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Miss a dose of Aplenzin (Wellbutrin)?
I cannot remember if I took my pill of Aplenzin or not so I do not want to risk it and accidentally take a double dose. What will be the effects if I did not take it today thereby missing my dose for the day?
Is there anything natural I can do/take to help with bipolar disorder.?
I am afraid of the long term affects of all of the medicine I take! And I do take a lot! Lamictal, pristiq, aplenzin, and trazadone.
Stephanie P
what is the difference between Aplenzin and Bupropion?
I would like to know the difference. I was on Bup. and switched to Apl, and am having bad side effects I didn't have before.. How do I get off of Apl.? Thanks
  Alplenzin is a different formulation of Bupropion. Wellbutrin is a hydrochloride salt and it provided in an immediate release formulation. Generic bupropion is this formulation. However you are probably taking an extended release version of Bupropion (unless you are taking it four times a day), in which case your generic bupropion would be an ER (extended release) version, but the formulation is still a hydrochloride salt. Alplenzin on the other hand is an extended release formulation with a hydrobromide salt instead of a hydrochloride. According to the patent filed for Alplenzin, this formulation gives the drug greater stability. The best way to get off Alplenzin (talking to your doctor of course) is to slowly taper off the drug. Sorry, I'm not familiar with Alplenzin so I don't know if its safe to split the tablets. Check with your doctor.
Have you ever taken Lesapro or Aplenzin for depression?
And how did it work for you?  How long did it take to start working?  Did you have increased depression the first few days???  What should I expect?
  I take generic Wellbutrin SR (150 mg) in the morning and at lunch, and Lexapro (10 mg) with dinner, for depression and anxiety. I've been taking that for over two years, and it's working very well for me.

The Wellbutrin SR seems to help me to be more alert and active - and wanting to do things - while the Lexapro makes me more mellow, and it helps me sleep better, too. They are relatively low doses of each medication, which keeps side effects at a minimum. I really can't tell I'm taking any medication at all.

It takes Lexapro from four to six weeks to reach it's "full effective" level, but you can start to feel it working after a couple weeks.

No, I didn't have an increase in my depression, although I hear some people claim to. That could be they expect to feel better and don't, so they think they're going the other way.

Antidepressants help take the "rough edges" off your sadness, and make you feel "less sad". In short, you should feel better.
Paul A
For aplenzin users, does this medicine remind you of...?
is it just me, or does this drug make you feel the slightest high like pot?
i have just started taking this medicine, and i get the feeling i'm high.
serious answers please, thanks.
gotta love dogs!
  Aplenzin has some nervous and mental side effects like:
seizure (convulsions);
confusion, trouble concentrating; or
hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior.

your pot like feeling may be related to those side effects.i think you should choose another way to cope depression. i personally suggest phytotherapy plus EFT( Emotional Freedom Technique) if possible.
good luck dear.
Is there anything natural I can do/take to relieve symptoms of bipolar disorder?
Is there anything natural I can do/take to help with bipolar disorder.?
I am afraid of the long term affects of all of the medicine I take! And I do take a lot! Lamictal, pristiq, aplenzin, and trazadone.
Stephanie P
I feel really disturbed and detached, please help?
my anxiety is gone but its been replaced by some other feeling. something i can't even describe. my body is foreign. i don't feel real, i don't even sound real. its so ****** up. i can't remember anything.

all i remember from the past is that i've always believed in some part of my unbalanced mind that every couple of days, months, years a new conciousness would take over my body. i don't really know how to word it, i guess the closest thing to this conciousness is a 'soul'. but even that doesn't seem right. i don't know, my point is i'm starting to think that wasn't just part of the wild imagination of a child. this is not normal, and i don't mean that in the way that all teenagers say it. i mean i know, in my mind, on a logical level, that i'm ****** up. its not hormones. its not even anxiety, really. its so much more than that.

but it all makes sense. at times, i've felt like there's so much going on with me as a person, as far as thoughts and characteristics go, that there's no way there was just one subconcious being? in my mind and body. and other times i feel like i'm an empty shell of a person. like i'm the plain, basic subconcious and all of these other ones come and go. sometimes at the same time. sometimes there's too much, and then other times its too quiet. and i'm just left with myself. i'm getting so frustrated because i can't explain it. and i get desperate and frantic about it when i'm alone like this.

but when i go to the doctor's to talk to him, its like i'm a totally different person. i'm friendly and polite. but i don't even mean to do it. its like my mind shuts off this part of me thats taking over right now, and i don't even realize it until i have a breakthrough like this.

i know its everywhere and random, but i needed to get it all down before a calm wave came over me. i just wrote all of that less than an hour ago. i've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety and major depressive disorder. but i don't think thats whats wrong with me. i had panic attacks, which is why i was written off as someone with GAD, and my doctor put me on aplenzin about two months ago? but i think that was just because i'm detached and he wanted me to quit smoking. i never told him how detached i am though, for the reason i explained above.

like i said, i have these breakthroughs. but they're usually smaller than this, i think. but since i started on the medication, i've been having complete meltdowns.

my dad has a lot of mental distubances. but he abused cocaine and alcohol for a majority of his life. as far as i know, he has bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. i'm really afraid, because i know there's something wrong with me, but i don't know what. i'm only 18. if anyone has any idea what could be going on based on what i've written here, i'd appreciate any advice or information
i don't see how my spelling and ability to write correctly has anything to do with my mental state. i know many well intelligent, mentally unstable people.
  You're the adult child of an alcoholic (ACOA) and addict. You will find help in Al-Anon. It's free, in the phone book, nearby, and you will find good strong people that know exactly how you feel. Al-Ateen can also help you and there will be kids there your age going through what you're going through.

The detachment you keep talking about can be labeled dissociation, or dissociative identity disorder (DID). It accounts for lost time, lost memories, lost feelings, even a lost childhood. It's common in addicted families, living around bipolar and borderline personalities, which are just psychiatric/scientific labels for addicted personalities.

Anxiety and Panic disorders, dissociation and major depression account for your symptoms, yes, those are scientific terms for what's happening to you. But a deeper cure lies in the 12 step-programs of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and Al-Anon family groups. Healing is that simple.

I hope you get the little book; Opening our Hearts, Transforming our Losses by Al-Anon Family Groups. Good luck. You're certainly not alone.
feelings of depression?
I know i am depressed, i see a psychiatrist once every 2 to 4 weeks, 2 if he adjusts medicine. i've just be so down, for no reason, is this part of depression? just feeling down and sad? like i can't even put on happy music, it bothers me. all i can listen to is sad music. that's how I'm feeling tonight. if my mom says something to me i basically just give her the cold shoulder or give her a stubborn response, is this normal? :( i've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, add, ocd (compulsive obsession part i think?) depression, and bad anxiety. right now I'm on middle dosage of Symbyax, 120mg Vyvanse, 200mg Luvox, 10mg Inderal, 300mg Aplenzin, 1mg in morning and 2 mg of Valium at night.
i haven't felt this bad in a long time, i was on lithium for a few weeks but took me off, i was okay before that too. but now i've just been sleeping till 230pm not wanting to get out of bed. and just feeling down. no happy feelings, not excited about anything. i just moved to a new town. i started going to community college (im a junior, well really a freshman cause of my credits) i'm not good at talking to people, i never know what to say. it's hard to get friends at school to hang out with because of the area the school covers, most people live 40 minutes away.. so i have no social life, i just sit home. especially now that im on winter break.
Ben, i was on Lamictal for a long time but my doctor took me off because I was on about 8 meds and I was starting to not remember things, and all these bad symptoms so he started taking me off some stuff. it worked well for me. i got taken off about 2 months ago. Valium is for the anxiety, it basically makes you not care about anything, i was on the highest dose, i was starting to slur my words and sound like i was drunk. this was when i was on lithium and 8 meds. thats why he starting taking things off. i see him in 2 weeks i think, if things don't improve ill tell him and if it worsens ill get an early appointment because i cant go through this. talking about it does help me though, even if i started crying. im a 20 year old male from NJ
meant that for Sunao
  i guess what you feel is normal since you see a psychiatrist every couple of weeks what does he say about it?♦
i ♥ hershey ♥♥♥♥♥
Severe bone pain in teenager? Please help?
i don't know what to do. i've tried talking to my general care doctors over the years, but they haven't done anything to help or even try to diagnose this. my new doctor is a nice man, but he's constantly RUSHING through my check ups, and i can't get a word in edge wise.

i'm 18 years old. i've been having really serious bone pain in my legs and arms since i was 14. i'm always sluggish, and i have no energy. i've been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, but other than that, i've got nothing going on with my health. i had my blood tested a month or two ago, and everything was right smack dab in between the lowest and highest normal levels. the only thing that my doctor called me back about was my cholestrol. my total cholesterol was 127, which he told me was too high. so i've cut back on cholesterol rich foods, and i'm taking omega 3. i also had protein in my urine, so they wanted another sample when i went back. they never told me what the results were, so i'm guessing it was fine? i feel like they don't tell me anything about my own health.

i've been smoking since i was 17, because it helps with my anxiety (i know its awful for me, i'm trying to quit). i'm currently taking 348 mg of aplenzin once a day, which my doctor said should give me energy (it hasn't) and cut down my cravings for cigarettes (it has). i'm 5'2" and 105 lbs.

everyone blows it off, but i hate being in pain everyday. i'm 18, i want to be able to run around with friends and do normal things without having to worry about soreness and my lack of energy. i think the pain has caused my laziness, because its so discouraging. if anyone has any idea of what could cause bone pain without showing up in a blood screen, please let me know.
thanks in advance :)
summer 2008 my left arm and my hand (from my pinky all the way to the bottom half of my middle finger, and that half of my palm) were constantly tingling and going numb for no reason. it finally stopped a few months ago. then my arm pain spread to my elbows (it skipped that part before). i forgot to mention that

sorry this is so long, i just wanted to be clear
i call it bone pain because it feels like its radiating from my bones, i've tried to explain it to him, but i didn't know any other way to say it except for "when my wrist gets stiff, i get this terrible urge to rotate it so that it "cracks". same with my fingers. but i get this pain down the length of my shins, which i obviously can't "crack". he gave me a two week sample of celebrex, which dulled but didn't totally alleviate the pain. and thanks so much, i'll try those stretches today. i hate taking pills, i'd rather get to the bottom of it and cure it without medications if possible.

i also have uneven shoulders, hips, knees. a previous doctor pointed this out, but i blew it off and thought it was normal, since the human body isn't perfectly symmetrical. and he didn't mention it again.
Sore breasts, migraine, no period. But not pregnant?
i'm an eighteen year old female, and i'm on aplenzin 348mg once a day, but i've been on it for a while now with no side effects other than weight loss. i've lost about 6lbs in the past month.
the other day, i noticed my neck and the glands under my chin were swollen and a little sore to the touch. now my boobs hurt realllly bad, and i've got a migraine thats making me sick to my stomach.
there's a lot of pressure in my neck, shoulders, head and face. i got blood taken on monday, i'm not sure if that would cause this though, as i've had blood taken before and i had no side effects. my arm is a bit sore, but i'm guessing the nurse was just a little rough removing the needle.

does anyone know what could cause this? i'm very well hydrated, and i'm100% i'm not pregnant. i was due for my period about a week or two ago, but my periods are often spaced out by 5-6 weeks, so this isn't too unusual. but i NEVER get migraines, and my boobs are never this sore.

any advice or info would be appreciated, thanks in advance
i've had my period for almost 5 years now, i know all of my symptoms of pms. and like i said, i've never had migraines. or soreness. i don't see why this period would be any different than the 60 some odd other ones i've had.

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