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Staph infection?
can a staph infection cause a person to develop "blood blister" like lesions. and small red dots, and also cause the inside of your mouth at the back of your cheeks to peel, like dead white skin?? Has anybody had a staph infection with similar experiences???
  Basically, if you have a staff infection (also known as flesh eating bacteria) all sorts of horrible nastey things can happen. I've had it twice and they were the most painful experiences of my life. The first time it was in my leg. My entire leg went into rigamorteous, it literally was rotting away. By the third day I couldn't walk, was sweating profusely, shaking, and having hallucinations.
It wasn't until one of my friends found me and rushed me to the emergency room that I found relief.
The docter said if I waited one more day I probably would have lost my leg. He prescirbed Cipro and it was gone a week later, that easy.
(but it did leave me with a giant hole in my leg.)
so see your dr right away.
dee d
What are the symptoms of a staph infection?
What kind of symptoms do you get? How painful is the site of the infection? How does staph look?
A Staphylococcus Aureus or staph infection?
  Like many healthy people, you probably have some Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — usually simply called staph — on your skin or in your nose or throat. Most of the time, the bacteria cause no problems or relatively minor skin infections. But staph infections can turn deadly if the bacteria burrow deeper into your body, invading your bloodstream, urinary tract, lungs and heart.

Staph infections can range from minor skin problems to food poisoning, fatal pneumonia, surgical wound infections and endocarditis, a life-threatening inflammation of your heart lining. As a result, signs and symptoms of staph infections vary widely, depending on the location and severity of the infection and on whether your illness results from direct infection with staph bacteria or from toxins the bacteria produce.

* Skin infections. Staph bacteria cause most skin infections, including boils; cellulitis, a potentially life-threatening infection that leaves skin inflamed and tender; impetigo, a rash common in young children and infants; and scalded skin syndrome, a serious, blistering condition that mainly affects newborns. Though each condition has specific features, most begin with skin redness, swelling, warmth, tenderness and sometimes fever. Some staph infections are localized; others can cover your entire body.
* Food poisoning. Signs and symptoms of staph-related food poisoning usually come on quickly — as soon as one to six hours after eating contaminated food. They include abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The illness often leaves just as suddenly as it came, and most people recover in a day or two, though the effects can be more serious and longer lasting in children and older adults.
* Toxic shock syndrome. This life-threatening condition, which has been linked to the use of certain types of tampons and less often, to skin wounds and surgery, usually develops suddenly, with a high fever, nausea and vomiting, a rash on your palms and soles that resembles sunburn, confusion, muscle aches, seizures and headache.
* Septic arthritis. Unlike rheumatoid arthritis, which may result from an overzealous immune system, or osteoarthritis, which develops after years of wear and tear on joints, septic arthritis is often caused by a staph infection. The bacteria usually target the knees, but other joints can be affected, including your ankle, hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder. You're likely to have swelling and severe pain in the affected joint, along with fever and shaking chills.

Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). In the 1970s, a particularly dangerous and drug-resistant form of staph infection called MRSA appeared in hospitals. It was one of the first bacteria to outwit common antibiotics. MRSA infections often begin as a superficial skin problem that resembles a pimple or spider bite, but which can quickly turn into a deep, painful abscess that requires surgical draining. Infections in surgical wounds cause pain, redness, swelling and sometimes draining pus.

If the bacteria spread deeper into your body, they can cause fatal infections in your bloodstream, bones, heart lining or lungs. The symptoms vary, depending on which part of your body is affected, but most infections are accompanied by fever, chills and sweats.
* Community-associated methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. (CA-MRSA). Once confined to hospitals, a new kind of MRSA is now increasingly common in the general community. Called CA-MRSA, some community-acquired strains cause skin infections or a deadly pneumonia. Signs and symptoms, which are similar to those of other types of pneumonia, include cough, shortness of breath and chest pain, but the bacteria also cause massive inflammation and destruction of lung tissue.-
Staph Infection?
If someone has a staph infection, how can it be cured? I want answers in regards to medications, and other ways as well, if any, that there might be to rid the person of the infection.

  You do not need to take drugs for Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA/VRSA infections. Resistance to antibiotics started with taking these drugs and has continued ever since.

Ask yourself a serious question: "Does it make any sense to treat a condition with classes or sub-classes of drugs, that have caused MDR (Multi-Drug-Resistant) strains of Staph. aureus to evolve?"

We treat very serious cases of Staph.aureus every day. We listen to people who have had their lives torn apart by MRSA, many of whom have been sent home to die. Doctors have administered all the drug therapies they have available...

So where do you turn when the drugs run out? Where do you go when you know that antibiotics can wipe out your immune system and leave you open to other serious infections?

There is only one site that will help you, call you, listen to you, prescribe a course of action and check up on your condition and progress. This isn't advertising, it is fact. A 100% eradication record speaks for itself.

That site is MRSA Medical...
What exactly is a staph infection and how does someone get it?
My neice has a 3 week old little girl. They took her to the hospital last night she was diagnosed with a staph infection in her eye. Is this something serious?
cheri s
Related concepts:
Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcal infections

Staph infections are very common. The bacteria look like innocent clusters of grapes under the microscope.

What is it?
Staph bacteria surround us! They are often found on the surface of healthy people’s skin. Infection occurs if they enter the skin, or enter the body through another route.

There are many species of Staph bacteria. They cause a wide variety of illnesses in children, ranging from very mild skin infections to devastating toxic shock syndrome.

Skin infections are especially common and include impetigo, conjunctivitis, cellulitis, acne, boils, styes, and infected wounds or hangnails. Staph can be associated with mild blocked tear ducts in newborns. Staph scalded skin syndrome, though, is a severe skin disease caused by Staph.

Staph can cause infections in the ears, nose, and throat. And it can cause swimmer’s ear, an infection in the ear canal.

Staph infections also occur in lymph nodes. Staph blood infections can lead to many other areas of infection including pneumonia, infective arthritis, bone infections, and even meningitis.

Staph food poisoning is one of the most common types of food poisoning.

Who gets it?
Most or all children get some form of Staph infection. Those with an underlying chronic disease, such as diabetes, or those with indwelling foreign bodies, such as shunts, catheters, or artificial joints, are at the highest risk.

Staph food poisoning comes from eating foods contaminated by Staph. Staph usually gets into the food from food handlers with infected eyes, fingers, pimples, boils, rashes, or nasal secretions. When Staph is introduced into prepared foods and not followed immediately by cooking or refrigeration, the bacteria multiply and produce a toxin that will not be destroyed by cooking. The ideal temperature for Staph to grow is about body temperature.

The most commonly affected foods are sandwiches, sliced ham, poultry, or other meats, potato salads, egg salads, salad dressings, cream-filled pastries, and custards.

What are the symptoms?
The symptoms of a Staph infection vary depending on the location and severity of the infection. (See individual conditions such as conjunctivitis or impetigo for possible symptoms. Staph may produce pus wherever it appears.

Staph food poisoning is dramatic in that it begins quickly after eating the offending food -- within 8 hours, usually within 4 hours, often within 30 minutes. Children with Staph will have sudden severe nausea, vomiting, and cramps, often accompanied by diarrhea. There is usually no significant fever, in fact the temperature often drops. And the person feels miserable!

If you’ve ever lain on the floor for several hours wishing you were dead, suddenly sick after eating a meal, Staph was a likely cause.

The rapid onset, presence of vomiting, and absence of significant fever make it possible to distinguish Staph from other sources of food poisoning. (Clostridium, for example, takes longer to make you sick and rarely includes vomiting; Salmonella also takes longer and usually includes a fever).

Is it contagious?
Staph infections can be spread from person to person by direct contact.

How long does it last?
Staph food poisoning usually lasts for a day or two. Other Staph infections have widely varying lengths.

How is it diagnosed?
Staph can be identified with cultures or other diagnostic tests of the part of the body infected. Sometimes the diagnosis is clear from the history and physical exam.

How is it treated?
Treatment depends on the location and severity of the infection. Most Staph infections require some sort of antibiotics. These might be antibiotic creams, eye drops, or oral or IV antibiotics depending on the location. These must be chosen carefully, as many Staph are resistant to many antibiotic
How long does a staph infection stay on an item?
My sister-in-law has been in the hospital for a staph infection. I let her use my portable DVD player and some DVDs while she is in there. I want to know how long before I can touch them without getting an infection from touching my stuff and what precautions I should take.

I have crohn's and am on a large amount of meds that lower my immune system. I can't afford to get sicker than I already am.
  This is a difficult one - given you medical history and your sister-in-law's staph infection (possibly MRSA) I'd get a new DVD player and DVDs. You could also risk just washing your hands well with soap and water after you touch the player but its better to be on the safe side.
William D
What is the timeline for a staph infection?
Is it possible to have a low-level staph infection for years that only partially heals but comes back from time to time? Its always in the same spot and has been going on for atleast a year, maybe 2. Is it easy for a dermatologist to tell if that is what it is?
  It is possible if this is MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) because you have become a carrier and if you took antibiotics, it never completed killed all the germs. Your family doctor can take care of this for you. There is no need to incur an expensive dermatologist visit. In order to tell exactly what this is, they would have to open the wound and take a culture of it.
How can I naturally cure a staph infection?
I recently noticed a boil on my inner thigh and did some research. I think it may be a minor staph infection. What is the best way to cure it?
  my husband gets them once every month or two. The first few he treated on his own. Usually the boil will go away without antibiotics though i dont recommend it. They can be very painful and can get large in size. The best thing to do is clean it and bandage it twice a day (or more) the main thing is you want it to come to a head and drain out as much of the puss as possible. Heat compresses help this. A wet washcloth with a hot water bottle on top is what we used. my husband's dr told him to put Bacitracin cream (over the counter) on it and in his nose twice a day( keep rubbing it in your nose for 14 days). And to use Dial (antibacterial) soap or bodywash everyday. that helps keep staph from coming back. Going to the dr will help it go away faster. Staph can make you very sick, my husband had a fever and felt awful for a few days, so i would go to the dr if that is an option. I know that some people do not have insurance. my husband does not have insurance but the medicine that his dr prescribed when he finally went was Bactrim which is $4 dollars @ walmart. hope this helps.
What is the difference between MRSA and a regular Staph infection?
I know MRSA is an avanced form of staph infection,but how can you tell MRSA from a regular Staph infection?
  You can't tell by just looking at it.

In order to know, doctors need to do a 'culture' and 'sensitivity'. The 'sensitivity' shows what is sensitive (WILL kill the bacteria) and what's resistant (what WON'T kill the bacteria).

When ALL penicillins are resistant, it is MRSA. Methicillin isn't even used anymore, but it's still called Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. Confusing, I know!

Basically, if the staph is resistant to OXACILLIN, it's MRSA. If it's sensitive to oxacillin, it's regular old staph aureus.

Bottom line, doctors don't know if it's MRSA or not without the oxacillin information.

Hope that helps!
STAPH infection?
my dad sister and i get staph infections easily.ive had a problem with staph infections for the past year and almost had to get my arm amputated because it was so bad. my dad has have to been in the hospital for a couple days and almost had to get his hand amputated.
ive gotten a few here and there thats opped then went away, and its been a couple months since i had one.
but now i have one in my leg thats horrible.
it wont pop(ive tried to) and i cant walk cause of the pressure building up and i cant stop crying!
i dont know what to do.
  1st thing get some alcohol (rubbing)
2nd thing get a sewing needle and a razor blade
3rd thing get some gauze and a clean wrap
4th heat up the needle and dip the razor blade in the alcohol
5th shank the center of the infection until it begins to bleed
6th slice the infection with the razor just a little until it bleeds
7th clean up the area as you do all of this with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide
8th dab the area with the wet gauze
put on a layer of first aid cream and then apply the wrap fairly tight
continue to keep an eye on it.
And continue to follow steps above to keep the infection at bay ok
How long does a staph infection rash take to clear up?
My 12 month old son has a staph infection, he has been on anti-bs for 4 days and his rash still is not clearing up. How long does it usually take?
  it usually takes about a week i had it a couple of months ago and srry for your kid
staph infection?
i have developed a very painful bump on my inner thigh after a really hot day. it formed 4 days ago and started out looking like a pimple. but now it's bigger, red, and very painful. it feels like it has a little knot underneath the skin and the area around the bump is red too. after i got out of the shower today, i barely touched it and puss came out. i plan on going to the doc by sunday if it doesn't get better, but i don't know if i'm overeacting? it's really painful, my whole upper thigh is starting to throb! could this be a staph infection?
  Yes! It is probably a staph infection. The staph germ is everywhere. I got one when I nicked myself shaving underneath my arms. It can spread very, very easily. Go to the doctor immediately. Some staph infections are getting drug-resistant.
Ariel 128
Need help about staph..very depressed...?
Hi i am 28 yr old male...I have staph infection in my scalp for about 5 yrs now. first it spread all over my scalp and now to my beard..I havent fallen sick in a major way (from some of the news reports that I read and i dont know how I got it) but I am very tired of having this infection around. There are just so many sores on my head and they are painful all the time. I cant work properly and cant study either, because Im in pain. Plus Im worried I will spread this to other people (you can only wash your hands so many times). I have gone to 6 dermatologists, 5 of them put me on tetracycline, but everytime I was done with my oral course, the infection would come back with a vengeance. The 6th doc put me on muciprocin, omicef and clindamycin, which helped for a month (it was the happiest month of my life), and these sores are back again....Im very depressed. I heard there is a new antibiotic called that any good? Please help. Thanks
Nick B
  Medical experts are repeatedly reporting that staphylococcus, a common bacteria that causes infections is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. Penicillin is now nearly useless against staph...overuse of the drug has fuelled resistance, a process in which the rapidly evolving "bug" simply learns how to evade the drug's fire-power. The Centers for Disease Control indicate that more costly and more powerful antiobiotics are having to be used to "battle bugs". In 2003, the American Journal of Gastroenterology published an entire supplemental issue dedicated to the use of probiotics in disease treatment. This journal, along with many other studies provide evidence of the health benefits of probiotics, some of which include: resistance to viral infections, prevention of treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, resistance to urinary tract and bladder infections, reduction of colon cancer, etc. According to Frank Painter, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine, probiotics appear to work through a variety of mechanisms, from decreasing pathogen adherence to the intestinal wall to stimulating the systemic immune response. Dr. Painter recommends Optiflora to ALL of his patients, from infants to seniors.

This two-product system uses new technology to protect beneficial microflora during the rigors of shipping, storage, and the acidic journey through your stomach. This system includes Probiotic (Bifidus & Acidophilus...microflora) + Prebiotic ( source for microflora). Patented guaranteed delivery of 500 million microflora to intestines.

Hope this is helpful and feel free to contact me for the website.
Help!I have a staph infection that keeps returning,?
Okay,it all started 3 months ago when I had a boil/pimple/insect bite like thing on my lower back. It was swollen and red and painful. I tried home remedies but to no avail and by 3 or 4 days it had swollen about 7inches length and 4 inches wide which then my mother finally agreed to take me to the doctor. The doctor lanced it and cut about a 10-12 cm cavity in my back to which it was to drain the infection out.For the next few weeks everything was going well,healing like it was suppose to. Then I started getting the open bumps thing around my cut. A trip back to the doctor confirmed these had staph in them. I went back on my medication and it seemed as soon as I got off the reappeared.This happened 3 times. Then most recently I just got off my medication and 5 days or so later I found a swollen abscess on my back.It wasn't that bad,but it looked a lot like my first staph infection did before it grew. I went to the hospital got it lanced and so far its been fine.But I don't understand why this stuff keeps on coming back.Its not MRSA just normal staph and I've been on all types of medication:bactrim,hibiclens,doxycycline,phenogen(for nausa from the other meds), and currently I'm on clindamycin,mupirocin, and phisohex. I was wondering if anyone else knew what may be causing it to return or if my doctors are overlooking something. Plus I am sick of being on these meds. Help is appreciated.
Well my medication only lasts for 10 days and it does seem to clear up. At one points its been cleared up for a couple of weeks and it returns still. And the doctor I went to said he didn't know what to do next.
Also, I don't swim at public pools (or any for that matter) nor do I go to gyms and locker rooms,all the hot spot places to catch staph.
Well the first original staph I've had is completely closed up after 2 months of packing it and draining it, so I don't have to worry about that and the last one I had I had it lanced before it got big and the cut was very little so they didn't pack it. And my parents sanitize everything like my clothes,bedsheets,bathtub etc.
  When a doctor does not know what to do next, I call another Doctor to get a second opinion. Most people do not know this, but you do not need a referral, ask your Mother to call someone else. Also these things have to be packed with gauze to drain and heal from the inside out, who ever changes that packing should wear latex gloves and be very sterile, usually you can call a member of the ambulance crew to do the packing.they usually do it for free. You should have your sheets changed very often, and try not to touch the places that are draining. Staph is very hard to get rid of. And letting it get to 7 by 4 inches is what let it get such a hold on you. Sorry about that and I bet your Mom is too. Good Luck
It sounds like you are doing everything right, the bedclothes, sanitized is very important., as are towels and if they sanitize efverything you are going to lick this, it just takes time. It's very resistand to antibiotics.
altabax for staph infection ok after expiration?
i hav had staph infections about 4 times and have looked it up extremly well but i seem to have staph again and i have an old thing of altabax. it expired at the end of 2008 nov 2008 to be exact is it ok if instead of going to the doctor to get a new perscription and waste $400 if i cud just use the slightly expired tube... i have watched the staph grow over the past few weeks and have noticed the bloody and white/tan puss in it when it poped. please respond immeadiately
is it gona work if i use it?
will it cause any bad reactions/side effects?
i am not allergic to it.
and dont tell me to call the doctor to ask please i have already thought of that but hes on vacation for the next week and i need this cleaned up now. THANKS ATON!!!!!!!!
i will post over the next few days how it goes if i am approved
if it doesnt get better in 3 days i will go but im usin the cream i guess its not to the painful stage yet i think it is still not fully developed yet and it is localized (not spreading) anywhere so i think im good for now but keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ino it can kill and all but i figure since iv had it so many times my body will know how to fight it enough with the altabax i hope
well ill no in 2 or 3 days maybe in the morning
thankyou... very informing clock good work
  Hi Mason,

Thank you for looking after yourself. Altabax is an ointment for topical application. It is used for the treatment skin infections, specifically impetigo. It is an antibiotic that works by killing bacteria that cause impetigo.

Using an expired product is not recommended. However, having said that doing something about it is better than not doing anything.

Somehow the price you have quoted is extremely. You could do a little shopping around. A tube should not cost you more than $100.00

My recommendation is that you see your doctor again because the nature of the infection could have changed. You state that a bloody white/tan puss is in it. This lesion is no longer confined to the skin. Please see a doctor.
Chronic abscess and/or staph infection! What to do?
Over the last 2 years, every 1 to 3 months, I get these boils that hurt insanely and lasts a week or two. It usually drains out a disgusting white pus. I had a doctor do a culture of it once and said it was staph infection. I took antibiotics when it showed up again, but it still shows up every few months. I'm afraid that either my room is has some unhealthy substance or I might have some kind of immune disorder. I think the second one is unlikely.
I'm currently taking Ciloxan for my eye, due to another abscess has grown near the tear ducts. Please help me, I frikin hate this crap! (Hurts a lot too)
Sumycin is a antibiotic.
I just want to know what might be the cause of this and the probability of my doctor's diagnosis is actually false.
I occasionally use very powerful exfoliating face washing cream, but still not that often. I have tried at least 3 or 4 kinds of antibiotics...
Eh ok good enough.
It jsut hurts, and bad appearance... but it doesn't matter. People don't care how I look.
Elton C
How many milligrams of amoxil should be taken with staph infection?
Landy Vines
  Unless it's prescribed by a doctor (and it isn't, because then you'd know the dosage) you should NEVER take antibiotics. If you take the wrong dose or the wrong antibiotic, you run the risk of ending up with a more virulent type of infection that can't be treated. That's where MRSA came from.

kitty in the sink
How long can a staph infection last with treatment of Septra DS. (Bactrim)?
  CA-MRSA has a greater spectrum of antimicrobial susceptibility, including to sulfa drugs, tetracyclines, and clindamycin.
gangadharan nair
Can I have any beer at all while taking Rifampin?
I'm 22 years old and have to take Rifampin for 10 days for a Staph infection. It says don't drink alcohol, but would one beer hurt that much?
I'm 22 years old and have to take Rifampin for 10 days for a Staph infection. It says don't drink alcohol, but would one beer hurt that much? I'm asking cause I don't see one beer hurting my liver that much.
  Avoid alcohol while taking isoniazid and rifampin. Alcohol will increase the risk of damage to your liver during treatment with this medication.
will clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream treat a staph infection of the skin?
will clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream treat a staph infection of the skin?
  Staph infections are caused by bacterial and clitrimazole is an anti-fungal cream and betamethasone dipropionate is to help with itching and inflamation so I would say no.
Traci H
after heart surgery my husband got coag negative staph what is this?
He developed an infection under the sternum and had to have surgery again to remove the copper wiring and scrape the bones and remove infected tissue. What is this infection? He is now on the antibiotic cubicin 4mg. How did he get this?
how much does Bactroban nasal gel cost?
have a prescription but not sure how much it is or if I can afford it. am already on oral antibiotics and have antibacterial gauze packing. i was told it "could" possibly help keep me from getting reinfected (but for how long? and at what monetary cost?) I have no insurance
I have been prescribed the medicine because of a staph infection. I believe it is supposed to keep them from reoccurring.

Can staph infections cause an allergy to neosporin or polysporin?
My husband and I have both recently had staph infections and (this time) both been to the dermatologist for them. My dermatologist told me to use polysporin for mine, and then surrounding areas started getting itchy. When I went back, he told me I was allergic to polysporin and therefore also allergic to neosporin. My husband used polysporin and neosporin on his at different times, and the dermatologist told him he was now allergic to neosporin because of what happened. Both of us have used neosporin all of our lives. Why are we both suddenly allergic to it? Could the staph that is probably living in us, and may have been for 2 years, (till we can get rid of it permanently) have caused us to become allergic to polysporin/neosporin? Also, is there any chance that we're not permanently allergic to polysporin/neosporin?
  See your doctor on this one. Doesn't sound plausible to me, though.
Sgt Little Keefe
My child has MRSA...the Dr. isn't calling me back!?
My 2 1/2 yo daughter has had Staph. infection on her bottom and thighs 4 or 5 times, yesterday it was finally diagnosed as MRSA (antibiotic resistant form). They still gave her an oral antibiotic (Septra) and a cream Altabax. Anyway, now she seems worse. One spot on her thigh has a half dollar size area that is red, hot, and so painful she can't walk. This spot was just like the others yesterday. I know the ER is what most people suggest, but with this infection I am scared to do that. I think the reason she got it in the first place is from the hospital (she has an autoimmune disorder and hospitalized a few times per year). The Dr. isn't calling me!?
Mom of 4
  I am very sorry to hear your daughter is so sick. I would suggest you take her to the emergency room.
Let them know immediately what has been happening to your daughter. You may end up having her put in hospital for awhile.You say she already has a autoimmune disorder and having MRSA is not good for people with this illness-I have Lupus, so I know how this will affect your young child. Do not be afraid to get her to the E.R, that is where she needs to be. I would also suggest you have a discussion with your daughters doctor to find out why he is not returning your phone calls and it might be time to find a doctor who is more competent. And is able to call you back when you call him/her, especially since your daughter"s health is already compromised.
Best of luck to you and your family.
How long does it take for Bactrim to expire?
I have a bottle of Bactrim I had filled on June 26th, 2009 but there's not an expiration date on it that I can find... I heard antibiotics take around a year to expire, but I was wondering whether or not I can take them still...
It's a staph infection. I'm prone to getting them and I have one currently. I've had these enough to know when it's flared up. I'm not over using antibiotics, I just need to know if I can take these meds.
  Why would you take it? How do you know you have a bacterial infection without visiting a doctor? Please don't overuse antibiotics/use with without a prescription, it will cause resistance, and you will be sorry when you really need it.
How do I tell the difference between mrsa and a diaper rash?
My Little girl was hit by a car and in a body cast for a month. Recently we discovered that she developed mrsa (staph infection). My little boy has alway got diaper rashs. I was just wondering if I should worry about the bumps on his butt or if it is just another diaper rash. I have been really careful my kids don't take baths together and I was everything after she done using it. Can someone please help?
  When someone has a staph infection. it is usually either one maybe a couple bumps that look like pimples. like white heads. if they look like that and they have a black dot in the middle and it hurts him very badly like if you were to touch it, it hurts then he has staph if not then its prob just another rash. just in case though I would disinfect the tub everytime their done taking a bath.
How long will bactrim stay in my system?
I was told about a week ago that I had MRSA. I have already been on bactrim (one pill, twice daily) for 6 days then had to begin taking 2 pills, twice a day. The staph infection itself is much better but I broke out with an allergic reaction to the bactrim. How long will it take for the bactrim to leave my system and for the rash to go away?
  Bactrim should clear your system in 3-4 days. The rash normally takes about 5 days to go away.
Do I have a staph infection?
I had ACL surgery 3 weeks ago. Things were going great with recovery. Then, 5 days ago my calf swelled up pretty bad and got very warm. Two days later it was still swollen and I had a fever and chills.

The next day I went to the hospital. They ruled out any blood clots and gave me Ancef via IV. They also gave me a prescription for cephalexin, suggesting I had cellulitis in my leg.

I started taking the cephalexin yesterday and about the same time I started I noticed these little red pimples all over my neck, face, and body. They itch and some of them have a red dot in the center. I don't have a fever anymore but I still get chills sometimes. The calf is still swollen but not as bad.
My doctors think it is an allergy to the medicine. But couldn't this also be a staff infection that got into my blood stream???
  If you are really concerned that it is staph go get tested for it, for your own peace of mind if nothing else. As for the pimples and itchiness it could be a reaction or side effect of your medicine.
Chicken in Black
Staph infection or allergic reaction?? Please help!?
I had ACL surgery 3 weeks ago. Things were going great with recovery. Then, 5 days ago my calf swelled up pretty bad and got very warm. Two days later it was still swollen and I had a fever and chills.
The next day I went to the hospital. They ruled out any blood clots and gave me Ancef via IV. They also gave me a prescription for cephalexin, suggesting I had cellulitis in my leg.
I started taking the cephalexin yesterday and about the same time I started I noticed these little red pimples all over my neck, face, and body. They itch and some of them have a red dot in the center. I don't have a fever anymore but I still get chills sometimes. The calf is still swollen but not as bad.
My doctors think it is an allergy to the medicine. But couldn't this also be a staff infection that got into my blood stream???
  It is more than likely an allergic reaction to the antibiotic. Staph can and does get into the blood stream. BUT these people are extremely sick. Temperature over 102, elevated heart rate, low blood pressure. These people are very ill, and are usually in intensive care. They are not walking around on their own.
Can Mupirocin be used for recurrent boils?
My mom has been getting boils on her underarm and one coming back and forth on her rear end. Her sister gave her the Mupirocin that she received from her doctor from when her daughter had a Staph infection on her thigh. Can she use it for her boils that keep coming back or is it not a very good idea because it might or would not work to cure her boils?
  Your mother needs to see a doctor right away. Look up "Boils" on the internet to see what it says about them & what to use. Your mom then needs to see a doctor.

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TheJenT: @tommiebutler no they think its staph infection
nat_whit14: @GoGod10 staph infection.
primetimeparry: Id like to thank staph infection for fucking up my life. Two thumbs up.
MyLuv4Robsten: @HeyKourt ya since it was his first offense. My bro has a serious staph infection that is poisioning his blood.
KaironJohn: @PrettiBoiC staph infection in my wrist post surgery
LedgeDancer: My dog has a staph bacteria infection, anyone ever dealt with this? Would love some guidance.