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My wife suffered an extreme case of shingles two years ago. Can she receive the shingles vaccination?
Her bout with shingles occured two years ago, but she still has what is called postheretic neuralga. Is there any reason why she can't be vaccinated against shingles to lower the risk that she'll experience a full-blown shingles attack again?
Don W
  Yes, vaccination may be given after a bout of shingles and may reduce the risk of another attack.
What should one do after being exposed to shingles?
A few days ago, I visited my grandparents, then I found out that my grandma has shingles, yesterday. While I did not touch her, I am an amateur magician and did a coin trick for her and she DID touch my coin that I brought with me to do the magic trick with. Could I get shingles from that and if so, what would the symptoms be? As of right now, I'm feeling okay, so is there a chance that I won't come down with shingles at all?
Paranormal Princess
  Shingles is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox, so if you've already had chicken pox and are otherwise in good health, you are unlikely to get shingles.
Meg E
Shingles............? ?
Can you have a shingles outbreak more than once, and where all can you get a shingles outbreak. Can it happen anywhere on your body. And please only for sure answers. I want to know from people who have had it or know people who have. I have already read all the websites so please dont tell me what they say or give me a site... Thanx.
  shingles, which are caused by the herpes virus can occur anywhere on the body... and while very rare, can occur more than once.
How long before someone is diagnosed with Shingles are they contagious?
Ok I've looked here and on the net but no one seems to know what the incubation stage is on Shingles. Someone I know was diagnosed today with Shingles and the doctor didn't say how long she was contagious....I worry about my mother in law because she was with this person last week and the MIL is not in a healthy state as it is. Thank you in advance!
  Shingles is not contagious. A person with Shingles can pass the virus to individuals who have never had Chicken Pox,but these individuals will develope chicken pox, not Shingles. Shingles occurs, only when the virus that caused Chicken Pox,which has stayed in the body for many years becomes active again. If your MIL had Chicken Pox when she was young, then you need not to worry.
How does Shingles affect the human body?
I am a college student and recently have been diagnosed with shingles. I have always had a week immune system, thus getting shingles at the age of 18 didn't surprise me. I have the usual symptoms, like the rashes, the itching and burning sensation on the side. However, this morning I started to vomit blood. At first it looked like dark brown cloths, with some bright red blood here and there. Is this normal? Do I have to worry?
  I know most of the antiviral medications, commonly prescribed to treat shingles, list vomiting as a side effect (as do opioids and anticonvulsants). However, I haven't heard of these medications causing blood in the vomit. It would probably be a good idea to check with your doctor about this.

If it happened after you were prescribed something, you may be having some kind of adverse reaction to the medication.
Robert Horn
I've been hit by shingles pretty hard, first time I have had them.

anyone have any tips on how to ease the pain??
  capsasian (sp?) cream. I always spell that wrong. I'm pretty sure that's one of the treatments, at least for the pain after you have shingles and it sticks around. You should really talk to a doctor though, and he could give you something for the pain, and to help with the infection.

If you know anyone else at risk of getting them you should reccomend they get the vaccine so they dont have to go threw what you are right now
kelly d
Shingles vaccine question?
As I've already posted, I have had shingles for 14 days now, on my face. It's better, but my eye has been affected and has 2 lesions inside the eye. I'm on Econopred 4 x's a day and my eye lid is burning at times and itching, and I awakened at 2:00 a.m. with terrible eyebrow itching--this was the first place the shingles began. I have a call in to my eye doctor to see if I need to be seen. My eye has ached and around the outside, it has hurt alot at times. ONly icebags help then. Can I still get the Shinkles vaccine when this is all over, so I don't get this again. I understand it's available now for folks over 60. thanks. yanksgirl
  Shingles is caused by varicella zoster virus, like chicken pox however -- it occurs as a REACTIVATION of the virus, usuallly many years after the chicken pox attack. The good thing is it is milder than chicken pox, tho can be very painful in some cases - especially around the eyes, and it si more localized while chicken pox is very generalized. While there is a chicken pox vaccine to prevent getting chicken pox, or to get at most only a very mild form of the disease, the vaccine will not prevent you from getting shingles. The varicella zoster virus sits in the nerves and can get reactivated at any time -especially if you are immunocompromised ie your immunity levels go down. The virus itself is a 'live vaccine' which means it injects a latent form of the virus into you so your body produces an immune response and the next time you are infected by the virus you wont manifest the disease as your body will come out with a strong immune response and protect you. But the vaccine will not protect you from the virus getting reactivated -in fact, even if you have already had the vaccnine, you can still get just shingles even if you are protected from chicken pox.
There is no definite cure for shinglesm, but you can use antivirals like acyclovir to reduce the severity of shingles attacks and symptomatic treatment including painkillers.,
When can you no longer give shingles to others?
I have had Shingles for about 3 weeks. The blisters are gone and most of the scabs are healed over. Am I still contagious to others and if so for how long?
Nancy K
  once you have scabs, as long as nothing is leaving the scab area (fluids) then it isn't contagious.
what is the difference between genital shingles and herpes? and how can you tell the diference ?
from what i can find shingles and herpes seem to be identical ? the only difference i can find is that herpes is transmitted sexually and shingles comes from chicknpox. but i cant find a way to tell genital shingles from herpes ?
  Hi! Genital shingles and genital herpes just come from different strains of the herpes virus.

Chicken pox is the herpes zoster virus and once you have the infection it remains dormant in your body...usually attaching itself to nerve can return in the form of shingles and it causes an outbreak of painful blisters that runs along the nerve...this is what makes it so painful and tingly. So it is possible for the outbreak to occur anywhere you have nerves...basically anywhere on your body. If you have an outbreak in the genital area it will be diagnosed as genital shingles. It is not sexual transmitted.

Genital herpes is the herpes simplex type2 is contagious in the blister and crusting over phase and is incurable. It lies dormant in the system and outbreaks can and often do would get Zovirax treatment from your doctor or GUM clinic to make recurring outbreaks less painful and ferocious.

Herpes simplex type1 is the cold sore virus...which also recurs.

Hope this helps! :-)
Can you help me with information about Shingles?
It started with a 2" triangle shaped itchy, red area. No pimples. I began to get an achey, burning sensation in my left shoulder blade. I went to my chiropractor and he said it looked like shingles. He wasn't sure. The small triangle wasn't healing. A tingling began in the skin over my left breast and then sharp little pains. No further outbreak of a rash. At night the pain is worse. During the day it is not so bad, just uncomfortable. I went to a dermatologist and she said it looked like shingles. She gave me a prescription for Olux and Valtrex. This is my third day with the meds. Have you ever heard of shingles acting the way mine do? How long do you think it will take for the pain to go away? Does this mean I will have nerve damage? Thanks for the opportunity to ask questions about this.
  Certainly sounds like shingles to me. The Valtrex is ok, but it is anti-viral, not a pain med. Amitriptyline (unless contraindicated) is a great medicine to stop or reduce shingle pain. It is inexpensive and sedating. It is actually an antidepressant, but it helps reduce pain in shingles. It is rare that permanent damage will occur. It would be wise to stay away from pregnant women as the herpes virus could be contagious. A person with shingles can pass the virus to individuals who have never had chickenpox, but these individuals will develop chickenpox not shingles. A person with chickenpox cannot communicate shingles to someone else.
Hey Y
How long is shingles contagious on objects?
Someone in my office has shingles, and I have never had chicken pox. I know that I can contract chicken pox via direct contact with the rash of the person with shingles. What I'm wondering is how long the virus will last on objects. She's gone today, but I have to do her filing, and I noticed her scratching her blisters a lot yesterday. How long can the virus live on her papers, door handles, etc?
  The incubation period is two weeks, so the symptoms won't show.
Also, your face looks like a butt.
Can you get chickenpox from someone who just received the shingles vaccine?
My husband and I are visiting my mother in-law next week. We just found out that she received the shingles vaccine this past weekend. We are supposed to stay with her at her house for the next two weeks and neither my husband or I have had chickenpox. Can we get the chickenpox if we stay with her or be around her? Should I be looking at staying at a hotel now?
Seeking Answers
  According to the shingles vaccine package insert, "Transmission of vaccine virus may occur rarely between vaccinees and susceptible contacts."

There's a good chance you're already immune to chickenpox, though. I thought I had never had it, but I got a blood test that showed full immunity.
What happens if someone has shingles and it goes untreated for a long time?
According to my mom and a family friend who is a doctor, I think I have shingles. If it is not treated for a long time, will anything bad happen?
i'm 17, have had the chicken pox and the vaccine for it, a weak immune system, and costocondritus. The family friend doesnt know it's me. My mom had it a long time ago and it just went away. My mom said its the same thing. I have it on and around my knee. The part about the nerves and pain stuff...If someone does something to hurt me, I can't tolerate the pain, but (and i know this might sound awful, but i dno how else to put it) if it's self inflicted, I can tolerate it more. I naturally have a high tolerance of pain.
  Shingles usually goes away on its own. It only causes serious problems in people who have suppressed immune systems or when it affects the facial nerves. These are rare.

The vaccine can be helpful in preventing it from returning, but it's not very useful in treating a current attack.
shingles on the scalp?
front center of my hair line and about 2" back I have it and yet has it spread any further. I went to the doctor, and was told it was Seborrhea and was prescribed Temovate, next day I had to see the doctor for something else and he saw my scalp and did REALLY looked into it compared to the other doctor and said it was shingles, and now I take Acyclovir 800mg 5x a day, I am taking it every 4-5 hours.

I am 30 years of age, and I don't know how I got this, 4 months ago I had a full blood test for general health and everything came back good I was told except that I have high cholesterol.

Now that I know what it is, scared to touch it now cause being on my scalp it is close to my eye but it is not on my forehead, ALSO I told the doctor that I never had the chicken pox, I don't remember and my parents said I never had them, but the doctor said you did at some point, might have been very mild but you had them so I just went along with what he said.

using a baby shampoo for my hair and I keep lotion on it, not sure if the lotion is a good idea or not, I also have aloavera too so tell me what do I do, I tend to be stressed a lot but I don't feel the stress that much, aside from that how did I get it, is it rare or somewhat common that someone 30 gets shingles and the only area it appears is on my scalp.

Thanks for any information, I need to calm my nerves cause it really freaks me out.

Also for the first couple day's I kept messing with it, hard not to, burns and itches so bad and I would squeeze on some areas of the rash and all this clear gel like liquid would come up, what look like to be coming out of the pores and when you would wipe it with a tissue it would be clear and not yellowish at all.
John Murdock
  "I am 30 years of age, and I don't know how I got this, 4 months ago I had a full blood test for general health and everything came back good I was told except that I have high cholesterol." -- Okay, your age has little to do with it. If this is herpes zoster, then you DID have chicken pox at some point in your life. And, true, it may have been a mild or subclinical case in which case no one would have taken much notice. Of course all your tests came back good. No one was testing for varicella-zoster virus antibodies.

Don't use lotion or any other OTC cream/lotion/ointment unless approved by your doctor although you CAN use Calamine lotion. It's no longer rare for some one your age to have herpes zoster. Less common, yes, but even children can develop this condition. Whether or not you "feel" the stress, your body does. Don't ever forget that every time you scratch or pick at the rash, you put yourself at risk for a secondary bacterial infection and this can delay the healing of the rash. Keep that in mind when it doesn't go away. Another thing to keep in mind is that h. zoster can result in hair loss through a condition known as cicatricial alopecia. Scarring caused by the rash destroys stem cells in hair follicles that create new hair growth. The destruction of these cells prevents hair regeneration, resulting in permanent hair loss. Scratching or scraping at the rash can increase your chances of scarring alopecia.

An h. zoster outbreak shows up along the path of a spinal nerve and can appear on any part of the body. It usually appears on the trunk but certainly can appear on the neck, face, eyelid, or scalp. Yes, there are cervical nerves on the scalp and they are the spinal nerves that originate from the cervical spine. Hence, the name cervical nerves.

A clean washcloth soaked in ice water can be used as a compress to help with the burning & itching or you can use an ice pack covered with a towel. The baby shampoo is the right idea. Use tepid water, never hot water, and be gentle.

The virus in inside your nerve tissue. You can't transmit it to your eyes. It doesn't work the same way as herpes simplex virus, even though these are both herpesviruses. The fluid you squeezed out from the blisters is teeming with varicella-zoster virus. Be very careful how you dispose of used tissue and be sure to wash your hands well after touching the blisters. You can transmit varicella-zoster to others who haven't had chicken pox or been vaccinated. The whole outbreak cycle can take from 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish.
what kind of eye infections warrants the use of TobraDex?
is it something i need to be particularly vigilant against contracting... i.e. shingles or what not?
what's your question?
  Eye medication is not ordered based on the "kind" of eye infection but based on the "causitive" agent. That means it is based on the type of bacteria, virus or injury that caused the eye infection. What works for one eye infection, will not necessarily work for another.

This particular medication is for a bacterial infection and also contains a corticosteroid to alleviate swelling. I have no idea what eye condition you had that you received this medication so you would need to contact your doctor for more information. While I might know what a medication is for, other than major routine meds, nurses do not learn what specific diseases they are ordered for...after all, we don't order the meds, the doctor does.

P.S. Shingles is viral so this is definitely not for shingles. That doesn't mean you can't have an eye infection at the same time as shingles with the eye infection being unrelated.
my husband is taking duricef for his shingles can it make you sick to your stomach?
  What are the possible side effects of cefadroxil?
Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.
Call your doctor at once if you have any of these serious side effects:

■diarrhea that is watery or bloody;
■severe blistering, peeling, and red skin rash;
■fever, chills, sore throat, flu symptoms;
■unusual bleeding or bruising;
■seizure (black-out or convulsions); or
■nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes).
Less serious side effects may include:

■mild nausea, upset stomach;
■joint pain; or
■vaginal itching or discharge.
Side effects other than those listed here may also occur. Talk to your doctor about any side effect that seems unusual or that is especially bothersome

I currently have shingles. I am taking 500mg of famvir 2 a day.?
Can i work out or should i rest instead? I feel more tired than usually
Attn Nurses Help with CT?
I need help with a critical thinking exercise. Its my first year in nursing school: 67 y/o man admitted for dehydration. Has a recent hx. of shingles. On steroids x10d and is in the recuperating stage. Skin is very dry, oral temp is 100.4 His urine is very dk.amber and WBC's is 13,000mm.
Dr.s Orders are: IV D5% NS at 100cc/hr,
1gm of Ancef Q 8hr,
bld cults x2,
tylenol/rectum Q 4hr for temp> 101.4po
I have to prioritize and give rationale, this is what I THINK 1st I would give pt IV b/c of dehydration
2nd bld cults to see if he has an infection
3rd ONLY If he did I would give him antibiotic
4th Only if he had a temp >101.4 would I give Tylenol. Is this correct. My instructor said today in class that giving antibiotics when there is no infection present is not good b/c it decreases the bodies normal immunity to fight infection. What would you do.
Also what would make him susceptible for getting infection? I know one reason is b/c of the shingles and low grade fever, and maybe WBC count.
long term steroid use can make you susceptible to infection >3 mo
*sexy mocha*
  You have to give him the antibiotic because it's a dr. orders. That's not your call. You always give the med unless you think there would be something detrimental (too high dose, dangerous interaction, contraindication, etc.), then you'd call him. Yes, antibiotics are overused in general, but in this case he is seriously ill enough to get admitted, his white cells are up and temp is up, all showing poss infection. Oh, and having the shingles (a virus) shows that his immune system is already compromised.

You can give a possible rationale for the dr ordering the blood cultures, but you don't choose if it is done or not. AND it will show the type, if any, bacterial infection so that the dr. can be sure he is getting the best antibiotic for that particular bacteria.

Correct on the Tylenol.

The dehydration is the highest priority. Being low on fluids makes the blood more concentrated and might explain the high WBC and could even be a factor in the fever.

Good luck in your studies.


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