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Is Econazole Nitrate cream 1% safe for 5 years old children?
I want to know if Econazole Nitrate cream 1% is safe to use on children. Any side effect or concerns?
Is econazole nitrate cream 1% good for getting rid of razor bumps and dark marks ?
Is econazole nitrate cream 1% safe to use on a 15 month-old for a yeast infection caused by antibiotics?
topically- not internally, of course.
Little Flatish Red Looking Pimple close to vagina?Help!!!?
Its a little flattish red looking zit
I poked it and blood came out and I put econazole nitrate cream
Its wearing off, But its not herpes or warts I think.
Help I got em after shaving but Idk??
HELP please!!!
ring worm treatment!? please help?
hey i just found out i have ringworm i went to the doctor and he gave me econazole nitrate cream. i've been using it for 4 days so far and it burns and itches even more and the ring looks a little bigger. is this normal?

thanks :]
Why won't my ringworm go away?
I've been using Econazole Nitrate Creme for over a month and a half now and it only seems to get worse. I don't have insurance, but I went to a clinic and payed a hundred bucks for the appointment and an extra 20 on some bullshit creme that doesn't even work.
  is that a steroid or.aboriginal cause ringworm us a fungus you need like canesten or something like that kill it real quick and bath in pinetarsel goodluck
what is this cream?
what is econazole nitrate cream and wat does it do

what is hydrocortisone cream and wat does it do
Abel G
  Hydrocortisone cream is used to stop the itching-Anti-Itch cream..My husband has to use it on his arms in some places as he will itch till it bleeds. The other one is used for fungus like on the feet. Got any questions on this e-mail me !!!
What is this itchy scaly rash on my shin?
I have this ugly patch of skin on my leg. It been there for about a month and it's only, like an inch long and slightly raised. I think I have a smaller one on the back of my leg. I went to the doctor about two weeks ago, at first he said it was a ring worm, but then changed to a yeast infection on a bug bite. He prescribed me with econazole nitrate cream? It still hasn't gotten any better, but now it itches around it, and is cracking. Any suggestions?
kyoko p.
  psoriasis? eczema?

sounds sucky!
jaime rae
Cure For My Athlete's Foot?
I have what the doctor called a slow growing fungus.. He was a terrible doctor though and sent me a prescription in the mail for Econazole Nitrate 1% Cream. I've been using it twice a day for 8 weeks now, and there's hardly any improvement and my toes are still itching. Should I continue to refill the prescription or go spend more $$$ on another doctor?
  I'm not sure how old you are but if you are in college or a dorm enviroment make sure to wear flip flops in the shower. If you go to the gym and walk around with no shoes on and use the shower at the gym then you need to start wearing flip flops there as well. If you have your own home, clean your shower down with bleach and water.

Make sure that you clean your feet a couple of times during the day, make sure your feet are dry before putting the cream or your socks on. It's helpful to use a hairdryer on low heat to thoroughly dry your feet. Hopefully this will help you.
Jennifer L
Trying to make a fungal cream that's 4% Miconazole Nitrate?
I have a bad fungal infection so to work faster i was gonna get a cream and a powder and mix it together because each cream/powder has 2%
Miconazole Nitrate if i mix them in an equal amount would that make it 4% Miconazole Nitrate or is there already a cream with 4% Miconazole Nitrate thanks
Lisa L
  Mixing them won't increase the concentration of the Miconazole Nitrate, it will just increase the ammount there is.

And I would highly discourage from mixing two medicines becasue unless you are a qualified chemist or pharmacist you have no idea what chemicals are present in the powder and cream and can have no idea how they may react.

You could potentially poison yourself.

If you wan't a stronger treatment, ask your doctor and/or pharmacist about what other options there are.
Digital Jester
Need advice in case of vaginal problem...check it out doctors & ladies...?
Question Details:Couple of days ago, I've itched slightly on both sides of my vagina(internally) while I was asleep. May be, I've applied my nails, as a result of which, it's hurting like hell....I've seen the has turned reddish...I've washed the place with Savlon water.then applied ice. then Borolin. but still it persisted.
Yesterday Night, I've given one medicine, named Pevisone(Chemical Composition: Econazole Nitrate BP 1% &
Triamcinolone Acetonide BP 0.1%).
Now, what would you suggest me???
should I continue the medicine( my aunt gave it to me, but she's not a doctor)???

advice me something else???
will ice help???
& borolin, itself???

plz...It's urgent.
Thank you.
  Don't take a medication that a doctor or pharmacist hasnt told you to take.
Take a bath with Epsom Salts and do NOT put anything on the area. Keep it clean by showering and using gentle soap only until you get in to see your doctor (which you need to do).
Paramedic Girl
Will using miconazole nitrate 2% help with my yeast infection or cure it?
I let mine get a little out of hand. I am currently using the monistat 3 combo pack. The irritation is kinda bad,itchy, stings and such. I just need something that will help with the pain and irritation. I have plain miconazole nitrate. Please and thank you
Vanessa Myers
  Miconazole Nitrate 2% is an anti fungal cream that is the same as monistat. I am assuming it is the kind that you insert vaginally? If so, then yes it will cure your yeast infection. But since you are already using the ovules in the combo pack, there is no need to use it. The ovules should clear up the infection. If you are talking about the tube of miconazole nitrate that came in the combo pack for external use, then yes you apply it on the outside of the vaginal opening and it helps relieve the symptoms, that's what it's in there for :)
Does anybody know how to deal with pain from Miconazole Nitrate?
I used miconazole nitrate for my yeast infection two days ago, and I'm experiencing extreme discomfort. There is an immense amount of swelling and pain now, and I really don't want to go to my doctor. From what I read, a burning sensation is normal, and I'm hoping it'll get better after getting worse. Does anybody have any ideas to deal with the pain or any suggestions?
  You're NOT a DOCTOR and STOP spamming illegal pharmacies on this site!

The pain and swelling might go away but you could be allergic to miconazole. Perhaps you could just call your doctor's office and explain what is going on? I do have the same trouble for a day or a little longer, but then it gets much better but I'd hate to see you continue to use it if you are allergic. Have you used miconazole before?
Preservative in chloramphenicol eye drops (phenylmercuric nitrate)?

I've been prescribed chloramphenicol eye drops to treat conjunctivitis and I noticed one of the ingredients is phenylmercuric nitrate. I was slightly worried about this, as wouldn't this chemical be toxic as it contains mercury? Would this chemical cause any toxic or adverse effects?
  No, the small amount present in these eye drops will not cause any toxic effects. Most chloramphenical preparations have this component in it. This will help reduce your conjunctivisits but will not cause any other problems, so not to worry
Best Cure for Jock Itch?
It has been over a month now. I started treatment 3 weeks ago. First week used over the counter tolnafnate cream(did not work) it spread a little, next week stepped up to stronger cream over the counter Butenafine hydrochloride(did not work only didnt spread). Im a training Tri-athelete and I swim and run for hours every day..(Stopped working out and swimming completely for 8 days to combat moisture) Got perscribed Econazole Nitrate (8 days not working and possible spread). My life is going down hill very quickly. New beautiful girlfriend is wondering why I have not made advances to get close like I used to.... My Months of training is going down the drain. this all = really depressed. Nothing is working... considering Oral medication but I spent a long time building up my internal health and it would be devastating to tear it up with some anti fungal/bacterial pills. If this doesnt go away soon I will be a mental case... My friends already notice im losing it but im afraid to tell them why. My plea for help...
What oral medications are known to work well with Jock Itch?
  Taking anti-fungal oral treatment won't tear up your health. Did your doctor actually do a swab and say it's fungal? or did they just assume it is because it looks like it? If they didn't conform the diagnosis maybe it isn't fungal. Ask your doctor. If it is confirmed oral treatment will be shorter than constantly trying to find an ointment that helps and it won'T ruin your health anymore than you not training.
Can I use the miconazole nitrate 2% vulvar cream inside my vagina? One of the suppositories fell in the toilet?
I bought the Monistat 3 Day suppository combo pack with the tube of vulvar miconazole nitrate 2% cream. I dropped one of the suppositories in the toilet accidentally and want to know if I could just use some of the cream with the applicator to substitute. I'd really like to finish treatment and thought the vulvar cream and suppositories are made of the same thing.
  You can use the cream internally but it won't be very effective.
The best thing I've found for a yeast infection is plain yogurt. Yogurt contains the bacteria that naturally lives on your vulva and controls the growth of yeast. When you have time, wipe some on and leave it for a few minutes then wipe off with a damp cloth or paper towel. Make sure you're thoroughly dry before putting underwear back on!
Repeat this for 2-3 days and you'll be good to go :]
I've tried the miconazole nitrate stuff before, and it does kill the yeast but seems to upset my entire pH balance for a long time. The yogurt puts the pH and biological balance back where it belongs. If you have recurring yeast infections, try using talc (baby) powder daily to keep you dry. Yeast loves warm, most environments, so the talc is a great preventative!
Good luck, I know how irritating it can be!
How can i buy miconazole nitrate by its self without it being in a monistat in a cream form? i need it pure ju?
i need it pure

just pure miconazole nitrate
in a cream form
if thats not possible than powder will be fine
  Please see --->

I was looking for a health problem on yahoo answers and i found this link
I got really helpful information there, you should try this too
Which is the more effective antifungal (esp for ringworm) - miconazole nitrate or clotrimazole?
  Miconazole and Clotrimazole are both effective for ringworm. They have not been directly compared in clinical studies to determine if one is superior to the other, but they are thought to be equally effective. Good luck.
When can I start having sex after taking Monistat 3 vaginal cream (Miconazole nitrate 4%)?
  The day after the last treatment.
what is the diference between metronidazole and miconazole nitrate?
i need treatment for my yeast infection vaginosis bacterial
  You need metronidazole

Miconazole is a topical antifungal for athletes foot etc
  Metronidazole is an antibiotic for bacterial vaginal infections, distinguished from a yeast infection by being more itchy and with more odor. Miconazole is an antifungal for vaginal yeast infections that are more itchy and less odor. If you are still confused, they have lab tests for diagnosis.
What are nitrates in relation to using Cealis or Cialis generic Tadalafil?
I read that the two used in conjunction with eachother can drop your heart rate. Only one problem, I dont know what the heck a nitrate is. Anyone?
  Nitrates are either pills that go under the tongue or a spray that is administered into the mouth. This is used when a person has angina pain. It is not recommended using ED medications with nitrates as it can lead to a sudden unsafe drop in blood pressure which can lead to death. Always consult your doctor before undertaking ED meds even the herbal kind if you are on nitrates.
Skin Problem that has been diagnosed once and needs expert second opinion, pictures available.?
I have a dermatological problem in my private area....and it seems to be taking a long time to go away. Can someone (knowledgeable) help me? I have seen a dermatologist and am applying a few things...econazole (spectazole) + terbinafine hydrochloride (lamisil)...I have also tried Clotrimazole (Lotrimin) and eucalyptus oil. It seems to be going away but it still sometimes when I scratch it turns very red. I think overall it is getting better, my dermatologist told me it takes a while for the medicine to make it go away. If you can help me I'd appreciate it. I have pictures of it...If you are an expert at diagnosing skin infections. THANKS!!!!!

How can you stop nosebleeds after nose cauterization doesn't work?
I have a bad problem with nosebleeds; a sneeze, exercise, or sometimes no apparent reason will set it off. I had the affected nostril chemically cauterized with silver nitrate but after the procedure I had little, if any, improvement. Is there anything else that can be done?
  If it could be from dryness you could put a little vasaline in your nose to keep it moist, a humidifier in your room, saliene spray. Dr told me when my son gets them to have some Afrin handy. Squirt some on a piece of gauze and plug nose with that during a bleed. You shold probably see an ENT to see if you have a vien that needs to be removed....sorry forgot what it's called. I know nosebleeds are nasty and sorry you have to contend with them.
Miconazole treatment for yeast infections?
So i just got a yeast infection and have bought a 3-day miconazole nitrate kit to help. It says cream insertions should be done right before bed so they dont leak... I thought I'd be going to bed but now have to go out and about so how much less effective will it be if I have to go out and do things?
Will Miconazole Nitrate cream 2% heal my yeast infection or just help the symptoms?
It came with the monistat treatment packet last time I had an infection, it is in a little tube and it says external vulvar cream. Would it hurt if I use it internally as well?
Miss Victorious
  It's not going to hurt to use it internally, but it's not potent enough to get rid of your infection. You need to use a full course of treatment of full strength stuff to heal it.
Also, if it's your first infection, you should visit your doctor to make sure that it is actually a yeast infection and not something else.
Keep in mind too that monistat is not particularly effective for many yeast infections these days. If the symptoms don't start to improve within a few days of treatment, you may need a prescription.


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