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Is Keflex a succesfull anti biotic for clearing up acne?
I have acne on my face, but its really not that bad. I would consider moderate acne. My aunt who is a doctor put me on a anti biotic which is keflex. She said keflex takes away the bacteria from your body. I used it for 4 days and my acne got worse, I jumped off it. She told me too increase the medicine. Should I stay on it or try something else?
  My mom's a dr, too, and she says doxycycline is best....
Susan S
Do you know about the generic for Keflex called Cephalexin?
I was treated for mastitis with Tylenol with codeine and Keflex. I had severe vomiting and went to the ER and they changed the pain med. Now I'm having throat swelling and pain. Does this sound like a side effect of the Keflex? I don't have any other allergic reaction signs? I called the manufacturer but they were no help. I guess I can have the antibiotic switched to something else but I just want the treatment over with not just start another one. I have 5 days left. I am going to call the doc, but any advice or experience you have in using this would be most appreciated. I do have nausea and diarrhea which are expected side effects.
  With the statement of "throat swellling" you need to go to your Dr. or the ER asap. It is possible you are having an alllergic reaction and throat swelling is a sign of it. You can continue to expand the throat swelling to include difficulty breathing and even a shock like state. Sometimes these allergice reactions can be fatal so see someone now.
sweet sue
if my strep is resistant to ceftin and keflex, would another cephalesporin work for me?
I took Ceftin and Keflex and my strep throat still came back.
I am allergic to bactrim, biaxin, penicillin, amoxicillin.
Can't take a z -pack or erythromycin because it hurts my stomach.

My question is, if ceftin and keflex weren't effective in treating my strep (maybe resistant) could another cephalesporin work?
  Your strep are adapting and are getting resistant no matter what. Why? Because your overall immune system is really weak. Getting stronger antibiotic may make them even more resistant and you may end up in troubles. So the idea around that is to treat that with no selective antibiotic. Go buy a LOT of fresh(ORGANIC) lemon. Juice the lemon and swallow but keep in your mouth for 3 minutes. Repeat that every 2 H for several days until your infection is over. Lemon is a STRONG antiseptic and will do the trick.
Marcelle Joster
Is there an issue with eating low doses of raw garlic, while taking keflex as a medecine?
My father is taking keflex as a medicine. He eats 2 cloves of raw garlic a day, and he just wants to know, is this an issue while taking keflex (the medicine).
  Garlic is a food so no, it won't bother the medicine. Probably help it...
Can you drink alcohol after taking keflex?
I read online that taking alcohol with keflex or cephalexin can increase dizziness? How long should I wait after taking keflex?
I just started taking medication, and if I decide to drink alcohol, how long should I wait before I consume alcohol or take the next dose of medicine?
  ideally you should not be taking any alcohol while on antibiotic therapy. There is no wait period other than several days after taking your last pill. this is because the antibiotic will have a half life and there will be a certain amount of it until you stop and let the half lifes finish and the medicine leaves your body.
How long until Keflex is out of your system?
The doctor stopped my son's prescription of Keflex due to it making him more sick, dizzy, nausea and diarrhea (sp?). It has been about 30 hours and he is still miserable. How long should it take?
How long could it take to replace the normal bacteria?
  Keflex duration is10 hours assuming normal renal function.;
Any REACTION the body initiates in response to the drug may take several more hours or days to subside. For example, if you get a rash you have to wait while the skin heals. When his gut starts to replace the normal bacteria needed for normal digestion the diarrhea and nausea should go.
How long does it take for side effects to kick in?
I am currently on Keflex and Gris-Peg for a toe infection. I haven't started Gris-Peg but I am starting today but I have started Keflex 500mg 4x a day. I have heard some awful stuff about Keflex and I am a natural worry wart. How long do you think it'll take before I would start getting really bad side effects? I started taking it at 9pm last night. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I am going on a trip this week and I am scared the side effects will hit while I am on the trip, is there a way to make them subside if they do occur? I am being careful to not cause my own symptoms since I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Like I said any help would be great.
  Here is some information I pulled for your from Micromedex.

A review of adverse effects reported by 12,917 patients treated with cephalexin in formal clinical trials was undertaken. The majority reported one adverse event although a small number reported 2 to 4 or more events. The highest incidence of adverse events was observed in those aged 1 to 6 and in those over 56 years. Among the patients studied, 3.1% had gastrointestinal effects, 0.3% developed hypersensitivity reactions, and 0.6% had reactions involving the genitourinary system. Genital moniliasis occurred in 0.4%. The overall incidence of side effects was 6%, but in only 3% could a definite or probable association be established (Weinstein, 1983a; Weinstein, 1983).

What I would give special attention to is the overall incidence of side effects which was 3%. That is a very low number so if I were you I would not worry about experiencing any side effects.

The worse thing you can do at this point is convince yourself that experiencing side effects is an uncertainty. The mind is a powerful thing.

UPDATE: It also would not be a bad thing to supplement a probiotic (Align, Culterelle, etc) if you find that you have stomach issues while taking antibiotics.
Dwayne Slay
Is it ok to take Keflex for infections that are spreading across my face?
I have had flu like symptoms for the past couple of days and it has cause any sore or zit or anything like that to become infected. Some of these infections are like beneath the skin on my face and have caused a lot of swelling. I have some Keflex that is about 2 months old. Would this help kill the infection?
  check with a doctor or pharmacist.
maybe it's something bad you're eating. it's a strange flu that's going around
tod m
How many hours apart should I take keflex/cephalexin?
They are the 500mg and I have to take them 3 times a day. So I was just wondering how many hours apart should I take them? I don't take pills often, unless I have to. Thanks and all serious answers please... :) I have cellulitis in the right eyelid and the doctor at the hospital prescribed me keflex and some tobnex eye drop. I have to put the eye drop in my right eye 4 times a day. Again Thanks!
  Every 8 hours =)
patient allergic to keflex given ceftriaxone?
someone close to me had a non-severe surgery, and was given ceftriaxone (aka Rocephin) IV by hospital staff even though patient chart said she was allergic to keflex (aka Ceflexin)(rash, nausea). Did the hospital make a mistake by administering ceftriaxone even though they had record of patient that she was allergic to keflex?

She developed severe rash and had an acute renal failure in hospital and had to sit in ICU for 7 days, nearly died . Doctors/nurses won't confirm it caused the kidney failure but nurse says "the pharmacy made a mistake". Seeking legal/medical advice. thank you.
  saying that the pharmacy made a mistake is complete bull. the person that ordered the medication and the person that administered the medication is at fault. they should have read her chart very carefully and should have caught that mistake before giving it to her. sounds like a malpractice suit if you ask me.
Drug interaction question for Doctors only?
Can you take Ciprofloxacin HCL w/500mg of Taapo concurrently with 500mg of Keflex, Dyphylline GG ES, and Hydrocodone APAP Solution 750-500? I have bacterial pneumonia in both lungs and broncial tubes. I got Keflex a couple of months before this episode for pneumonia, and I was wondering if taking that would be too much medicine for me. I'm a 33 yr old male 5'8" 230lbs.
Joe F
  Yeah, the Yahoo! Answers doctors will get right on that.
Is taking Rocephin and Keflex together OK?
I have been on Keflex for 8 days for what the doctor says is strep throat (my throat has been feeling swollen). I went back yesterday because it wasen't really better and my doctor gave me a shot of Rocephin and told me to also finish my oral antibiotic. My question is: is it normal to get a shot and take antiboitics? It just seems like it would be a lot to take at once and I don't want to overdose. Thanks for your help!
Can i use Keflex to treat a infected monroe piercing?
Hi i got a monroe piercing about 2 weeks ago and I think it's infected.
So i was thinking of taking Keflex because i have a whole bottle from when i was sick and didn't take it :o can i use that for my infected monroe piercing?

First of all, you should never have left over antibiotics. Antibiotics only work if you take all of them. Otherwise you could endup with an antibiotic resistant infection (scarry bug!).

Next, only certain antibiotics cover certain infections. While your doctor may have prescribed Keflex to cover your previous illness, it might not work on the bacteria that have infected your piercing. (Doctors know what bacteria are most likely to cause certain infections). What's more, if you took some of the keflex, but not all when you were prescribed it, you will not have enough left to completely drive the infection from your system. Otherwise, you're again at risk of an antibiotic resistant infection.

So basically, you need to see you doctor again and get a new script for antibiotics. If you want, you can ask him/her about the Keflex, but you shouldn't take it without asking.
Joanna A
How long do Keflex cephalexin , Ibuprofen, and Vicodin stay in your system?
I had my wisdom teeth taken out a week ago and was prescribed to take Keflex cephalexin (200mg) and Ibuprofen (400mg)every 6 hours for 5 days. I also took one Vicodin in place of Ibuprofen the first night. I have to take a drug test (urine) for employment reasons, and am wondering if I've been off of the medications long enough for them not to show up? (Will have been off Vicodin 10 days and other 2 5 days at time of test). I know if it does come up I can explain it, but I'd prefer for it to just come up clean. So how long does it take? Thank you.
  Toxicology screens (drug testing) done on blood and urine specimens can reveal the presence of many chemicals and drugs in the body. The sensitivity depends upon the sensitivity of the test, the substance itself, when the substance was taken, and the testing laboratory. Blood tests are more likely to detect the presence of an abused substance than urine tests, however, urine drug screens are more frequently done. Opiates and narcotics are usually present in the urine 12 to 36 hours after the last use, depending on the amount used and the frequency. Central Nervous System stimulants such as cocaine can be detected in urine anywhere between 1 to 12 days, again depending in frequency of use. Central Nervous System depressants such as Valium and Xanax are detected up to 7 days after the last day of use, mostly depending on the substance used and how quickly it is eliminated by the body (half-life). Most hallucinogens are also detectable in the urine up to 7 days after the last use. However, cannabis can be detected up to 28 days in regular users. This is only a really rough guide and each person eliminates (gets rid of a substance) at different rates and many factors can influence a test result including how regularly the drug was used. It is impossible to predict whether or not a drug may be present in your bodily fluid or whether the test used will be sensitive enough to detect it.
which of the following products manufactured by smithkline beecham?
keflex, dyazide , lozol, xanax
shay nelson
Violet Pearl
Is AcipHex 20mg a gluton free drug,?
problem with drug reactions, does AcipHex share ingrediants with the following: Aleve, Dimetapp, Trimox, Tetracycline, Erythromycim, Bactrim, Keflex, Ommicef, Zithromax, or is the sulfer content.
George N
  It's a purely synthetic drug, so it would have no way of having any gluton properties in it.

Equally, it doesn't share any equal ingredients of the above meds you listed that I've ever been aware of.

Not to worry. If you bloat and have diarrhea, all you have to do is stop taking it.

I prescribe this medication quite often. Works well.


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