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How soon would I have an allergic reaction to Diflucan after taking it?
I had a very bad localized allergic reaction to some of the external yeast infection cream that I used (severe swelling and inflamation of the area). I just took Diflucan a little bit ago and now I am worried that I might have an adverse reaction to this as well since it could be in the same family of medication as the one I was allergic to. How long would it take for me to have a severe reaction if I were going to have one? I just want to know at what point I am safe.
Amy G
  First if you used one of the two OTC creams it is not in the same family.
Second if you are going to have a reaction to it the reaction should show up from 45 minutes to 4 hours.
Good Luck
Royce Ann M
Anyone know of anyone who had a severe allergic reaction after drinking a mixed drink called a yegerbomb?
My brother consumed 2 shots of jagermeister mixed with the energy drink roaring lion and had a severe allergic reaction to something in it he is currently in the intensive care unit on a breathing machine and i was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who also had an allergic reaction to this drink my brothers symptoms started as a rash all over his body and eventually his throat closed on him any help would be greatly appreciated
  sounds like he got a bad case of the hives.
i never heard of anyone having an allergic reaction, but it doesn't surprise me. has he ever drank jager before? has he ever had roaring lion before? one of them caused the reaction.
i've also hear that energy drinks mixed with alcohol are very dangerous for your liver and can cause some kind of toxic shock.
Has anybody had an allergic reaction to yaz? How long did it take to show up?
I just started yaz today, and i'm allergic to NSAID and sulfa based drugs, so i'm super careful with meds b/c i've had several severe allergic reactions to NSAIDS, I have an epipen, but if i hadn't i probably wouldn't have survived. So now i freak out every time i take a new med, so anybody had an allergic reaction to yaz? How long did it take to show up? Thanks for all ur answers!
  My sister had an allergic reaction the same day she started taking it.
Is it ok to stay home from work because a severe allergic reaction on my legs?
Because of a on the job accident, I received a tetanus shot which I had an allergic reaction to. The reaction has now spread to my legs... I know its not contagious but my legs are swollen and itchy!
  It sure is.
All you do is call off and say you are sick.
Whats the Emergency Room Treatment for a severe allergic reaction?
If someone is having a severe allergic reaction to something (anaphylaxis) what do they administer to them in a hospital or emergency room? I know for self treatment you can get an epi-pen or epinephrine (adreneline) but what is it in Hospitals?
  The first priority in the emergency department is to protect the airway (breathing) and maintain adequate blood pressure.

The emergency team will make sure that your airway is open and that you are getting adequate oxygen.

* Oxygen may be given through tubes into the nose or by face mask.

* In severe respiratory distress, mechanical ventilation may be required. In this situation, a tube is placed via the mouth into the air passages to keep the airway open. The tube is connected to a ventilator ( providing oxygen directly into the lung )

* In rare cases, a simple surgery is performed to open an airway.

If blood pressure is dangerously low, medication to increase blood pressure will be given.

* An intravenous (IV) catheter may be inserted

* This is used to give saline solution to help boost blood pressure.

* The IV line may also be used to give medication.

You may need to be admitted to the hospital for further monitoring and treatment.

* Epinephrine – Given in severe allergic reactions, epinephrine is extremely effective and fast–acting; it acts by constricting blood vessels, which increases blood pressure, and widening the airway. Epinephrine is given by injection into the muscle, through an IV line, or by injection under the skin.

* H1–receptor blockers/antihistamines – Usually diphenhydramine (Benadryl); these drugs do not stop the reaction but relieve some of the symptoms. They may be given by IV, by injection in the muscle, or by mouth

* Inhaled beta–agonists (albuterol) – Used to treat bronchospasm (spasms in the lung) and dilate the airways; inhaled

* H2–receptor blockers – Usually cimetidine (Tagamet); given by IV or by mouth

* Corticosteroids (examples are prednisone, Solu–Medrol) – These drugs help decrease the severity and recurrence of symptoms; may be given orally, injected in muscle, or by IV line

* If low blood pressure does not improve, additional medications, such as dopamine, may be given.
How common is it to have severe allergic reaction to the mri dye? what are the common symptoms?
I have food allergies, and chemical allergies. I need to have an mri scan with dye, ok to request scan with out dye, wise to go ahead with mri and risk having severe allergic reaction?
  I think the prior two answerers are confusing MRI contrast with CT contrast. They are completely different. Most people will experience a metallic taste in their mouth and a very warm hot, flushed feeling, upon injection of the contrast used for CT scanning. Some people will experience nausea, hives and, rarely, vomiting.

BUT, in over 10 years of MRI scanning, I have never seen a patient have an allergic reaction to Gadolinium, the contrast used in MRI scanning. There is no iodine used in Gad.

Can you have a MRI and refuse the Gadolinium? Sure you can. Are you sure that your scan requires this injection. Many types of MRIs are done without the contrast (knees, spines, shoulders for example).

Your best bet is to talk to your MRI technologist and even the radiologist, prior to your scan. They should be able to answer your questions and then you will have adequate information which to base your decision on....
What kind of testing is needed after a severe allergic reaction to a prescription medication?
My daughter was given the wrong medication by our pharmacy. Which caused a severe allergic reaction(Rash). I'm trying to find out what other testing needs to be done to ensure that no other problems were caused by this medication.
  If you know the name of the medication and take her to an allergist, they can test her (whether it is patch, scratch or intradermal testing) for the group of medications that would include the medication she has taken. Just because there is a reaction to one drug, doesn't mean that there aren't other medications of the same nature that wouldn't do the same thing.

Ex: I am allergic to Solarcaine (for sunburns), I was patch tested and found out I am also allergic to Novocain as well.
Is there anything to help severe allergic reaction to hair removal cream?
I have really sensitive skin and for some reason stupidly used Sally Hansen's Hair Removal cream. I'm having a severe allergic reaction, it itches and hurts and my (white) skin is now almost purple. I've taken some Prednisone that i got last time i had a really bad reaction to poison ivy since this is so similar, but it's old and not doing any good. i also tried aloe but it's not any better. i cant go to the doctor because i dont have insurance.
Does anyone have a suggestion? Antihistamines? Even something natural like putting some kind of food on the skin??
btw this is the second day but seems worse today. i only kept it on for about 5 minutes then took a shower. boy i dont know what they put in there but i dont recommend it to anyone!! :(
  OK some people have suggested that you put lotions and Vaseline on your legs. Please take my advice and don't the reason why is because Vaseline and lotions are like putting a thermal blanket over your skin particularly Vaseline it does not allow your skin to breath which is what your skin needs. You more then likely have a chemical burn from the product. When people think of burns they generally think of blisters and contacting a source of heat which is not always the case. You need to take a shower to make sure that you get all of the product off of your legs and allow nature to take its course. If they don't get better in a few days or get worse I hate to say it but you might have to visit the doctor.
Amy T
Zocor and Zetia for Cholesterol - Have you had an allergic reaction? What prescription did you change to?
Many years ago, I had a pretty severe allergic reaction to Zocor. I am afraid to take any statins now. My doctor says I really need to lower the Cholesterol - maybe try Zetia. Has anyone had a reaction to a statin and had to try another prescription?
  I had a painful reaction when taking Lipitor, Changed to Zocor... did not feel right either.
My Dr then prescribed Vytoryn.. and 2 months into it had a very scary reaction in not being able to lift my hands.
stopped immediately and now I am just taken Zetia...( not a statin) it has worked for me.
good luck,
Diet and exercise and oatmeal are still the best...though
has anyone ever heard of a bad reaction to solu_medrol?
I was treated at the local ER for a severe allergic reation to this Benadyrl/prednisone combo. I vomited and lost control of my continece and bowels when this was given to me intraveinously. The nurse siad that there was no way it was caused by the combo IV push?? I am just wondering if this is common and what to do if I have another allergic reaction and need Emergency care again for it?
  Call your pharmacist. They are so smart and helpful, and usually know more about medications than many doctors!

If you need a 24-hour pharmacist, just look up "Pharmacies" in the Yellow Pages. They have lots of ads.

Good luck to you! :}
In an emergency situation where a child has a severe allergic reaction could you get caught in a legal..?
In an emergency situation where a child has a severe allergic reaction could you get caught in a legal battle if you inject the child with the epi-pen and the child does not do this themselves? I heard that you are to assist the child by having the child hold your hand as you inject the epi pen or by having the child hold your arm, etc. Does anyone know anything about this? From a legal or non-legal standpoint?

Also, is this the precaution in case something goes wrong and the reaction cannont be stopped? What about the Good Samaritan Act or Law?

I know that if my child were having a severe reaction I would care if my child attempted to injected it themselves and they weren't at an age where they could use it properly (Like a three year old). At that point I believe someone else who could read directions and know what they were doing would be more suitable to use it.

Even so, any comments are welcome.
I work at a children's day camp and I asked this question on here because during training this issue was brought up. We were constantly told that if we did administser the medication we should always ASSIST and say that we ASSISTED the child, no matter what age..though I think saying you assisted a three year old with an epi pen seems a little odd and irrational since that would mean that a three year old took part in administering a shot of epinephrine..
  I am an EMT and as an EMT we are to assist adults with an epi pen. As for children, it is going to depend on the age of the child. It also depends on how you are related to the child. If you have had training in the signs and symptoms for that child's reaction.
The best thing to do is to call 911 when you suspect an allergic reaction. Even if you give the child the epi pen they are still going to need to go to the hospital. Always make sure you have someone call the parents. It depends on what state you are in and how the laws and protocols are written for EMS.
Best thing is to make sure you are educated on recognizing the signs of anaphlatic shock.
Can a severe allergic reaction cause urine to be cloudy for a while?
Can a severe case of allergic contact dermatitis (from allergy to tea tree oil) cause the urine to be cloudy for awhile until the Histamine levels return to normal?

I am hoping a doctor or nurse or other medical professional will read this and be able to help.

  If you had an allergic reaction to something you swallowed you would have more dramatic symptoms. I don't know all of the reasons a persons urine is cloudy but if your doctor isn't worried, I wouldn't either. Drinking orange juice can make your urine cloudy but it doesn't hurt anything.
22 month old suddenly suffering from severe allergic reaction to food?
My daughter in the last week has begun to suffer from severe allergic reactions (hives, compromised airway) after eating flour, grapes, and milk. She processed this stuff before, but I must now carry benadryl everywhere we go..... Does anyone know of any allergist in Illinois that might be willing to test her.
I have been told that they can only test on three year olds and above. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  That is not true. They will test on younger children but not if you call directly. Most allergist want a referral from your doctor. Not many will see young kids without it. The test is simple. It is done as a blood test or a prick test. They are both easy. If you speak to your doctor he should be able to fix you up with what you need. My daughter has alleries to food if it contacts her skin but she can eat it as long as it doesn't sit on her skin. If it gets on her skin she gets big bubble blisters and rash. Good luck.
Allergic reaction to Tindamax or new Serta mattress?
Okay so I am breaking out in severe hives all over my body which are extremely itchy. The allergist prescribed Prednisone to help but it's not really helping much. I am also taking Allegra to try an help. I stopped taking Tindamax on Friday which was my last dose but I also got a new mattress on Saturday. The hives started Sunday and have been getting worse since. I don't know if the hives are from my new mattress (which is in a zipped allergy cover since I an allergic to dust mites) or a delayed allergic reaction to Tindamax. Any ideas??
  I'll share my experience with Allegra. Allegra helped with my allergies, but the side effects were very bad, after first 10 days, symptoms got even worse, no appetite, severe anxiety trouble concentrating, severe neck/back pain, dizziness, nausea and abdominal pain, stop taking allegra after finding this web site, after one day headache and dizziness went away, 2nd day nausea and abdominal pain gone, able to eat. still having some back pain, do anyone have any idea how long before back pain go? I will look for something else for my allergies. Side effects: after 10 days, nausea, abdominal pain, dry mouth, decrease in appetite, dizziness, neck pain, back pain, anxiety, depression. I purchase Allegra through reputable they've been very reliable so far. Check this FDA link about Allegra|FDAgov-Consumers|FDAgov-WarningLetters-ICECI|FDAgov-ImportAlerts-Industry|FDAgov-MedWatch-Safety|FDAgov-Section-Drugs&output=xml_no_dtd&proxystylesheet=FDAgov&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&as_q=allegra&num=20&btnG=Search&as_epq=&as_oq=&as_eq=&restrictBox=FDAgov-Recalls-Safety&restrictBox=FDAgov-Consumers&restrictBox=Medwatch&restrictBox=FDAgov-WarningLetters-ICECI&restrictBox=FDAgov-ImportAlerts-Industry&restrictBox=FDAgov-Section-Drugs&lr=&as_ft=i&as_filetype=&as_occt=any&as_dt=i&as_sitesearch=&sort=date
Hope i helped.
Pip Reddding
If I got an allergic reaction from Cephalexin, does that mean I am also allergic to Penicillin?
I was taking Cephalexin for an infection I had. After a few days I developed a bad all over body itchiness. They said it was an allergic reaction. I know if you are allergic to certain antibiotic, you are also allergic to others. Because I am allergic to Cephalexin, does that mean I'm allergic to any other ones, like Penicillin?
  I often run into patients with a penicillin allergy. There's about a 10% chance of him/her reacting to a drug of the cephalexin class. I've never really thought about it the other way around.

Since you had what sounds like a classic allergic reaction to cephalexin, I'd avoid penicillin if possible just to be safe.
Would soybean oil be the most concentrated form of soy?
Reason I ask... I think I might be allergic to soy. I have had a mild reaction to soy milk, but yesterday I had a severe reaction to some dishes that had a lot of soybean oil.
  Generally, allergies can worsen with each exposure and that may be what happened to you. Soy milk would contain much more allergens than the oil, but you reacted more severely to the oil.

In many cases of allergies (shellfish is an excellent example), each time the person eats the substance they are allergic to, the reaction intensifies because their body creates antibodies against the substance. This is the primary cause of anaphylaxis, which is a condition that can cause the throat and airways to swell, preventing the individual from breathing.

Please read ALL ingredients before consuming anything and be sure to see your physician as soon as possible to determine if you are allergic to soy! He/she may wish to prescribe an EPI (epinephrine) pen for emergency use if the allergy is bad enough.
What can I do to cure my severe allergic reaction to pet dander?
My boyfriends son just got a cat for his birthday and I am severly allergic with my asthma...I spend 90% of my time over there and now I can't even walk in the door. I've tried zyrtec and benadryl..I don't know what to do and not sure I can afford allergy shots. Please help me with any suggestions you might have. Thank you so much!!
  Well the only way that the allergic reaction is going to cease is absense of the cat. You cannot cure yourself of an allergy (oh how people wish they could). If you are allergic to something, no medicine is going to help keep you from being allergic. Your only options are to stop going over there or rid of the cat.
does factive 320 mg have sulfur in it?
My doctor thinks I had an allergic reaction to Factive and that is why I'm broken out in a severe rash. I need to know what ingredients are in it so that I will know what I'm allergic to.
  Factive does not directly contain sulfur. It does however, have a sulfur derivative in it though. Factive is gemifloxacin, which is available as a mesylate salt. The mesylate salt is the part that contains the sulfur derivative. With that said, if you are allergic to sulfur, sulfa drugs, sulfonimides, or sulfates, there is the possibility that you may have a reaction just as severe as an allergic reaction to sulfur. However, Factive has a primary complaint of skin rashes. This may be either an adverse reaction or an allergic reaction (drug doesn't agree with your body versus something in the drug causes extreme histamine release in the body thereby creating an allergic reaction). In either case, the medication should be stopped and one should seek medical care promptly. This medication is a quinolone, to be exact, a fluoroquinolone antibacterial drug. If you are allergic to one drug in this category, you are at a higher risk of being allergic to the rest of the drugs in the same category. The rest of the ingredients in this drug are all inactive and do not play a role in the medication's reactions on the body. However, it is possible to be allergic to the inactive ingredients. I'm going to quote this from the actual manufacturer (LG Life Sciences/Oscient Pharmaceuticals) prescribing information packaging..."inactive ingredients are crospovidone, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethylene glycol, povidone, and titanium dioxide." I hope this information helps you out.
Allergic reaction to pre washed produce.?
This evening, I had an allergic reaction to some "pre washed" corn from the supermarket. I doubt I have a corn allergy, since I consume a large amount of corn products and have never had any problem of this sort before. My mother had an allergic reaction to some "pre washed" snow peas about a year ago, and we were thinking if we might possibly be allergic to whatever is used to "pre wash" produce. I have no food allergies, although I am allergic to mamal dander (cats, dogs, rats, mice, guinea pigs, etc.), dust and dust mites, grass, tree, and weed pollen, as well as octocrylene, a chemical found in some sunscreens. I have to take allergy medication all the time, so that might explain not having had a prior reaction. If anyone has any information about this sort of allergy, or an idea of what i might be allergic to, I would be appreciative.
Megan M
  It could be one of the chemical additives, but it also could be traces of another food on the surface of the "pre-washed" produce. It's likely not any animal dander since there are laws that would keep animals pretty far away from produce that is being prepared for sale.
I had an anaphylactic reaction a few years ago and was wondering what others who had a severe allergic reaction experienced? What did you react to? How long did it take after consuming/coming in contact with your reactor for reaction? and most importantly, have you had a second anaphylactic reaction to a different source after your first?

I've been interested anaphylaxis ever since my reaction a few years ago. Coming that close to death really changed my life. I'm just curious about other's experiences.
I don't need to know what anaphylaxis I experienced it first hand. I was wondering about personal experiences.
Alexa K
  I had it a few years ago. The itching began in my palms, then in the soles of my feet, then the roof of my mouth. Then my lips swelled and eyeballs itch. After that I passed out. It all happened in a few minutes. It was after eating nuts.
What caused my allergic reaction?
I think it was a south beach diet on the go drink packet. But i have never had an allergic reaction before until now. What could have been in it that i have never had before that could cause a reaction? The ingredients are inulin, whey protein isolate, citric acid, aspartame, maltodextrin, Lessthan 2% of natural flavor, soy lecithin, calcium carbonate, sodium and potassium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, silicon dioxide, dimethylpolysiloxane, Red 40.
The reaction started making my arms and legs turn red and start itching.
Please help
  There is no way to answer this for you because unless you are skin tested for each of these chemicals individually, there is no way of knowing what caused the problem. For any allergic reaction, benadryl is the drug of choice for 2-3 days until all of the symptoms are gone. And, avoiding the product that gave you the hives in the first place.
If You Have Rapid Heart Rate and Severe Tremors From Citanest?
at the dental office, what is the dentists supposed to do?

What if they do nothing and just look at you while you are having severe tremors and rapid heart rate and heat pains and palpitations across the chest? It's a severe reaction......... HELP!

Allergic to Bactrim, amoxicillin IVP, and hydrocholorithiazaide........ HELP
Born Valentine's Day
  They should at least monitor the vital signs and if needed, call 911.
How long does it take for penicillin to get out of your system?
I am in the midst of an allergic reaction to penicillin, and I would like to know when this will go away. I took 1,000 milligrams a day for four days, and noticed the allergic reaction yesterday. I have not taken any penicillin since Thursday night, but I still have the hives and itching. I've been taking Benadryl like crazy. When will the penicillin get out of my system and the reaction pass?
miss elaineous
  Penicillin has a pretty short half life (the time it takes for the amount in your body to be reduced by half) of about 1 hour. After 5 half-lives, ~95 percent of the drug should be eliminated by your kidneys. Some forms of penicillin such as amoxicillin may remain slightly longer in the body until eliminated.

Basically after a day if not re-dosed it should be out of your system. However the allergic reaction may last longer due to the histamine which still remains in the skin released by your white blood cells which view penicillin as a foreign substance. That's why the hives and itching can continue even though you've stopped the penicillin.

Keep taking the Benadryl™ and if you are still bothered by Monday your doctor could prescribe an oral steroid. Topical hydrocortisone cream can be used on more severely affected areas to help relieve some of the itching.
Is it possible i could get an allergic reaction from Baclofen if i was allergic to Klonopin?
I had a breakout in skin rash from a Klonopin (10mg) pill i had taken recently. It took quite awhile for the rash to go away and still slightly itches. Is there any way that because i'm allergic to Klonopin, that i will be allergic or have the same reaction to the Baclofen tablet (10mg) i will be taking soon? I really don't want to go through that rash again. Thanks.
  the two arent related in how they work. as to what they put in the pill...thats another story. you know how some cakes have eggs in them, and some are made without eggs? well if youre allergic to eggs, thats something you will want to know.

same with pills. i would ask your pharmacist if the two are chemically related. my hunch says no, but called the pharmacy and ask.

oh, and when you call the pharmacy, ask to speak to a pharmacist, not a tech.
An-Atomy ∞RIP∞ The Rev
What are the signs of an allergic reaction to Azithromycin?
Our daughter has taken 3 doses of Azithromycin after being diagnosed with strep. I've noticed that her tonsils are still swollen more so than when the diagnosis was made. I have a doctors appt today for her. Is this swelling normal or an allergic reaction? She does have an allergy to penicillin.
  i dont think she is having allergy to azithromycin, but it is only due strep infection.
Azithro allergy is quite rare, but can present with itchy rash. It is the most common presentation.
allergic reaction to amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium in infants>???
my daughter was prescribed it and i think she is allergic to it she's 14months old..what are some symtoms of possible side effects of an allergic reations?
Can pitocin produce an allergic reaction?
Can the drug pitocin - used to induce and augment labor cause an allergic reaction?
  Any drug can cause an allergic reaction. I am allergic to Heparin, a common anticoagulant, it is one of the first things they push through an IV to keep it flowing. It is deadly to me, but harmless to billions of other people.
It all depends on one's body and if it sees the drug/allergen as foreign, and not benign and attacks it.
amanda the creek
Allergic reaction to Ketalar?
I underwent (minor) surgery when I was 6. The anesthetic they used was Ketalar. When I woke up after the surgery, I remember I vomited many many times that day. Later, my parents told me that I had had a serious allergic reaction to Ketalar, and went into shock and that they had to revive me during surgery... Apparently I'm lucky to be alive :)

Is such a reaction possible with Ketalar? I looked it up, all I could find was minor reactions like rashes and stuff...

AND... is Ketalar still in use today (I'm 26)? if so, where and how?

Thanks for your help.

  sounds like you should always list the med as an allergy and not take any chances. the anesthiesiologist will discern which med will work for the next surgery. just because you didn't read your exact reaction in the PDR, doesn't mean that it didn't happen.
nancy jo
If I'm allergic to Lamicil, do I have higher chances to being allergic to Sporanox or Diflucan?
I have a toenail infection that I wish I could get rid of. I tried Lamacil and I developed a skin rash all over my back, so the doctor recommended I stop taking it. I then asked about taking Sporanox or Diflucan as an alternative but she said that since I had an allergic reaction to Lamacil that my chances are higher of having an allergic reaction to Sporanox or Diflucan and that it may even be worse. Is she correct or just trying to discourage me from taking these medications because of costs? (HMO)
  sounds like she is looking out for your best interest , you better listen to her on it and if you feel she isn't right , call your local pharmacist
mom of 4
Can you scare someone who is having an allergic reaction to produce epinephrine?
If you scared someone enough, would they produce enough epinephrine (from the "fight or flight" response) to treat their allergic reaction and open up their airways?
Bob J
  Likely not. Even if it was possible, you'd have to keep it up until they got to the hospital.

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