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What could cause a false positive drug test for fentanyl?
I had a urine screen that was testing specifically for Versed and Fentanyl that came back for Fentanyl. I have not taken this medicine in years. Is there any medicines or supplements that I am taking that could cause this false positive?
  I have no idea what either of those are or what they are used for (why test for LEGAL drugs?)...but weird that it showed up. Unless it was a hair test. and those can go back 10 years to an entire LIFETIME (for real). A urine test? Those are false positives all the time. BUT Fentanyl may be one of those drugs that stays in your system for a LONG time, in which it's NOT a false positive. Does it store itself in muscle/fatty tissue? -that could be why.
Dear Jane...
Please help me if you can?
I'm 49 years old and I have horrible upper left abdominal pain and they can't figure out what wrong. This has been going on since '07. I'm on fentanyl patches 75 mcg and hydrocodone. Started over a year ago on fentanyl 25 and now am at 75 with the hydro. Functioning but barely. It's a miracle I'm still working. I'm not myself I've lost so much weight and still losing and my doc wants to up my fentanyl cuz I'm having withdrawls. If anyone has any idea what could be wrong or any advice I'd love to hear it. Thank you
  I was hoping maybe you could send me a personal email? You sound as if I wrote that message myself. A lot of same symptoms except my pain is on the right side. Thanks a lot! Leah
Leah Suggs
fentanyl or ms contin, which is better?
my doctor is taking me off methadone for pain, i ahte it, which is better fentanyl 50 /hr or ms contin, whch is better for pain, which is more costly and which doesnt cause a high feeling?
fentanyl what? its better? why? im on it now, i dont feel anything
i wanna feel a little buzz if i have a choice, the fentanyl i feel ok, no pain, but no high feeling
✞☠★♥♣ church of fsm kitteh♣♥ ★☠✞
will i feel a fentanyl patch?
i take a lot of vicodins and the patch is fentanyl 50 mcg/h
it says contains 5 mg of fentanyl
  you will if you chew on it for about an hour. Or if its a duragesic, cut it and eat the gel from inside.
Can I sleep safely with a fentanyl patch?
I have fentanyl 100 mcg (microgram) / an hour patches.
I don't get intoxicated at all from these, (apparently some people do)
I've been wearing these every day for about a week ( maybe a little more) and before that I was taking 200-400 mg of morphine per day for a while. So I think I'm a little tolerant to opiates.
I'm about 140 pounds and am male. ( maybe that would help?)

I'm just wondering if it would be a good idea to sleep with my fentanyl patch. I'm a little worried about it because my I don't want my heart to slow down too much while I'm unconsious because of the patch....just wanted to know if I'll be alright.
The box says I can wear it for 72 hours. But I just want to make sure I won't wake up dead ( haha ;D )
Any answer would help. Thank you! (^____^;)
  Best thing to do is call your pharmacy and ask. If its closed, look up a pharmacy in your area that is open 24 hours and call them. I wouldn't trust any answer here... not when it comes to your life. Go to the experts, that's what they are there for.
Does anyone know why Fentanyl is being prescribed for less than horrific pain?
Second warning is out from FDA on the Fentanyl skin patch, yet doctors are prescribing it for pain after routine surgery. The side effects, black box warnings would seem to make the use of the drug dangerous.
  Because Methadone killed Nancy Garvin's kid, not Fentanyl and only because HARMD is too busy concentrating on methadone.

And this was a manufacturer problem, people NEED this stuff, the same reason 40 mg Methadone wafers are no longer available. Thanks Nancy you put me and 1,000's of other straight into the bowels of HELL.

And until you are physically dependent on opiates and know the horrors of opiate withdrawal or the real pain that is 50 times worse because of the absence of these drugs in physically dependent people, than question this. Or ask it again?

Try to be the 1,000's of people that are on this stuff that would be forced to withdraw off it becuase of the FDA making it illegal. You can bet people would be killing themselves without it because the withdrawal was so bad.

Ambien makes people drive in their sleep, there is a bi-polar med out there that can kill you, it says it right in the Commercial and the FDA will not tell us the long term effects of the crap they put in Big Mac's, so what?

If you felt 30 seconds of opiate Fentanyl withdrawal you would not be asking this question. It is a logical choice for people that used up all their resources in tablets.

And remember 80 times stronger than morphine means 30 times stronger than Heroin. You try to be forced to get off this stuff? You wouldn't last a day. You would be in a Methadone clinic in a day. I ASSURE you.

Cigarette's and alcohol can be the number one killer's in the world but a drug that actually makes people in chronic pain live and function has got to be questioned. Things happen. And the FDA shoulda put this warning out before the fact. If you rolled a patch in a ball and chewed it, you would be dead in 10 seconds. Do they tell you that?
what is better for pain management fentanyl patches of buprenex?
I herd that the Buprenex is also a very strong narcotic pain killer and that it has less side-effects to it than fentanyl or Oxycontin. I am very allergic to some of the ingredients in the Oxycontin and the Fentanyl Patches leave marks on my skin that never go away. Does anybody know what other medications that would work for extremly bad chronic spinal pain? I am on 45Mg's of Morphine Sulfate Extend Release right now and 4mgs of dilaudid. But both of the medications are not working as well for me anymore and I need some advice on what might be a good choice for me to ask my pain clinic doctor!
Kris Kovelski
  I`ve tried the Fentanyl patches and was allergic to the material that they were made out of. Tried another brand, and that was much better. BUT, my complaint about the transdermal patches is that I found that they would only work on day 2. Day 1 - sort of, Day 2 - good, Day 3 - not so good.

In any case, prior to having spinal surgery (L1-L5 fusion) I found the pain was well controlled (for me) with morphine AND methadone tablets. Your doctor would have to find the dosage that is right for you, but it saved my life!

Best of luck - I *know* what you are going through.
i have been on Lortab 10/500 and it is not helping my very chronic pain so my dr. ordered Fentanyl 50 mg .?
So i want to know if the Fentanyl patch is going to make me sick???? I have severe scoloisis, 2 back surgeries last yr., lumber was fused, knee surgery last week so that i can have a total hip replacement when that gets well???? My back still hurts and will always hurt so what do you'll think?
  Duragesic patches are used quite often because they work. I apply them to my patients at my job and I've never seen anyone get sick from them.
Keep in mind that even though you are on a duragesic patch, and the dose you are taking is low, you may still need something in addition to the patch for breakthrough pain.
I've never seen a duragesic patch used by itself without another drug prescribed for pain to act as a 'buffer'.
what would happen if i wore a fentanyl patch?
i have some fentanyl patches and i researched them and it said that they are for people who already have a tolerance for narcotics..... so what would happen if i used one, having a low tolerance. and i'm not in pain, i just want to get high. so spare me the pointless answers about how i shouldn't do this, I'm going to and just want to know how to be safe about it.
  With little to no tolerance to opiates using fentanyl is incredibly dangerous. You would literally be flirting with death.

Very likely you would become overtly nauseous , vomit, have a large histamine release and itch, and become very sleepy. Upon this sleepiness or even passing out your CNS would depress and breathing would slow and possibly stop altogether. Opiates cause respiratory depression and failure without our survival instincts realizing it. So death due to respiratory failure is a common cause of overdose.

Also as common is passing out and asphyxiating on ones own vomit in this semi-unconscious state.

It is a very bad idea,.. not saying this to lecture you. If you are looking for an opiate buzz, for harm reduction I recommend you figure out how to find some Lortab/Vicodin (hydrocodone) or even some lower amounts of Oxycodone. Fentanyl is well over a 1000 times stronger than traditional opiates mg for mg.

Be safe , please.
What type of cancer patients call for the prescription drug fentanyl?
I've been doing personal research on all types of cancer. I am also wondering if fentanyl is still classified as the strongest prescription painkiller? Its been over 2 years ago on the answers that are already on here
d russell
  The fentanyl transdermal patches are commonly used in the management of pain for any end stage malignancy.
The strength of an opiate pain killer is relative since the doses can be adjusted for all of them.
fentanyl 12 mcg/hr patch....?
my question many 30 mg oxycodine equal to one fentanyl 12 mcg/hr patch....?
  12 mcg fentanyl is equivalent to 15mg oxycodone could be pregnant!
Is using a fentanyl patch in a pool a bad idea?
Is going in a therapeutic pool with other people while wearing a fentanyl patch a danger to others?
William I
  No it is not a concern for anyone else.

The patch is absorbed slowly through your skin and has no free flowing liquid. Just a gel base. When the patch is put on, the edges are sealed to prevent any leakage and help get the whole dose over the 72 hours.

Beware though that warm to hot conditions, such as a warm/hot pool WILL make the Fentanyl be absorbed into your skin faster. Which will give you side effects as if you have had a Morphine injection.

To prevent the patch coming off, you can cover it with a dressing called Tegaderm, which is see through and very sticky. A LOT of patient's on Fentanyl patches wear a Tegaderm over the top of the patch becuaes after 48 hours it starts to come off.
If your patch starts coming off in the water, some of the Fentanyl will be washed away, so the patch will be less effective.

EDIT: &Iwaslike. Your mum is over dosing on the Fentanyl which is why she is acting so weird and Psychotic. 3 at once is a massive dose.
She's totally addicted and needs some help.
I am willing to chat to you if you want. Just contact me through my profile.
I do care!
how much difference is the effects of fentanyl 25 mcg and 50 mcg,?
i am a legitimate chronic pain patient, not a druggee, wondering if 50mcg would be the proper dosage to go to after this 25 mcg just not being good enough for my long term pain relief plan, i have oxycodone for the breakthrough pain. they just started me on fentanyl and i don't think the dose is right, have had several 10 days, and am unable to be as active as i was when they were giving me methadone, but methadone is a dirty drug, not good, and i can think clearer on the fentanyl, just wondering how much difference from 25 to 50mcg's or should i go ahead and take the ms contin rx and beg around to try to get it filled each month? how good is the ms contin? i have severe pain, and am in pain clinic under 4 doctors care so please don't disrespect me, but i'm needing advice and what to ask my doctor about?.
Bonnie W
  You don't have to live with chronic pain, you don't have to take pain killers to try to make it through the day, you can release the muscles that are causing the pain and move on pain free. I know for I did it after suffering for over 30 years with pain from being hit by a car when I was 7. No dr., no p.t., no chiropractor, and even acupuncture didn't do the trick for me. Once I used the muscle releasing techniques the pain was gone and now that is going on 10 months of being pain free. It's easy to do and the results are so worth it. You didn't say what muscles but the back is a usual suspect. Here's how to release your back muscles to get rid of the pain there:
(do from a sitting position)
Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder and find the muscles next to your spine and firmly press on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.
Douglas B
What would cause a false negative for fentanyl patches?
What would cause a urine test to come back negative for fentanyl patches if you are using them??
  Urine test is for opiates, not for fentanyl patch specifically. The patch uses a very, very small dose of a very potent drug. It's possible that the levels were just not great enough to be detected on that particular stick.
Hydrocodone to Fentanyl, good idea?
I have 2 herniated disks in my spine which contributes to 24/7 pain and I am hesitant about having surgery on my spine at the moment. I am a bariatric patient so when I take a medicine it does not stay in my system as long as a non-bariatric patient, it cuts off about 2 hours sooner. At first I was put on Vicodin 5/500 (1-2 tabs every 4-6 hours) for the first month and I had to take more of the 5/500 tabs for it alleviate the pain and have a theraputic effect on me. I was then moved up to Vicodin 7.5/750 (1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours) and it didn't do much for me so my doctor put me on Norco 10/325 tabs (1-2 tabs every 4 hours) it helped but then eventually it stopped working and now I am taking 8+ Norcos in a 24 hour period. My doctor has prescribed Fentanyl 25 MCG/HR and I hear that it is about as strong as morphine and it leaves you feeling drowsy, etc. My question is will I be able to do things like go to school, etc. once I start taking Fentanyl? Since I take 80+mgs of hydrocodone a day should I wait until the vicodin is out of my system before I start using the patch or will I be okay to start it immeadiately? I am really nervous about taking it but it's been almost a month since I have been able to sleep in my own bed. Thanks for the help ahead of time.

My big question is, I have the 8 Norco pillis in my system a.k.a blood stream, would it be safe to start the Fentanyl patch right away or should I wait to use it?
By the way, sorry for not clarifying. I have the Fentanyl 25mcg/hr patches.
  I would wait and take it at the time you would take your next norco is due. You never mentioned if it was a fentanyl patch they gave yuou. they are time released so you don't get to much at one time. Make sure you have either someone there to help you or to call if you need help. good luck
Fentanyl 50 mcg/hr for 72 hours patch?
Has anyone used this patch, the 50 mcg/hr and does it work for you? Is it stronger than taking 8-10 Norco 10-325 a day? This is what I was taking before asking my pain dr to give me something stronger for my horrible back pains and abdominal pains. What is equivalent to the 50- mcg/hr fentanyl patches? Anyone know? Is there something comparable to that?
  I've been on fentanyl patches for over 5 years so obviously they do work for me. Oddly enough, I'm on them for the same reasons you are which is unusual as you normally don't see abdominal and back pain together in chronic pain patients.

Your doctor has given you roughly the same amount of pain killer that you were taking, maybe slightly less depending on which conversion chart you use. The advantage to using the patch is that you don't get the constant ups and downs that you have taking oral medication for pain. You also might find that this works better for you than the Norco. You won't know for sure until you try.

I personally found that the third day on the patch was not as effective as the first two are, so I change my patches every two days instead of three. Most doctors don't have a problem with this so if you find yourself feeling worse on the third day, let your doctor know.
Can you experience withdrawal from Fentanyl Patch after only 2 weeks or so?
If a person was taking the Fentanyl Patch for severe chronic pain, is it possible to experience withdrawal after stopping the patch cold turkey without a doctor's consent or advice? And if so, would this kind of withdrawal be dangerous?
Jesse S
  Yes, fentanyl withdrawal is very dangerous. Fentanyl is 40x stronger than heroin and just as physically addictive. This means that stopping cold turkey can be very dangerous. You must discuss it with your doctor because the safe way to stop is to slowly taper down until you have stopped completely. Detox is needed even after a short romp with one of most potent opiate analgesics prescribed.
What are the symptoms of FENTANYL withdrawls?
Friend of mine has been taking 800mcg tablets called Fentora aka fentanyl for recreation its not his script I understand this a very serious drug hes been on it for about a 1 1/2 months. He attempted to go cold turkey but couldnt been complaining of no sleep anxiety and had to take 1 to calm himself down plz help me im very worried hes also a minor btw. hes been taking them everyday just about so hes pretty hocked are the sleeping probelms signs of withdrawls?
  800mcg??? that's a ridiculous amount!

See your physician, the withdrawls are going to be terrible, and they can start you on methadone and wean you off to at least help you with the addiction.

As long as he's not suicidal or imminiently harming anyone else, the visit will be confidential.
How long does Fentanyl 75mg patches stay in your system?
I am on fentanyl 75 mg transdermal system (patches). I know that i have to put them on every 3 days, due to the whole slow release process.. But the thing i was wondering is.. How long does it stay in your system(blood stream and urine)?
I would like to know..
i looked all over the internet.. and it dont say.. so if anyone knows please help me!!!
  Most labs state that fentanyl is detectable in urine for 1 to 3 days after last use.

The manufacturer states that after system (patch) removal, serum fentanyl concentrations decline gradually, falling about 50% in approximately 17 (range 13-22) hours. Continued absorption of fentanyl from the skin accounts for a slower disappearance of the drug from the serum than is seen after an IV infusion, where the apparent half-life is approximately 7 (range 3-12) hours.

Hope this helps.
I keep coming up negative from my docter for opiates and im on there any drugs that block it?
I am prescribed fentanyl from a pain management doc.The last two urine tests that i took came up negative for opioids.Is there any way that the other drugs that i am prescribed could hide or cover up this drug?Im also on Neulasta,Tomoxifin,Diovon HTC,celexa,buspar,restoril and tylenol pm at night for sleep and break through pain.
  Wow love, you seem messed up. I don't think there are any drugs that will block it, BUT, you could probably be a study all your own for the amount of things you are putting in your body. So why do you take tylenol pm when your doctor seems to prescribe so many other drugs? I'd ask for some ambian if I were you.
if a person is prescribed fentanyl in patch form what is usualy the the starting/safe dose?
lets say a person is prescribes fentanyl for whatever reason, lets say severe chronic pain.

BUT, the person isnt used to taking opiates. what dose would they give him/her to prevent any respritory problems?

and if it is still too much for a person then can they take the patch off at any time?
  THERE IS NO SAFE STARTING DOSE FOR ANYBODY NOT ALREADY ACCOMODATED TO OPIOIDS. They would give them no dose whasoever. There have been a fair number of deaths for this very reason. THe patch would be taken off at the first sign of trouble HOWEVER, it takes about 14 hours for that which has already been absorbed but not yet in bloodstream to finish absorbing. Overdose with fentanyl should be corrected in the emergency room with nalaxone or some similar reversal agent. A comatose unrousable person who has overdosed on opiods has a sizable chance of dying if not treated ASAP at the emergency room. Call 911.
How long before first Fentanyl patch starts working?
My doctor just switched me to the Fentanyl patch, 25mcg. I just put on my first patch. I read that it takes 24 hours before any relief. Is this true? I really hope it starts working way before that! Anyone that has been, is on it, or knows about it, about how long before the first patch kicks in? Thanks
  I have heard of it taking up to 18 hours before it starts working, so yes it is true... I used to be a Hospice nurse and had many patients who were on it with much relief... be careful, though, because it can be pretty potent... make sure you take the old patches off before putting on a new one and make sure you dispose of it where no animal or child can get to it.... good luck!
Indiana Medicaid and Fentanyl 75mg patches prior authorization required?
Indiana Medicaid and Fentanyl 75mg patches prior authorization required?
I was just approved for the Indiana medicaid/ traditional. I am on Fentanyl 75 mg patches will this require prior authorization to be filled?
  According to their website, it does. It'll involve their "Smart PA" system.
What is a good painkiller to switch from fentanyl 100mcg/hr to? Oxycod, Morphine, Hydromorphone, or oxycodonee?
I'm currently prescribed fentanyl 100 mcg/hr and am going on vacation for a month to hawaii. So there will obv be a lot of swimming and being in the sun. It's my understanding that you can swim with the patch on but I have a feeling I might run into problems with it falling off... Also that being in the sun a lot can rapid release the fentanyl in the patch which could lead to an overdose which I really would dread! So my question is what dose and drug would be fairly equivalent to my 100 mcg/hr patch? I don't really like the morphine too much, doesn't have as much of an effect on me but oxycodone seems to work better.... I was think maybe oxycodone 30mg, not the controlled release but the instant release and that'd be about 6 pills a day. Would that be a good switch? Just looking for all opinions and feedback. Thanks for you time and reading :)
hawaii bound
p.s. I'll be there for a month and plan to switch back to the patch, just don't want to patch to get in the way of my fun and they're not cheap neither so I don't want to risk the chance of having it fall off and having to replace it....
I have DDD (dergenerative disc disease) in my L4-L5 and L5-S1 disc and both are herniated. Just looking for a good alternative medicine and doseage. Also on another note I am consulting my doctor with this I jus want some idea's to talk with him about. Thank you
p.s. and I do have a tolerence and have been on them for the past year
Ryan B
  What is the source of your pain?

I'd feel better about giving my professional advice if I knew WHY you need Fentanyl.
Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen to Fentanyl, good idea?
I have 2 herniated disks in my spine which contributes to 24/7 pain and I am hesitant about having surgery on my spine at the moment. I am a bariatric patient so when I take a medicine it does not stay in my system as long as a non-bariatric patient, it cuts off about 2 hours sooner. At first I was put on Vicodin 5/500 (1-2 tabs every 4-6 hours) for the first month and I had to take more of the 5/500 tabs for it alleviate the pain and have a theraputic effect on me. I was then moved up to Vicodin 7.5/750 (1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours) and it didn't do much for me so my doctor put me on Norco 10/325 tabs (1-2 tabs every 4 hours) it helped but then eventually it stopped working and now I am taking 8+ Norcos in a 24 hour period. My doctor has prescribed Fentanyl 25 MCG/HR and I hear that it is about as strong as morphine and it leaves you feeling drowsy, etc. My question is will I be able to do things like go to school, etc. once I start taking Fentanyl? Since I take 80+mgs of hydrocodone a day should I wait until the vicodin is out of my system before I start using the patch or will I be okay to start it immeadiately? I am really nervous about taking it but it's been almost a month since I have been able to sleep in my own bed. Thanks for the help ahead of time.
  I have fibromyalgia and had a very bad flare up with it about three weeks ago. I was taking tramadol with hydrocodone for the break through pain but there was never a time that I was not without pain. I always hurt but just not as much. I never realized how much I did hurt until my doctor decided to try me on the duragesic (fentanyl)patch. I use to have to wake up thirty minutes prior to even trying to walk in the morning and take my medication. I don't have to do that now. I have a steady stream of medication going through my body and I don't have any adverse reactions. Tramadol made me hyper and there was no way I could take them after 6pm at night if I wanted to sleep. If the pain got bad during the night then I would take a hydrocodone. But then one night my legs hurt so bad it truly felt like my stomach muscles did when i was having contractions during childbirth. I was crying they hurt so bad. The very next day I saw my physician and she started me on the fentanyl patch. I can not believe how much better I feel and no I do not feel drugged out. I can actually function like a normal human being, I can wash the clothes and clean the house and walk around the block. Things that some people take for granted but if you suffer from a severe case of fibromyalgia these are some of the things that you can't do if you have an advanced case. I would recommend you try them at least. What do you have to lose. And no I did not wait until my other medication was out of my system. That makes no difference. Alot of doctors that I have worked with sometimes give patients hydrocodone or morphine for breakthrough pain when the patient is using the patch. (mostly cancer patients). I wish you luck. Trust me, life is far too short to live it hurting the way I did. I wasted so many years thinking I was tough and I could beat this disease. I couldn't beat it but I can sure knock those symptoms out.
is it ok to take oxycontin 40mg while on the fentanyl 50 patch?
what is neurolept anaesthesia?
eg: droperidol & fentanyl
spring water
  It's an intravenous anesthetic. In simpler words, it's an injection that is administered during certain interventions like surgery, so that you don't feel what's happening. While a person is under the effect of this anesthetic they will be partially conscious. The patient that is sedated with this, will not remember what happened during surgery, and won't feel any pain during the intervention.

Hope my answer was clear enough.
Fentanyl (Duragesic) 100mcg patch is = how many mg of oxycodone?
I tried to use the narcotic converter but got messed up results. I was recently prescribed Fentanyl 100 mcg duagesic patches from my doctor for cancer. He had me on 15 mg of oxycodone 6 times a day. I told a friend recently about this patch he prescribed me and my friend said woah wtf? Thats a huge jump from what you were taking and the strongest drug in the world.

So my question is:

One is this the strongest drug in the world and as dangerous as everyone says even when taken as prescribed and with 2 yrs opiate resistance.

And my other question is, roughly if you compared this drug to the oxycodone i was taking. how many mg of oxycodone is this thing equivalent to, per hour? I haven't taken it yet I wanted to do my Homework first.
  First of all, Fentanyl is NOT the strongest pain killer in the world. Not by a long shot. While it is very powerful, your not in any serious danger as long as you take it as prescribed. The fentanyl patch delivers 100 MICROgrams every hour. The LD50 (lethal dose of 50% of experimental subjects) in rats is about 3 MILLIgrams per kilogram from sources in my medical books. The patches deliver the drug very slowly. 100 mcg of Fentanyl is approximately equivalent to about 8-10 mg of Morphine which is equivalent to about which is equivalent to somewhere between 4-8 mg Oxycodone an hour. The only real worry is post-use withdrawal. Fentanyl is EXTREMELY commonly used in cancer pain treatment and many times is prescribed with an oral opioid such as oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Don't fear using the fentanyl patch, it's very effective and when used as prescribed it is very safe. Just be careful to fold the sticky sides together when you are done with your patch as there is still active drug in the patch even after 24 hours of use. I wish you the best in your battle with cancer.
I put a fentanyl 25 patch on at 7 p.m. and its now the next day at 3 p.m. i still haven't felt relief.?
  These patches are good for 3 days. You also have to realize you have a low dose patch.

I have filled prescriptions for cancer patients at 100mg two patches every 3 days.

So, I would give it another day and still if no relief try placing an additional patch onto a clean dry area.

Now, I wouldn't recommend this but these transdermal patches are sensitive to heat and moisture.

Heat and moisture increase the release of the drug. So If you want to try it to get quick relief, try placing a heating pad on top of the patch for about fifteen minutes.
Eric K
I'm on Fentanyl 50 mcg/hr for 72 hours patch,but I still have burning pain in my heels?

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