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Friend overdosed on 60 grams of geodon, should I take her to the hospital?
The geodon is for her mom, not her. Please respond. Thanks.
Snow White Queen
  call emergency services now
pecola princepessa
If you are bipolar and take Geodon what are your side effects?
I take Geodon for bipolor disorder and get very sleepy about an 1hr 30mins after. I need help because I want to work and give my best to my family.
  How long have you been taking it? Some side effects go away if the medication is new. Geodon made me fall asleep in classes. It made me more social, and made me need (NEED) to have a boyfriend. It gave me Reflux and heart burn. I was more religious.
Does Geodon make you feel high? If not which pills do?
LooK iM sO wHiTe
  No pill on the market will ever replicate the "high" from a narcotic. If you are looking for a legal alternative to marijuana, there really are none.

Try alkanoid rich alternatives such as Kratom, Lobelia inflata, Hyoscyamus niger, or Comfrey.
Is it okay to take Anafranil with Geodon?
I was on Geodon, and then I was put on Anafranil. I read that it shouldn't be taken with some antipsychotics, but Geodon was only on one list. However, this was a list on a site I trust. Why shouldn't I take them together? Will it be okay?
What happens if you take Geodon and you are not Bipolar?
Geodon makes me feel weird and I just wanted to see if anybody knew if maybe I might not be Bipolar. If I am not Bipolar, what should my side effects be. I could be misdiagnosed.
  Bipolar is one of the most overdiagnosed conditions ever. Always seek a second opinion, possibly a third, before you start a treatment regimen. Good luck and God Bless!
Jill Robbinson
why would a teenager be prescribed Geodon and Artane?
I work with a teen who has recently been prescribed Geodon and Artane. I am curious about the Artane because it's for Parkinsons and muscle spasms which I've never seen. I'm concerned that this cocktail may be a little funky.

  Artane (Trihexyphenidyl) is an anticholinergic used to aid chemical balance between the mis-firing of dopamine and normal firing of acetylcholine. This class of medication is used to treat depression.

In PD it is used to treat stiffness, tremors, spasms, poor muscle control for some older PD patients although it is often not well tolerated by the elderly. Artane and Cogentin are the 2 most common anticholinergics used to treat PD patients especially after other meds are not as effective.

Here's a problem for non-PD patients, it can cause numbness, dyskinesia and chorea. It can also cause cognitive issues as well as several psychiatric side effects.

Geodon (ziprasidone) is an antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia and the manic stages of bipolar so you can see that you are dealing with another medical area where there is a dopamine imbalance. Another thing that is important for you to know is that you can develop abnormal muscle movements, such as tremor, shuffling, uncontrolled involuntary movements as a side effect.

There are a number of medical conditions which have certain commonalities and so you will find both on-label and off-label usage. In this case, we don't know your condition but since you have been prescribed both of these medications, we can surmise. It would appear that you need to speak to your doctor about the side effects you are experiencing so that the dosages can be adjusted or at least changes considered.

Please continue to be an informed patient. Don't be afraid to read about what these medications do chemically and why they can help. But also be aware of the possible side effects so that you can have talking points with your doctor.
Will I lose weight if I switch to Geodon from Seroquel?
I am bipolar and I've been taking seroquel, lamictal and celexa for the last 4 months. In that time span I have gained 10 lbs. My dr is switching me to geodon because if the weight gain. I know it's one of the most weight neutral of the antipsychotics. Does anyone think this will help?
  Geodon causes weight gain too, but not as bad as Seroquel (but the worst: Zyprexa). You will probably lose a few pounds but you probably wont go back to your original weight. But Geodon is the better choic of the two when it comes to weight change.
How long will these Geodon withdrawal symptoms last?
I was prescribed 20mg of Geodon once daily for pseudo seizures. Im not bipolar and not scitzo. so i decided to stop taking it. The night before last was hell, and last night i woke up a few times but other than that i slept okay. How long until I can get a normal nights sleep?
  With these types of medications, it is not advised to suddenly stop the drug. It is best to alert your Dr, and follow careful instructions on ending the medication.

I am trying to think back to when I took Geodon. I reacted badly with strong symptoms lasting 3 days, then, as I recall it took about 2 weeks after that before it seemed to be out of my system.
How long does it take for the drowsiness side effect of geodon goes away?
I'm taking geodon for a disease I have but it makes me drowsy every time I take it and puts me to sleep. I been taking the medication for a month now. How much longer until my body gets used to the medication and stop making me drowsy.
  I was on 80 mg twice a day and when i went back to the doc they lowered it 20 mg twice a day b/c i slept for 3 days on the original dosage. I dont take it anymore b/c im to scared to but try asking ur doc if the dosage is to high for u
Jamie B
How long will withdrawal symptoms from Geodon last if I've been on it for 3 years?
I've taken 60 mg of Geodon every night since 2007. I've been encouraged to lower the dose to 40 mg to help me with my stress levels and intensity. So I've taken the 40 mg for three weeks and still have terrible withdrawal symptoms: throat closing up, neck pain, headaches, sleepiness, dizziness. How long will it take to assimilate to the 40 mg?
  Some of the symptoms you describe may never go away because they are likely to be symptoms of the original reason you were prescribed Geodon.
Talk to your doc and see if you will be changing drugs.
Let your doc know the symptoms you are having. Doc needs to know about this.
It could be physical problems, depression, anxiety, or a combination of these issues.
Your doc may be trying to see if the 60 mg does is too high?? And, maybe the dose was lowered TOO much at one time.
Best not to self diagnose or you will have all the problems you had when you began the medication. Sometimes it is difficult to truly remember where you came from.
Good Luck and stick it out.
How long does withdrawal symptoms last from stopping Geodon ?
I've been on Geodon for 3 weeks now, and I want to stop it. I want to know how long does the withdrawal symptoms last ? I tried to stop, but I was shakey, twitchy, couldn't sleep, sweaty and confused. Please someone advise because my doctor won't listen to me !
  Unfortunately, stopping against your doctor's medical advice is a bad idea. My suggestion is actually to find a different doctor to provide a second opinion. That way you can get a different view on the situation, even if it is a one time thing. It leaves you in a more responsible looking position and prevents anyone from stating otherwise and also should not be insulting to your current doctor because it is your health. But, listening to the average public opinion on how to do something medical is an unhealthy decision.
Nevertheless, I believe it took me around 10-14 days to be fully free of withdrawal symptoms, although that may have been affected in either direction by the fact that I had replaced it with a different drug to maintain my condition. Level of prescribed dosage would also affect how the symptoms would affect you, and your personal metabolism would surely change and direct how long it takes before you feel no more from it.
Is it normal for a psychiatrist to prescribe 20mg of Geodon?
Is it normal for a psychiatrist to prescribe 20mg of oral Geodon to be taken once per day for a patient? Why does he prescribe such low dosage? What might be some reasons for him to do that? What kind of general problems might the patient be experiencing?
  That is a low dose. It's usually 20mg BID to start. Geodon has a short half-life, so prescribing a once daily dosage sounds a bit odd.

No telling what the psychiatrist is thinking. Some guesses:

1. The patient seems to be a slow metabolizer.
2. The psychiatrist has had better luck with a low titration schedule for this drug in the past.
3. The drug is being used off-label for's unlikely that he would keep the dose low, but who knows.

Some problems the patient might have? Mixed state in Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression with psychosis, and Major Depression in Bipolar Disorder are the best guesses...but with that dose, who knows...

In short, that's kind of weird. Maybe ask the psychiatrist what he's up to?
Can outdated Vistaril still help my anxiety?
My anxiety medication vistaril is outdated. its about a month old and I take it for anxiety when its needed. I am also on geodon and celexa. Only been taking geodon and celexa for a few days now, so they arent fully in affect yet, so i been taking my vistaril will it still work like its supposed to even being a month old?
  A month is a very short time. It should still work just as well as it did. I usually call my pharmacist if the medication is expired by 6 months or more to be certain.
Are abilify,mirtazapine,oxycodone,estradial,geodon,maxalt,keppra,or migranal available OTC in Canada?
Im wanting to obtain abilify ,mirtazapine ,oxycodone , estradial,geodon,maxalt,keppra,or migranol from Canada, if it is available over the counter? Does anyone know?
Michael R
Will cogentin go good for Geodon side affects?
My son was doing well on Geodon,then he started having bad side affects.Now the doc.wants to add Cogentin to counter act the side affects.Is that a good thing to help him?
  Many doctors will prescribe cogentin to reduce tremors. Rather than doing this, have you asked him/her about a different antipsychotic that is less likely to have that side effect? It won't hurt him to take the cogentin, but there may be an alternative.
way to go
When and why does a psychiatrist prescribe GEODON?
and they are already taking Lamictil.Gabitril & Trazodone on a regular basis and Klonopin as needed?
Not Really
  As an anti-psychotic and/or to counteract manic behavior in BiPolar Disorder. Lamictal is an anti-seizure medication but is also used to control manic behavior in BiPolar Disorder. Gabitril is used for BiPolar as well to control chemical imbalances of GABA. Trazadone is an old line anti-depressant which is usually used at bedtime to help one sleep. Klonopin is a benzodiazepime used for anxiety and sleeplessness and sometimes for seizures.
Hope this helps.


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ranklechick: Anyone hear anything about the drug Geodon? Never heard of it before, looks promising (weight neutral/weight loss)