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Primatene Mist makes my tongue feel strange.?
When ever I use my Primatene Mist, it burned my tongue and throat for a while. Has this ever happened to anybody? Is it normal? I don't really like Primatene Mist, but it's my last resort and it's better than nothing and gasping for air.
  You'd better check right away; in my area (Chicago, Illinois) they've taken Primatene off the market because of the fluorocarbons used as a propellant.

They've taken most of the effective medications off the market for asthma.

Even with the huge increase of numbers of people with asthma, they're reducing the number of medications available---especially over the counter ones.
e w
Medical Doctors how dangerous or what are possible side effects for anyone using primatene mist?
Just curious about anytime we hear stories about anyone who has breathing problems an even they have been told by their Doctors not to use primatene mist and anyone in their family who visits them in the hospital by bringing them primatene mist just like sneaking the behind the Doctors back?
  Primatene mist is something you do not need a prescription for. It is very addictive, and depending on the person it can cause high or low blood pressure, a high or low heart rate, and really doesn't work nearly as well as other breathing medications.
So why not just get a prescription from your doctor for a better less dangerous medication?
Respiratory Girl
Primatene Mist?
Compared to other inhalers that require a prescription, how would you compare Primatene Mist to those, such as Albuterol? Please include quality and safety in your answer.
(asking on behalf of another)
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  Not the best choice.

Response is quick to the medication... but It's duration of action is extremely short.

Also, you can build tolerance to the medication quickly, and has more cardiac side effects compared to anticholinergic drugs like Atrovent, and other Beta 2 drugs like Albuterol.

Albuterol responds quickly (not quite as quick as Primatene Mist), but last hours instead of minutes.

It is my suggestion you get a prescription from a primary care giver, and get good follow-up care. It's worth the money... Nikki (the model) Taylor's younger sister was found dead clutching a Primatene Mist Bottle when she died. It's a clear example of how "not" to manage asthma.
Does anybody know of any over the counter inhalers besides primatene mist?
Need some help here, have bad asthma and I dont have insurance anymore, primatene mist just gives me a asthma attack whenever I use it.
  There is ventilin ( not sure how you spell it) you can get . Or advair.
Just ask you`re doctor about them.
Is Primatene Mist safe? How long does it take to leave your system?
I recently started using Primatene Mist.But,when i use it,my blood pressure spikes really high,and i feel like my heart is going to pound out of my chest.Is it safe drug? How long does it take to get out of your system?
Would it show up on a tox screen?
  The epinephrine that is in Primatene Mist is used during a code to help restart the heart. It acts on the receptors in the heart that cause it to contract quicker and stronger - thus your pounding heart. Epinephrine's duration is 1-3 hours but I'm not sure how long it is in the body. It is excreted in urine so it can be detected by a drug screen.
When using my Nasonex nasal mist for allergies how deeply should I inhale?
I'm starting to use Nasonex and wondering if I should inhale to the point it is contained in my sinuses or till it post nasal drips. Also when is the best time of day? I'm still waiting for allergy testing so I don't know what i'm allergic to. When is the best time to rinse my sinuses 2x a day,before or after I mist ? Thanks for any advice.
  With the nasonex you want your head forward (looking down at the ground) and the applicator just inside your nose.
You want a gentle sniff-the medication needs to be sniffed into your sinus's not down your throat.
Sinus rinses are best before the nasonex (I imagine one morning one nighttime).
We take nasonex in the morning
cheers cmf
Primatene Mist for Exercise Induced Asthma?
Does taking Primatene Mist before exercising prevent the symptoms of exercise induced asthma from occurring? Are there any other over-the-counter drugs that can be taken prior to exercising that will prevent the symptoms?
I know asthma is a serious disease and that successful treatment over time requires getting sound medical advice from an expert. I'm just asking about a one or two time, short-term solution. Thanks.
  That product has worked for me... i have mild asthma tho. I found some good info here:
Paul J
How many doses are in a primatene mist inhaler?
How many doses are in a 1/2 oz. primatene mist inhaler? thanks
I know how much medicine in each dose, I want know how many total doses are in the inhaler.
  I don't know about that actual inhaler, but generally inhalers have 200 doses.

Does it not say in the leaflet?
You could always keep a tally then you'll know for ever!
Is the Primatene Mist asthma inhaler banned in New Jersey?
  No, in fact it's made by NJ-based drug giant Wyeth. There was recent legislation proposed that states, "Wyeth and other makers of over-the-counter epinephrine inhalers for asthma will have to change their formulations by the end of 2010 to eliminate ozone-depleting chemicals. Under a new proposal, the Food and Drug Administration wants the changes so the inhalers don't release pollutants called chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, the agency said in a statement. The proposal affects Primatene Mist, made by Wyeth, and other nonprescription inhalers used by millions of Americans." However the inhalers themselves are still available in their current form until the changes take affect. There was a move to ban ALL epinephrine inhalers but Wyeth made the request to hold that motion until CFC-free versions are approved by the FDA.

I hope this helps!
Does Primatene Mist Inhaler show positive on a UA for Methamphetamine?
tom c
  No, it is albuturol.
Do people get high on epinephrine inhalers like Primatene Mist?
Just curious why they are on the market if they do, why aren't they sold behind the pharmacy counter?
  They do and it's making life like mine miserable when we can't get the meds we need.....the gov't has a cut off date to eliminate the products al together...until then the company is making minimal products so as not to have too much Calif. alot of cold meds are behind the counter and a limit has been also have to have ID.
Ephedrine and ephedra has been used to manufacture meth....and abused by those looking for a cheap speed.....again it screws those that don't want to have to keep going to a doctor for perscriptions.
From what my daughter has said...Oregon has made it illegal to have any and all cold meds, with certain formulas, without a prescription.
Are automatic insect repellents safe?
My mum's thinking of buying one of those insect repellents that automatically sprays out a mist every few minutes, but she's worried that the chemicals in them (pyrethrins?) won't be very healthy for us to be breathing in all the time.

Are they safe to use? Any known ill effects on health?
  If it only has natural ingredients, (pyrethrin is made from flowers) it might classed as safe, but they are dangerous to both animals and humans. I would not live in a house that was being pumped full of it. They are a mild form of nerve gas and back a few years ago were being blamed for the modern world's huge increase in autistic children.

No, in my opinion they are far from safe. But then, nor are many of the artificial sweeteners in common use, and they are legal to sell and consume.


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