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I am taking carafate to treat a suspected ulcer.Have nausea & pain for 1+yr. When will I notice improvement?
The doc ruled out stones or kidney problems so we are treating an ulcer for a month on carafate before doing a scope. I suffered through this for over a year and I let it go to far. There were times when I would get so nauseated I just didnt want to live anymore. This carafate is helping, but I still have my sick nights. I am asking for people to help relate with. Does this carafate work well? How long does it usually take to heal an ulcer? Im in my late 20's and ulcers already(gotta thank my 3 kids)
  in a month dear
Carafate vs Axid Advise Needed?
My daughter takes Carafate Suspension for her GERD and it works great but the Insurance Company wants her to switch to Axid as they would cover more of the cost. Has anyone made the switch and how did it work out?
I know what it is and how it works. I was looking for feedback on it's use over Carafate
  Axid is a H2 blocker.. It reduces the amount of acid that the stomach produces... It is a good medication for GERD... If you have any questions concerning your child's medication call your local pharmacy and ask to speak with the pharmacist or call your primary care provider( doctor, physician's assistant, ect.)
I am a pharmacy technician...
Julia M
Why can't I drink milk or eat dairy when I take Carafate?
My Dr. put me on Carafate and it says that I cannot drink milk or eat dairy Products. Why is that. I know that the Carafate is to help an ulcer and coat it so that it doesn't get upset any more than it already is. If anyone can help with some info it would be great.

Good Kitty
  There are a few likely reasons. One is that milk has an acidic effect in the body, which can make certain stomach issues (like ulcers) worse. Another likely reason is because milk tends to coat the stomach, so it might "wash" some of the drug from the ulcer that it's coating.
I don't see any contraindications on for dairy, so it might just be an extra precaution on your doctor's side... you could always ask him to be sure of why he recommends it. Take a look at for more info. Good luck and I hope I helped!
does anyone know if carafate used for pain?
If someone is sick from coming off opiates, will carafate suspension liquid help them?
lisa m
  Sucralfate (Carafate) is used to treat duodenal ulcers. Contact your physician for this issue.
Why can you not eat 2 hrs after carafate, because i just did!?
Im 14 and took carafate about 20min after taking carafatee. AM I ALRIGHT!
Why can you not eat 2 hrs after carafate, because i just did!?
Im 14 and took carafate about 20min after taking carafatee. AM I ALRIGHT!

Cancer question - sore throat - treated with carafate, anyone heard of this?
The treatment for the sore throat caused by radiation beam therapy to the neck, has been to take carafate. It is used for ulcers, and coats the ulcer. Has anyone heard of this drug being used for a sore throat?
  Yes, it is called a Carafate Slurry. As is already noted, it coats the oral mucositis ulcers to help lessen pain. Another option is a combination of viscous lidocaine, benadryl and maalox. The lidocaine gives almost instant topical pain relief.
Jill S
does carafate help with excessive gas bloating?
Bud L
  Carafate is a drug that is used to treat stomach ulcers. It melts in your stomach's acid environment and forms a seal over your ulcer to protect it from the stomach acid. It's mechanism of action is completely mechanical so it has no effect on bloating.

I hope this helps.
Medical student class of 2008
is carafate used to treat high cholesterol?
my Dr. just told me to use it instead of mevacor
  Sucralfate is used to treat ulcers. It adheres to damaged ulcer tissue and protects against acid and enzymes so healing can occur.
This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.
Lovastatin is a member of the drug class of statins, used for lowering cholesterol (hypolipidemic agent) in those with hypercholesterolemia and so preventing cardiovascular disease.
Consult your doctor.
Please see the web pages for more details on Sucralfate (generic name) and Carafate (brand name) Lovastatin (generic name) Mevacor (brand name).
gangadharan nair
How am I supposed to take carafate 4x a day if I don't even eat 4x a day?
I have acid reflux, the directions for the medicine says to chew the pill 4x a day before a meal. I only eat like 1-2x a day, can I just take it twice a day?
Very true, thanks Meri!
  Start eating four times per day. You should be eating more than you do, and irregular meals can lead to heartburn. You don't have to eat a lot every time, maybe a container of yogurt and a piece of fruit or some soup, but you need to eat more might be part of your problem!
Does anyone know if there is an OTC version of Sucralfate or Carafate?
This is for a dog with reoccuring stomach issues. Looking to find a more affordable alternative than going to the vets everytime for a prescription.
  Hi Jefferson,
Sucralfate (Carafate) - a drug is used for human and prevents heartburn, acid indigestion, and sour stomach. Sucralfate was developed as an adjunctive treatment for stomach ulcers in humans. Sucralfate is a sucrose aluminum hydroxide compound that forms a gel-like webbing over ulcerated or eroded tissues serving as a sort of a bandage. It is effective in the upper GI tract: stomach, duodenum (upper small intestine), and possible esophagus.

This drug is not approved for use in animals by the Food and Drug Administration but it is prescribed legally by veterinarians as an extra-label drug.
Human formulations: Carafate® (Hoechst Marion Roussel)
for veterinary formulations: None
Yes, Sucralfate promotes healing in animals with ulcers or erosions (shallow depressions in the stomach lining), Sucralfate may be useful in preventing gastritis (stomach inflammation) caused by ulcerogenic drugs (such as aspirin) but, this med generally safe and effective when prescribed by a veterinarian, sucralfate can cause side effects in some dogs.
I would recommend a thorough examination by your veterinarian your dog, for a prescription. Or best way - changing a diet. My dogs eat raw meat and they do not know problems with stomach.
Jason Homan
Jason Homan
in reference to the acid reflux?
the medication they gave me was Nexium, Mucinex, Ear dops which contain hydrocortisone&acetic acid. Also carafate suspension 10ml x4 daily. To also continue with the Nasocort AQ daily
guadalupe j
I'm taking a medicine called Carafate for my gallbladder.?
I have trouble swallowing this medicine. The coating on the pill is a type of powder and as soon as I put it in my mouth or try to swallow it, the pill gets stuck in my throat or won't go down. I can crush it to make it easier to take but I can't mix it with food or the medicine won't work right. Any advice on how I can take this medication would be greatly appreciated.
  I just looked up this drug in my pharmaceuticals book, and I don't think the
communication between you and your doc
was clear because it says that this drug is
used to "coat" a duodenal ulcer so the body
can heal it. The gallbladder is not an intestinal ulcer..
It also says it should only be used for 8 weeks.
My own experience with taking CAPSULES. (It's different with pills.)
Many times this will work. Put the capsule
in your mouth, sip a large mouthful of water,
while standing, look straight down at your
toes and swallow. (When you look down,
the water carries the cap to the back of your
throat so you can swallow it easily.)
Another option is to wipe the cap well
with butter. Place on back of your tongue
and swallow a big drink of water. IF it gets
stuck, take a mouthful of water and look
swallow. Do this 2-3 times and it will go down.
If it STILL doesn't go down....take a bite
of bread and chew it up, do the ceiling thing and drink lots of water and it surely should
go down.
As a last resort...keep some extra virgin
olive oil on hand (you should be drinking
1 tblspn per day anyhow for health sake).
Anyhow, drink the olive oil and your throat
will get slippery and voila, down goes the capsule.!!!


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