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Sleeping with post traumatic stress disorder how can I help?
My boyfriend has post traumatic stress disorder from being abused as a child by his mother and father. He relives the moments as he sleeps, constantly twitching and moving. What is the best way for me to help him wake up without harming him or myself?
  has he asked you to wake him up? is he having nightmares?

my husband had PTSD after his tour in iraq, and he wanted me to wake him because often he was having nightmares. sadly, when i would wake him he often would be so confused he would slip right back into sleep and the dream. there were a few times when i tried to wake him he lunged at me (never hurting me). i found the best way was to touch his arm very gently (but firmly) and to say his name very lovingly. if he didn't wake, i would start to rub his arm slowly but with pressure. there were a few nights when he didn't wake, but this seemed to soothe him to stop twitching or calling out.

the thing that helped the MOST was therapy. google EMDR and tell your boyfriend about it. it is a simple method that used in therapy helps you to process faster and more completely the things you need to work through. he would have to find a psychologist who is trained and who uses EMDR.

it actually helped my husband to have his diagnosis of PTSD removed.
lighting goddess
How does post traumatic stress disorder effect war veterans?
i have to write a paper on post traumatic stress disorder, and how it impacts iraq and vietnam veterans. so i really nee some help looking for articles, and some ideas,okay so please help me out guys
  well first off, everyone can get post traumatic stress from anything, its all mental, and i have it to be honest. Its not something you can control and its not something that is left unnoticed. You often catch yourself going through random flashbacks of a stressful situation. like I've noticed that when Im playing a video game, doesnt matter which game, but i was playing it and all of a sudden i was thinking about the stressful time that caused the post traumatic stress. and its like you re-live it temporarily, but some time had gone by because i had died on my game and my little sister had come in and asked me what i was doing. it causes bad dreams and makes you want to not sleep. depending on how bad it is. it just overall isnt something that is tolerable for very long
What's the difference between bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder?
If you read my questions I post, you can tell that it's post traumatic stress disorder. Don't tell me you diagosis, but what the difference is, please.
I go through mad abuse.
Tanya S
  Bipolar disorder is a bio-chemically caused mental disorder that often results in episodes of mania and dpression in varied degrees of length and intensity...altho it hasn't been proven it tends to run in families therefore there may be a genetic connection...

Post-traumatic stress disorder is the result of an event or situation that the sufferer has experienced, lived thru...etc.
It is not genetic in is in response to an emotionally traumatic experience.....

racing thoughts.....insomnia....reduced inhibitions....rapid speech...thoughts that everthing is interconnected such as seeing obscure 'patterns' when patterns to things and situations are not there...promiscuity.....outrageous spending sprees.....these are some of the symptoms of can progress into halucinations and paranoia if not treated......
The Original GarnetGlitter
Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder more common in a certain age group?
Is there an age when you are more prone to developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? and why?
  These is not really an established age group where post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) develops. PTSD can develop at any age, including childhood, but research has shown that the median age of onset is around 23 years.

Researches have found that it is more common in migraine sufferers and during adulthood.

However there are certain events where people are more prone to developing PTSD. Whether someone reacts to an event with a post-traumatic stress disorder is largely dependent on the severity of the event, or stressor, itself. Sexual assault, for one, is more likely to produce PTSD than other horrible experiences. The disorder also frequently occurs after violent personal assaults such as rape, mugging, or domestic violence; terrorism; natural or human-caused disasters; and accidents.

For example, some studies have found that PTSD develops in about:

1 in 5 fire-fighters.
1 in 3 teenager survivors of car crashes.
1 in 2 female rape victims.
2 in 3 prisoners of war.

Hope this helps! :)
How to deal with post traumatic stress disorder?
Is there a way to deal/cure post traumatic stress disorder myself? I don't have any money or insurance to talk to a lets say counselor, nor do I really think that going to a shrink would be a good idea. I read online and am sure I have PTSD and I know exactly what caused it. There's no way to avoid situations that trigger memories. I can't lock myself up all day/night. What can I do? Are there any free support groups?
  You can get some useful information from:

All the best
What are some vietnam movies/other works that show post traumatic stress disorder in soldiers?
I need some work/ art to compare with actual accounts of post traumatic stress disorder. Does anyone have any good movies/ or other works that I can use.

Thank you.
jo j
  Rambo - First Blood. It is an older movie, but it shows first hand what that stress can do to you and what happens when it overwhelms you.
How do I know if I have post traumatic stress disorder?
I've researched my "ailments" and think I have self diagnosed my self with post traumatic stress disorder, how would I know for sure?
  If there been any trauma in your life that brothers you all the time
Can post traumatic stress disorder lead to suicide?
I'm writing a story. Can post traumatic stress disorder lead to suicide? And if so, what would one act like shortly before the suicide?
The cause of the PTSD for the character is seeing the love of his life brutally murdered in front of him.
Noodles Macintire
  There is evidence that traumatic events such as sexual abuse, combat trauma, rape, and domestic violence generally increase a person’s suicide risk. Multiple factors contribute to suicide risk in veterans.

Some of the most common factors are listed below:

male gender

alcohol abuse

family history of suicide

older age

poor social-environmental support (exemplified by

homelessness and unmarried status)

possession of firearms

the presence of medical and psychiatric conditions (including combat-related PTSD) associated with suicide
What are the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
What are the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and how do they differ from the symptoms of just stress?

What can be done to help someone heal over PTSD?
  Some basic symptoms: effort to avoid thoughts or feelings associated with trauma.
efforts to avoid activities arouse recollection of trauma
inability to recall an important aspect of event
markedly diminished interest in significant activities
feelings of detachment from others
restricted range of affects
increased startle reflex
increased dreams of like events
intense psychological distress at exposure to events that symbolize or resemble an aspect of event.

There are several good sites to look up Mental health issues. One being and then looking up diagnosis. Or Mental Health
And as far as counseling you need to look for someone with experience with PTSD. and yes many people live good productive lives. Feel Free to email me if you'd like to chat. God Bless Reggie
Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and how to deal with it?
What are the some symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and how to deal with it?
  The general answer is there are lots of symptoms and most are pretty unpleasant: trouble sleeping, trouble staying asleep, over-reactive responses to noises or unexpected things around you, irritability and stress, physical problems that don't seem to make sense (you're not sick, but you have chronic digestive problems; your heart is OK but you have palpitations and weird beats), obsessive thinking, crying, exhaustion despite getting rest, sleepwalking, bad dreams, night terrors, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, paranoia, picking huge fights for reasons you can't figure out, depression, aggression, inability to concentrate, hopelessness, and other things.
For an individual person, it depends on what the trauma is/was that sets up this reaction. If it was childhood abuse, for example, you make have one set of symptoms; if rape, another set; if you were in the military, you will probably have another set of symptoms related to things you saw or experienced.
Lots of things help to treat it, but you need to have some expert guidance.
Good therapy by someone who knows how to treat PTSD is hugely valuable. If you are near a VA hospital for instance, you might ask their psych department if they can recommend a therapist in the community who can specifically evaluate you and offer treatment.
Some medications are excellent (especially for relief from anxiety or trouble sleeping). Sometimes meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, tai-chi will give you techniques to help manage symptoms, when they arise, that aren't particularly severe. Sometimes learning self-defense is helpful, if you felt powerless or victimized. Under some circumstances, bio-feedback has helped patients; sometimes actively imagining and working through the traumatic situation (only with the help of a therapist) - working out mentally what would be a better outcome - will help.
There is some research that suggests that if you take a painkiller very soon after the traumatic event, it becomes less psychologically stressful to you in the long run ( experiments have been done with both mrophine and tylenol).
PTSD can be very, very painful to yourself and people around you. The best answer is get some expert advice!
Adjeak I
Is elavil effective for teens with post traumatic stress disorder?
So today I got these little pills called elavil 25MG to help with my insomnia and ptsd,do you think it will help me with my disorders and what are some of the side affects that may occur?
Effexor XR?
I've been on Effexor XR (150 mg a day) for approximately 6-8 months. I suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and bi-polar depression.

I am dependent on this drug and am trying to wean myself off them, and am considering getting off medications all together?

Opinions, thoughts, concerns or any suggestions?
  I take Effexor and I have gone off of it in the past. There will be some withdraw issues, sort of like the symptoms you may have gotten when you forget to take a dose. A very common one is brain shocks where you feel like you have been hit by a jolt of electricity. Unpleasant. I had them for about a month when I went off of Effexor, and I did gradually lower the dose--it was not cold turkey. Best to ask your doctor to help you with this and expect some mild discomfort.

As far as going off all your meds. I have been there. I have schizoaffective and during rough times I have gone off my meds because I thought that they just weren't helping. Another option besides going without meds is to go to your doctor and tell him that they aren't working and you want to try something totally different. Try to think back to a time when you were doing better and remember what meds you you were taking then. Idealistic, I know, but things can get pretty dark if we just give up altogether. Anyways, all the best to you.
Unpopular Opinion
bipolar disorder?
My 14 year old brother has bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, fetal alchol syndrome, and oppositional difiance disorder. He and i were severely abused by my biological mother for many years, and all of the non-genetic disorders are results of the abuse. My biological mother also had many mental disorders, including the bipolar, which she passed on to him. I managed to escape the situtation with only bad memories and bruises. Why does he have so many problems and i have none? I am not saying that i want any of them, just wondering how i managed to not get them.
We have since been adopted and our entire family is in therapy. The therapist says that i have moved past my issues and have "healed", but because of my brother we are still in therapy.
  The reason it passed you by is because the universe wants and needs you to be there for your brother. Coming from the background that you did I am so glad that you are both in counseling.
Can Depression Result From Family Home Conflict, Fighting, and Stress?
I deal with an elderly parent whom I live with, who causes constant conflict, fighting, arguments, and frustration. Can this aggravate depression and make it much worse? My parent has pronounced dementia.
I lived with Mom for seven years, and did not get connected with an alzheimers support group. It gave me I think post traumatic stress disorder or some nervous breakdown. I finally left and the other children took over her supervision, but after one year away I am still feeling the effects of it.
  I'm sorry to hear that your going through so much right now. It's hard enough to be emotional abused by a family member but in your cause the abuse is coming from someone who is very sick and probably really can't control what they are saying or doing.

With that being said, your not only facing the stress of being yelled at etc but also the stress of a loved one being very ill. This combination probably plays a big role in your depression.

Now, depression is multifactorial in it's root causes and can be caused or exacerbated by stress. So therefore your stress could be caused your home situation or you were depressed before and this has made it worse.

Bottom line however is that at this point it doesn't really matter where, when, how etc. but that you need help to deal with your emotions and the situation. A good place to start is your general practitioner and explain to them what's going on. From there they will help you with the next step which can be medication, therapy or a combo of both.

I hope this helps and good luck.
Shelby Anderson
My Dr. has recommended that I come off as many of my medications as possible?
He does not write them and he did not want to pull me off of them because he was not the prescribing doctor. I am on Clonazepam.5mg 1daily, Geodon 80 mg twice daily, Metoprolol Succinate Er 50 mg daily, Wellbutrin 300mg daily, Topomax 50 mg twice daily,Mirapex .25mg at night, Rozerem 8mg at 6pm, Ambien CR 12.5 mg at bedtime, Nuvigil 250 mg 1 upon wake up, Sumatriptan Succinate 100mg 1-2 as needed. The conditions that I have are nephrogenic diabetes insipidus, Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ,idiopathic narcolepsy , hypersomnia and sinus tachycardia. I get horrible almost debilitating pains in my legs and when I told my previous Dr. about it he said it was restless Leg syndrome , well I'm on the Mirapex and the pain just continues to get worse. Most of the time when I try to come off a medication the doctor's are unwilling to cooperate, any suggestions?
  you may find it helpful to not switch doctors. i'm guessing that at minimum you have a psychiatrist for the PTSD, and depression, and parkinson's, a medical specialist for your narcolepsy and insomnia, an internist for your diabetes, a cardiologist for your heart problems, a neurologist for your migraines and epilepsy, i think i've got all of them.

you seem to have the misfortune of being diagnosed with problems that require specialists to treat. i'm having trouble figuring out your question - you say your doctor recommends that you come off as many of your medications as possible. that seems like a wise idea - eliminating the nuvigil, rozerem and ambien might just eliminate your narcolepsy and insomnia. it would make sense that the clonazepam could also be stopped as the amount you take is too small to have any therapuetic use. i can't discern if you take the mirapex for parkinsons or restless leg syndrome, or both. while i am not a doctor, it does make sense to eliminate the medications that aren't necessary.

so yes, one of your doctors was wise indeed to recommend eliminating some of your medication. but then at the end you say when you try to come off a medication the doctors are unwilling to cooperate. ....

it seems likely that when you stop taking the medications that are not health-sustaining, you will eliminate a lot of your problems, thus, eliminating the specialists, thus, eliminating the confusion surrounding your medication regime.

or maybe that's not it at all?

why is it when night time comes i start to get ancious? i get nervous , i get chest pains and tingleling feel?
ing on the left side of my arm, my left breast and my left's a tingleling like if i slept on the left side but i did not...this tingling sensation also goes on the left side under my shoulder blade. what could this be?..and i also cannot sleep unless i have sleeping pills that the doctor gave me ..that no longer works..i sleep 2 or 3 hours and t hen wake up.these pills name ambien 10mg suppose to make you sleep for a good 8 hours .i have been taking this medication along with other depression pills; prozac 90mg weekly,wellbutren 300mg a day.hydroxyling 100mg a day sometimes 150mg a day depending how nervous i feel.i'm taking so much medication i'm thinking i'm gonna have a heart attack. i was diagnose with post traumatic stress disorder...along with anciety attacks and depression...and with all this medicine you think i be better but i don't..feel better i still get the symtoms. i wish there was only 1 pill to take care of all of this but the doctor says no...
  you are running out of choices.
the tingling is a warning from your nervous system.
you really must start to eat more, drink more water, and get more god damned exercise.
walking or swimming.
Another Diagnosis...?
Over the years I been diagnosed with a lot of stuff. I been diagnosed with Aspergers, Post Tramatic Stress disorder, Major Depresiion, Anzienty that isn't generalized and recently with all of these I have schizoaffective disorder depressive type. I am not on any medication to help these things that I been diagnosed with but I am on medication Prilosec for my ulcers (taking medication as long as i can remember) Minipress for nightmares Lamictal for my seizure disorder Jolessa to stabilize my seizures Buspar the highest dose for anzienty but it doesn't work. And the phyco person who evaluated me says your not on any drugs that are working well none of them can help the situation of your illnesses so what medication is prescribed for these LABELS not under the catergories such as anti depresion or phyological meds I just want to know the medication that they might prescibe me
My doctor I know told me they all intertwine exept my seizures and that the issues are not side effects that are causing this I had these problems with phobia and halutionations and nightmares about killing myself and not waking up was way before I started taking any of this medication I hate taking meds but I did stop taking my meds and all went to hell
What are 20 stress related disease and 15 ways to relieve stress?
I need it for a homework. Not symptoms of stress, diseases cause by stress.
  There aren't technically stress related diseases. However, there ARE stress related disorders.

Stress Related Disorders:

1. General Anxiety Disorder (GAD)
2. Agoraphobia
3. Social Anxiety Disorder
4. Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D)
5. Bipolar Disorder
6. Clinical Depression
7. Schizophrenia
8. Panic Disorder (having panic attacks)
9. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
11. Hoarding Disorder
12. Specific Phobias (fear of flying,fear of water etc.)
13. Hypochondria (Health Anxiety)
14. Nocturnal Panic Attacks
15. Insomnia
16. Nightmare Disorder
17. Alcoholism
19. Addictive Disorders
20. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Here are 25 Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress:


Hope you get an A.
Tips for Stress & Anxiety
What's the difference between regular stress and chronic stress?
If there is 1 thing that is constantly stressing you out, let's say, you're unemployed for 6 months, then you have chronic stress? So when you find a job, you no longer have chronic stress? So chronic is a time factor? I'm always stressed about the amount of $$ I make, and that I have no friends or a boyfriend. Do I have a chronic stress?
  I wrote an article that may be able to answer your questions. Here's the link...
Cristina O
Will a CT Scan show Attention Deficit Disorder?
I have what I think is major depressive disorder, but having recently switched psychiatrists my new one now wants me to go for a CT scan to rule out any possibility of another disorder - which I'll soon be attending. The only other disorder that this could possibly be, at least from my perspective, is Attention Deficit Disorder. Would a CT Scan show the brain abnormalities associated with the disorder?
  No, your doctor wants to rule out physical abnormalities with your brain. Mental disorders don't show up on CT scans because they are problems with the neurotransmitters and are not like tumors or strokes. I have schizoaffective disorder and my CT shows a healthy brain when I went in for migraine headaches.
Pick A Winner
How bad can prolonged stress affect your immune system?
I have terrible stress from hypochondria and PTSD. Most of my days are spent worrying about one thing or another, I would rate my personal stress and anxiety levels as very high on a daily basis. Lately I have had constant diarreha and now I have a UTI and possible ear infection. I am male, 23 years old. This has been this way for going on two months now. Is it possible my stress is to blame? Or should I be worried about something else?
  YES - stress will stress you out dude - get some chill pills from the dr - don werri bee hoppy
okay so im 15 yrs old and i smoke cigarettes...

and i know they are bad for my health but with my family they help me take the stress off.

and i can quit anytime but i need something to help me take t he stress off

so i was thinking YOGA or MEDITATION.

so if anyone can help me with some routines that would be great.
rawwr its ashleyy

You may try meditation to manage you stress. Here's some tips for you to learn Transcendental Meditation.

Cortisol, hydrocortisone acetate, and prenatal stress.?
I am doing some research on prenatal stress and I am having a hard time find some things out.
Cortisol is secreted in response to stress. So increase in cortisol concentration will increase stress. (CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG)
I am trying to look for what exactly hydrocortisone acetate (HCA) does. I think it reduces cortisol, but I'm not sure.
Prenatal stress then affects the piglets psychologically and physically (this I know).

Basically need help looking up relations of cortisol and stress, relation of hydrocortisone acetate and cortisol, and how hydrocortisone acetate works.

It'll be great if anyone can give me some sites.
  Yes, and er, not exactly. I will explain. Cortisol is not an easy hormone.

Increased cortisol is called hypercortisolism, or Cushing's syndrome (or disease, if the source is pituitary).

Cortisol raises naturally and has a natural rise and fall every day - called the diurnal rhythm. It wakes you up in the morning and puts you in bed at night if all is well. During times of stress, ACTH is secreted by the pituitary and more cortisol is released. Adrenaline is also released - both are in the adrenals. Actually a lot of hormones are secreted. In any case, if the stress is short lived, the cortisol should just be pretty short lived. In the case where stress is longer, such as pregnancy or illness, cortisol is raised to deal with it. It is, as long the cortisol stays within certain limits and timelines, a good thing, so that the body can reduce inflammation, keep blood pressure up, etc.

If cortisol is raised too much, too long, than the body basically starts to destroy itself. It can lead to minor issues like cataracts up to major issues like depression, bone loss and death. Too much can put stress on the body.

As for hydrocrotisone acetate, that is a form of corticosteroid. Taking it will not lower your cortisol but raise it. There are many forms of corticosteroids known simply as steroids such as hydrocortisone and prednisone and dexamethasone - they mainly differ in how long they last and when they kick in as well as how close they are to what the body makes. HCA is rather uncommon since it has a short life.

Taking any corticosteroid has risks - if you take more than your adrenals make which is roughly 20mg of HC, then the adrenals can go on vacation - they are lazy things and takes a while to wake them up.

A raise in cortisol during pregnancy is very normal. The stretch marks that are purple are a sign of this - that is a sign of Cushing's syndrome and pretty much the only time purple or colored stretch marks happen is when steroids are involved (naturally or not).

I hope this helps.
Jen S
Tachycardia, abnormal Cardiolite stress test, need info!?
I have been diagnosed with tachycardia and went on Atenolol this week to control that.

Results of my cardiolite stress test were abnormal. I was out of breath and the Dr. stopped the test 3 1/2 minutes in although I could have walked more. Had rest and stress pictures done.

As soon as the Dr. looked at all the pictures a few days later, they called me in immediately (2 weeks before my follow-up) to schedule a heart cath. He was shocked but there is a circulation problem- that it seems there is a blockage or something.

I am 33. I am significantly overweight, but normal cholesterol, normal blood pressure. If my cholesterol is normal then why might I have a blockage? Is it just fatty around my heart?

Family history includes mother having heart attack before age 60 (diabetes, high blood pressure & cholesterol) and aneurysms.

Just wanting opinions since I am under a Dr.'s care.
Also been advised to take it very, very easy until the heart cath. I am feeling like a ticking time bomb or something!
I am not diabetic, blood sugar is fine. I didn't have gestational diabetes either with my kids, youngest is 3.

Mitral valve and tricuspid valve also somewhat leaky and insufficient but they did not think that was a big deal.
Proffalken- OMG- my sister (age 43) has a hypercoagulative blood clotting disorder and has had strokes. She also has been diagnosed with epilepsy. I don't even think I told them about the clotting disorder! We are genetic 1/2 sisters. Better let them know.
Heart size and strength are normal.
It's just sinus tachycardia, nothing else- I asked.
  actually you can have a blockage and your cholestorol be very low. Some people have clotting factor issues with their blood and it causes blockages very easy. I would definately talk to you doctor and see if there are ways to help control this. 33 years old is too young to be having these kinds of issues.
What is the best way to support someone with panic disorder?
What would be an example of a supportive person or friend to someone who has panic disorder? I have panic disorder, and sometimes it feels like I have lost those who were the most important to me. What are ways people can support those with panic disorder? I am just so scared all the time, and it is also a load to have to take care of others (not children, mind you, but other people's problems).
  I guess a friend would support you by reaching out to you regularly, whether in person or over the phone, so that you would not be so isolated. A panic disorder is worse when you are alone all the time. Although millions of people struggle with panic or anxiety, if you are the one with the problem, you often feel all alone. You often feel ashamed of this "weakness" so you don't have the courage to reach out to others. It's important that those who care about you help challenge you to get out. I would say a walk, or a trip to the gym would be great activities.

A supportive person also knows or learns how to set healthy boundaries. They can't be JUST a sounding board if you (the one with anxiety) want to constantly talk about and vent your anxiety. They should know how to set healthy boundaries - it's good for both of you. An example would be saying firmly but kindly, "I'll listen to you complain or vent for 5 minutes, then you'll need to switch the subject or I'll be getting off the phone for now." The truth is, the person trying to "run the anxiety through you" is not served well by dwelling on the anxiety either. They need to learn to think about other more positive things; it will help them feel more "normal" and lessen the isolation as well because more people will want to be around them.
Miriam M
i'm only 15, but i've been going through a lot of stress lately
with 2 huge projects due, 2 massive tests on friday, finals in two weeks, and trying out for 2 of my classes next year.

i also have this guy that likes me and everytime i come in contact with him i feel like i'm going to puke.

can this "stress" be causing my stomach to become upset and get the "runs" ahh i know it's gross but please help. it's weird, i'm fine one minute then the next it hurts so bad.
  yes it is stress causing it, other than medication there is not a lot that you can do about it. Things will get better in time just hang in there.
Bipolar DIsorder?
Can Untreated Depression or Major Depressive Disorder turn into Bipolar Disorder and/or psychosis?
I nd Help
  its not the un-treating it makes it turn into bipolar but more that the manic side of bipolar was just lay dormant waiting for something to trigger it off.
take care good luck
Exercise Stress Test, Exercise Stress Cardiolite and an ECHO?
About 4 years ago I was hospitalized and diagnosed with tachycardia. At night I get these palpitations around my chest area and if feels uncomfortable although it doesn't hurt. I told my doctor about this and he ordered an Exercise Stress Test for yesterday and for tomorrow a Exercise Stress Cardiolite and ECHO. Should I worry? Is there something wrong with me? Please help!! I'm 29, 5'10'', 165 lbs. and don't smoke that much.
  I think your Dr is just being cautious or looking for a cause for your symptoms. I know it's hard not to worry when your facing a slew of tests. You state that your chest feels uncomfortable but"doesn't hurt", you have chest pain with palpitations so there may be a cardiac component. You need to stop smoking but you probably already knew that was coming. I hope everything goes well with your tests and you get your answers quickly, take care, Donna
Donna B.
Panic disorder?
I havent been diagnosed with panic disorder yet but Im sure I will be as I have them everyday and I have done for about 6 to seven months and they just keep getting worse.
What Im worried about is sometimes I get extremely depressed, is that part of panic disorder and will medication for it help it go away?

Thanks in advance
Cellar Door.
  My mom is on zoloft to help with her depression and anxiety- panic attacks. She's been on them for about a year and she hasn't had anymore panic attacks. She seems like a much happier person now.

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