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bisoprolol fumarate cardioversion?
i had a cradioversion done yesterday and im on bisoprolol fumarate 1.25mg a day now what should i watch out for and what should i do relax etc for a few days ? i woke up feeling flushed round my face and neck is that a side affect? and what about drinking lager shandys and the occasional cigartte
  About 50% of cases are familial with autosomal dominant penetrance. The genes affected are those that code for molecules such as B-myosin heavy chain, troponin T or a-tropomyosin, which are involved in cardiac muscle contraction.1
HCM may also be associated with other diseases such as Friedrich's ataxia, and Noonan's syndrome.6
This condition can present at any age.
A family history of the disorder or sudden death should be sorted.3
Mary Boo
MY wife uses 2 tabs daily for her BP control. Her BP usually now is 110/60.she has frequent headache, Isit Ok?
She uses bisoprolol fumarate(2.5) and Telmisartan( 20 mg) .Her family history is full of stroke cases. Her father died of stroke and mother Is partially paralysed due to stroke. Is 110/60 acceptable? she is 58 now. She is very strict in food control and isa housewife. pl. enlighten.
What do I do about my PVCs?
My heart is having PVCs from every other beat to every 4 beats. I feel lightheaded and my hands are cold and my vision is kinda blurry. Should I go to the hospital or should I see if it stops? I've had episode of bigeminy PVCs before and they gave me potassium and magnesium and it stopped them. That was about 4 yrs. ago. This is my 2nd episode where the PVCs are all the time like this. Normally they are just ocassional. I take a beta blocker bisoprolol fumarate. What do I do? I am a 29 yr old female.
My pulse is 60 right now
  i just saw a cardiologist today with the same problem as you do, although mine are not that frequent. i am 26 years old. since potassium and magnesium helped you before, i would advice you to take those again. i think they're available OTC. if you don't feel better with them, see a doctor. best wishes...
How can I lower blood pressure safely without this medication?
I currently take 'bisoprolol fumarate" 5 mg and lisinopril 10 mg for high bp. It was like 185/95. I have been on this about 3 months. It makes me feel bad and interferes with sleep. I complained to the dr and they lowered the dosage. My bp got down to numbers like 90/55. Now its like 120/65.
But I really don't want to feel this bad the rest of my life. I am 60, with an aortic valve replacement (10 years) and a pacemaker 1 1/2 years). I felt fine until I started on bp medication.
Does anyone know what might work better?
Jack the Giant Killer
  Life style modifications help bring down mild increases in blood pressure.
is the end result of taking ferrous gluconate the same as ferrous fumarate?
My mom just had a hysterectomy and was told to take ferrous gluconate iron supplements but she has ferrous fumarate iron supplements from before can she take those instead..i was looking up the difference and someone had said that the difference was ferrous fumarate was organic and didnt make you constipated and ferrous gluconate is not organic..if that is the only difference can she take ferrous fumarate instead of ferrous gluconate and what is the they do the same thing in the end?
  Ferrous fumarate is equally good as ferrous gluconate and they are both organic.

Ferrous sulphate is a very common iron supplement but it is inorganic.

Organic iron is absorbed better than inorganic iron.
Susan Yarrawonga
Anemia: Ferrous Fumarate, Gluconate, or Sulfate?
I've been taking Ferrous Fumarate for the past couple months for anemia. Since then I've been having stomach aches/diarrhea almost daily and I feel nauseous nearly as often. I'm at the point that I want to stop taking it entirely. Would that be unwise? Could i switch to Ferrous Gluconate or Ferrous Sulfate? Which would be easiest on my stomach?
Thank you!
It was my doctor who told me to take Ferrous Fumarate when my blood test came back with low iron amounts.
What, other than iron, can anemia be treated with?
Where can I find chelated iron?
  Ferrous gluconate is more easily absorbed. Typically though Iron supplements tend to constipate people.Did your doctor put you on the supplement? Do you know why you have Anemia? Some anemia's are not treated with iron supplements. Iron builds up in the body, you don't want to take it if you don't need to.
can i drink alcohol while i take ferrous fumarate?
ive just been diognosed with mild to severe anemia and i hvae been prescribed 210mg tablets of ferrous fumarate to take 3 times a day for a few months, the only thing is its my 18th birthday next month and plan to get shitfaced.. what i wanted to know is if i can drink alcohol...
  If you're losing blood from your stomach, it's not a good idea.
What is the difference between Ferrous Fumarate and Ferrous Gluconate?
I have been taking these Ferrous Gluconate iron supplements for quite some time but yesterday I accidentally bought Ferrous Fumarate instead. How different are the two?
  Ferrous fumarate is organic iron made from a plant source and can be used by the body more effectively and does not tend to cause constipation.

Ferrous gluconate is inorganic iron made from a rock source and that's why it tends to cause constipation in some folks. Also, the molecules are bound together very loosely and the iron can easily break free to bind with and destroy vitamin E.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me with questions.
Does Ketotifen fumarate eye drops 0.025% overdose can cause glaucoma?
I use Ketotifen fumarate eye drops twice daily, 1 drop in each eye, but yesterday I put 3 drops in my right eye. Since then I'm scared that it might have caused glaucoma. I only had glaucoma once before when I used eye drops that contains Cortisone.
  The development of elevated intraocular pressure (which can lead to glaucoma) is a known risk of steroids (such as Cortisone). Ketotifen fumarate (Zaditor or Alaway) is not in the steroid class of medications. Although there is no benefit to using this drop three times a day instead of twice a day (or using three drops instead of one), this will not result in an increased risk of glaucoma.

Hope this information was helpful.

David D. Richardson, M.D.
Medical Director

San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates, Inc.
207 S. Santa Anita Street, Suite P-25
San Gabriel, CA 91776
David Richardson, M.D.
Ferrous Fumarate 18mg vs. Ferrous Sulfate 325mg?
Hello. I need a little help. Well, I am very anemic so my doctor prescribed Ferrous Sulfte 325mg twice a day for me but silly husbanded washed my meds with his landry when he picked up the medication. I am still entittled to two more refills but had just picked up the sulfate. Am I am to get another refill asap or should I just try the over the counter untill my refill time is up? I was taking b complex 75 complete, which contains ferrous fumarate 18mg. But does anyone know if that is equally to ferrous sulfte 325mg? Need help!
What is the difference between ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate?
I am anemic and have been for awhile. Despite 2 iron shots in the past month and taking 325mg of ferrous sulfate a day with calcium, my iron dropped. I am currently a 7.7 (I am not bleeding). Someone told me ferrous gluconate was better, but someone else told me that ferrous fumarate had more elemental iron. Whats the difference between the three?!?
Sorry! I am taking vitamin C! I just had a check up and I am now at a 9.3 serum iron level. Still low, but the Ferrous Sulfate seems to be working.
Heather S
  The difference is that ferrous fumerate and ferrous gluconate are organic iron which is absorbed much better than ferrous sulphate which is inorganic iron.
Susan Yarrawonga
Does Ketotifen Fumarate 0.025% eye drops contains Cortisone?
  Each mL of ZADITOR™ or equivalent contains: Active: 0.345 mg ketotifen fumarate equivalent to 0.25 mg ketotifen.
Inactives: glycerol, sodium hydroxide/hydrochloric acid (to adjust pH) and purified water. Preservative:
benzalkonium chloride 0.01%. I see no cortisone listed
I have to take a 200mg ferrous fumarate tablet a day for mild anemia. I took an extra pill by mistake.?
Would this cause me any problems?
psychiatrist doctor gave me qwin(chemical name:quetiapine fumarate)tablet at night .tell its purpose/effect?
  Antipsychotic, for the management of manifestations of schizophrenia.
Coreg,Bisoprolol/HCTZ,Tekturna and Tinnitus?
I am taking the above 3 medications for blood pressure, i have came down with very bad Tinnitus also. Of these 3 which would more likely cause the tinnitus? Im thinking coreg but im not sure. How long does it take to get them out of your system?
  Allergic reaction to Carvedilol (brand: Coreg) causes tinnitus along with other symptoms. Bisoprolol/Hydrochlorothiazide may also cause tinnitus as a side effect. Aliskiren (brand: Tekturna) is also a cause for tinnitus. Nonetheless, high blood pressure on its own may cause pulsatile tinnitus.
Discontinuing your medications is not an option either, so it will be better for you to speak to your prescribing physician about your condition of tinnitus. Also, discuss with your physician if taking Alprazolam may be suitable for you which may help to relieve from the tinnitus. Taking Alprazolam at the same time with either carvedilol or bisoprolol is not recommended.

Good Health To You!
Telmisartan and Bisoprolol?
I am having controlled hypertension, minor depression and controlled Cholesterol. Fibromygalia.

I am taking Telmisartan 80 mg, Welbutrin 75 mg, Cymbalta 30 mg and crestor 20 mg.

Off late my B.P remains 150/105 due to stress and some times alcohol and travelingg etc.

Can I add Concor 5 mg to control B.P or should increase Telmisartan to 120 mg?my BMI is 29 and I have started going to Gym also for last 1 month.
  never without consulting your cardiologist
a substitute for Corgard?
Corgard (nadolol) has been discontinued in my country, I tried atenolol and bisoprolol but they both failed in bringing my heart rate down as I needed. Is there any other betablocker more similar to nadolol in that it lowers heart rate more effectively? Or any combination of drugs that will achieve this?
Ricky Rocky
  It's possible that atenolol and bisoprolol failed in you because they are beta-1 selective whereas nadolol is not, it binds to both beta-1 and beta-2 receptors.

All that means is that atenolol and bisoprolol won't effect your lungs as much as nadolol will. This would be good for you if you had asthma or COPD.

You could try another beta blocker that is non-selective (as nadolol is). Some examples (on the US market) are propranolol, timolol, and carvedilol.

Hope this helps!
Is ferrous fumarate a listed drug of the Drug Free Sport organizations?
Is it safe for athletes to take or is it regarded as a performance enhancing drug?
Arrie R
  what is it? Some sort of iron supplement? What do the instructions say?

Is it FDA approved?

If you are in doubt, call the organization. WHy take a chance or take too much stock in answers from strangers? Good luck.
a s
high blood pressure and pregnancy?
hiya, im 19 and i have pre existing hypertension. I am currently on the following meds;
My blood pressure is still not controlled very well usually around 180/120. I also have blood and protein in my urine, and have spent roughly 5 months in hospital in the last year. I have just found out i am pregnant, how will my medical history affect my pregnancy?
Joanne Q
  You need to contact the Dr who is treating your severe hypertension and let him know because those medications can negatively effect the fetus. They will probably need to admit you. Do they think that you might have a phenocomocytoma? It is a tumour of your adrenal gland that causes severe refractory hypertension. The pregnancy puts you at a higher risk of stroke so I suggest you start making phone calls today
Donna B.
Medication Query?
I have un-stable Angina and waiting for angiogram after abnormal treadmill ecg. Im am currently taking these meds;80mg Lipitor; 90mg Isosorbide Mononitrate; 75mg Clopidogrel;75mg Asprin; 5mg Bisoprolol Beta blockers; 2mg Prindopril and 2x30mg of Nicorandil DAILY.
Would these meds make me retain water? also do you think its possible for me to have a heart attack whilst taking all these meds?

Thanks in advance.
  i hope you are feeling well what are they giving you an angeo for?i am not a medical professional but my dad is waiting for one so im alittle up to date on things is it problems with your valve or arteries and big question not to be nosy how old are you ever had any heart surgeries before i hope everything goes great for you please email back puff


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