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Laxatives and constipation.?
For two weeks I've been suffering from constipation, most likely the reason is because i moved on a diet.
I eat A LOT of fiber and drink lots of water so I can't see why that is.
Anyways so when it was my fifth day i took laxolac syrup (basically a laxative), and after that i used it three more times cuz i can't go to the bathroom i seem to be always constipated..
How can i quit using laxatives?
without it i can't go to the bathroom no matter how many days pass :S ?
  Try exercising more, because that is one of the major causes for constipation. Also, eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies, drink plenty of water, and when you feel like you have to take a laxative try prunes, prune juice, apple juice, caffeinated coffee, a tablespoon of cooking oil, raisins, or other natural remedies first before resorting to laxatives. This will give your body a chance to fix itself rather than be fixed by medication.

Also, monitor your intake of potassium, cheese, and other foods that are known to "bind you up". If none of this helps, you should see a doctor to make sure you do not have anything wrong with your intestines, colon, or rectum.
Should I take laxatives for constipation?
Basically, I moved to Madrid 7 days ago and I've noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of bowel movements I've had. I've been going about every other day, however it's been quite a struggle...Anyways, I don't really have any discomfort so should I bother buying laxatives or just ride it out? For the past couple of days I've been eating loads of fruit, vegetables, lentils and I've been drinking tons of water. I'm going away to a pretty remote part of Spain today for four days, so would you advise buying some kind of laxatives now and be done with it??? Thank you!
How can I get over the constipation that Risperdal gives me?
I've been taking risperdal for a couple of months and can't get over the constipation it gives me. I have to wait until the weekend when I'm not working, and take laxatives. Vegetable laxative doesn't seem to work. I've tried fiber pills also. I can't afford to be on zyprexa like I used to be on. What can I do?
  Eat 5 prunes a day. This is not expensive and if you think you don't like prunes, you may be surprised. Also eat as healthy of a diet as you can with lots of fiber. Also coffee is a good laxative too.
is their an alternative to laxatives for constipation?
I am normaly regular but a weekend of unhealthy eating left me backed up, bloated and feeling miserable. I took 2 correctals and woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat with severe cramps, weakness. I felt like I was going to pass out, I was miserable as the laxatives kicked in. I would'v suffered through till I was regular again, had I know what they were going to do.
Crazy dog lady
  Eat a diet rich in natural fiber. Drink lots of water. Those harsh chemical laxitives are way too strong for you.

A weekend of bad eating doesn't require such extreme measures.

My guess is that your diet hasn't been very good for quite a long time. A weekend of bad wouldn't back you up that baddly and make you need harsh laxitives.

Eat more fresh veggies, eat whole grain breads and pastas, drink orange juice with pulp, drink lots of water.

If this happens again, just wait it out, drink lots of fresh water.

If you use harsh laxitives too often your body could grow dependant on them and you'll be an addict!

And once you get things "moving" again, go visit your local GNC type store and get a seven day cleanse kit. It will clean out your guts of fecal material stuck in your guts, and detox your liver and guts.

And remember to eat HIGH FIBER FOODS! And drink LOTS OF WATER!

So many of the previous answers are just one-time quick fixes, not ways to prevent the problem. You want to prevent it from happening again.

So change your diet, exercise more often, drink lots of water, and you'll be fine!
What are some cures for constipation besides laxatives?
  prune juice and coffee are good laxatives. eat food with fiber and stay away from really greasy foods that are deep fried, that usually causes constipation. you can eat them on occation but they shouldn't be a part of your everyday diet. they now have cereal and yogurt with fiber and you can also buy something like benefiber.
is there any help for constipation without laxatives im so bloated and i look pregnant?
  Make sure you drink a lot of water, and eat tons of fiber. The best bet is prunes. Also make sure you get some moderate exercise each day.

You may need to see a doctor if it is really bad, or doesn't improve.
HELP!!! Need help from someone who knows about laxatives and constipation and stuff like that?
How long does it take for your digestive system to start eliminating waste on its own after an frequent use of laxatives.. I've heard that after a frequent use of them your body has a hard time digesting food on its own. how long does it take to start digesting food without any difficulties?
And i'm not trying to lose weight.. i'm like 120 pounds... oh And im 13 by the way.. its just sometimes im so busy i forget to go to the bathroom so i get constipated.. so everytime that happens i use a laxative.
  Your food continues to digest regardless of the laxatives. Laxatives usually stimulate the colon into having contractions to assist the passage of the fecal matter. Th problem is that this usually leads to a dependence on the laxative to create a stimulation. As with most physical dependencies the more you use a drug the more you need to get the same effect.

If you want to treat the constipation, your should treat the underlying causes. First stop with the laxatives. Now change your habits.

1. Take stool a softener in lieu of the laxative. It does what the name implies; thereby, helping you go not making you go,
2. Eat healthier, more fruits, vegetables and foods naturally high in fiber along with whole grain breads instead of white enriched bread.
3. Drink fluids (preferably water) if you don't do this the fiber can create other issues.
4, Walk or ride a bike for at least 1/2 hour per day.
5. Pick some time for you to sit on on toilet every day.
Póg Mo Thóin
What is good to take for constipation, bisides taking laxatives?
i don't want to take any pills of any sort for i heard that your body will get used to them. Is there something else i can take like a fruit or vegetable?
  green tea (get the non caffeine kind) or just drink lots of water, that's really the healthiest way.
Help please! I took ExLax max strength?
(ok, this is about constipation, jus a heads up)
ok, i tried to pass a stool and it was really hard and felt big.... and i got some blood, but no poop. ... i went to the ER and the doctors basically said how to prevent constipation (eat more fiber, etc) and prescribed Anusol HC Suppositories....
ok, the pharmacy was closed and i am DESPERATE, so i went to the laxative asile nd bought max strenth ExLax.... and now im reading online (u'd think i'd do this BEFORE taking it right? but no...) that theres different types of laxatives.... and that what i should have bought was a "stool softener" ? ... so my question is , to all those who took this med before, or had my problem, or know... : will ExLax max strength SOFTEN the stool? (i took two of the pills like... two hours ago) ... and if not, what exactly should i buy? thank you!! .... any sources/reasons to believe you would be appreciated, since this is a serious thing and i dont want to take the advice of a joking person
  This happened to me once, and I took Ex-Lax...which I guess is a stool sofner and laxative in one. It didn't work in the 8 hours or whatever that it said it I had to literally use my fingers to get the hard stool out just a little so that the rest would come. SOUNDS SICK I KNOW, this can get compacted and you don't wanna have to go to the ER so they can do it, so maybe try that. It is so painful to be constipated...Hope it helps!
How can I help my wife from constipation?
She's been occasionally suffering from constipation. Is this not because she is already 57 years of age? Is it because at our age, digestive system starts to malfunction? And could constipation go to cancerous case?
The Curious
  Many people suffer from occasional constipation. Usually constipation isn't a serious matter and is correctable and preventable by making a permanent change in eating habits and lifestyle. Increase dietary fiber, water intake to 2-3 liters/day, and increase phsyical activity. The occasional (and I stress occasional) use of a stool softener or laxative is fine. She can speak to her doctor about this and her constipation.

Constipation is more common in people over the age of 65.
Whether this will lead to cancer or whether the constipation is due to cancer, remains to be seen. There would be other signs and symptoms. At this point, I would not be concerned about it. If her constipation becomes chronic or cannot be remedied by my suggestions, she should report this to he doctor.
If someone has alot of impacted stool, would it be dagerous to take prescription laxatives?
Ive been getting blood in my stool, so i have a colonoscopy scheduled for tomorrow. I am not supposed to eat anything, and take 4 prescription osmoprep laxatives an hour till tonight before the procedure. I've taken laxatives, suppositories,, enemas.. etc. and all they do is give me severe stomach pains and dont help me go at all. I am very scared to take these because i had an xray two days ago and they said i have alot of impacteed feces. What should i do??
also im on a high dose of opiates, which is the main reason why i've been so constipated. ill only go to the bathroom like once a week, not even
also im on a high dose of opiates, which is the main reason why i've been so constipated. ill only go to the bathroom like once a week, not even
  Ummm..... It will be dangerous because this dihareaha you are having is a way of the pathogen in your body to dispose of bad bacteria. I'm not 100% sure, so don't trust me completely.
question about constipation very worried plz help?
i have been constipated for weeks, the doctor gave me lactulose then movicol, that didnt work so they gave me magnesium hydroxide and senna.
after taking it for a day i did go to the toilet, thing is it now day 3 and i still ain't going to the toilet properly.
so can you be constipated take laxatives,go to the toilet then be constipated again, as im soo worried.
  Yes this can happen, laxatives are only temporary solutions. Go back to your doctor and try to find out why the constipation happened in the first place. you really need to have your diet assessed properly to see why you are constipated.

Usually eating more fibre in the form of wholegrain cereals, wholemeal bread, brown rice etc plus fruit such as bananas (high in fibre), figs and prunes and drinking plenty of water solves the problem. Often its not enough water that is the main problem. Make sure you get some aerobic exercise every day to stimulate blood flow and aid digestion.
Trust me I'm a Doctor ♥
Good laxatives or constipation remedies that work well and quick?
Good strong reliable laxative?, recommendations needed?

Been on codeine pain meds for a bad knee and now I'm bunged up

I have slight piles / heameroids? so want something that really "liquifies" to get me cleaned out, then I can regulate with fiber and fruit.

Whats good for a good non cramping blowout ?
I can spend time close to the loo tomorrow so don't mind what.

Recommendations on experience please
  I think you should use 1 tbsp. Bentonite, 1 tbsp olive oil & 1 tbsp. Metamucil to clean out your intestines and skip the laxative exercise. As for the pile situation, you can peel a clove of garlic and put it up your poop chute when they are bothering you.
i know i keep asking about these laxatives but...?
i'm just very nervous, because i have a fear of throwing up. HUGE fear of throwing up. and i don't want that side effect. but what will happen if i don't drink all of the solution? for all of you who hasn't read my two other posts i am taking halflytely laxatives tomorrow to prepare for my colonsocopy that will be taken place on wednesday. i am 16 yrs old and 102 lbs. what will happen if i don't drink all the solution?
  Lindsey Please follow whatever instructions your doctors are telling you. If you have any questions you need to seek your doctors advice (not someone on here)
I am 18 years ikd and I usually weigh about 112 lbs and im 5'6..
I usually don't eat much, like a couple apples a day or something..
But Yesterday i ate 6 TACOS (Homemade..the big ones) 2 BAGELS and 4 taquitos with about 8-10 cups of juice within one hour.. I was just shoving my face.
I felt like I had to throw up, but I couldnt.. I couldnt go potty either (lol.
I waited an hr and I couldnt move, I went to the emergency room but they didnt do anything... My stomach was distended about a foot and a half from the side compared to normal...


I took 2 ex-lax tablets and drank a bottle of cherry magnesium citrate around 6:30 pm ( I ate at 11am)... nothing happened.. I waited to go and nothing came.. I went to sleep and woke up this morning with a less distended stomach but with alot of soreness and pain in my abdomen and back (my stomach is still distended more than usually (about 6 inches - 10 inches)...
I then took 3 TBS of mineral oil and 2 stool softeners.. nothing happened (around 9:30 am ) today; I went to my gma who is a nurse and she gave me a fleets enema? NOTHING HAPPENED. I then proceeded to take a suppository.. and still nothings happened.. It's not 2:00pm and I still havnt gone, all from food I ate yesterday at 11am.

Shouldnt taking mineral oil, stool softeners, suppositories, laxatives, magnesium citrate and fleets enema be doing something?!!!! UGH.
Do i have a blockage?
  I suspect all those laxatives should kick in pretty soon. You could go to your gma and see if she would give you a 2 quart warm water enema; but, you may need to get your own bag.

It's a bit early for a blockage.
Póg Mo Thóin
What is the difference between constipation and severe constipation?
I want to know what is the difference between constipation and severe constipation, as far as definition. causes and symptoms.

Thank you
  Constipation is where you have to strain to get the stool out.

Severe constipation is where you need to take medical or physical action to empty the bowel.

Both have the same essential cause which is slowed transit time in the bowel leading to dehydrated, hardened stools.

Here is the link to the bristol stool chart - with sufficient fluids and fibre a normal stool is a 3, 4 or 5.
dry lips and constipation after I start exercising?
When ever I start excercising ( which inlcudes 2 miles of running and then dumbbells workout),
I get severe dry lips and constipation.I get excessive sweat and leaves salt scaling on my T-shirt even.
I drink lot of water but still dry lips and constipation continues. I feel scared of doing workout.
Please guide.
Sam disuja
  try putting lemons in your water. and ice! it'll keep your body with vitamins while you work out
Ive been constipated for 4 days already.... Is there any home remedies to cure constipation??? please help very painful
  drink hot water, with a little lemon juice hourly. it will stimulate the intestines. soaking in a hot bath will also help.

You can also get glycerine suppositories to help stimulate the rectum or little sliver of soap the size of the tip of you little finger, pushed in the rectum will also help move things along.
just me
I've been having constipation for the past week pretty hard. I've been trying to go but only went once and there wasnt that much. I tried to take stool softener pills but they aren't effective. For some reason my bod responds very very well when I take constipation pills when I had diarrhea but not very well to stool softener pills. Any tips on how to naturally soften the stool :)
Judge Not
  Fluids is the key.

You have a higher risk of being constipated from low fluids and/or fibers intake, some medications, some illnesses, prolong use of laxatives, inactivities, and simply getting old (low peristalsis).

To 'naturally soften the stool,' you need to deal with whatever is causing your constipation. If none of the above works then you definitely need to see a doctor about your problem.

Chronic constipation is serious and can be dangerous.

Remember, prolong use of laxatives can affect your normal bowel function. It than can worsening your constipation and lead to malabsorption.
I have had constipation for more than ONE MONTH. I have gone but i need laxative to go. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. The doctor told me i just need to exersise more and eat fiber, TWICE. WHAT THE HELL?!? I do not think this is a small thing, but what do i know? i need help. I have even thought about stopping eating so i dont have to deal with it.
  Make sure to drink lots of water and eat veggies and roughage. Don't use laxatives regularly or your system will not work without them.You can use a fiber pill for a while until your body gets straightened out but stay away from the laxatives.Water helps a lot and exercises will also. Best wishes.
How do you naturally relieve constipation?
My mom has been using Metamucil, she constantly eats fiber, and she's using Polyethylene Glycol 3350. However, she continues to have constipation regardless of what she's been doing.

Would you recommend Chinese Tea "Dieters Drink"?

Any other NATURAL recommendation is helpful. Thanks.
my mom has diverticulosis
  I would start take one tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil a day. I started taking it years ago, and it has a variety of good health benefits. But when I take it, I normally go to the bathroom 2 - 3 times a day. It definitely keeps you regular.
  stop PEG!!!!
Bee Budd
has anyone tried enulose or castor oil for constipation?
i saw my doctor last week and told her about my constipation( she does not know that i have IBS. i am still getting tested, but i know i have it cuz i got all the symptoms.) anyway, she told me to take this liquid called enulose, but i am hesitant to take it because it is a lactulose solution and is lactulose the same as lactose? cuz i think i might be lactose intolerant...i don't know but wheneveri drink milk my stomach hurts. so does anyone think i should try enulose? someone also told me that castor oil treats constipation...i went to the pharmacy yesterday and got it. so which one should i try? which one works better, faster and is the safest? also, how soon after taking it can i eat?
  Drink a glass of Prune juice daily and eat prunes. Then there is Smooth Moves tea from the Health food store. These are very helpful.

Medications are really bad about causing constipation.

Take the Castor oil, it is natural. Stop analyzing and take something to get moving. Impaction is an ugly thing.
Hi i have REALLy bad constipation prob. I tried everything!! I ate fiber, prunes, prune juice warm water, veggie and fruit juices, warm water, flaxseed, laxavates.... EVRYTHING. I have been like this for 3 days!!!! what should I do????????? THX! no making fun plz!
  If you have had no stool passage after all of these remedies, it may be time for a fleets enema.

Should you have results after the enema, I would continue the practice of having plenty of fiber and water in your daily diet.
Kim C
How can I get constipation relief when on a low calorie diet?
I'm on a low calorie diet, and I frequently deal with constipation issues. I only have a bowel movement 2 or 3 times a week. I eat plenty of fiber, exercise, and drink water. What else can i do to make my digestive system more regular?
Amanda B
  If you're eating fiber and drinking lots of water and you're still getting no bowel movement daily, you may want to eat the fiber in the form of fruit exclusively and in the morning. Apples, pears, and dried prunes. But you should not take large amounts of fiber suddenly, it can actually constipate you.

Start small and build up your fiber intake. Give it a few days. If the fruit still isn't working, you can be fairly certain you are taking in too few calories and your body is fighting back.

Use a calorie calculator like the BMR & RMR calculator at
Its calculations are very accurate. It will keep you from eating too much, or too little, to shed the pounds.
Will I be ok taking Miralax with this med...?
I want to start using Miralax for constipation, but im schizoaffective I use Trilafon,Lamictal,Clonozopam,Prozac, and Trazadone...ALL GENERICS

Shy Guy
  The drugs you are taking often cause constipation.Since you will be on that type of medication for most of your life what you should do is change your diet,in general,rather than hope taking more medication will help.Eat more fruit ,vegetables,drink more water ,and take fiber supplements like Metamucil a couple of hours between the doses of medication so it won't slow their absorption and you will notice an improvement.
In any event,your pharmacist is the one who has a duty to tell you if there is any danger of interaction between the medications you take and the supplements or other medicine you are interested in taking.Ideally you should only have one pharmacist but if you can't do that bring in a photocopy of the prescriptions for everything you take whenever you get a prescription filled so that he can make sure everything is safe and effective for you.
How many days of constipation before seeing a doctor?
Constipation states yesterday. Much more than I've ever been. Very little made its way out. Today absolutely nothing has come out. How long should I go before seeing a doctor?

I should also note that the problem isn't getting it to move, but getting it out the exit. It feels too small. My urine is also very orange. I guess I have to drink more.

When should I make an appointment with my GI doctor? It will probably take three days to get in.
  I was constipated for a week once, when I was 13 years old. At the end of that week, I got cramps. Bad. Turned out, my appendix was about to bust.
JesusZoidberg Saves
As a type 1 diabetes can I use Lactulose for constipation it's too sweet Doesn't it rise my Blood Suger?
Lactulose has been prescribed by my Doctor for treatment of constipation and he told me the suger contained in Lactulose does'nt affect my Blood Suger.
jimenez6 is right .
  well lynn docs dont know everything that is why it is called a medical practice docs have given me meds numerous times that adversely affect my diabetes while knowing of my condition i have also been told i will never have children which i now have three she was just looking for advice. hun i would say take a diff route such as colace or fiber maybe even black coffee which is actually good for you you know your body best if u think it will harm u than it may the doc admitted there was sugar in it so i believe that it will affect your levels
Has anyone heard of Celiac Disease In an Infant???
My son has had medical issues since he was born. He is currently 8 months old. He had severe acid reflux and also constipation issues. We have been seeing a GI Dr. since he was a month old. I recently heard of Celiac Disease. Is it possible for an infant to have Celiac Disease and be constipated? I have heard of it with Diarrhea but not constipation. I have been trying to watch my son's bowel movements with his diet, but it is hard. He is currently on Enulose and take an ounce of prune juice daily. He does become constipated once in awhile with the medication. Any advice please let me know.
I really could use some advice with this question......
I have found my son can't tolerate certain foods. For example he can't have oatmeal, but is able to have rice cereal. I am having some problems with some fruits also. IE apples and bannanas. We have been introducing some new regular foods with him. Sometimes he has constipation and other times he has diarrhea. Thanks for the information.
  Hi, has he been exposed to gluten meaning anything with wheat,barley,rye, triticale,spelt, kamut?
Have you fed him any mixed cereal, oatmeal, breads, etc.
Since celiac is an autoimmune genetic disease, it is certainly possible that he has celiac (emphasis on the genetic) even as a baby. However, since it is also an autoimmune disease, he needs to be exposed to the protein that causes the antigen response which in this case is gliadin and glutenin.
Go here:
Basically, from what I have read, constipation can be a symptom in children with celiac. Here is a link I think you will find helpful:

please feel free to join the forum and ask any questions you need. We are all online to help and will happily and nicely answer any questions you have. I want you to specifically find Ursa Major ok? And then talk to your gastroenterologist about your concerns. I think it is certainly worth considering.
I hope this helps! Blessings 'nama
Hi again. If you see a difference when he eats oatmeal, I would def. talk to the doctor about it. You can try a certified gf oatmeal (like bob's red mill) and see if you get a reaction. Regular oatmeal is contaminated with gluten in the fields,during harvest,transport and processing, so it is not gf unless precautions are taken. I really hope this helps your son, it must be so frustrating to know your child is ill and not have solid answers as to how to help him!
If I take ducolax for release of constipation and now I have a diarreah, can I take lomotil to stop the diarre?
I have a diarreah after taking ducolax tablets for constipation. Can I take lomotil to stop the diearreah?
Ms Q
  I sorry; but, I have a severe headache as I found myself beating my head against the wall after reading your question. You need to get a Yo-Yo. Then you should practice basic Yo-Yo exercises. You know up and down. While doing this ask yourself the question again. The answer should eventually come to you.
Póg Mo Thóin
What do you take for your IBS; have you tried the antibiotic Rifaximin?
if so, did it work? I thinking about talking to my doctor about Rifaximin. I've suffered from IBS symptoms for 8 years now. I've tried diet, probiotics, herbal teas, exercise, stress reduction, increasing fluids, laxatives; you name it. ( o _ 0 )
  My daughter & I both suffer with IBS. My doctor recommended mint capsules several years ago, which my parents picked up for me when they went to Germany. The mint seemed to work well, however I developed acid reflux & had to stop taking mint. Mint is good to calm the intestinal system, but it's bad for acid reflux. Stress reduction has helped me with both of my problems. My daughter has suffered with gastrointestinal problems since birth. She recently had to go through an upper endoscopy & a colonoscopy. Since everything turned out normal, the doctor suspected IBS. He recommended Align & Benefiber. She has started those, but it's too soon to tell if they will work. I am a retired nurse, but I haven't heard of Rifaximin. I just looked it up. It looks like it's rather new. Since nothing else has worked for you I'd say it is worth asking your doctor about it. Good luck.

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