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Difference between ipratropium and albuterol?
What's the difference between ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate?
I'm asthmatic & I currently have an upper respiratory infection. My doctor gave me a nebulizer to use for a week or so. He only mentioned albuterol, but when I opened it up to check out the medication, there's both ipratropium AND albuterol in here.

Are they the same medication?
  No they're not the same medication but they do the same thing. They are both bronchodilators. The body has two nervous systems which are called the sympathetic and the parasympathetic. What one does the other undoes. The sympathetic system dilates the bronchial tubes. So albuterol stimulates these nerves to cause the bronchi to dilate.And the action is called sympathomimetic. The other system, the parasympathetic causes the bronchi to constrict. That's where ipratropium comes in. It stops the action of the constriction by being a parasympatholytic. Or it stops the action of the parasympathetic making the bronchi dilate.
So, now that that's clear as mud, that's the difference between the two and why they're often given in combination with each other.
God bless.
how can I get rid ot the tremors caused by ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate inhalation treatments?
  Tremors are the most common side effect with these meds. The tremors will pass is due time, its patient specific. Some people experience it for just a few minutes and some have them for hours. I don't know of any way to reverse them, but I do promise that they will eventually go away. If it is too bothersome for you see if your doctor will switch you to Xopenex it has fewer side effects.
What do I do if I dont have any medical insurance....?
and I need a refill on my albuterol sulfate inhalation solution and Ipratropium Bromide inhalant solution for my breathing machine?
jessica o
  If you have a major University where you live, chances are it has a Medical school where you may receive Free or low cost medical services depending on your income :-)
Richard G
taking inhalers for emphysema 1 time a day how long can I take this before lungs become imune to medicine?
taking albuterol sulfate and ipratropium bromide inhalation solutions once every morning
  Hello =)

I don't know of any data that supports the idea of a built-up tolerance to albuterol sulfate. Ipratropium bromide may fail to provide relief after a year or two, but its primary purpose, in addition to the albuterol, is to make the albuterol more tolerable to you.

Don't panic, you are using very small doses right now. They can be scaled up quite a bit before there is any real problem.

Namaste, and Happy Holidays,

will medicaid pay for albuterol & ipratropium bromide which are for copd.?
  Both Medicare & Medicaid should cover them.
can you use a steroid nasal spray in the same 24 hours period as ipratropium bromide?
this is for severe sinusitis
I've been taking a nasal steroid spray and found a bottle of the Bausch & Lomb Ipratropium bromide from a previous sinus flare us and thought perhaps I should take it too.
Are you taking ipratropium bromide by itself?
Can I take mucinex with ipratropium bromide anbd albuteral sulfate?
Ive tried to find this answer on the net for over 20 minutes getting frustrated. Havent see anything on either box.
mmm well ..thats pretty much all I know about the drugs..
  Yes! You can take mucinex with Albuterol and atrovent. Actually when Albuterol and Atrovent are mixed together, they are known as Duoneb. Those 2 meds help to open up your airways and the mucinex helps to break up the mucus. So you should have an easier time coughing up all of that mucus.
Amanda S.
accidentally used ipratropium bromide instead of albuteral sulfate?
I was coughing and wheezing very bad about half and hour ago. and as my inhaler seems to be missing i used my dads nebulizer (with permission)

in my rush to get it working i reached for a stack of boxes that said albuteral sulfate (which apparently was not)
im at least able to get the mucos out of my lungs now and im not wheezing, but will i still be ok?
i was diagnosed with asthma over the summer and im 16 (if relevant)
Jim tim
  It has the same uses.So don't worry.But it causes damage to eyes when you use too much.It' could kidney rocks.Also,if you are male,it might cause prosprate problems
hamster guy
Can I use an Ipratropium Bromide Inhaler (AKA; Atrovent/Aprovent) that expired 2 years ago?
I used to have asthma when I was a kid.. but then it disappeared in my adolescence, well almost entirely, I still may have issues with it every now and then, but it only happens rarely now.. Like tonight..

|The thing is, I used to have a Salbutamol inhaler for those occasions, but it's empty now.. and I found an Ipratropium Bromide Inhaler that my grandma gave me some years ago.. But I read on the lable that it expired in Feb 2008..

Would it be dangerous to use it? right now I don't have a way of getting Salbutamol or anything else since drug stores are closed over here at this hour...

I know 2 years of expiration is already something.. but since this is a synthetic product and it's sealed in an aluminium cylinder.. under pressure... dunno, i was guessing maybe it's still safe to use..

What's the difference between albuterol and albuterol sulfate?
I always used to get albuterol but my last prescription filled was albuterol sulfate. Is this the new form of albuterol?
  No. It's always been albuterol sulfate. Most doctors will just write "albuterol" on the prescription because pharmacists know that is albuterol sulfate.
What is Ipratropium Bromide?
Asthma drug
  Ipratropium Bromide is an anticholinergic used to prevent bronchospasm associated with chronic lung diseases. Can be prescribed for runny nose. Is related to atropine sulfate.
my 2 year old ingested albuterol sulfate inhalation solution?
My son possibly drank his sisters albuterol sulfate solution 0.083 percent what are some signs that I need to watch for and what can I do
Jennifer Jude
  No need for panic! The albuterol sulfate inhalation solution comes in prepackaged squeeze containers and doesn't hold more then a few cc's of solution. On top of that it is also diluted with a saline solution so when you squeeze it into the SVN (small volume nebulizer), the worst that will happen is that your son will get a mild case of diarrhea. The solution is meant to be inhaled yes, BUT, once the solution has been inhaled it passes through small alveoli into the bloodstream which will just give the same effect as if you drank the solution. Nothing happens to your daughter, nothing is going to happen to your son. The medication is used to treat constricted airways and help with bronchial problems, asthma, etc. If your son has none of these problems the medication will have no affect on him. The only way this would be cause for concern is if he ingested a LARGE amount or he did this on a regular basis. If you're still worried you can call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 and talk to a professional just to be on the safe side.

--- Mother of 3 & health-care professional ---

Still, keep a close eye on him in case he has a reaction since at that young of an age you are still learning about allergies to certain medications
Can a patient take Albuterol Sulfate and Advair together?
The spelling is Albuterol sulfate
  Yes .... in acute states they are prescribed together ..... the advair is a long term therapy that should be continued in the acute phase ... and the albuterol is used to address the acute airways dysfunction, generally during hospital confinement
Benzonatate & an Albuterol Sulfate Inhaler. Is it okay to use both at once?
Dosage is 100 MG for Benzonatate, The inhalor is ProAir HFA (albuterol sulfate) Inhalation Aerosol.
  I searched this site and check my nursing drug handbook and both said there was no reaction but you should ask a pharmacist or a doctor to be 100% sure.
albuterol sulfate?
can albuterol sulfate inhalation solution be inter changed with xopenex levalbuterol inhalation liquid solution
jeff o
  Yes, many people cant handle the side effects from the albuterol. jittery, shaky, increased heart rate to name a few. Also, albuterol only last around 4 hours.
Xopenex (levalbuterol) does not cause these irritating side effects (for the most part) and last around 6 hours.
They are both bronchodilators. Xopenex tends to be a little more expensive, but if you are in need of alubterol treatments every four hours, switching to xopenex would estimate to cost the same, since it is only taken every six hours.
some physicians still recommend the xopenex be taken every 4 hours if a patient is in distress.
Please only take your medication as directed.

In my opinion Xopenex is the drug of choice for people with any lung disease or disorder!
hope i helped!
DANGEROUS? - Nebulizer causing orange flame in gas heater?
My grandmother was put on a nebulizer yeaterday for a weeks use. She uses gas heat and gas stove. I notice that during and ater each nebulizer use, the heater and stove have an orange flame. After about an hour or so, it goes back to blue. Is this common? Is this normal?

MEDS mixed in cup ARE:

Albuterol Sulfate 0.083% (2.5mg)
Ipratropium Bromide 0.02% (0.5mg)

I want to know ASAP because she has another treatment tomorrow morning and if it's dangerous, I want to know tonight. We've already had 4 treatments in her house and nothing has blowed up yet, but a nebulizer is all new to us. The heater is about 15 feet from where she sits and she faces the opposite direction of it, so I assume the mist drifts through the air.



Can you long-term users help me out here?

I cannot find anything on the internet about it....I'm at a loss and worried out of my mind that this is causing her harm...


A little box that has a long plastic hose (bout 4 feet) running to a little cup that we put the meds in, then flip a switch and she breathes through a little mouth piece for about 15 minutes until meds run out.

No oxygen tank or any other machines in use.

Can't really move to different room for treatment, as she is weak from a resperatory infect. and has bad arthritus. So she chills in the recliner and we give her the treatment there.
  i have never heard of this, but since she isnt using oxygen at the time, i would say it is safe. the meds themselves are safe and shouldnt cause this at all. sounds as if it is just a coincidence, but i would have the gas heater checked out. my dads heater changes color from time to time, but im not 100% sure. just get the heater checked.
Can you take 2 Advil's and and two puffs of Albuterol Sulfate inhailor?
i am in reallyy bad pain right now
and i want to take 2 Advils and then two puffs of my inhailor.
the Advil is your regular stregth ... and my inhailor says its Albuterol Sulfate.

can i take them both.. safely?
please help im in soo much pain
J'adore les chiens
I am having trouble breathing I Took albuterol Sulfate Now there are other things happening are these normal?
I am having trouble breathing I Took albuterol Sulfate (which My Doctor Prescribed) Now there are other things happening such as, I'm Shaking, my hands and legs are shaking, and My Heart rate is increased is this normal?
  A side effect of Albuterol is increased heart rate which causes shaking. If its more than just a little bit increased it could mean you're having an over reaction. Make sure not to take more than 2 puffs every 4 hours. If you do it can increase those effects. If it gets too bad or unbearable go to your doctor or er. There are other alternatives to Albuterol for asthma and other breathing problems that don't have the heart rate increase effects.
Effects of lung inhalents on others?
I am currently using a nebulizer 3 times a day using a combination of Xopenex and Ipratropium Bromide. My wife says this stuff smells and bothers her sinus and eyes even though she may be in another room. She also says it smells. I of course don't smell anything nor does it bother me. Any one got any thoughts about this. By the way my wife has very sensitive sinus and graves disease (eye).
Jerry C
  I agree with the other contributor that you should speak to your doctor but not to switch to MDI's. If your doctor thought that you should be on them you would already be using them. If your wife is that sensitive to the exhaled medication from your nebulizer ask your doctor to work with your home care company to get you a nebulizer that has a filter so that what you exhale is blown out into the filter and not directly into the room air. We use this type in the hospital for certain medications when the patient may have TB. This should lessen the effect on your wife and therefore your marriage. Ipratropium can cause trouble for people with glucoma and graves disease. Hopefully the homecare company will be able to comply quickly. Best of luck to you.
Why isnt it ok to use Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution after the expiration date what results would occur?
What would be the internal and external results of using Albuterol Sulfate Inhalation Solution after expiration date?
Can I boil albuterol and breathe in the fumes?
I'm having an asthma/panic attack and I can find my inhaler. I've searched everywhere.
I no longer have my machine but I do have a few little tubes of albuterol. I know I'm supposed to breathe in the albuterol fog so could I put the albuterol in a pot and boil it or should I add water to it? What do I do? Please help!
  You should always have more then one inhaler,and about albuterol,I would suggest putting in a bowl with a little boiling water,then breathe in the steam with a clothe around your head and the bowl.But get medical help A.S.AP.
How long after taking pseudoephedrine can I use an inhaler? (albuterol sulfate)?
my doctor said use one or the other... im not having much luck w/ the pseudoephedrine but I want to be safe
Any help is much appreciated!
  I'm a tad confused by these directions, but it could be because of the possible cardiac side effects. They are 2 totally different drugs and they work differently.
Since the jitters and rapid heart rate don't last as long with the inhaler, I recommend using it first. About an hour later, take the pseudoephedrine and analyze how that system works for you. If you still are too jittery, ask your doctor to replace your Albuterol with Levalbuterol/Xopenex instead.
Is there a difference between epinephrine and albuterol?
Is albuterol and epinephrine the same thing? I know people abuse epinephrine to lose weight or get a speed like effect, but is it the same as albuterol, if not why do people abuse albuterol then?
  No they are not the same thing. Epinephrine is your "fight or flight" hormone. You are thinking of ephedrine (in weight loss products) Albuterol is used for people with asthma or other breathing problems. Epinephrine can help relax your airways and make it easier to breath similarly to albuterol....but they are not the same thing.
What can an overdose of albuterol do to you?
I think I may be taking too much albuterol...a lot too much. And it makes me really shaky. I feel like I'm so shaky I almost can't walk and have trouble thinking. I've read that overdoses can cause seizures and such. Is this type of thing what I am experiencing? I'm not so sure on what the dosage should be, but I seem to have breathing troubles a lot. I think half of the problems could be caused by the albuterol. Part of the problem is that my breath seems to come out as if I'm crying or trembling and my heart is racing.
I already have singulair and advair. Albuterol is my emergency inhaler, and truthfully, I take it for the buzz. I like the way it makes me feel in my head. Does this make me a druggie?
I've actually taken it 35 times in one day before.
Kali S. Loves Not You
  the normal dose for an albuterol inhaler is: 2 puffs by mouth every 4 to 6 hours. you shouldn't use it more than 6 times a day. if you are, you can o.d. on albuterol, and also, you should be on something else to help control your breathing, because albuterol isn't really supposed to be a maintenance drug, it's more of an emergency drug.

ask your doctor about something like Advair or Singulair. those drugs help keep you from having asthma attacks, and you wouldn't need to use your albuterol as much.
Elaine T
Azmacort and albuterol?
I have been on albuterol inhaler for a while and my doctor just added Azmacort to my list. I take Azmacort three times a day now: 10am, 5pm, 10pm. My question is.. do I still use my albuterol? If so when do I use it with the schedule I'm on with Azmacort?
Nessy K
  Azmacort is meant to prevent symptoms of asthma in the first place. it does not treat sudden symtoms of attack.

Thats why you still need the albuterol, aka the rescue inhaler, which Does treat acute symptoms of asthma like an attack.

The two are safe when used in combination...but everyone has an individual response to you should always be on alert for an adverse reaction when starting a new med.

After you are on the azmacort for a bit, if you are someone with mild asthma, you should notice a decreased occurance in your acute asthma attacks/symtoms and therefore, most asthmatics on a drug like azmacort do not need the albuterol as often, (i hardly ever need mine for instance once i started a maintancence drug like azmacort) They usually then use the albuterol only on an as needed basis..not on a schedule which you may have been origionally on. HOWEVER: it is very important no matter how good your asthma gets that you keep an albuterol inhaler on hand in case of an emergency!!!

Its sad that advair costs 200$ a month b/c when I have it, i have no asthma symptoms at all...but i dont have insurance right now. someday soon though ill be getting it :) GL!
Can prescription medicine be returned?
I was dealing with a cough and my doctor prescribed both Advair and ProAir HFA (albuterol) for it. I've been using the Advair and it seems to be working the more I use it (which is 2 inhales every day, morning and night). The Albuterol he said only to use it if it was needed, which it hasn't yet. The albuterol cost me around 30 bucks and I was wondering if it can be returned considering I don't think I'll need it. I got it at CVS Pharmacy and it has not been used.

  I'm not sure if the other user works at a CVS, but at my store you can return the rx if it has not been tampered with in any way (i.e. used) and if you're returning it within two weeks of purhase. At least this is what my pharmacy allows, not sure if it's through all the stores. I think it depends on the pharmacy.

Can prescription medicine be returned?
I was dealing with a cough and my doctor prescribed both Advair and ProAir HFA (albuterol) for it. I've been using the Advair and it seems to be working the more I use it (which is 2 inhales every day, morning and night). The Albuterol he said only to use it if it was needed, which it hasn't yet. The albuterol cost me around 30 bucks and I was wondering if it can be returned considering I don't think I'll need it. I got it at CVS Pharmacy and it has not been used.
  I'm not sure if the other user works at a CVS, but at my store you can return the rx if it has not been tampered with in any way (i.e. used) and if you're returning it within two weeks of purhase. At least this is what my pharmacy allows, not sure if it's through all the stores. I think it depends on the pharmacy.
What will happen to my albuterol refills?
I was just wondering, I will have 3 refills of my albuterol left by the time my one year anniversary of my dr. appointment will occur. I don't have an asthma attack every day, usually only if I'm sick already or I have been around a lot of my asthma triggers. Will those albuterol refills just expire, or can I continue to get them refilled until I run out of refills?
  I'm thinking that you may need to call the Dr.'s Office OR the Pharmacy where you got the original Rx filled...

Also, if you have been 'diagnosed' w/ asthma, you need to know your triggers, & try to avoid them....Your Dr. may also be able to put you on other inhalers, that are'nt opf the 'rescue' variety as is the Albuterol...I am on Advai, daily, & it helps me alot...just saying here....
Can Carvedilol be used in someone with COPD?
This is a case study.

The patient is a 62 y/o man complaining of decreased exercise tolerance. He suffered an MI 2 years ago for which he received PCI and a bare metal stent.. He has DM type II, COPD, and hyperlipidemia. Pertinent meds are verapamil ER 240mg daily, ISDN 30mg daily. He also takes NPH insulin for DM and albuterol and ipratropium for COPD. Also he is on aspirin 81mg daily.

His current ejection fraction is 30% and BP is 118/86. HR is 74 bpm, Scr is 1.4. BUN is 24 and Na and K are in normal limits.

I think the verapamil should be discontinued and replaced with carvedilol since it has been studied more in heart failure, but I'm worried about it affecting his COPD status. Can you tell me what suggestions you have? Please include references (or links) if you are using web resources.

Serious answers only please. Thank You!
  The correct answer seems to be yes and no.Coreg is contraindicated for asthma, however research indicates beta blockers do not have to be avoided in COPD patients.I would think Toprol xl would be the better choice to replace Verapamil.

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