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What could cause a false positive drug test for fentanyl?
I had a urine screen that was testing specifically for Versed and Fentanyl that came back for Fentanyl. I have not taken this medicine in years. Is there any medicines or supplements that I am taking that could cause this false positive?
  I have no idea what either of those are or what they are used for (why test for LEGAL drugs?)...but weird that it showed up. Unless it was a hair test. and those can go back 10 years to an entire LIFETIME (for real). A urine test? Those are false positives all the time. BUT Fentanyl may be one of those drugs that stays in your system for a LONG time, in which it's NOT a false positive. Does it store itself in muscle/fatty tissue? -that could be why.
Dear Jane...
Please help me if you can?
I'm 49 years old and I have horrible upper left abdominal pain and they can't figure out what wrong. This has been going on since '07. I'm on fentanyl patches 75 mcg and hydrocodone. Started over a year ago on fentanyl 25 and now am at 75 with the hydro. Functioning but barely. It's a miracle I'm still working. I'm not myself I've lost so much weight and still losing and my doc wants to up my fentanyl cuz I'm having withdrawls. If anyone has any idea what could be wrong or any advice I'd love to hear it. Thank you
  I was hoping maybe you could send me a personal email? You sound as if I wrote that message myself. A lot of same symptoms except my pain is on the right side. Thanks a lot! Leah
Leah Suggs
fentanyl or ms contin, which is better?
my doctor is taking me off methadone for pain, i ahte it, which is better fentanyl 50 /hr or ms contin, whch is better for pain, which is more costly and which doesnt cause a high feeling?
fentanyl what? its better? why? im on it now, i dont feel anything
i wanna feel a little buzz if i have a choice, the fentanyl i feel ok, no pain, but no high feeling
✞☠★♥♣ church of fsm kitteh♣♥ ★☠✞
will i feel a fentanyl patch?
i take a lot of vicodins and the patch is fentanyl 50 mcg/h
it says contains 5 mg of fentanyl
  you will if you chew on it for about an hour. Or if its a duragesic, cut it and eat the gel from inside.
Can I sleep safely with a fentanyl patch?
I have fentanyl 100 mcg (microgram) / an hour patches.
I don't get intoxicated at all from these, (apparently some people do)
I've been wearing these every day for about a week ( maybe a little more) and before that I was taking 200-400 mg of morphine per day for a while. So I think I'm a little tolerant to opiates.
I'm about 140 pounds and am male. ( maybe that would help?)

I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea to sleep with my fentanyl patch. I'm a little worried about it because my I don't want my heart to slow down too much while I'm unconsious because of the patch....just wanted to know if I'll be alright.
The box says I can wear it for 72 hours. But I just want to make sure I won't wake up dead ( haha ;D )
Any answer would help. Thank you! (^____^;)
  Best thing to do is call your pharmacy and ask. If its closed, look up a pharmacy in your area that is open 24 hours and call them. I wouldn't trust any answer here... not when it comes to your life. Go to the experts, that's what they are there for.
I'm on Fentanyl 50 mcg/hr for 72 hours patch,but I still have burning pain in my heels?
is it ok to take oxycontin 40mg while on the fentanyl 50 patch?
Fentanyl 50 mcg/hr for 72 hours patch?
Has anyone used this patch, the 50 mcg/hr and does it work for you? Is it stronger than taking 8-10 Norco 10-325 a day? This is what I was taking before asking my pain dr to give me something stronger for my horrible back pains and abdominal pains. What is equivalent to the 50- mcg/hr fentanyl patches? Anyone know? Is there something comparable to that?
  I've been on fentanyl patches for over 5 years so obviously they do work for me. Oddly enough, I'm on them for the same reasons you are which is unusual as you normally don't see abdominal and back pain together in chronic pain patients.

Your doctor has given you roughly the same amount of pain killer that you were taking, maybe slightly less depending on which conversion chart you use. The advantage to using the patch is that you don't get the constant ups and downs that you have taking oral medication for pain. You also might find that this works better for you than the Norco. You won't know for sure until you try.

I personally found that the third day on the patch was not as effective as the first two are, so I change my patches every two days instead of three. Most doctors don't have a problem with this so if you find yourself feeling worse on the third day, let your doctor know.
i have been on Lortab 10/500 and it is not helping my very chronic pain so my dr. ordered Fentanyl 50 mg .?
So i want to know if the Fentanyl patch is going to make me sick???? I have severe scoloisis, 2 back surgeries last yr., lumber was fused, knee surgery last week so that i can have a total hip replacement when that gets well???? My back still hurts and will always hurt so what do you'll think?
  Duragesic patches are used quite often because they work. I apply them to my patients at my job and I've never seen anyone get sick from them.
Keep in mind that even though you are on a duragesic patch, and the dose you are taking is low, you may still need something in addition to the patch for breakthrough pain.
I've never seen a duragesic patch used by itself without another drug prescribed for pain to act as a 'buffer'.
ms contin / hydrocodone 10mg / fentanyl 50/hr?
in order which is strongest to weakest,
in order which gives a high feeling to which does not
which order in cost also
thanks much
also how does ms contin compare to hydrocodone?
  Fentanyl is by far the most potent drug.

Duragesic (Fentanyl transdermal system) is for severe pain, typically uncontrolled by other drugs. 50 mcg/hr is strong. Fentanyl 50 mcg/hr is equal to 135-224 mg of Morphine. Only opioid tolerant patients can use Duragesic because it is so potent.

Hydrocodone and Morphine (MS Contin) are basically equally as potent. 1 mg of hydrocodone = 1 mg of morphine. But morphine probably has a little edge over hydrocodone in terms of pain relief.

All three drugs come in a generic form. But fentanyl will be most expensive, then MS Contin, and then hydrocodone. Some pharmacies may be a little different.

As for which drug has a bigger high... Well it is a very individual thing and not a good way to measure which drug works best.
Fentanyl patch - how long until it kicks in for first time users?
As a followup to another question I asked, I was just prescribed the Fentanyl 50 mcg/hr patch for chronic pain. Up until today, I've been taking Norco 10mg 4-5 times a day and Soma. Well actually I still am, I am planning to start the patch tomorrow, it is still scaring me a bit to start something new.

My question:
I've read everything I can find on it, and can see that it can take up to 24 hours it says for the maximum effect to be achieved in your body.
But, for the 1st time -- would I start to feel any of its effects within a few hours (not the full pain killer effect, but at least partial)? Or is it going to be 12+ hours before I feel anything at all and then it will just kind of suddenly hit me?
I'm just trying to plan so that I have a family member with me at home when I first start it just in case anything bad were to happen. With short acting pills, it's easy to time since they kick in within 30 min or so usually. With this, I don't know at all? Thank you all again!
If anyone is still seeing this question, 1 more sub question:
How much stronger [not exactly of course, just a rough estimate, say like 2x or 1000x] is this medicine than hydrocodone?
When I first took hydrocodone, I got a tiny bit sick to my stomach. I didn't throw up, but just didn't feel all too well. I'm guessing that I will be sick with this then too probably? arg. That scares me also. I am lost on how strong Fentanyl is compared to hydrocodone [vicodin] really I guess and don't know what to expect. If anyone has experiencing with this medicine, and had gotten sick from other opiates in the past, that would be really helpful to know how this one took to you. Or maybe I can hope to be lucky since my body is more used to opiates in general now, and I can hope not to get sick.......maybe just wishful thinking?
  Yes, at least 12 hours.
Fentanyl patch withdrawals or flu?
ok I almost NEVER get the flu but for the last 3 days I have been ill as freakin death! It started with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, fever and then kind of subsided after about 2 days, but I am on meds that could be affected by these symptoms. Fentanyl 50 mcg is what I take for cysts on my spinal chord/ nerve clusters and i change it every 3 days. I had to take my patch off bc I had a fever of 101 and was afraid of OD (the side effects/ complications of these things are terrifying!) and I put it back on after a day when my fever went down but now I am sweating and clammy and nauseous (that one never really went away) and don't know if I need a new patch or its the flu still. The dr's don't really give you extras of these things so I am trying to avoid changing it early but maybe I messed it up when I took it off, should have had a day or 2 left on it though. I have also cut back drastically on my percocet bc of the vomiting, it only made me more nauseous so I took about a quarter of the dose I usually do. I am seriously, violently ill and I really need to figure out why and what I can do about this, any help is SERIOUSLY appreciated.
Note: no offense but if if homeopathic remedies worked I wouldn't be on such strong narcotics, I appreciate the thought though. Also, I'm really too sick to even sit up period, let alone exercise or do yoga. I could try that when the sweating and vomiting subside enough for me to return to at least a partially vertical position. Right now I'm just trying to figure out how bad this is and how long I should let it continue before I go to the hospital.
  Oh my, you have both going on. The flu & withdrawl from the Fentanyl & Percocet. It seems you were trying to do the right thing, but both of those meds need GRADUAL tapering over a period of several weeks. Try to get right back on schedule, as you probably don't want to tell your doctor. If you need something for nausea, ask him! It is so miserable having the flu & chronic pain as well.
Can you give me some tips?
I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type I and II

I have broken my back 3 times L1-L5 and T6 all compression fractures. More than 80% of my time is spent in bed crying of pain even though I am taking Fentanyl 50 mcg per hour and Percocett 7.5/325 1 every 5 hours.

I'm constantly miserable. I can't seem to get comfortable and my doctor keeps me on the same meds. My marriage is falling apart. The pain is causing a MAJOR depression which not only hurts me but I see that it hurts my husband.

My New Years resolution was to get out of pain. What can I say to my doctor to get him to help me. He makes over $250 per visit yet I'm in the same condition as when he met me. Is comfort too much to ask?
I did ask for water therapy and keep being told it takes time to setup yet its now been 2 months. I'm miserable and so so sad that I only wish to escape this pain yet no one listens. Suicide has been a forethought but I love my husband so much. I just simply CAN NOT do it because of him.
Well, I can tell who the medical "professionals" are they are the ones who DONT LISTEN OR READ. I ALREADY TAKE FENTANLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  First and foremost, I urge you to change doctors. I have had ONE fractured vertebra and I thought the pain was going to kill me. My family physician didn't have the results of my MRI back yet and just assumed I was faking the pain to get him to give me pain meds. The day I got the results I went to a neurosurgeon who took one look at my x-rays and didn't have even so much as one itty bitty problem giving me a prescription for 100 10 mg of Lortabs right then and there. Then a month or so later he gave me another script. I took them like they were aspirin! I have never been in such pain and I don't know how you live with it. FIND YOURSELF ANOTHER DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY and get some relief.

I'll keep you in my prayers. Good luck.


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