. So you may want to see if you can get by without those pills. After a couple weeks, they don't work anyway, due to dependence. Research that, if you don't believe me. The reason you get insomnia when you quit them is due to drug withdrawal.

A good websight is, and click on ask the doctor. That Dr. Phelp's guy specializes in bipolar and recently wrote a book on Bipolar II, which is his main interest in bipolar, actually. So you will want to read all his stuff. He really emphasizes regular exercise as a mood stabilizer.

Oh, and I'm going to add, when I get busy and don't eat, and my blood sugar gets a little low (I'm dragging a bit), often my mood dives and won't come back up until the next day. so I try to eat regularly and get whole grains. I still screw up, but not very often.

I hope one of these ideas was helpful to you. Check out Dr. Phelp's, he links all his stuff to journal articles so you can read the original research.
I have a question about medication,what are the side effects?
Ludiomil,Lamictal,and Abilify. Thank you
  Ludiomil - generic Maprotiline - is classed as a tricyclic antidepressant.

Common Side Effects:
Blurred vision; decreased sexual ability; dizziness or lightheadedness (especially in the elderly); drowsiness; dryness of mouth; headache; increased or decreased sexual drive; tiredness or weakness

Less Common Side Effects:
Constipation (mild); diarrhea; heartburn; increased appetite and weight gain; increased sensitivity of skin to sunlight; increased sweating; trouble in sleeping; weight loss

LAMICTAL is tolerate it well. Common side effects with LAMICTAL include dizziness, headache, blurred or double vision, lack of coordination, sleepiness, nausea, vomiting, insomnia, and rash. LAMICTAL may cause other side effects not listed here. If you develop any side effects or symptoms you are concerned about or need more information, call your doctor.
Although most patients who develop rash while receiving LAMICTAL have mild to moderate symptoms, some individuals may develop a serious skin reaction that requires hospitalization. These serious skin reactions are most likely to happen within the first 8 weeks of treatment with LAMICTAL. Serious skin reactions occur more often in children than in adults.

dizziness, drowsiness, or weakness;
nausea, vomiting, upset stomach;
headache, anxiety;
sleep problems (insomnia); or
weight gain.
Side effects other than those listed here may also occur.
insanew/nasty intervals ofsanity
I take Adderal Xr 20mg and Lamictal 100mg would it be safe to use Sudafed PE with these medications?
I take these meds for ADHD and Bipolar.
  I would seriously NOT recommend taking Sudafed PE with your current medications. As you probably know, Adderal is a powerful stimulant with effects on the heart such as increasing blood pressure and heart rate.

Sudafed PE also stimulates the heart, making it dangerous in combination with Adderal. Combining the two could lead to heart problems such an arrythmia (potentially fatal change in your heartbeat).

BTW, did your doctor or pharmacy tell you anything about the interaction between Adderal and Lamictal? Taking these drugs together increased the risk of seizures. Since you've been taking this combination already it doesn't seem to be a problem for you, but just so your aware of the interaction and risk of seizures.
Is there anything natural I can do/take to help with bipolar disorder.?
I am afraid of the long term affects of all of the medicine I take! And I do take a lot! Lamictal, pristiq, aplenzin, and trazadone.
Stephanie P
question for lamictal xr 25mg and welburtin 150mg?
i been taking them for a week now ,since i was diagnosed with bipolar mixed ,however i think i might have some mild autism symptoms too and im 20 so its crazy how i never knew about this disordor since im a forgeiner we dont take mild mental issues seriously. but im very concerned because i don't want to live all my life as an outcast and lonely. i wish i could change be better than i am now and have a normal life someday. please let me know if these medications i was put on will affect me badly since i may have mild autism i fergot to tell my dr all the symptoms last week so i called her and she said i should wait till my next appointment in 2 weeks and that if i have autism its no problem to stay on these meds to treat whatever she diagnosed me with. maybe it was the lack of communication that had me hold back and just focus on my depression, mood swings and irritatbility
  25mg of Lamictal xr is very low. It is also used for autistic symptoms. Wellbutrin is also used for autistic symptoms. I think you will be ok. Just make sure to go over everything next appointment.
Allison O

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