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heart palpitations?
i recently have been getting heart palpitations. It happened after i returned from travelling the globe, and doing wot travellers do best-get drunk, a lot, if not every day, every second day for 7 months. now in the days following a weekend session i get palpitations. If i dont go on a bender im fine. Is this my body saying it needs a rest?
The Doctor
  you've answered your own question
How do you make the distinction between normal awareness of heart beat and heart palpitations?
Heart palpitations are the irregular awareness of the heart beating. You dont have to necesarilly have an irregular, fast, or slow heart beat to have palpitations.

So how does one make the distinction between a normal awareness of heart beat and an "irregular awareness" of heart beat? aka palpitations.

I know that many people are able to feel their heart beating while at rest and this is considered normal. So why are those people not labeled as having "palpitations" ?
  If you can actually FEEL your heart beating in your chest you are having palpitations. Point Blank Period
Can having heart palpitations lead to any type of heart surgery?
My sister experiences heart palpitations. She's 19 and she doesn't do any physical activity that would cause her heart rate to rise. She's seeing a cardiologist in a few weeks but she's freaking out a bit.

So does her situation call for any type of heart surgery?

Thanks in advance. :)
  hey, im 13 and i have them too.

i just go to the heart doctor every 6 months for a checkup and halter monitor- then you also MUST stay away from CAFFEINE & ALCOHOL.

it causes them to start up. its pretty easy living with it, dont freak out. im 13 and i've had it since i was about 11 or 10. its not a big deal; tell her not to worrry! :)

How severe can heart palpitations be for a woman going through menopause?
I had my heart checked and it is healthy, but these palpitations are really bad, I can't stand it. I am having menopausal symptoms, so I think they are due to that.
Kathy P
  Get on hormone replacement. That will help with the heart palpitations. Good Luck!
Heart Palpitations?
I suffer from occasional heart palpitations but this morning it was really bad. I am planning on going to the doctor but maybe someone has some insight on what it could be. And how do you deal with that.
I don't take any medications. Don't drink or smoke. Overall a healthy person.
Karina V
  I would suggest having tests done to at least put your mind at rest. When the doctor tells you they are benign they are a little easier to handle because then you can rest assured they will go away in time. I am a very anxious person and suffer from panic attacks as well so I know exactly how you’re feeling. I had palpitations for 2 months straight and it drove me nuts. Mine would always start in the morning and last all day. They sometimes would last into the night but would ease off typically. They had a rhythm of thump thump THUMP!! then it felt like a skip. I would get one about every 15-60 seconds. Some were so bad they made my eyes blur. I went to the Doctor and had all sorts of tests done and they ended up giving me a drug called toprol but I never took it because I hate drugs. Mine were caused from excessive stress and anxiety and I am guessing yours are too but still get it checked out just for the peace of mind it will give you. If they can catch one on an EKG it’s easy to tell right away but the 24hr monitor is the alternative if they are infrequent. It helped for me to cut out the caffeine as well. Hope you feel better soon
What could cause heart palpitations and the simultaneous opening of my sinus passages?
I have hay fever so it is not unusual for me to be congested, but the heart palpitations are a more recent phenomenon.
I didn't take any medications.
The last two times I was just driving a car.
  Are you taking decongestants? These have the ability to stimulate increased heart rate and blood pressure because of their actions on blood vessels (constriction) and heart rate receptors (tachycardia -fast heart rate)

Anything with pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) or topical nasal spray decongestants can cause the release of norepinephrine which causes nasal blood vessel constriction but norepinephrine will also stimulate your heart rate to increase as well because it acts on beta 1 adrenergic receptors.

Be careful if you are taking these drugs. They can have side effects and nasal sprays can be addictive with rebound congestion if used more than 4 days. You can also develop supraventricular tachycardia or atrial flutter with these drugs. Older individuals are more susceptible to these reactions.

Good luck, hope this helps.
What does it mean when someone is experiencing irregular heart palpitations?
my brother, 18, veeerrrryyy healthy, he works out every day, eats right, protein shakes and such and drinks plenty of water, milk, juice, rarely soda. hes been experiencing irregular heart palpitations and "fluttering" and his heart beats as if he waas just running but hes not, hes sitting down relaxing. our aunt has heart disease, but this is the first signs hes had. what could this be? thank you very much!
i love jerseylicious ♥
  Teenagers who are very healthy are more prone to these feelings it's probably because his heart is beating lower than 60 as it's so strong and healthy but as it beats that slowncan cause sensations, inpersonallunwould go to ER for an ECG so
A professional doctor can
Give there opinion
Fear Master
How do i get heart palpitations under control?
I've been having heart palpitations for some time now. It happens often. Any advice would be appreciated.
  Heart palpitations are caused by an irritable group of tissues in the heart. I've had heart palpitations for years and I notice for me that if I drink a lot of soda then they get worse. The best advice I have for you is to take a look at what is causing your palpitations and cut it out of your life or at least cut back. I can drink about a 20 oz soda once a day and not have any problems but if I start drinking soda all the time and smoke like a chimney then they get worse. Something that also works is when you feel it take in a deep breath and hold it. If you are very stressed or not eating well and sleeping well they can get worse. But you should go and see a doc as this could be the precursor to a more serious heart arrhythmia.
cardizem la...will i be on this medication forever?
I was diagnosed with heart palpitations after cocaine use. I am a 21 year old male in otherwise excellent shape. When I have the palpitations, my heart does not speed up, it just beats harder and it can be annoying when trying to sleep. The cardiologist said my echocardiogram was completely normal and that my stress test on the treadmill was very good. He just said that I should run more often so that my heart can become more efficient. He also had me wear a holter monitor and he said there were no arrythmias to be concerned with.

He perscribed 180mg of cardizem la for my heart palpitations. I dont know if the medication is working or if its getting better on its own. I dont know what is going on.

But my question is...will I have to be on this medicine forever? My cardiologist suspects 3-6 months tops on the medication is all I will have to do. What are your experiences?


If I do come off the I have to wean off?
should I even be on this medication since I have perfect blood pressure and resting pulse?
  Cocaine use can seriously mess with the electrical activity of your heart. It does so by affecting the influx/outflux of calcium in the heart muxcle cells. Cardizem is a calcium channel antagonist. I hope you have stopped the cocaine, and I suspect your cardiologist is just being cautious. If your cocaine use has ceased there is no reason you should not be able to discontinue. You do not need to wean off this class of drugs.
Can you have children harmfully if you have heart murmurs and randomly palpitations?
My husband & I Just recently got married and were talking about having a baby.. but we are concerns about the health of my heart. I was just wondering if I can have children without dying or the risk of dying during childbirth if i have heart murmurs and random palpitations?
Jessica B
  If you have a heart condition your pregnancy will be classified by the doctor as "high risk". High risk means you have one or more factors that could cause harm to you or your baby during pregnancy. This is not something to be scared of but rather a reassurance the doctor will take extra care of you and closely monitor your pregnancy. Having a disability does not mean you can't have kids. Because I do not know the severity of your condition you should talk to your doctor because he will be able to let you know exactly what your risks are. He will probably explain many options for how you can have a baby safely.
What causes heart palpitations and dizzy spells?
I recently had my stomach stapled (3months ago). All is well accept i randomly get heart palpitations, and very severe dizzy spells, not together. I wondering what it is and how i can fix this. The doc says its normal, but to me its not! And its scary.
  Make sure you are drinking enough water. I personally have never gotten any surgery, but I know that staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do for yourself while healing. Make sure you have enough water each day. And when I say water, I mean water. No Gatorade or what ever. It's NOT the same. Make sure you are eating enough. It may be the fact that you are eating less because you got your stomach stapled. Your body isn't used to not eating as much as it did. Make sure you have a number to call, or someone with you if anything does go wrong, or if you feel you need to go to the doctor. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you feel better!
Heart palpitations?
recently I have been having like chest pains and heart palpitations? The chest pain is like the center of my chest its an aching pain and yesterday I had a palpitation that lasted longer I had to sit it was a strange not nice feeling. What could it be? Stress?
im planning my wedding!!at the moment
  It could be stress. Stress does alot to your body. Have you been under alot of stress lately? If you have, it could very well be stress. But it could also be something else, the only way to know is to go to your doctor. It could be something serious, but it sounds like it could be stress. Make a doctors appointment to make sure there is nothing else going on.
What can cause heart palpitations after exerting myself?
Every time I do any type of physical activity: cleaning the house, walking, showering, eating, etc....I have heart palpitations (skipped beats) for a long time after I sit down to relax. I smoke cigarettes, don't exercise regularly. I have had EKG's, 24 hour holter monitors, echocardiograms, blood tests...all of these came back fine. I am going for a Myoview Stress Test (the treadmill one) tomorrow but I really want to get a heads up on what might be causing this. Does anyone have any ideas?
Are varicose veins around the heart a sign of something serious?
My husband is 31 and has been an athlete most of his life until the past few years. He is physically in good shape and active. But recently he has had some heart palpitations and noticed varicose veins or more like spider veins below his heart on his chest.
Aunja P
  gee if he's having heart palpitations you should get him to the doctor maybe even the emergency room. Palpitations can be serious, they may be nothing but this is his heart you are talking about.
I can feel my heart beating in my throat?
It hasn't gone away and it started about 5 minutes ago. I have had anxiety-related palpitations before, but my heart beat is steady right now, it just goes funny on and off. Two days ago I started taking Epilim and Isoptin SR, could this have anything to do with it?
I am female, 15 years old.
No, I know what I'm talking about. I feel it beating in my chest and it flutters sometimes. It hasn't gone away for a while now.
Also, I am taking those medications for supposed migraine related constant numbness and visual disturbances.
It feels like constant palpitations.
I have symptoms of numbness over a number of places on my body (both sides), and small dots that come and go constantly in my vision. (They are not something in my eye, they are coming from inside my brain)
The neurologist says it is probably migraine, and gave me those meds.
I'm probably stressed because I have been through a lot of crap this year and I just met my long lost sister I've never met before.
  i don't know what those drugs are but your two main arteries run through you neck (carotic). it might just be your bloods pumping like crazy and you need to calm down. relax girl remember the happy times. seriously take your mind off of the stressors.
Im on metoprolol tartrate 12.5mg - SVT?
Well, I have been having Random chest pain over the years and panic attacks which have engulfed me to the fullest. It has become an inconvenience as I don't know when it starts. But I knew I wasn't crazy, docs kept telling me its anxiety and stress. Then I finally was put on a holter Monitor and they found I had SVT - my pulse at one point was 170 beats per min. Believe me I felt like I was about to explode and cried, but it goes away after 1 min. But I occasional have palpitations and Random vein spasms. But now I suspect that I have had SVT for a long time and it was God's blessing that I did not die. I always woke up having nightmares and believe it is SVT. Well Doctor doesn't like giving me, a 22 year old, medication but suggested I try a low Dose of metoprolol tartrate 12.5 mg twice a day, for this. I am having a appointment with the electrophysiologist to conduct ep studies in 2 weeks. What should I do? Im scared i will die of cardiac arrest? All my blood work is excellent: low hdl low triglyceride high hdl, heart valve good, normal heart shape.

Im not overweight but I do get these palpitations and random shortness of breath, should I continue these medications or get cather ablation?
I dont want to use this medication anymore but it says online that if i stop I can get a heart attack wtf is this true will I have to take this for life?
  No, continue with the medication you are on now until you visit your electro physiologist. Once you seem him/her, they will tell you, from that point on, what to do; to continue or not. Do not make any changes in any form until you see them. Once you are on a medication that involves the heart in any consent is dangerous to stop because the heart "withdraws" if you don't have it (In simple terms) Take care!
I had a radiofrequency ablation in October. Will this cause any long term problems?
I had AV nod re-entrant tachycardia and kept winding up in the ER with pulse rates over 240, I was terrified of getting more Adenocard, so they ablated it, I had palpitations something terrible for about 8 months after the procedure which seem to have stopped for the most part. Now I am wondering if I have made myself at a higher risk for future heart problems which they never thought about like what if I needed that accessory pathway for something they never told me about. I think the ablation was like a micro heart attac put in a great spot to make my heart beat right. At any rate, the physician who fixed me was sent from God and I am so thankful he took the time and fixed me. I feel like it is almost too good to be true.
  It is a wonderful thing, my daughter had it done 4 times between the ages of 8-10 yrs of age. The last one finally got the trouble spot for her and gave her a life she never knew existed. She could go out of town for the day with friends, she could fo swimming, she could stay the nite at friends. She hasn't had any problems and her last one was in 1995 at the age of 10, she is 21 now and healthy as can be. No more ER's, no more meds, no more life flights to a bigger hospital. She was one of the first to have it done and I have never regretted agreeing to let them do it. It was RFA or pacemaker with defib. , so yes RFA is a lifesaver and she has had no side effects in the 11 yrs since. Hope this helps you feel a little better about it.
If You Have Rapid Heart Rate and Severe Tremors From Citanest?
at the dental office, what is the dentists supposed to do?

What if they do nothing and just look at you while you are having severe tremors and rapid heart rate and heat pains and palpitations across the chest? It's a severe reaction......... HELP!

Allergic to Bactrim, amoxicillin IVP, and hydrocholorithiazaide........ HELP
Born Valentine's Day
  They should at least monitor the vital signs and if needed, call 911.
Can Toprol XL and OTC magnesium supplements be taken together for heart palpitations?
I have been diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and take Toprol XL 50 mg every day for the past 10 years.
Patti D
  since your body is accostomed to the pill and what it's composed of, it prbably shuldnt be a problem.

although, you should look on the label if it says "do not take with..." , then read the ingredients on the other pills, and if it doesnt have that ingredient it probably wont be an issue.

nonetheless, you should still take the pills a good 20 minutes in between each other.
Anyone on salmeterol (SEREVENT) had side effects from it?
I should add my son had heart palpitations after starting that medication, his dr. says it's a very rare reaction, I'm trying to figure out how rare it is, really.
  It is a long acting B agonist. The blue inhaler ventolin is for more immediate treatment of symptoms. The salmeterol works over a longer time. The side effects are the same as ventolin....fine tremor, mild anxiety, fast heart rate. The dose of drug is very small because it is inhaled. These side effects are negligable compared to the panic and tight chest of an asthma attack.
i have that n i'm taking antibiotics . but i had a fever not too long ago n now i feel my heart's palpitations becoming faster. it's weird n sometimes i cant it a side effect? i'm taking factive
or is it another symptom? what should i do?
  It could be a sign of rheumatic fever, an autoimmune complication. Rheumatic fever can be caused by any type of group A strep (S. pyogenes) and happens 2-3 weeks after the initial infection; antibodies attack the heart and joints; often patients can get repeated damage that accumulates with each infection; for this reason antibiotics are given before dental work is done on patients who have had rheumatic fever. It can cause serious damage to your heart and is something that will effect what you need to do later in life to prevent further damage to your heart, so I'd get it looked at.
Age 22, have PVC's and am taking Calan 120 mg. and Toprol XL 12.5 mg.?
I have one EP saying I should get the ablation procedure done so that a) I don't have to be on medication permanently and b) since I was complaining of frequent palpitations. However, the calan has helped my palpitations alot.

I have another EP saying the procedure would be a "big gun for a small fly" i.e. since they are benign arrythmias, I really don't need it done.

I need one more opinion to break the fence and help me make a decision. Any guidance is much appreciated. Thank You!
  PVC's ,- of themselves, are not the problem. They are symptoms caused by the problem, which , it sounds from what you describe about your EP's, is of unknown origin.

That said, ablation might well -or might NOT- alleviate the symptoms. It seems premature at this stage to undergo it, simply because whether it does or not, the problem will still be there. In due course, -it will manifest itself in another form or the PVC's may even return.

It IS a sledgehammer, to crack a nut, and on balance it appears to be prudent to await further, more serious outcomes before deciding.

Bide a while. The ablation course won't disappear. Your palpitations may!
Luke Skywalker
Does anyone have an arrythmia? (heart palpitations)?
Hi, I got diagnosed with an arrythimia called SVT (supra ventricular tacchicardia) and my doc says although its scary its not dangerous.. does anyone else have this problem, too? and if so what meds do you take for it?

I have been taking a beta blocker called tiazac for years, and for the most part it helps.. But when it does happen it FREAKS ME OUT.
I always feel like I am dying.. Are there better meds? thanks for any answers regarding this subject.. ANY info will be welcome!
  i dont know if i have that
however i have skipped beats and get fast heart rate
they wanted me to take tiazac however i been chicken since i have low blood preasure
no caffine and make sure your iron and potassium is okay
eat bananas and or potatoes daily
it scares me too i have to pray to God to help me
feel free to email me and hope we can help each other
Changing meds - Is this dangerous?
I recently (two days ago) started taking Diltiazem, prescribed by a new doctor for high blood pressure. Before that, I was on Ziac for about 5 years (new doctor took me off). Since I started the new meds, I have been having shortness of breath and kind of a feeling of heart palpitations, for about a day now. Is this normal after changing meds like this?
  Hi, I am a pharmacist. I wanted to ask you a couple of questions so I can try and help you. First of all - this new doctor - is he/she a Cardiologist (meaning heart doctor)?
Second, was your high blood pressure managed well on the Ziac? What range did you usually fall into? (120/80 being the normal range at rest for an adult)
Thirdly, just for future reference, any maintanence medication should always be WEANED off - never switched abruptly.
Remember your body has been used to Ziac for a while. Switching suddenly to Diltiazem is not a good idea.
Also, Ziac is a combination medication (which I am sure you already know). The combination is a Ace Inhibitor with a Diuretic which act on your vascular system as a whole (meaning your arteries and veins).
Diltiazem is a Calcium Channel Blocker - acts directly on the calcium channels of your heart muscle.
Why the switchover into a completely different class of blood pressure medications?
I am curious to know what your blood pressure measurements are.
No it is not normal. And I am glad you are astute enough to be able to ask about it. Please feel free to email me if you have other questions.
I hope I have given you some insight into your therapy. Please contact your doctor and ask him to re-evaluate your medication, let him know the symptoms you have been experiencing and make sure you let him know that they are causing you discomfort and worry.
Noor M
PLEASE HELP heart problems?
my mum has an irregular heart beat, the heart beats too many times and isn't pumping hard enough or something....theyre not sure if this has only just occurred or if its been there forever. the specialist has given her 'diltiazem hydrochloride' tablets, to help increase blood flow to the heart. these did not help at all. mum has a huge risk f having a heart attack D: i know not many people can tell anything from such little information, but, what else could help for an irregular heart beat??
Is there anybody who has taken Eszopiclone sleeping tablets? Pls tell me about it (effects)?
i was having panic attacks due to heart palpitations, from past 3 months. I was on Anti deps from past 2 months, gradually stopped them. But i have been taking sleeping pills ( zolpidem tartrate) from 3 mnths. Yesterday my psycologist recommended a change in sleeping pill since zolpidem seemed to be ineffective. He prescribed Eszopiclone pills. If anybody has used these, pls let me know how it helps sleep, effectiveness and the withdrawal symptoms? Is it ok to take these for a long term?
  Contact your doctor if you experience
daytime drowsiness, dizziness, or clumsiness;
more outgoing or aggressive behavior than normal;
strange behavior;
memory loss problems;
worsening of depression;
hallucinations; or
new feelings of depression.
Other, less serious side effects may be more likely to occur, such as headache and unpleasant taste. If these become bothersome, contact your doctor.A problem that may occur when sleep medicines are stopped is known as "rebound insomnia." This means that a person may have more trouble sleeping the first few nights after the medicine is stopped than before starting the medicine. If you should experience rebound insomnia, do not get discouraged. This problem usually goes away on its own after 1 or 2 nights.Eszopiclone may be habit forming. Stopping this medication suddenly can cause withdrawal effects if you have taken it continuously for several weeks. Talk to your doctor about the safe use of this medication.
What is the difference between a heart attack and a Myocardial infarction?
I have heard that a heart attack is when the heart stops, but it can be restarted and an MI is when you can't restart the heart.
Is that true?
Gerri R
  yes that is true,
mi is like a heart attack that does not start again, no matter what, where heart attack can be restarted
Jake Gold
Beta Blockers question?
I recently was told I have Sinus Tachycardia which the GP believes is stress related. I have had many blood tests taken including FBC, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Thyroid levels and function etc... All came back normal. However, the tachycardia was worsening and therefore I was put on propranolol hydrochloride to take as an when required in episodes of anxiety and tachycardia. When I got the tablets the label said to take three times daily as required, however, I took one this afternoon which was my first one, and it worked, however, I was very dizzy on it and had regular palpitations/skipped beats causing breathlessness/obstruction feeling in my throat causing me to gasp. This seems to happen when my heart slows down naturally also at the moment.

Has anyone else had sinus tachycardia with the "skipped beats". Can stress cause ongoing sinus tachycardia? It seems to occur when I walk from one room to another too. I admit the beta blocker did relax me.
I have not yet taken my second tablet, I was told to take half a tablet next time because of the effect it had on me as I also had chest pain today. I have been getting chest pain and arm pain for a few days. I am really worried because I am in my 20's and have never had heart problems until recently. Can stress cause all of this? I have also lost a lot of weight through stress and loss of appetite.
what is bronchospasm?

Is your doctor a heart specialist? If not then I suggest you need to discontinue the B- blockers as the dose you are on is getting your blood pressure low enough for you to get dizzy and second it sounds like you are getting bronchospam which is a contraindications to B- blockers.

If your issues are anxiety and stress then you need to be on anti anxiety meds not heart rate control meds.
iman w
digoxin vs carvedilol?
The heart drugs whose generic names are digoxin vs carvedilol both appears to strengthen heart beat. But, the former treats problems with upper chambers and the latter with lower chambers of the heart. Yahoo medical section cautions against taking digoxin if one has a heart rhythm disorder of the ventricles, or lower chambers of the heart, for which actually carvedilol is normally taken. Now question is whether it is safe to take both these medicines.
  The 2 drugs can and often are administered together.Trough plasma digoxin levels may be increased by approximately 16% in hypertensive patients co-administered digoxin with carvidolol. Increased monitoring of digoxin levels is recommended when initiating, adjusting or discontinuing carvidolol. Concomitant administration of carvidolol and cardiac glycosides may prolong AV conduction time.
Dr Frank
How long after a heart attack do you stop thinking every chest pain is another attack?
Had a stint placed after a heart attack near two years ago after an allergic reaction caused the heart attack, complete respiratory failure and near a month in critical condition, I am 45 and still dealing with the thoughts of dying and every small muscle twinge being another heart attack ... Cardiologist says everything is PERFECT but does not seem to help.
  what you describe is common, you might benefit from some cognitive behavioral therapy.

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