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I was givin .05 mgs of klonopin and i only take half of that (as needed) and i also take 1/2 of 10 mg of lexapro once a day and i was just wondering two things. First is when the lexapro starts to take affect will i need to use the klonopin any longer. And second have i get addicted to take only hale of .05 mg of klonopin once a day or even taken ? .05mgs once a day for like a week ? I like to take the klonopin because it helps me get through the day feeling some what normal but i do not by any means wanna get addicted to this pill .
  In college, I had terrible anxiety.

I was given Klon and it worked. It is not that addictive, XANEX is addictive, much more.

Just get to where you are making it through the day, and then try to taper off slowly after awhile. Praying to God and reading my Bible worked almost as good as the klonopin for removing my anxiety. That is not the point though.

The point is that if you are taking klonopon is is probobly meant to be temporary. Don't take more than you need and use it as a tool to help overcome your condition. Oxycontin/codone and xanex are much, much, more addictive than .5 mg of klonopin. You should be fine. Good luck!
How much Klonopin do I use to equal the effects of 2mg of Xanax?
These are both prescription drugs but if I run out of xanax I need to know how much Klonopin to use..I have 1 mg pills of Klonopin.
Debbie Ratliff
  I take 4 .5mg of klonopin.
Amber M
I am on lithium and Klonopin, How long do I have to be weened off Klonopin before conception?
I visited a specialist and Lithium if monitored during first 8weeks is Ok and I can't breastfeed but what about Klonopin?
I want to start soon. How long will it take to be out of my system and withdrawls are quite severe...I tried weening before.
  I think Klonopin is only a problem in the late part of pregnancy, so it probably isn't a problem if it isn't out of your system before you concieve. Check with your pharmacist. Of course you could just get another woman to have your child for you, then you would not have to go off the meds at all.
Is Lunesta better to help with sleep issues than klonopin?
Im addicted with klonopin 1 mg for the past 2 years, i tried to quit several times, but without success because it gives me insomnia, now my doctor wants me to quit that medication abruptly and start with Lunesta 3 Mg, what are the risks? is it better that klonopin? ( I also take Paxil Cr 12.5 Mg)
  I think you should ignore your doctor completely, come off the Klono, and use natural sleep remedies to help you sleep.

I know it's horrible but these sleeping pills might put you to sleep, but the risk is, one night, you may never wake up.
Is it okay to take benadryl after taking a klonopin?
I have been extremely anxious, so I took my klonopin (as it is prescribed to me) and now I am realizing I wont be able to sleep. I do not want to mix the two obviously. I took the Klonopin a few hours ago, and now want to take the benadryl for sleep. Yes this sounds like an anxiety ridden question, but I am currently extremely anxious and do not want to mix things I am not supposed to.
  Yea that's perfectly fine. You can take them in the same gulp if you wanted to. There's no problematic interactions there. Take a deep breath and relax some mate. :)
How long will Klonopin be detectable on a urine drug screen?
I'm taking Klonopin for anxiety. I have to get a urine drug screen at my convenience. I have a prescription for the medication, but would rather not test positive for benzodiazepine.

How long do I have to be off the Klonopin before it will not be detected?
Plain Jim
  Try doing it one week after your last intake of the drug. Most drugs would be out of the system by that time.
How much Klonopin can you take at 130 lbs before it is considered an overdose?
What would happen if you overdosed on Klonopin?
  Death from acute respiratory depression caused by an overdose of benzodiazepines, without using other CNS depressants such as alcohol or barbituates at the same time, is rare. There is no way to know the exact number of Klonopins you personally would have to take to overdose. There seems to be no set lethal dose. A person who has been taking Klonopin for years could be taking a dose that would cause someone who has never taken Klonopin before to overdose. Again, there is no set number. Tolerance to the effects of benzos allows people to be able to take higher and higher dosages, without overdosing and dying.
Pink Snuggie
Is it OK to take Klonopin, Zoloft and Anafranil together?
I have been taking Klonopin since February. Very recently, my doctor prescribed Zoloft to me. This is in addition to taking Anafranil since the end of last month. Is it OK to take all three meds at the same time?

My doctor told me to take the Klonopin when I feel like it. I had been taking it in the morning and afternoon. This will still be in my system at night when I take my Zoloft and Anafranil. Is this OK?
  The Klonopin, Zoloft and Anafranil are fine to take together. Good Luck to you.
zantac 300 with klonopin: is this an okay combination?
i have been waking up choking completely or with difficulty breathing due to severe acid reflux, so i was prescribed klonopin for the panic. Another doc told me to take zantac 300 at night. Can the two be taken together?
  All research that I have done seems to show no interaction problems with these two medications.

But may I say, HELL.......the Klonopin (clonazepam) seems to be a very extreme measure to deal with acid reflux. After all, the Klonopin is used to control panic disorders, seizures and the like. Unfortunately you're always going to be panicking when you feel like you can't breathe due to the acid reflux.

Listen to the other doctor and just try the Zantac (Ranitidine) for the time being. They're fantastic for dealing with acid reflux. I have Crohns Disease get acid reflux and I recommend them very highly.

If necessary, take your Zantac morning, noon & night and then get yourself referred to a Gastroenterologist who is more professionally equipped to investigate your reflux problems than an every day general practitioner. I tell you this because long term acid reflux can lead to even bigger health issues.

Good luck!
Have social anziety disorder (soc phobia)& depression. Many diff. drugs tried,on Klonopin now,Is loraz.better?
I have social anxiety disorder (social phobia) & depression for 20 years. Tried many different medications. Nothing really seems to help. Currently on Klonopin but would like to know if Lorazapam is better and then what to take for the depression as Lorazapam & Klonopin don't work for this. Have tried paxil,Prozac, Lexepro. Am tired of not geting help from any drugs recommended.
Tired of drugs
How many milligrams of klonopin equals a xanex bar?
I am curious of how much klonopin id have to take to equal the strength of one xanex bar, any help?
  two different (but somewhat similar) chemicals, this is like asking "how many cokacolas equal a pepsi?"
Is it possible i could get an allergic reaction from Baclofen if i was allergic to Klonopin?
I had a breakout in skin rash from a Klonopin (10mg) pill i had taken recently. It took quite awhile for the rash to go away and still slightly itches. Is there any way that because i'm allergic to Klonopin, that i will be allergic or have the same reaction to the Baclofen tablet (10mg) i will be taking soon? I really don't want to go through that rash again. Thanks.
  the two arent related in how they work. as to what they put in the pill...thats another story. you know how some cakes have eggs in them, and some are made without eggs? well if youre allergic to eggs, thats something you will want to know.

same with pills. i would ask your pharmacist if the two are chemically related. my hunch says no, but called the pharmacy and ask.

oh, and when you call the pharmacy, ask to speak to a pharmacist, not a tech.
An-Atomy ∞RIP∞ The Rev
My boyfriend takes Clonazepam (Klonopin) for OCD/anxiety...thing is, it takes 2-3 hours to kick in...and in a couple days he has a really important interview and then, 2 hours later, a flight to Texas (and he is SUPER nervous about flying.) Is there anything he could do to make it work faster? Like chewing it?
(Note: I'm not looking for a way to do drugs!)
  Many benzodiazepines will absorb sublingually. I know Xanax will, not sure about Klonopin - though he could try it.

Chew the tablet, then push the crumbles underneath the tongue with a little saliva. Move the tongue around so it's spread out a bit and not all in a single dry clump.

It can taste absolutely revolting, so he should try his best to keep all the pill powder under the tongue where he can't taste it. Hold it there for 5 or more minutes, then wash it down with some water or some other fluid.

It has been my experience that substantial, if not full, effects will be realized within about 30 minutes using this technique.

Situational anxiety like this can also be treated quite effectively with a small dose of Inderal. It's a high blood pressure medication - it works by suppressing they physical symptoms of anxiety (sweaty palms, pounding heart). This can often help you feel less anxious.

Good luck,

Adam S
Can klonopin make you feel relaxed about problems in your life?
I have klonopin for agoraphobia but I have overcome it.

There's problems in my life that make me worry and upset and anxious and just really a big ball of nerves.
Would it make me relaxed and not care? Or will it just make me tired? I don't know if these feelings are quite the same as my regular anxiety.
harriet CALIFORNIA gal
  Yes. I just took some yesterday to be honest. It gave me a sense of peace for a while and i had ZERO anxiety. It also made me not care what others think and more talkative. It's probably the best benzo out there with the least side effects. It's still working right now as it has a pretty long half life. It might make you a little tired if you've never had it before. Start at small doses and only take it when you need it.
w k
what is the difference between ClarocetNRI and Klonopin?
To relieve Anxiety and nervousness which is a better way ClarocetNRI or Klonopin?
What are the side affects of each and which has the least side affects?
How does each work?
Jack S
  Clarocet is an herb aka all natural substance to relieve anxiety and Klonopin is a prescritpion drug used for this purpose. You can look up the side effects of each one on the web and read the info for youself. I could copy and paste the info from a the website for each substance but that is a waste of my time when you can do it yourself. One is all natural and the other is prescription so each will work differently. Check out the web info and decide what you feel might be better for you.


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