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Is Mupirocin Ointment used to treat yeast infections in toddlers?
My son has had reoccuring yeast infections and one of them turned into MRSA a little while back. The antibiotic ointment tube they gave me was very similar to the yeast infection cream tube they gave me. I'm not really sure which is which. When I look it up, it says it can be used for yeast infections, but it also says it's used to cure impetigo, which is a skin infection. So which is it?
yeast infections?
my doctor told me I have a yeast infection. How do people get yeast infections? Is it cleared up easily?
  You have natural yeast and bacteria in the vaginal area. Some times you can irritate that area by useing certain soaps or even wearing certain underwear. A lot of women are very succeptable to yeast infections and its really normal to get at least one. Very common. Men can also pass on yeast infections although they dont have any symptoms because their genitals are not moist like ours.
Rachel L
Yeast Infections?
Ive been looking up information about yeast infections and i have all the symptoms of a yeast infection but cannot figure out what to do to treat it. Help?
Briana G
  monistat is a great applicator that treats yeast infections, i insist taking monistat-7, one with more days to treat the infection better.
Do Monistat 3 or other OTC remedies for yeast infections actually work?
I have a yeast infection and I am miserable. I don't have health insurance and can't afford to see a doctor. Will those OTC remedies for yeast infections actually work? I heard that they can cause more burning and itching before actually helping? What has worked for you in your experience?
  I prefer Monistat 1-day treatment (it means you only have to use it once rather than 3 or 7 days). There is a potential that it will irritate you more for a day or two, but that's because it's working, and the skin of your vagina and vulva are REALLY irritated, so it makes things more uncomfortable for a day or so.

If you don't have insurance, you CAN still go to a public clinic or Planned Parenthood and get medical assistance there. Just an FYI.
Brutally Honest
Does gentian violet work for yeast infections?
I've heard it can be applied to a tampon and used for yeast infections, but it says for external use only.. hmm.. any comments?
allie m
  yes it does and you can pour it on to a tampon and insert it. also yogurt works the plain unflavored kind. you can fill up a cardboard tampon tube with the yogurt and "inject" it up there or you can freeze the tube and insert it that way...less mess.
Amber M
I get yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis at least once a year, Why?
I get a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis at least once a year sometimes I get yeast infections more often. I'm only having sex with one guy, he's been my only partner for a year and a half. I'm on depo and I think that may play a role in the reoccurring infections. Is there any causes I may be over looking?
Vonnie Babe
  you dont always get yeast infections from having sex. u get it from mostiure in ur body.

i would talk to your doctor and see what they recommand.

How can I avoid getting another infection?
Here are some things you can do to help prevent another yeast infection:
•Don't wear tight-fitting clothing or clothing made out of synthetic material.
•Wear cotton panties.
•Don't wear pantyhose or leotards every day.
•Use your blow dryer on a low, cool setting to help dry your genital area after you bathe or shower and before getting dressed.
•Wipe from front to back after using the toilet. This may help prevent the bacteria that normally live in your rectum from getting into your vagina.
•Change out of wet swimsuits or other damp clothes as soon as you can.
•Don't douche or use feminine hygiene sprays, deodorant sanitary pads or tampons.
•Also avoid using colored or perfumed toilet paper. These items seem to affect the balance of acidity in the vagina and can lead to yeast infections.
Metrogel for yeast infection,does it work?
I am suffering from a yeast infection. so i called my ob/gyn and asked them to write me a prescription for it. They prescribed me with Metrogel (metronidazole) to insert vaginally for 5 days. But everywhere I read says that this medicine will cause a yeast infection or make one worse because it only treats bacterial infections such as bv. so what do i do? does this med reallly treat yest infections?
  Metronidazole is definitely an antibiotic, I would question using it personally.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of it yourself, Ive found this site helpful.

and I know firsthand that yogurt works well.
what do recurring yeast infections have to do with diabetes ?
ok so in the past 3 months ive had 2 yeast infections and I've gone to the doctor for both. my doctor asked if diabetes ran in my family an I told her that both my grandfathers have it. my doctor said that if I keep getting these infections she's going to have to test me for diabetes. I'm kinda confused because I don't see the conection.
  Basically, yeast, which is a fungus, grows in warm, moist areas making the vagina a jackpot location for an infection. Yeast feeds off sugar so if you add high blood glucose levels, the infection will grow like wildfire. Actually, the yeast infections were what prompted me to start looking after my diabetes. I was one of those people who thought "I don't feel bad so why worry about it till I do". After living for months with almost constant yeast infections due to high blood sugar, I couldn't take it anymore. I was buying OTC treatments nearly every week and even went to the doctor for Diflucan. They would subside for a few days then it would start all over again. I am currently on insulin to control my sugar and the infection has gone away. It only takes a few minutes to have yourself checked. Why not just go ahead and do it? I can assure you, if you are diabetic and getting yeast infections they will not go away until you have your sugar under control. I had never had a yeast infection in my life before I became a diabetic.
♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥
How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?
How soon during pregnancy do you start getting yeast infections?
It been 12 days since i had intercourse so its not quite time to test yet but Im scared that i got pregnant. I have no signs but just a feeling. Is there any sign i can look for to detect pregnancy this early. I know a yeast infection is no sign but its just weird that I have one.
  I have never had a yeast infection with either of my pregnancies. I don't think the two have anything to do with each other.
How do you deal with yeast infections?
I know all about monistat and the prescription drugs (I'm one of the unlucky women that gets chronic yeast infections. I've already been to the gyn, and she said it's just something that happens). But how do you deal with the "discomfort" and everything?
  I have this same problem too! Aggh, it's so very frustrating, so I sympathize with you fully.

I started taking AZO YEAST tabs right before I get my period, which is when I usually get a yeast infection. This has helped. I also use Vagisil cream, and try to keep my bum as dry and as clean as possible by wearing a panty liner and changing it every hour or so.

I know diet can also effect the body ph, which is how yeast infections happen. Eating lots of plain yogurt with active/live cultures is helpful, as is reducing the ammount of sugar you eat when you have a yeast infection.

And get a new GYN, you should not have to "just live with this" problem.
East of Eden
Yeast infections?
Are there any home remedies to get rid of yeast infections
  You can eat yogurt but once you have an infection you are best going to the doctors for a cream. If you absolutely know it is a yeast infection you can use an OTC cream like monistat.
How do I treat and keep ear yeast infections from coming back in my dogs ears?
Male lab and he gets recurring yeast infections in his ears. The vet treats it with medicine but it always comes back.
  well keep his ears clean and without hair, you might want to cut it, and give him the ear drops every 4 days.

good luck..
Sweet Bella
What is a vitamin I can take to ward off yeast and urinary tract infections?
I seem to get yeast and urinary tract infections very easily. What is something i could get at the health food store to prevent them?? Thanks!
  Yogurt is great in attacking those nasty yeast infections. The live and active cultures in them work wonders. As for the urinary tract infections they say that Cranberry Juice works, you can get it concentrated if you don't like to drink the juice.
Does tioconazole really work for yeast infections?
I get yeast infections every now and then and don't have time for the doctor this week, so I bought some tioconazole and used it last night. Nothing is really better, but nothing is really worse either. I know it said most women don't experience complete relief the first day...but I just wanna make sure that this really is gonna work. Did you use it and did it work for you?
  Yes, tioconazole really does work to treat vaginal yeast infections. (if you have a vaginal yeast infection.)

You should notice some relief within a 2 or 3 days (Is this the one dose treatment that you bought?)
If you don't notice any improvement, then you may have a Bacterial Vaginosis infection which requires a doctor's evaluation and a prescription medication.
Would it be harmful to use Monistat if no yeast infection existed?

^(hypothetical because I'm fairly certain I do have a yeast infection, but not entirely sure. My mom's gyno told her just to buy me the stuff and bring me to see him if I have recurring yeast infections.)
  I don't think it is going to hurt you, but you should see a doctor if the monistat doesnt work because you may have a different type of infection that may need antibiotics.
Jordan H
What causes yeast infections before your period?
I had yeast infections before my period three times. What most likely caused this?
sergeant pepper
  Do they go away or stay after your period? I always feel like I have a yeast infection before every period, but the balance of natural yeast in your vagina gets thrown off before every period. If it doesn't go away after you start go to the doctor. Also wear loose fitting clothing and consume dairy products and lots of water.
Vaginal yeast infections treated with Gynazole 1?
I'm being treated for a yeast infection with Gynazole 1 cream, which is inserted into the vagina with a tampon-like applicator. About an hour later there was a frothy, white discharge in my labia and a more intense itching sensation. I don't understand how this could happen, seeing as the medication was inserted just an hour before. For those who have taken Gynazole 1 for their yeast infections, is this normal? Is it supposed to make the infection worse before it can be made better? Or is that just the cream that I see in my labia as opposed to what I assume to be infection-related discharge? What's going on?!
  It may be that the amount of medication was too much and you had some sort of reaction. I normally take something like Gynazole 3 or 7. You take those for 3 or 7 days. The dosage of medication is lower so that's why it takes longer for treatment. Some women just have reactions to the stronger dosage in Gynazole 1. Talk to your doctor about it. You still need to treat the infection. The discharge and itch are signs that you need different treatment.
How do they test for yeast infections in men?
I was wondering how they test men for yeast infections. Is it just a urine test or what?
  male yeast infections are usually on the outside of the penis, they can usually see it, but if not, they'll take a urine sample
Does anyone know a specialist in connecticut that deals with chronic vaginal infections or a vulva specialist?
I've had what one doctor told me was a yeast infection for about 2 months now that will not go away with the regular medicines. I've taken monistat 3, diflucan, and terazol 3 and it starts to go away then comes back. It feels like an itchy/burny feeling up inside that comes and goes with a thick yellow discharge. Sometimes the skin on the outside also burns and feels "raw". I've been tested for std's and other infections (BV and trich) and have tested negative for all of them and would like to see a gynecologist that specializes in chronic yeast or vagina/vulvar problems. Thanks!
  Look, any doctor can order a "Hemoglobin A One C" test (a/k/a the HA1C test) to see what your average blood sugar reading has been for the last month because you mgiht be borderline diabetic or outright diabetic.

I had a terrible yeast infection earlier this year! More than two months of prescription meds, prescription creams, you name it. I was getting sick and tired of wearing granny panties but I had to wear these white cotton things, ugh!

Turned out my blood sugar was out-of-whack and, once I got that under control, tah-dah! No more yeast infection! Now the Diflucan worked!
Miconazole treatment for yeast infections?
So i just got a yeast infection and have bought a 3-day miconazole nitrate kit to help. It says cream insertions should be done right before bed so they dont leak... I thought I'd be going to bed but now have to go out and about so how much less effective will it be if I have to go out and do things?
Is glycerin a major factor in why personal lubricants and condoms would be giving me yeast infections?
I (and my doctor) have ruled out many other factors that cause the "typical" yeast infection. Tight clothes, bathing suits, and etc. I also know it is a yeast infection and not something else. My immune system is not compromised and I am not on hormonal BC. Seeking solid knowledge that glycerin based products are causing this and others who may be sensitive to this as well. Thanks!
Great first answer!
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  That could be the issue. When I was 20 or so, my boyfriend and I used condoms and we got yeast infections.. I am still not sure if it was the lube on teh condom that caused it or not, but I try to be careful and only use Trojans now.

It sounds like you have already explored this already...but my best friend and sister in law cannot wear anything other than cotton underwear (doesn't matter if its thong or what we call "full butt" underwear) or they will get yeast infections.

Also I get them if I use any other tampons brands besides Tampax - don't know why.
How to I get rid of a recurrent yeast infection?
I have had a recurrent yeast infection for over a year now. Every time I go to the doctor she gives me Diflucan. Half the time she tells me I also have "a lil BV" so she gives me antibiotics too! Antibiotics CAUSE yeast infections. I've stopped going to the doctor because she doesn't listen to me and doesn't think it's a big deal. Well it is just ask my amazing boyfriend who has been dealing with this with me! It's never really terrible, but its just enough to mess up everything. I know that its yeast and not anything else because I've been tested for EVERYTHING. I've tried Diflucan, Monistat, Gyne-Lotrimin, Yeast clenses, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and many homopathic supplements including probiotics... NOTHING WORKS! I'm at the end of the rope and I just don't know what else to do.

The worst thing about this is that I believe my doctor caused it. I went in for my yearly and she said I had "discharge" everything seemed normal to me, but she did a test and said I had BV and a yeast infection. She prescribed me antibiotics and Diflucan. I didn't know whether or not to take them, but I heard that BV causes PID so I didn't want to take any chances. Ever since then I've been battling this yeast infection! Modern medicine is a joke. Everyone is just trying to make a buck and no one cares. I know I sound bitter, but this is ridiculous. I really just wish it would go away I'm about to have a nervous break down over freakin yeast infection.. Grrrr...
Male Yeast Infection?
Okay my doctor said I had a yeast infection last month and I took the medicines. However, I had sex with my boyfriend around that time [when i didnt know i had a yeast infection] and I think I passed it to him. I show no symptoms other than discharge and im too scared to tell him and I havent noticed anything weird on him either, but I have cream for yeast infections that I am planning on "secretly" applying it to my boyfriend without him knowing [handjobs] so I can heal him without him knowing he ever had a yeast infection [unless it healed already?] I dont know if I can make it worse but the medicine I have is called oxistat. It's unopend, but i dont know where id apply it on him. Please no smart remarks.
Also, I have noticed and have asked him if he has any weird symptoms and there isn't any. No itching, discharge, nothing. I am still scared for him though.
  One diflucan pill each will clear both yours and bf's. If bf is showing no symptoms, then he probably will be ok. If he gets yeast, it will burn when he pees and his penis will be generally sore. If he has it bot of you need to be treated at the same time, as you will pass it back and forth. Nothing to be embarassed about, it's not a std, just a risk you take having sex.
Yeast Infection Creams????-Please Help?
I was just prescribed Terazol 7 for my yeast infection. I was told to take it 3 days after my Diflucan. Will it burn me? If you have ever used any yeast infection cream, did it burn? for how long after you inserted it? How many days did the discomfort last? Thank you in advance for answering this question. I really would like to avoid the creams but the last time I took Diflucan it didn't work.
I do not have recurring yeast infections. The thing is it's really mild right now compared to what I have been through in the last two weeks. My vaginal health is basically depressing me. I have itching only after I pee. Once I use a wipe to throughly clean my vagina and anus afterwards I am fine until I pee again. If you have used Terazol can you please tell me about your experience.
I am also ending my period, I don't know if that has anything to do with anything.
The Taurus
  Terazol is better than over the counter creams in my opinion. It will burn for a day or two depending on how bad your infection is.

Try the cream on the outside to see if that works.

I have gotten yeast infections after my period before. I don't know if you're taking birth control pills, but sometimes they cause yeast infections.
Regarding yeast infection treatment, what's the difference between Miconazole and Tioconazole?
I have seen that drug stores sell miconazole and tioconazole over the counter to treat yeast infections. Is one better than the other? Thanks.
  They are chemical cousins, so they are both antifungals. But tioconazole is more effective and is a one-day therapy. It is usually more expensive than miconazole. Miconazole is a seven-day therapy, but many women fail to use it for 7 days and in many cases the infection returns.

If you can afford tioconazole, it's obviously a better choice.

Hope this helps.

Rick the Pharmacist
does miconazole nitrate cream 2 % work to heal yeast infections?
well i've never had a yeast infection before and i know that they say go to a doctor. but i dont have the money to go to a doctor. so does that stuff work to clear it up or what
and what is the percentage of me giving it to my husband?
  Number one- do not have sex while you have a yeast infection, you can easily pass it on to him. Try getting the stuff from the store, i've only had 2 yeast infections before and have used store stuff, they worked both times. If you don't notice an improvement within a few days, then see about a doctor. There are other things you can use, i've heard of women using plain yogurt but not sure about the effectiveness of that one, try googling self or home treatment of yeast infections or all natural treatments. If it doesn't improve within a few days, it may actually be a bacterial infection, not a yeast in which you would need to see a doctor for that
Nystatin and Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream USP?
I was perscribed this cream after see my doctor. She was pretty sure that I have a yeast infection. She also prescribed me some antibiotics.

How often is this medicine prescribed with yeast infections, and how does it interact with someone who has herpes simplex 2 that had a recent outbreak?
Jessica C
  You should not use this medication if you are allergic to nystatin or triamcinolone.

Before using nystatin and triamcinolone, tell your doctor if you have any type of skin infection (especially tuberculosis infection of the skin), or if you have chicken pox or herpes infection (including cold sores).
Also tell your doctor if you have diabetes. Topical steroid medicines absorbed through the skin may increase the glucose (sugar) levels in your blood or urine.
Use this medication exactly as it has been prescribed by your doctor. Do not use the medication in larger amounts or for longer than recommended. Topical steroid medicine can be absorbed through the skin, which may cause steroid side effects throughout the body.
old guy
I have developed a yeast infection while taking Cefdinir, should i stop taking the medicine?
My doctor is unavailable for me today. Yeast infections are a side effect of this medicine, but I don't know if I should cease use of the medicine.
  you should not stop any medication unless talking to your doctor first.
wait until tomorrow when the office open's, then call and ask.

you can always go to the drugstore or supermarket to get monistat (to clear the yeast infection)
I Love My Daughter <3 ♥
How fast does Terconazole work?
I have had a yeast infection for 2-3 weeks (had no clue an antibiotic could give yeast infections). My doc prescribed Terconazole to me and it is for 3 nights. My 1s dosage was last night and so far I have seen a slight difference. It is less irritated and not really burning or itching anymore. Just curious to know how long until this yest infection is completely gone and I can feel like my usually happy self again?

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