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Advil liqui gels?
Just wondering if advil liqui gels are basicly the same as the origina advil. im out of advil, so are the liqui gels ok for me
bubble v
  Yes they work the same.
they just go down differently thats all.
How to take Advil Liqui-Gels???
I was wondering, how should I take Advil Liqui-gels? Do i just swallow it with water, or chew it up in my mouth first? I am kinda cautious about using them, as I have always had a phobia about pills.
Thanks for the help. I'm just gonna wait for my headache to subside...can't swallow it. lol.
  just place in the back of your mouth, and swallow with some water. Don't chew it, it doesn't taste very good, and it will be hard to get that taste out of your mouth.
Will anything happen to a Ritalin PillS if I store them in a box of advil liqui gels?
Does it have to be in one of these clear orange pill boxes because this is a problem, i don't have one so I put it in a box of advil liqui gels. I'm just worried will the pills melt or get damaged in any way?
  Nothing provided the Advil gels don't break,if they do thy can dissolve the Ritalin.Best put them in the original container, but certainly don't mix them with liquid medications
Dr.John L
Will anything happen to a Ritalin Pills if I store them in a box of advil liqui gels?
Do they have to be in one of these clear orange pill boxes because this is a problem, i don't have one so I put them in a box of advil liqui gels. I'm just worried will the pills melt or get damaged in any way?
  I don't think anything will happen to the Ritalin.
The problem is that someone could take the Ritalin thinking it's the Advil. I have quite a few empty pill bottles. If I lived near you I would let you have a few. Try to keep that bottle in a safe place so nobody will make a mistake. I hope you are doing OK. Good Luck.
Hopefully Helpful
Can I take Nyquil Cold and Flu in the evening if i took Advil Liqui-Gels this morning?
I took two advil liqui-gels at about noon today and its not about 6:35 pm. headache is gone but im feeling like i have a cold. coughing, runny nose, sneezing and congestion. last time i had a cold i took nyquil and it worked well. i just want to make sure its safe to take this now since i took some advil earlier in the day.
  Yes, Advil is ibuprofen and the ingredient in Nyquil is acetaminophen,
plus the medicines for cough, and sneezing and all that.My only warning is not to take it then try to drive or anything like that. I would take it lay back with some warm soup or tea and relax.....
Sorry you are sick!
What amount of consumption of Advil Liqui-Gels would constitute an serious overdose?
I have a fever, nausea and am quite miserable. I have taken a more heavy and regular amount of Advil Liqui-Gels than recommended on the box. How much would constitute a -serious- overdose?
  I have inflammatory arthritis so I take a medication which is the same chemical structure as Advil (Ibuprofen). From my experience, the maximum dosage you should be taking, with the authority of a doctor, is 600mg every 4 hours at the soonest, and avoid taking it until you need it if possible!

How do I take Advil Liqui-Gels?
Do I take Advil Liqui- Gels with water, and do they really help with cramps? Someone suggested that I take them for cramps.
Do I just take 1?
  Yup, take them w/ water. When I get cramps I take them and I have found they work the best to relieve my pain
Is it alright to open up an Advil Liqui-Gel and put it in a drink?
I can't take pills, especially ones as big as Liqui-gels for migraines and I need one really bad. Is it okay to put some in some flat pepsi and take it that way?
side effects of taking 8 advil liqui gels at with in 2 minutes?
i just took 8 advil my chest hurts and i have shortness of breath. it also feels like i might throw up.
whats going to happen!?!
Hailee S
  You can cause some serious stomach problems. You need to call 911 or poison control right now!!!
HELP! Strong migraine medication.?
I suffer from chronic migraines, but haven't really gotten anything prescribed to me because my mother has migraines as well. Somehow, she doesn't care if I have them or not. Anyways, I've been swallowing all different types of Advil over the past few days (Liqui-Gels, Extra Strength, regular...etc) and nothing has worked. What else should I do?

I have to be able to play tennis in about an hour and a half. I play in an academy, so we have to be alert, focused, and aggressive.

I'm wondering if zolmitriptan (Zomig) works because I have it in my house. Also, can you mix it with energy drinks because I got barely any sleep last night?

I have the nasal spay kind.
Charlotte. Legacy.
  Zomig works for some people, I had it in the nose spray's horrible and I don't recommend it. I can't remember trying it in a pill form. They have whats called MaxAlt. It's a melt away tablet and it usually works in a half hour. I personally think the imitrex shots work the best, or at least they do for me. I've tried it in a pill form and that didn't work and I also have tried the nose spray of it too, it's Absolutely discusting when it's running down the back of your throat, I mean come on your already sick to your stomach with the migraine nyway, ya know. For bad headaches (before i break out the shot) I take 3 ex strength excedrin and 2 ex strength can take it with a pop a lot of the time caffeine helps....then lay down for a half hour. If that doesn't work you need something stronger. With the excedrin and tylenol, you can't wait till you have a full blown out mmigraine take it when you start to get a headache. Good Luck!!
Amy C
and again i ask how many advil liqui gels does it take to overdose and die?
For a school project over teen suiside so dont give me that y do u want to kill yourself bla bla bla.... okay so how many would it take? and what happends to your body during the od process? and how does the body react? and feel?
  here's a thought...

why not try actually reading the label on a box of advil to figure out the active ingredients, and then looking up that active ingredient online?

you don't want people to judge you, but, you expect others to just hand you the information you need for a science project without saying a word about WHY you are demanding the information, or passing judgment on you for asking the question?

Wow... thanks for the laugh...

Sorry Bucko, you'll have to do your own leg work on this one.

get off the counch and DO SOMETHING for yourself for a change.
I found a red gel filled pill (looks exactly like a migraine Advil liqui-gel capsule) with 0145...identify?
I found it in my sons room, can anyone ID this for me so I know whether or not to worry! PS I cannot find it anywhere on the internet.
  What you most likely have there is a pill for constipation. Take a look at this article, this sounds like the pill you described.
Good luck and take care.
Travis C
Are Advil brands different in their formula?
I know Advil and Ibuprofen are the same thing. However, I've taken the same dosage of Ibuprofen as I would Advil and it had no effect. I have also done the same with Advil Liquid Gels and they too had no effect. Brown Advil tablets usually do the trick. Is there any particular reason why brown Advil only works?

PS. Please don't suggest to take Tylenol instead. It too does absolutely nothing.
Cran Juice
I found a big yellow capusl labled apap 500 in with a bunch of advil liqui-gels, what is that?
No I FOUND this pill (the big yellow one) in WITH the regular translucent aqua-marine gel caps. You all think the yellow pill is hydro-condine?
David M
  this is what wikipedia says:
The words acetaminophen and paracetamol come from the chemical names for the compound: para-acetylaminophenol and para-acetylaminophenol. The brand name Tylenol also derives from this name: para-acetylaminophenol. In some contexts, it is shortened to APAP, for N-acetyl-para-aminophenol.

so it's very likely paracetamol. i'd recommend throwing out pills that you don't know for sure.
Strong medication for migraines?
I suffer from chronic migraines, but haven't really gotten anything prescribed to me because my mother has migraines as well. Somehow, she doesn't care if I have them or not. Anyways, I've been swallowing all different types of Advil over the past few days (Liqui-Gels, Extra Strength, regular...etc) and nothing has worked.

I have to be able to play tennis in about an hour and a half. I play in an academy, so we have to be alert, focused, and aggressive.

I'm wondering if zolmitriptan (Zomig) works because I have it in my house. Also, can you mix it with energy drinks because I got barely any sleep last night?

Charlotte. Legacy.
  DO NOT take Zomig unless it was prescribed for you. Zomig is a triptan. They are known to have different effects on different people. Even though I am healthy with NO heart problems triptan stopped my heart. If I hadn't been in the emergency room when they gave it too me I would be dead!
You need to be seen by a good doctor for your migraines. Your mom obviously gets help or there would not be Zomig in your house. Insist that you see a doctor soon! The only thing I can suggest now is to drink a coke. The coke syrup may help with any nausea that often comes with a migraine and the caffeine will help the other pills, ibuprofen etc. work better.
Good Luck.
Advil Liquid Gels vs. Midol for Period?
I have always taken 2-3 Advil (or ibuprofen) every 4-5 hours when I am having my period. I get really bad cramps (so bad I get sick to my stomach and throw up on occasion). This time around I've got really bad bloating, too. My friend is getting married tomorrow and I need to get rid of the bloating.

Advil seems to help a little with it, but more with the cramps. How does Midol work in relation to Advil for Cramps and Bloating? I need the strong pain killer, but need more bloat killer (lol). Any help would be appreciated to anything else I can do.

Thank you!
  Well I use Advil, but I don't get that bloating. Never have. I'm a teen so I don't really want to buy some midol because we don't have any in the house.

I would say that your best would have to be Midol because it is especially made for period pains, cramps, bloating. It works very effectively. Sometimes Advil doesn't work for me.

Congrats for your friend. I wish her the best of luck on her big day!
Brown Eyed Girl
Possible overdose, with questions a day later?
Well, yesterday I had taken 5 Advil liqui-gels for a migraine (not a blind dosage, I have been taking advil for a long while, dr said 4 was ok, and I had previously taken many more than that without any adverse affects, so I figured I was in the clear), but then 2 hours later took some prescription pain pills (mostly just to put me to sleep). It was a stupid mistake, by that time I had completely forgotten I had taken any advil. Anyway, they were 2 Darvocet100. Didn't help me sleep any, wound up staying up too late, but woke up 2 hours after I'd fallen asleep, about 9 hours after ingesting the darvocet, and I was getting bad hot/cold flashes and having really weird dreams, but I wasn't asleep for them...I would say hallucinations, but that sounds extreme. Also had a splitting headache the whole next day, and started throwing up a couple hours after I had woken up. I was then nauseous the next day, and all of today as well. Also have been having awful digestive issues along with the nausea. Diarrhea and that fun stuff.

And here is where I know I drop even further down the IQ chart:

Went to a friend's house the day after the possible overdose incident, for a drinking party. Noticed some muscle pain, like lactic acid from exercising, but ya'know without the actual muscle work involved. Anyway, I googled that and found that dehydration can cause it (which is caused by alcohol), so that's not any huge concern of mine, just throwing it in for information's sake. Been feeling really sleepy lately too, can easily sleep for 18 hours a day, and still be tired upon waking (and not for lack of waking up. That's 18 hours despite people trying to wake me up, and the 14 alarms I set every night for myself. I don't sleep 18 hrs often, I usually drag myself out of bed after the 12 hr mark. But still, always exhausted.) But for the record, I don't believe the tiredness is due to any pill issues, and it has been lingering for quite a while now, months even. Again, for information's sake.

Just wondering if anyone can offer insight on whether or not this could be an overdose, or bad combination, or just any help you would be able to provide. And I do not need any lectures on my awful, awful pill habits and all that jazz. Drinking is a very rare occassion too, so no prolonged drinking complications are a possibility.

Please and thank you!
  It's possible that your muscle pain has been caused by extra tension that was diminished or went previously unnoticed because of the over-the-counter/painkiller use.

The hot flashes, chills and weird dreams are all common symptoms of withdrawal. It's possible that this is what you experienced.

You're tiredness and high level of fatigue/exhaustion could be totally unrelated or hand-in-hand. You might also want to check psychological disorders (such as depression) which are causing your restlessness (which is what I'm assuming you have since you took some pills to go to sleep), as well as your tiredness.

How often are you taking "downers" to rest? if it's often, your low energy could be due to a side effect of sleeping pills/muscle relaxers etc...called "morning sedation." It simply means that under the influence of these medications, once the user rises, or is awakened, they experience of marked sleepiness and fatigue caused by the body remaining in a prolog used sleep mode even when it's awake. Meaning your body isn't fully awake even after being out of bed. This can last anywhere from 20 mins to 1 1/2hrs+

If you find you are tired, frequently yawning throughout the day, and possess lack of interest in activities, you would want to refer back to my earlier suggestion of depression or even a glandular or neurological issue.
ℒust Murder
what are the effects of taking advil or adivl pm daily?
i normally take 2 tabblets of advil or advil pm everday. i always have headaches so i take advil, and most of the time i cnt sleep so i take advil pm. i try not to take advil pm if ive already taking advil earlier that day. is this bad?
  You can get addicted to sleeping pills. I know this because I used to take tylenol pm at night sometimes to help me sleep but after a while you need it to even be able to fall asleep and it sucks not being able to fall asleep.
Why isn't the Maxalt-MLT and Naproxen I take working to relieve my migraine?
I've had the same migraine for a week. I take the medications exactly how the doctor prescribed, but nothing is helping. I'm a student and mid-terms are this week. It's hard for me to concentrate and I can't live like this forever. Please help me.
I have tried Advil, Tylenol, and Excedrin. Nothing is working.
  Have you identified any of the triggers? that is paramount. Usually certain types of food, smells etc.

Identifying the trigger is the most important intervention that can be done. Assuming that doesn't work, I wouldn't take the naproxen. Look for an OTC product called Excedrin migraine (contains caffeine, aspirin and tylenol I think), the caffeine works wonders. There are some other medications that can help, but they all have side-effects:

Neurontin - very sedating
Certain anticonvulsants (seizure medications) have been shown to help, but they are last-ditch
Beta-blockers help but for young people they feel weird to be on because they lower your heart rate.
Pharmacy Student
Can I use Children's medicine? I ran out of Advil?
I have the worst migraine ever and i'm out of Advil...all i have is Children's Mortron and I can't handle this pain.. is it ok to take the children's medicine for now?
  It's NOT liver poison! Childrens MOTRIN is just an ibuprofen syrup. Advil is a ibuprofen tablet.

There is 100mg of ibuprofen in 5mL of the mortin. So for every capsule of advil u would normally take, have 10mL of the syrup. So for example if you take 2 tablets, take 20mL. Make sure you have something in your stomach though, because it can be upsetting to the stomach. If you have taken Advil before with no problems, then childrens motrin should be ok for you.

Sleeping off migraines is often good to. So take your medicine, and then try lying in a dark , quiet room. Migraines can be draining- good luck!
Menstrual Cramps??
This is kinda embarassing, but when i get my period i get EXTREMELY bad cramps, and once i even had to stay home from school because of it. I've tried Midol and it didn't work at all. I usually take Advil liquid gels, but they recently stopped working and I don't know what to do. Should i go to the doctor to get medicine? By the way, I'm only a teenager.
  Yes you should. I had the same problem for many years and my mom kept insisting that it was normal. Then I finally went to the doctor and they put me on birth control and now I have no problem at all. Tell your mom that you want to go. Birth control is the first method they try and it works wonders.
Why could I be feeling this way?
This has never happened to me before. I woke up this morning with an intense migraine. It is so intense, it hurts to blink. After taking an Excedrin migraine and an Advil Allergy Sinus, the fingers of my left hand started to feel tingly and the they went numb. After trying to work the numbness out of them, my jaw and lower lip started to feel tingly as well. The migraine is still there but the tingly feeling is gone. I'm on the Levora .15/30 28 birth control pill and I was wondering if that could have anything to do with what I'm feeling. If you know why I'm feeling this way, Please tell me. Thanks for your time and help.
This all happened in a 5 minute period. My sister felt my forehead and said it was burning and I just started to get the feeling like I'm about to throw up. Please if someone knows whats wrong with me, please let me know. Thanks for your time and help.
krystal b
  It could be the combination of Excedrin Migraine and the Advil Allergy Sinus. I would suggest to see your doctor ASAP.
Migraine: What is the cure? How do I get rid of it? Any specific medication or remedy?
I have been suffering from migraine since I was 13 years old. Back then, the migraine had been constant but did not last long and it was easy to cure with plain paracetamol.

Over the years, the migraine lessened but seem to last longer than it had been before and I have also grown immune to paracetamol thus, changed my medication to ponstan.

When ponstan stopped having effects on my migraine, a local pharmacist prescribed me with a different medication which later on lead me to the hospital because I was allergic to it.

Now, the migraine attacks are less frequent but very excrutiating everytime it strikes. My family doctor prescribed me with cafergot initially and it worked well until it too had stopped having effect on the migraine.

I have had enough with prescriptions and medications and was wondering if there is a way to get rid of it. For your info, my migraine is associated with symptoms like bleeding mucus, seeing stars and nasal pain.
For your information, whenever I take caffeine, the migraine worsen. Any other suggestions? I'm not quite keen with another medication since I'm worried there might not be any more effect on me after 2-3 months later.
Capricious Nymph
  I also had bad headaches...HAVE YOU HAD AN MRI? ARNOLD-CHIARI MALFORMATION ONLY SHOWS UP ON MRI- NOT CT. I was finally diagnosed when I was 25..had surgery, and never get the headaches like that the way, my son-8- also has this.
I've had a horrible migraine headache for about 12 hrs now, what should I do?
I've taken a ton of pain relievers (motrin 800s, Excedrine Migraine) and tried to sleep it off, but my migraine is still there! I can hardly function. Any advice on how to get rid of this? I hate migraines!
Is Fiorinal ok to take after taking Advil?
I have a splitting headache so I took some Advil . I have a prescription for Fiorinal (w/out codeine) but don't use it unless I really need it. Its been a couple of hours since I took the Advil and it's not working for me. Can I take the Fiorinal now even with the Advil in my system?
  yep go right ahead it's fine
I'm having the WORST menstrual cramps right now! Any suggestions?? Please help!?
I'm getting ready to start my period on Wednesday and I always cramp a little a couple days before up til that point. I'm on the pill so it's typically not that bad, but it started yesterday. It has gradually gotten worse and at this point the pain is horrible. I was in tears a little bit ago. Thing is, I have taken Advil liquid gels (I'm allergic to aspirin so I can't have midol). I tried a hot shower, and I have a heating pad on my stomach...
truly yours
  Hot showers do help but what i use is something u can buy at a store. Its likeeee an icy hot patch. They're in the same isle but its used for cramps. It gives you 8 hours of heat and helps A LOTTTTT. Therapudic i believe makes it. I hope it helps!
We Love You More MJ <3
migraine headaches?
I get really bad migraine headaches every 3-4 months. I am 16 years old i have got them ever since I was young. I HATE them i would rather get almost anything before a migraine headache. I get a dizzy feeling. and i just wanna lay down in the dark and complete silence. As good as that is I still cant find a cure. Does anyone know a prevention to migraine headaches, this weekend my family is comming over I can feel one about to start an I really don't want one over this weekend. Any suggestions would be wonderful. thanks.
Blake J
  Keep records of when and how often you get migraines and the triggers that cause them. Talk to your doctor about ways to prevent them or stop them once they get started. There are medications for prevention and stopping migraines.

Once you talk to your doctor here are 6 techniques which can help you prevent, even control, your migraines.
1. Identify and avoid the triggers which cause your migraines. Some of the food triggers may be:
***aged cheese
***depending on your age--alcoholic beverages, especially
red wine
***artificial sweeteners
***food additives such as nitrates found in hotdogs, bologna
and salami
***fermented, pickled or marinated foods
***cultured dairy products
***seasoned salt
***certain vegetables such as avacados, pea pods, beans
and onions
***nuts an peanut butter
***monosodium glutamate (MSG) that is used in most
processed foods as a preservative
***citrus fruits
***doughnuts and breads made with yeast
-----Missing meals or fasting can also trigger migraines-----
2. Get regular exercise warming up slowly--sudden intense
exercise can cause headaches
3. Lower your stress level through meditation, biofeedback
therapy or joining a support group
4. If you smoke--QUIT
5. Reduce the effects of estrogen if you are a woman--Talk to
your doctor about reducing or avoiding the amount of
medications your take containing estrogen; ex. birth
control pills or hormone replacement therapy.
6. Maintain a daily routine--Have regular well-balanced meals
about the same time each day and go to bed about the
same time each night, getting 7-8 hours of sleep.

Good luck. I know how debilitating migraines can be as I have had them for years along with the auras and all the symptoms that go along with them. Now they are mostly controlled with medication and knowing what can trigger them.
Country Hick
How do i know if i overdosed on advil?
i weigh 215 pounds i took 21 pills of advil and 5 doses of children's advil suspension.
i think i od last night but i want to know if damage can be done or is done already
no rude or pointless comments please!
mike myers 246
What is the maximum mg of Unisom Sleepgels that I can take in one dose?
I have insomia and I took the regular dose of 50 mg (1 soft-gels) and I did not go to sleep. I want to up the dosage up to 100 mg (2 soft-gels) so I can get some sleep; however, I also want to wake up in the morning. So, what is the max mg that is reasonable without killing myself and/or is 100 mg acceptable?
Jay D
  Read the label, that's what it's there for. Definitely do not take more than 3 doses per day. Do not use for more than 2 weeks. If you take sleeping pills often, you should probably see a doctor or search for other types of remedies like self-hypnosis or guided imagery.
M. HippocratEz

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