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bladder control/nerve hurts?
i don't mean to be offering to much, but i recently lost my virginity (VERY safe, condom, no diseases) and a week later, i literally peed in my pants, like i couldn't control it which i usually can, very easily. i was about to go and it wouldn't stop. and also, the nerve that runs along my you know what really really hurts. and i'm actually very very scared about this so please help me out
  First of all, you should not panic. These sorts of problems are very common, although people don't talk about them much. A single episode of incontinence (loss of bladder control) does not mean you've got a lasting problem (in fact, that's very unlikely). The sudden urge followed by emptying of your bladder suggests irritation of the bladder. The most likely explanation is a bladder infection (a VERY common problem that can often occur after sex). Irritation of the bladder near the ureters often radiates down along your sides into your crotch (often the labia, actually), which seems to be what you're describing. So it all fits with a simple UTI.

I hope you're reassured by this long explanation. The bottom line is that you should call your doctor and just get checked out quickly. It can be as simple as a urine test and a prescription for 3 days of antibiotics.

Good luck. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any other concerns.
Rachel M
Multiple Lumbar spine disc extrusions, degenerative disc disease?
I ~thought~ I had one major problem, a extruded disc @ L5/S1 that pinched the sciatic nerve root. After bouts of loss of bladder and bowel control (sorry for tmi) this weekend, and a stay in the hospital I find that the discs from L2 through S1 are all significantly bulged, S2/S3 slightly and multiple nerves are pinched. Spinal tap, myleogram, Ct all showed it. I'm falling, in constant pain, somewhat incontinent, and having a really hard time dealing. I have 3 small children also. I'm kind of in limbo until we get a nerve conduction test done. The neurosurgeons say they can't do anything. My pain managment doc can only do so much. So, my question, anyone else out there dealing with similar? I'm on Lortab 5 (what a joke, but I HAVE to be able to function for the kids.), Lyrica 100 mg 2/day, Effexor xr (shrink says I'm not clinically depressed, but this can help w/mood some and it may help w/pain), and robax
I am planning on a second opinion. Waiting for a nerve conduction study to see how much damage there is. Neuros are afraid that operating right now would destabilize the spine too much.
dibzz d
  Im a bit shocked at the fact that your neurosurgeons say they cant do anything about it. maybe you should get a second opinion, it is your right after all.
urinary disease for anatomy?
Jessica Mattin

Urinary Disease
Most urinary tract infections in children are caused by bacteria that enter the urethra and travel up the urinary tract. Bacteria that normally live in the large intestine and are present in stool are the most common cause of infection. Occasionally bacteria traveling through the blood or lymphatic system to the urinary tract are the cause of kidney or bladder infections. Also, constipation or not completely emptying the bladder can cause bacteria to build up in urine. Problems with the structure or function of the urinary tract commonly contribute to UTI in infants and young children. Problems that limit the body's ability to eliminate urine completely include structural problems of the bladder, obstruction, such as kidney stone, or other abnormalities. A large variety of symptoms include those such as pain or burning during urination, loss of bladder control, frequent urination, among others. To treat a UTI you must see a doctor who will most likely take a urine sample and prescribe antibiotics.
  I am in the Medical Field

Please tell me how this is a question?
Bladder incontinence in women?
How does a women cope when going for a pap smear when they have bladder incontinence and can't control their bladder? Is it embarassing?
Melissa C
  The doctor is professional and has seen everything so I wouldn't worry about it. Often times they want a urine sample before the exam anyway, so it gives the woman a chance to go to the bathroom beforehand. That way she'll have an empty bladder during the exam. Hope this helps.
Bladder infection?
I just had a baby and i think having the cathiter in gave me a bladder infection, cause its now hard to go kinda and i have a pain where my bladder is. All my mucsle hurt cause i had a c-section so im sore everywhere. but is there a way to fix a bladder infection without meds???
  A catheter will definitely increase your chances of getting a UTI. Drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. If you don't really care for the cranberry juice that much because I know it can be quite strong in taste, try cranberry capsules. They sell these at the stores by the vitamin area. Buy the cranberry juice at the natural food stores not from the regular grocery store.

If you have lower back pain, fever, feel kind of confused mentally, or having burning/painful urination see your doctor right away without hesitation.
How bad is Bladder Cancer for an 84 year old woman?
My Grandma has be diagnosed with Bladder Cancer at age 84. The Doctor told her that it is somewhat aggressive. She has to go for treatment every Friday for the next six weeks. Is Bladder Cancer something that you can die from easily? I am scared that she won't be around much longer. Any advise is great thanks.
They are going to inject a bacteria into her bladder and that's it. No chemo.
She does smoke and drink. She won'y quit smoking, she's done it for years.
  "Joseph F" is right. But if you truly want the details for predicting her prognosis, you must know the stage and grade of her bladder carcinoma. Your grandma can get this information from her doctor if she wants you to have it. (patient confidentiality rules - it's her choice)
When you know the stage and grade of her disease, you can look it up online via the NCI or ask us here on YA. There are a number of cancer specialty doctors and other very knowledgeable medical people on this site.
Why do women seem to experience bladder problems and incontinence more than men?
I can understand women experiencing bladder problems if they have been through childbirth. But I have never had a baby, yet I have had bladder problems before, including a small bladder infection a few months ago. And during my life, I have known female friends who have not gone though childbirth, yet had bladder problems or slight incontinence problems at some point or other.
  Their urethra is much shorter than men's and if bacteria enters it finds its way quickly into the bladder. Women should also wash after sex in case bacteria has found its way there.
What is the treatment of a bladder infection?
I have re-current bladder infections (UTI's) and I was taught in school that if someone has a bladder infection they can try to treat it on their own if they push the cranberry pills and lots of fluids. However, on a recent call to my doctor (rather nurse), I was informed that if I have an actual bladder infection, the only way to treat it is by taking antibiotics.
  If it is a true bacterial infection then you will need a antibiotic..usually they will give one called will be on it for 1-2 weeks...also drink lots of water...the med that makes you pee orange is not an anibiotic but it is a pain med to help with stinging and burning when you pee..hope this helps
what will effectively reduce or get rid of bladder spasms?
ever since i got a bad bladder infection which spread to my kidneys ive had what i think are bladder spasms it feels like almost tender when i pee and like i have to pee more than i do its like it feels like the muscles are sore when i push to pee i know for certian it is not an std or another bladder infection please help its quite painfully annoying
  ask your doctor about ditropan.
Overactive bladder?
What causes overactive bladder, and what are some remedies to help control it?
  Once again I go to WebMd for my answer. As with anything that deals with reflexes and involuntary actions its normally a nerve impulse thing. Medications like Ditropan and the like help treat this as far as remedies go, maybe Kegal exercises would help.
How does this nerve blocker work?
I've inflamed one of the nerves in my foot. My doctor injected betamethasone acetate & sodium phosphate directly into my foot and explained that it was a "nerve blocker". The result at first was crippling pain by the end of the day (as opposed to only having to take my shoe off every so often to massage my foot). For two days my foot throbbed and hurt, but today I feel nothing, I've taken no advil at all, finally no pain! I'm wondering how does this injection affect the nerve? Does it interrupt the signals that would otherwise travel to my brain, or does it destroy the nerve ending or connections, etc, only to have it renew itself over time? Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!
  You are right that the synapses of the nerve block signals to the brain that tells the brain that you are in pain. No it doesnt destroy your nerves! The doctor wouldnt do that to you! It just numbs the nerve.
Am I too young to have overactive bladder?
I'm only 26 and today my Dr. told me that I have overactive bladder and I also keep getting bladder infections. Plus I have IBS is this normal for young people?
The bladder infections are because I try to limit my fluids so I don't pee every 5 minutes, and I don't smoke or drink.
  yes, it is pretty normal. Since you have bladder infections you will have to go to the bathroom more often. Just keep drinking plenty of water and take any antibiotics that the doc might give you.
Matt A
Which antidepressants will help with bladder spasms?
I was reading about Tofranil, used to treat depression and bladder spasms. I have both of these and this seemed like a miracle drug but after further researching it i might not be able to take it. Something i did come across though while researching bladder spasms was that "some" antidepressants (including Tofranil) will help sooth the bladder. Does anyone know any of the other antidepressants that could help with bladder issues?
What exactly does it mean to "tack up" a woman's bladder?
I have developed bladder incontinence although I am only 44 and have only one child. But I have had alot of illness and catheteriziations. Next week they're gonna "tack up"my bladder. What does tat mean and what can I expect?
  My mom and my older sister both had this surgery....more than likely, your pregnancy caused your bladder to gradually
move downwards out of its usual "Tack Up" a bladder is referring to the surgery that puts the bladder back into its proper place....I believe they use stitches, which are removed later. Your doctor should have explained this to you. Why don't you call and ask him for the details? My sister had it done as an outpatient, but it took about 2-3 weeks for recovery. She was sore afterwards and not able to lift things, but is fine now.
Bladder cancer ?
How bladder cancer can be detected by imaging technique and give more information on clinical findings of bladder cancers.
Adam c
  Bladder cancers may be detected using intravenous urography, ultrasound, CT, or MRI where filling defects within the bladder are noted. However, the presence of cancer is confirmed by cystoscopy and biopsy, so imaging is useful primarily for evaluating the upper urinary tract and in staging the more advanced lesions.
jaya r
I have been having pain in my lower back and down my leg ever since I took the thyrogen injections.?
Is it possible that a nerve could have been hit. I had a MRI and found a bulging disc but it is not touching the nerve.
Bernadine F
  The bulging nerve does not need to be touching the nerve to cause the symptoms! It puts pressure on the surrounding tissues which then put pressure on the nerve. Been there..had the pain! I found the injections into the spine to be quite useful in controlling the pain.
Yes its possible to damage the nerve if an injection is given badly.
Bladder problems, please help!!?
Well i've had this problem with my bladder for one year. I'm 17 years old, female, virgin. And for the last year I have had pressure on my bladder that is constant even if i have just gone to the bathroom. I don't have a very large bladder, I usually use the restroom every 2 - 3 hours. And every once in a while, I have to use the bathroom like every 20 minutes and i go a lot, but its 100% clear, no yellow at all (sorry for the description), this happens for the whole day like a few times a month. Its horrible! Ive been the doctors at least 10 times, including a family doctor, gyno, urologist. And have had countless urine tests, and nothing shows up. And every test comes up normal. So please don't say i have a bladder infection or urinary track infection, because i don't. Right now i'm taking Oxytrol patches, and have been taking magnesium every morning. It sometimes works, but no way enough! Please, what could I have? help!
girlie [♥]
  do u drink alot of water or fluids? or maybe ur body just retains too many liquids. i mean that some girls give too many fluids that they have to pee out. omg i cant explain it but my aunt has it. its not a disease or anything its just normal in some women. sorry no help :(
How many poeple on here know someone who is under 40 with bladder cancer?
I am almost 39 and female and never smoked in my life and have bladder cancer. It has spread to my lymp nodes.I will be seeing a specialist this week. This may not be treatable. But I just need to know if you or anyone you know has or had cancer of the bladder under 40? and it is not as rare as people say becasue I have it.
Heaven bound
  Bladder cancer under 40 years old


Yes, I think it is very rare, certainly nowhere in numbers to breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer, brain cancer.

Medicine today is treating all kinds of cancers and getting better everyday with pharmacological advances and nutrition regimens that can enhance your immune system.

Your mental attitude plays a major part in fighting the progression of the disease and recovering from any therapies. You fight it, girl. Pray. And take an active role in your condition. This means you crack open the books. You question your medical providers. You make INFORMED DECISIONS. You make the lifestyle changes that the professionals say will benefit you, such as reducing other stressors in your life. You fight it, girl. And pray. I will include you in mine.
Women only, bladder problem, please help :(?
Well i've had this problem with my bladder for one year. I'm 17 years old, female, virgin. And for the last year I have had pressure on my bladder that is constant even if i have just gone to the bathroom. I don't have a very large bladder, I usually use the restroom every 2 - 3 hours. And every once in a while, I have to use the bathroom like every 20 minutes and i go a lot, but its 100% clear, no yellow at all (sorry for the description), this happens for the whole day like a few times a month. Its horrible! Ive been the doctors at least 10 times, including a family doctor, gyno, urologist. And have had countless urine tests, and nothing shows up. And every test comes up normal. So please don't say i have a bladder infection or urinary track infection, because i don't. Right now i'm taking Oxytrol patches, and have been taking magnesium every morning. It sometimes works, but no way enough! Please, what could I have? help!
girlie [♥]
  How much water or other liquids are you drinking? You may be consuming way too much, especially if you feel bloated. But you don't mention that so probably not. The general rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces. So if you are a 125 lbs than 63 ounces of water would be the baseline. If you exercise or live in a hot climate you will need more.

Going to the bathroom every two-three hours is normal. And clear urine is normal (actually it is good--dark urine would mean too concentrated).

Have they asked you about any diuretics you might be ingesting: for example coffee, sodas, teas, some herbal teas (such as mint, ginger etc.)? Diuretics can increase the frequency and urgency of urination. Water is the best thing to drink rather than sodas or coffee or black teas for this reason.

Also, I have had really great luck with a homeopathic formula called uri-cleanse when I had urinary urgency and frequency. It's not expensive and I found that it helps me with my urinary frequency whenever I get a bout of it. See link below to find it online.

An acupuncturist who prescribes herbs might also be another good person to consult with. I wouldn't rule out getting other opinions. There are other things besides urinary tract infections that can cause this problem. You want to make sure that your doctors have ruled out everything.
Is there a possibility bladder cancer would not show up on a sonogram of the bladder & kidneys?
I recently had a sonogram of my bladder and kidneys that came back normal.. although they still do not know whats wrong with me.

i know UPJ obstruction sometimes won't show up on a sonogram.

Is bladder cancer still one of the possibilities?
  You need to have a cystoscope examination done ,its 98% correct and a special urine test done .nobody and i repeat nobody can tell only by looking at a sonogram
I'm almost 15 and I struggle with some bladder incontinence?
My doctor told me that I had a bladder infection over a year ago and I was put on antibiotics but I found out later that I really didn't have one.. he was just taking precautions since I was going away. But ever since then I've struggled with bladder incontinence, it kind of just leaks out over time:P What should I do? I've been back to my doctor for it.. but he doesn't do anything.
  I'm so sorry to hear that you're having these problems. The bottom line is that you should go back to your doctor, and if you don't get satisfactory advice or don't feel like he's taking it seriously, get a referral to someone else, preferably a urologist or urogynecologist (a urologist who specializes in women's bladder problems). Believe it or not, these problems are VERY common, even though no one ever talks about it. Many recent studies have suggested that 10-25% of women under the age of 30 have regular problems with incontinence.

Rest assured, most cases of incontinence are curable. The first thing is to make sure the incontinence isn't a sign of an underlying disease. If not, the treatments vary with the type of incontinence, so it will be important for you to be able to tell your doctor precisely when you leak urine and how much. Is it just a few drops or squirt when you laugh/sneeze/cough/exercise? In that case, exercises or biofeedback are often effective. Do you get sudden, strong urges that you're not able to control and then you lose a large amount of urine? In that case, there are several medications that are available.

In the interim, there are many products on the market that can help you cope. If you're interested, I can send you some links.

I hope you feel better!
Rachel M
how do you get a overactive bladder? how do you treat it?
i am a 15 year old male. i keep peeing every hour. i think i have a over active bladder. how does a person just get it out of nowhere? how do u treat a overactive bladder? (other than medicine, or see a doctor)
nick k
  I already sent you a pm but yes if you stop masturbating using the method I said then you will see results in one or two weeks.
i am a teenager and have had a bladder problem for about 9 months. i have had the constant feeling to pee and it hasnt gone away. even after i pee i feel like i have to go. the feeling is 24/7. my mom took me to a urology doctor and he diagnosed me with an overactive bladder. ive tried just about every medication from vesicare,toviaz,ditropane,enabalax. It wont go away!!!! I then had a cystoscopy and everything was okay. What should i do????????????? By the way i dont have any infections

Is there a possibility that you might be drinking too much liquids? Especially soda, since it has a lot of sugar in it. It will constantly force your body to want to expel the excess sugar by peeing.
Josh P.
Bladder Cancer?
my mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer a couple months ago. she would like to go into a chatroom to talk to other people with bladder cancer. can someone send me some links to a site where my mother can chat? Thanks. :)

ps. safe sites. no porn and spam and all that jazz
Ska Baby
  I'm sorry to hear about your mom's diagnosis.

There is a chat room for bladder cancer at

It is recommended by the National Institute of Health, and so should be a good site.

Another good way to find information specific to her diagnosis is to check through the major cancer centers.

For instance, Mass General in Boston:
has a great site about bladder cancer, and in-person support groups.

There is probably a teaching hospital near you that does something similar.

Good luck to you and your Mom. Cancer is a scary illness, but there is a TON of reason to be hopeful. My son was diagnosed almost 5 years ago with a cancer that we were told would kill him within a year. He's still here, happy, healthy, and looking forward to the day when no one has to worry about this disease.
Are these test results saying lupus?
I have spent nearly 2 years trying to find out what is wrong with me. What started as painful intercourse advanced to AUB (endometriosis was removed). After treating my endometriosis I found that my pain was isolated to my bladder (I no longer received bladder urges though no incontinence issues). No signs of IC. Then I lost control of the bladder, then bowels, then legs. My symptoms varied from pain feeling like my legs were lit on fire to my bone marrow splitting apart to numbness in the legs. I also had issues with hands and feet turning blue, chest pain, inexplicable fevers, increased bruising, and an inability to fight off infections. My muscles in the legs have atropied despite my work being very exercise intensive (with restraining animals in excess of 200lbs).

MRI's of the spine were clean excluding one area of decreased nerve signal (a neurosurgeon thought it might be a cyst but the myelogram was clean). No signs of MS plaques and evoked potentials were normal. Lymes disease testing was negative.

So on to the positives. My ANA was positive homogeneous pattern 1/320 titer. CK was 311 IU/L. But my sed rate was 7 and SS-A IgG and SS-B IgG Autoantibodies were negative. WBC was 5.6 and lymphocytes were slightly elevated and granulocytes were slightly decreased. All other cbc results were normal.

I know that my blood results do not scream lupus but at this point I am wondering if I should be consulting a rheumatologist. My neurologist doesn't want to make a call of lupus, she would like me to consult with my PCP (he is 2 hours from my home so I would prefer to see a local specialist to make the call if it is indicative of lupus). My CSF has been sent to the Mayo Clinic for testing and I should hear back in 2 weeks or so. In the interim I am curious if I am right in considering these test results suspicious of lupus considering my symptoms.

Any input would be appreciated
Another think that has started recently is seizures (nothing beyond petit mahl yet thank goodness). I also had a horribly inflamed gallbladder that was adhered to my stomach and duodenum and intrahepatic which had to be removed a few months ago (I'm unsure of any correlation between that and my current problems).

Oh and in response to my first answer...there is no cure for lupus only ways to manage the autoimmune response. But I am already using aloe juice when I miss my Carafate for Nsaid induced ulcers and duodenitis. No help from that juice for anything other than the stomach pain.
Sherri T
Overactive Bladder?
For about 6 months now I've been having this uncomfortable and sometimes painful feeling in my lower abdomen... I pinpointed it to be an overactive bladder.

I love sex, and this reoccurring problem is ruining my sex life... As i think the overactive bladder may be causing pain during sex.

Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is there anything you recommend for fast relief? Or at least that would help?


Ps: I'm a teen.
  I've had this problem for years. You need to see a doctor, who may refer you to a urologist or gynecologist. It may be something as simple as medication you need to take. I've actually had a medical procedure done 3 times because I've had so many urinary tract infections and the procedures help alot. Your doctor may also give you an antibiotic pill to take after sex which will help. Also make sure right after sex you use the bathroom.
over the counter medicine for bladder spasms?
is there anything i can get over the counter for bladder spasms. i do not want to go to the doctor again to much money ive already spent 2,000 bucks just to get rid of my bladder infection.
  there is nothing over the counter...You have to see your doctor.
How long does it take for detrol la to start working?
My 6 yr old has some bladder control problems. Her doctor put her on detrol la on tuesday. Her teacher said she went to the bathroom at school like 9 times yesterday. How long does it take to see a change in her control?
thank you for the info.. i love you too mamaw maginia.. i do pray it works too.. i am sure she gets tired of peeing all the time..
  Hi "WenWen"! I am including a link to a site which will give you information on this drug. Here is a part of what the article says:

"When it comes to seeing results, everyone is different. Some people’s symptoms begin to improve as soon as the first week that they take DETROL LA. Most patients continue to improve as they take DETROL LA for several months. So, if you just started taking DETROL LA, be sure to give it a full chance to work. Also make sure to keep taking DETROL LA for as long as your doctor prescribes. If you stop taking DETROL LA, your symptoms may return."

I sure will be praying the medicine starts taking effect real soon! Love you!!! :)
Virginia B (John 16:33)
What are the symptons of a bladder infection?
I have this feeling that I have to use the bathroom but I can't seem to go. My mom thinks that it's a bladder infection, but I really don't know. Can you tell me what you feel before a bladder infection?
Crazy Carolina Child
  You can always try taking some Cranberry and Acidophilus. They're available at all health foods stores, Walmart, GNC, etc. If it's just a UTI and not a bladder or kidney infection, then those supplements help. Also, stay away from sugar, sodas, liquor/beer, yeasts, etc until the UTI is gone.

Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms
Lower urinary tract infection (cystitis): The lining of the urethra and bladder becomes inflamed and irritated.

•Dysuria - Pain or burning during urination
•Frequency - More frequent urination (or waking up at night to urinate)
•Urgency - The sensation of not being able to hold urine
•Hesitancy - The sensation of not being able to urinate easily or completely (or feeling that you have to urinate but only a few drops of urine come out)
•Cloudy, bad smelling, or bloody urine
•Lower abdominal pain
•Mild fever (less than 101°F), chills, and "just not feeling well" (malaise)
Upper urinary tract infection (pyelonephritis): Symptoms develop rapidly and may or may not include the symptoms for a lower urinary tract infection.

•Fairly high fever (higher than 101°F)
•Shaking chills
•Flank pain - Pain in your back or side, usually on only one side at about waist level
Alaric Marx

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RachelPoPachel: @1_olddude with my symptoms (unable to control bladder) (incontinence) all of a sudden, said probability is stitches tore into my bladder
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