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Chronic cough???
my mom has been coughing for the past two weeks and she took some over the counter medications such as Niquil, Ibuprofen but the cough doesnt seem to go away...its not like the usual cold or flu type of cough...her throat is really dry and she kinda has some hard time breathing...just wondering if this could be something serious and might be chronic cough???
sry guys for got to mention that my mom doesnt smoke or anything
  QUICK go to a doctor! It's probably an advance from of bronchitis! Left unchecked she could get ammonia!

If coughing ever lasts more then 7 days, go have it checked right away!
chronic cough?
I was a smoker for 30 yeas but I quit smoking about 2 years ago. The problem I am facing now is cough or rather chronic cough with will last for about 2 to 3 weeks. During my smoking years I do have cough but not as bad as I am having now after quitting smoking. I have taken many type of cough medicines. When I coughed it will last for about 20 to 30 second non stop. At night during sleep I can't breath properly because of stuffy nose. I will automatically breath thru' my mouth and throuth will be dry. I sometime wonder whether there is any connection between my quitting smoking and the cough that I am having now. I feel like I want to start smoking again because I can't stand the irritation and the pain in my chest when I cough. Please give me an explanation. Thank You.
  Its obviously difficult to say anything with certainty here, but having smoked for so long its quite possible that you have residual damage to your lungs. Normally this would be called COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. I won't go into all the specifics but its very likely that you are suffering from basic chronic or long lasting airway, ie lung, irritation, that also causes a tightening of the airways that run throughout the lungs. This tightening feels irritating and the body interprets it as something being in the lungs that it wants to get out. The response is to cough, and cough, and cough. Chances are you need a simple inhaler, albuterol or similar. This medication, which is inexpensive, relaxes the muscles that line the airways of the lungs, allowing air to pass more freely, and greatly reduces the irritation and coughing. You could even have adult onset of asthma due to the years of smoking, but the advice is the same.
Go see the doctor about this, listening to your chest is usually enough to be able to tell, but they may want to schedule a pulmonary function test which would definitively diagnose the problem.
Best of luck
What are the causes of this chronic cough?
My girlfriend has had this chronic cough for as long as she can remember. She is sick often because she has an immunological problem and gets infusions done once a month. She has been to multiple doctors and they keep passing her off with no diagnosis and the classic "we can't find anything wrong". The cough is dry and she doesn't have a cold but she is always tired and gets headaches often. Any feedback would be great!
Ronnie S
  if u r in india take GRILLNICTUS syrup ( not costly @ 40/-)

1 spoon each, 3 times a day for 3 days, u will be clear.

personal experience...........
Ravi V
I have a chronic cough. My doctor gave me a 10 day antibiotic. On average how long until symptoms disappear?
My doctor didn't tell me how long it would take until I feel better, so I was hoping someone could help me out here. I had flu-like symptoms for a week (body aches, runny nose, severe cough, sore throat, etc.). All symptoms went away, besides my chronic cough that has been making it difficult to breathe and also produces A LOT of phlegm.

So he prescribed me Cefditoren pivoxil, 400mg twice a day, for 10 days. How long until my chronic cough goes away would you say?
So far it's been 2 days. I'm on day 3 right now.
Sally Cat
  Hopefully within around 3-4 days you will see symptoms reduce, but its different for everyone. its best to make sure you take the whole prescription of antibiotics to stop it coming back very quickly and to make sure you completely get rid of it.
Chronic Cough?
Everytime after I eat a meal I have this loud terrible chronic cough that hurts my chest. I have acid reflux and not sure if thats the reason why or if its because of something else. I dont smoke. So if anyone might have an idea...please share
  I would suspect that it is the result of acid reflux which must be kept under control because it can cause erosions in the eosophagus. These possibly can become cancerous. Nexium healed mine. Please get it checked out by a doctor.
What can cause a person to have a chronic cough?
So... my mothers friend has had a chronic cough for about 5months... yes! 5 at least... and this doesn't seem to be getting any better phlegm and there seems to be a little eye bulging... (they're a smoker and heavy drinker)does anyone have any ideas as to eat this could possible be... if yu guys kno any links wit answers please attach... They refuse to see a doctor... hmm
Arian Star
  Ms. Star,
The most likely cause is COPD -Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It's very common among smokers. It's also known as "smoker's cough". In fact it's five times more likely to occur in smokers than lung cancer. But you cannot diagnose someone over the Internet. If your mother's friend wants to know what's wrong he or she will go to the doctor.
Jeanne B
I have a chronic cough and feel like I have fluid in my lungs?
sometimes I feel like I'm drowning and can't catch my breath I also have a chronic cough since I can remeber I am 30 now does anyone know what could cause this. I have also completely lost my since of smell.
Jonathan N
  Asthma and allergies. You can get tested for both by a specialist.
Has anyone taken Zocor or similar cholesterol lowering drugs and experienced chronic cough 2 months later?
I have had a chronic upper lung cough now since the week before memorial day. I've been to the doctor several times and allergy doctor and tried a host of typical allergy and bronchial relief drugs and nothing seems to work. The only thing I can relate to a new change in my enviroment is starting Zocor about a month or two before the cough began.
what causes chronic productive cough with thick yellow mucous?
For the last 3 yrs. I have developed a chronic cough with thick yellow mucous. I have had lifelong asthma but never had this problem. I am 50 yrs old and on multiple inhalers allergy injections and xolair injections. My allergist says it is just sinus drainage but I feel the mucous coming from deep within my lungs. Is it from chronic sinusitis which I have been treated for or just a symptom of progressive COPD ? Any input would be greatly appreciated
Wheezing Chronic cough?
I had a virus about a month ago no fever just a sore throat, headache & a cough. I went to the docter a week & a half later & he gave a breathing test which showed that my breathing was abnormally low, & also an oxygen test which tested 96 or 97% (normal 100%) & so he gave me a breathing treatment & maxair autohaler (inhaler aerosol) and prescription singulair and the diagnosis was chronic cough/wheezing and he told me to call back in two weeks if I am still coughing It has been two and a half weeks and I still am coughing. He refilled my medicines and that was it. The cough is really bad sounding it sounds really deep (wheezing) & sometimes I get it when I'm outdoors or from smoke I don't think it's athsma b/c why would I just all of the sudden get athsma? I don't know if it's allergies, I've had pets all my life & I havent got a new pet or anything. There hasn't been anyone around me will a serious cough either and I don't have more dust in my house than usual. WHat do U think?
Terra Evans
  Asthma. That is what I have. Usually developed from allergies depending on where you live. It doesn't have to be anything of your surroundings in your home or environments to cause your symptoms. Your area can have pollutents to cause this problem. It's a study ever growing in people developing asthma allergies due to poor air quality. I'm going through it now. I was not born with asthma nor had problems until I got older moving to Virginia. I have never heard of chronic/wheezing diagnosis without it being called Chronic Asthma. I find that silly. That deep cough is definately a symptom of asthma. Nothing serious but I think you sound like you have the ability to manage it with the right medicines. If it doesn't improve anymore after your re-fill I would go see a specialist.
My boss refuses to treat her chronic cough on religious grounds. What do I do?
My boss is a Christian Scientist and won't even take a Tylenol. Now she has this chronic, dry, hacking cough that she's had for two weeks now. She sits right next to me and it's beyond annoying. It's interfering with my concentration.

I'm not worried about getting infected or anything because I have a good immune system and never get sick. But I find it really obnoxious that she does nothing about her cough except call her practitioner for healing and (presumably) pray about it.

A cough like this one requires something a little stronger than prayer, if you don't mind me saying so.

Anyhow, what would you do about this? Should I say something? Should I leave some medicine on her desk as a hint? What do I do?
PS: Because this question concerns health, work and religion, I wasn't sure where to put the question.
To US Veteran: I do mind my own business, but this issue has now become my business through no fault of my own. I'm not saying I don't believe in the power of prayer, but she's been praying about it for two weeks and the situation has not improved.
  tell her you are having trouble concentrating when there are distracting noises and that it's interfering with your work.. maybe she'll take the hint..
Anyone knows what it means to have a chronic cough, headaches all the time, not much fever and nose aint runni?
Ive had a chronic cough for a wk now and a splitting headache every day, have fever sometimes but not all the time, my nose aint running, any idea of whats going on and i probably need to see a doctor right, figured out this kind of stuff doesnt disappear on its own, right? any suggestions?
Pearl L
  ask your doctor!!
nancy jo
I am a 58 year old Patient of Asthma.I have constant Irritation in my throat, & a Troublesome Chronic productive cough, I teach @ College.The Medication I am taking is....
10 puffs of Clenil Forte daily in three doses.Azythrocin,250mg BD.Ventolin Inhaler SOS, Saline gargles,Steam Inhalation @ times with VICKS in them,
SIBCOS Cough syrup, which has,Aminophylline.....This is now a week ,almost, tha antibiotic, I am now taking since 36 hours, was preceded by a course of ERYBRON 500mg. BD. but to no avail
  big quesition, with chronic sore throat and cough and asthma do you have any gastric reflux? there is a strong connection between gerd and asthma. and the gerd would cause the sore throat, and coughing
bad cough-athsma or allergies?
I had a virus about a month ago no fever just a sore throat, headache & a cough. I went to the docter a week & a half later & he gave a breathing test which showed that my breathing was abnormally low, & also an oxygen test which tested 96 or 97% (normal 100%) & so he gave me a breathing treatment & maxair autohaler (inhaler aerosol) and prescription singulair and the diagnosis was chronic cough/wheezing and he told me to call back in two weeks if I am still coughing It has been two and a half weeks and I still am coughing. He refilled my medicines and that was it. The cough is really bad sounding it sounds really deep (wheezing) & sometimes I get it when I'm outdoors or from smoke I don't think it's athsma b/c why would I just all of the sudden get athsma? I don't know if it's allergies, I've had pets all my life & I havent got a new pet or anything. There hasn't been anyone around me will a serious cough either and I don't have more dust in my house than usual. WHat do U think?
Terra Evans
  It could be either. If you are not comfortable with what your doctor has told you, ask more questions or get another doctor. You pay them - get the service you pay for.
is it possible to get athsma right after an upper respiratory infection just all of the sudden?
Docter's Diagnosis: Chronic Cough/Wheezing
my symtopms:
persistant severe cough that sometimes causes loss of voice for about 15 minutes or so. A sharp painful tightening feeling in my trachea. Sometimes a small amount of mucus in my chest.
had for a month after recovering from an upper respiratory infection.
Medications: Maxair autohaler and singulair

WHat do you think it is? I think it would be kind of strange to get athsma all of the sudden after an upper respiratory infection, it just seems odd. The cough sounds really deep. I kind of think it's not athsma but I could be wrong I guess. My last oxygen level check was 97% and my breathing test was low.
Sometimes I cough for a minute strait and then I feel all lightheaded and out of breath, that's usually after I haven't taken my inhaler for a while.
Terra Evans
  Yes it is. See below:

Types of Asthma

Asthma is often put into categories or groups based on the "triggers" that cause the asthma symptoms or attacks. Regardless of what type of asthma you have, the right treatment can help keep it under control. To find out if your asthma is controlled as well as it could be, click here to take the Asthma Control Test™. The different types of asthma are:

Allergic asthma
Allergic asthma is triggered by an allergic reaction to allergens such as pollen or pet dander. People with this type of asthma typically have a personal and/or family history of allergies, such as allergic rhinitis or hay fever, and/or eczema (skin problem resulting in itching, a red rash, and sometimes small blisters).

Seasonal asthma, a form of allergic asthma, can be triggered by trees, grasses, or flowers releasing pollen into the air. For example, some people find that their asthma is worse in the spring when there is an increase in flowering plants. Others find their asthma is worse in the late summer or early fall when ragweed and mold from leaves on trees are more likely to cause problems.

Nonallergic asthma
For some people with asthma, asthma attacks have nothing to do with allergies. Although these people get the same symptoms and have similar changes in their airways as people with allergic asthma, their asthma is not triggered by allergens. However, as in any person with asthma, asthma attacks may be triggered or made worse by one or more nonallergic asthma triggers, including substances (irritants) in the air you breathe such as tobacco smoke, wood smoke, room deodorizers, pine odors, fresh paint, household cleaning products, cooking odors, perfumes, and outdoor air pollution. Respiratory infections such as the common cold, the flu, or a sinus infection may also cause symptoms. Finally, exercise, cold air, sudden changes in air temperature, and even gastroesophageal reflux (heartburn) may be triggers for people with either allergic or nonallergic types of asthma.

Exercise-induced asthma
Exercise-induced asthma (EIA) simply refers to asthma symptoms that are triggered by exercise or physical activity. These symptoms are usually noticed during or shortly after exercise. Exercising outdoors in the winter seems to be particularly bad for patients with this type of asthma. However, exercise can also trigger symptoms in people with other types of asthma.

Nocturnal asthma
Nocturnal asthma can occur in a patient with any type of asthma. It refers to asthma symptoms that seem worse in the middle of the night, typically between 2 AM and 4 AM.

Things that can cause asthma symptoms to get worse at night may include sinus infections or postnasal drip caused by allergens like dust mites or pet dander. Your body clock may also play some role: levels of substances your body makes like adrenaline and corticosteroids, both of which protect against asthma, are lowest between midnight and 4 AM, making it easier for people with asthma to get symptoms during these times

Asthma in pregnancy
Pregnant women with asthma have higher rates of pregnancy-related complications. Of pregnant patients with asthma, one third will experience improvement in their asthma, one third will remain stable, and one third will experience worsening of their asthma. Improved asthma control during pregnancy is associated with lower rates of pregnancy-related complications.

Occupational asthma
People with asthma are susceptible to exacerbations of their disease when exposed to irritant dusts or fumes in the work environment. Occupational asthma, however, refers to asthma of new onset that is caused by exposure to a substance (for example, chemicals, animal proteins, etc.) in the workplace. Reducing airborne concentrations of offending agents by better control of dust may lower the incidence of asthma exacerbations and decrease sensitization.

Discuss your asthma with your healthcare provider to determine what type of asthma you may have. Again, regardless of what type of asthma you have, the right treatment can help keep it under control. To find out your level of asthma control, click here to take the Asthma Control Test™. Results should be shared with a healthcare professional to help determine if your asthma is being controlled as well as it could be. For children 4 to 11 years of age, click here to access the Childhood Asthma Control Test.
What is the quality of the cough that Lisinopril can produce?
I've been told that a possible side-effect of Lisinopril is a persistent cough. If any of you have ever taken Lisinopril and experience this cough, could you describe it to me, please?

I have a persistent cough and take Lisinopril. I was recently diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and a sinus infection and possible acid reflux. The infections all appear to be gon, but the cough remains. I have never had it with Lisinopril before.

The cough is affecting my ability to sing well.
Chantal G
  I have taken Lisinopril for years and have not experienced a dry cough with it. I used to be on Altace and they had to take me off of it because of a dry, tickly, persistent cough. It may not have to do with the Lisinopril if you have never had it before. It may be a hanging on of a cough due to the upper respiratory infection, which when I get, the cough hangs on quite a while afterward, like several weeks. Then all of a sudden it is gone! The Lisinopril cough would be a very dry, tickly cough which gets to sound more like a hacking cough.
Should I take Benzonatate (aka. Tessalon Perles) for a chronic cough brought on by acid reflux/GERD?
  no no no,go to your doctor and as for a subscription of 'Prevacid'. ever since i started i've felt so much better.Been on it for a year and a half.
- Aimee ( ♥ )
Aimee Said
What's the difference between regular stress and chronic stress?
If there is 1 thing that is constantly stressing you out, let's say, you're unemployed for 6 months, then you have chronic stress? So when you find a job, you no longer have chronic stress? So chronic is a time factor? I'm always stressed about the amount of $$ I make, and that I have no friends or a boyfriend. Do I have a chronic stress?
  I wrote an article that may be able to answer your questions. Here's the link...
Cristina O
Constant dry cough that keeps coming back?
For the past two years, I've had this painful, dry cough that comes and goes. I get it a lot during the fall, winter, and spring, but am cough-free during the summer. Usually, my cough is accompanied by a sinus infection (which I have gotten three times in the past year, and have repeatedly taken antibiotics for) but I don't always get the cough with the sinusitis. I've gotten an x-ray of my lungs and they're fine, and I've received treatment for asthma, but the cough won't go away. I often get coughing fits followed by dizziness and chest pain. in general, my mid-section and throat hurts a lot from all the coughing.

**I've tried various medications, from over-the-counter cough and cold medicines, and even ones prescribed to me by my doctor, including Advair and Singulair for the "asthma", and amoxocillin for the sinus infections
  I suffered the same thing,only it lasted for 15 years. Nothing helped. I just happened to see Dr. Oz on Oprah a few years ago showing how to use a neti pot. Did some on line research and got one. Within 2 days my cough cleared up and has not returned. Now understand this is only my experience,but it is worth a try. This is where I ordered the neti pot(it's stainless steel) plus a dvd comes with it: very helpful. A plus,I haven't had a cold since I started using it......hope you try it.
massage therapist
Chronic cough, acute chest pain, taste of blood and sore lymph nodes?
I've had a nagging cough for a few weeks but today it has suddenly become worse. I have also had acute chest pain for several weeks which I don't get more than once or twice a day.

Today the cough is quite bad and I can taste blood in the back of my mouth. I get the same feeling as when I've had a bleeding nose and the blood runs back down your throat.

Also today, the area where my lymph nodes are (under the jaw at the back) seems to be hurting. I can't feel whether or not they're swollen, but there is acute pain there.

Any ideas?
  u should go to the dr my son has been having the same problem except the blood part. he's had his cough for a month it is horrible. hes been taking 2antibiotics none of them have worked. so my first advice to u is go to the dr they will most likely give u antibiotic or considering u are having blood in ur throat they may want to run tests. which ever comes first go for it. but! if they give u antibiotic and doesn't go away ask them to run an xray on u or blood test. cuz a cough should last that long. im taking my son back to the dr. alot of times dr's just like to prescribe and prescribe they hate doing referals. i have no idea why. but dont put up with their b/s. im not anymore. :)
Does having diphenhydramine(cough suppressant)&ammonium chloride (expectorant) in a cough mixture contradict?
This is the formula seen in Benadryl Original Cough Mixture and it says that its given for dry coughs. If so, then why would they add an expectorant which ends up producing more mucous but suppress the exit of phlegm with diphenhydramine? Wouldn't the buildup of phlegm inside the body cause problems?

Would you also recommend this preparation for someone with a chesty cough but wants something to help them sleep? (since chesty cough preparations have expectorants or mucolytics which encourage you to cough up the phlegm and you don't want to be coughing in your sleep).

Any help on this would be great. Cheers!
miss lala
  I definitely think that taking a "drying" antihistamine like Benedryl is a BAD idea when you are trying to get rid of mucus/phlegm. I'd stick with something that is simply a decongestant/expectorant combination (or separate medications); you should also avoid caffeine. Also be sure to drink lots of water, so that the expectorant has something to work with. If your cough has been going on for more than a week and you are not improving, you should be seen by your physician.

To calm the cough, if you have codeine available, it works very well; if you do not have access to codeine, then get something that contains dextromethorphan. It's not quite as good, but it's the next best thing.

I hope you're feeling better soon!
Dances with Unicorns
What type of doctor should I see about my dry cough lasted for six months? Or what test should I have done?
I have a dry coughing for the past six months. Sometime I have chest pain for couple of day. The pain comes when I move. Other times my chest feels like it is contagious. I have a normal Chest X-Ray and CT. My doctor has put me on a couple of different medication for cough, allergy, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, post-nasal drip, and antibiotic. The only thing that help a little is Pulmicort flexhaler. Before the flexhaler the cough was all the time. Now it is a deep cough that comes and goes during the day. The first thing in the morning a have to cough. The cough doesn't keep me up at night. Also I still have the pain. When I was taking some of medication it made it hard to cough.
During allergy season I can't seem to stop coughing, any home remedies out there?
I've tried OTC and prescription strength cough medicines, but so far they only supress the cough for a few hours. Is there anything that will actually help me get rid of the cough and not just surpress it?
  try to visit your doctor and ask if you can have a prescription for the allergy and asthma medicine "Singulair". It's an effective allergy and asthma reliever and my cough went away after drinking it for 2 weeks.
Should I take Benzonatate (aka. Tessalon Perles) for cough brought on by acid reflux/GERD?
I have been having this dry cough for several years now, there is no phlegm accompanying the cough, and the coughs almost always start at the end of a meal. Would it help to take Benzonatate (aka. Tessalon Perles) for this cough? What are the side effects, if any?
  A diet too high in animal protein, processed sugar, caffeine, processed foods will disrupt the precious alkaline balance in your system and eventually produce degeneration and disease.

i'm sorry i have no knowledge of the Benzonatate ........... my rule of thumb when i'm putting something into my mouth is that if i can't pronounce it or don't know what it is i don't eat it or drink it.

your acid reflux is a symptom of bad digestion and I suggest it would be preferable to include more alkaline foods in your daily routine such as leafy and green vegies like broccolli, kale, chard, celery, buk choy, lemons, garlic etc.etc......... with the lemons, even though they are quite tart and acidic to taste they leave behind an ash residue that is very alkaline .......... you would need to rinse your mouth out thoroughly to protect the enamel on your teeth after eating the fruit or drinking the diluted lemon juice........... all these foods will increase the production of hydrochloric acid in your tummy thus aiding in the digestive process and helping to smooth elimination.

check out this link, it may be of use to you ~

cut back on milk and dairy products too for a few days and see if that alleviates the problem ....... many people are intolerant to the lactose or casein found in milk and dairy products and therefore don't efficiently digest them.

leafy and green vegies are very rich in calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, fibre and are far easier for your body to assimilate.

peace baby
Cough - What cud be the cause ?
I have this cough thats lasting for some 2 months ...
I did consult doc 2 times and this is what he prescribed me ..

on 3/10/2006
ALERNEX 120 0-0-1
LEVOFLOX 500 1-0-0 7 DAYS

on 10-10-2006

DESLOR 5 0-1 X 5

After taking that for a week , I stopped taking anything for couple of days .But the cough didnt subside . I started taking -Hetrazan for 21 weeks after being prescribed by a DOC .. I stopped that after a week (cough was very low during that time - maybe 20 coughs a day) . Suddenly it surfaced again and I can feel its not a dry cough as such but I feel something in my chest as well . Its coming from inside ... and sometimes the cough pressure is really huge . I somke cigarette maybe twice a week , and I am not sure if the cig is aggravating the condition ...
What do you think I shud do ?
PS : the cough is not affecting my sleep and I get a normal sleep . But the cough is very high towards evening ...There is hardly mucus but i feel some congestion in chest ...
I am taking Hetrazan right now for 21 days and I use a cough syrup .
  If you are from India then your problem is easily solved. Go and buy DEKOFCYN manufactured by ALARSIN an Ayurvedic medicine. The pack comes in 50 tablets , 100 tablets. Buy 100 tablets and take 2 tablets 3 times a day ( a small write up is also available inside the bottle) for 15 days. Your cough will stop withing 3 days of usage and this has no side effects what so ever. It is a very safe remedy and can be combined with any allopathic medicines also. Even very small children can be given this tablet. I have prescribed this medicine to more than 500 people so far and everybody has come out of their cough problem without any side effects . All the best. ( The medicine is available in all allopathy shops also in India and you will get it very easily here.)
Does Aciphex heartburn meds (or its generic equivalent) cause coughing and a constant tickle in the throat?
I have been coughing at night for weeks now. Mostly at night. I will be fine and then go into a coughing fit. I use sugar-free cough drops that surpress it but as soon as it is gone the cough returns. I have heard that heartburn medicine can cause a cough. Is this the kind of cough it causes?
  Try raising the head of your bed by placing 2" blocks under the headboard. This will keep the acid from coming back up into your esophagus and irritating your throat. It may be that a bit of acid is getting into your throat when you lie down. If that isn't the case, perhaps you have a sinus issue that drains in your throat when you lie down. Good luck my friend! Oh, I haven't heard of any Gerd or heartburn medications causing this problem, but perhaps it's possible.
ALBUTEROL and PULMICORT in Nebulizer for cough for my 4 year old?
My daughter is 4 years old, and has been suffering from this dry, non productive , dry cough since November. She cough on and off, gets better for a week then starts again.
Just today, her doctor prescribed Albuterol and Pulmicort in nebulizer. She said she might have coughing asthma, and that will help. She has a few allergies also, and takes daily antihistamine, but still has that terrible cough.
Is there any side affects for those meds? Anyone had any experience?
  My son was introduced to albuterol when he was 4 months old. He was born premature and his lungs didnt develop well. We used it almost everyday he is off of it now but we keep it just in case. We have never seen any side effects from the use of it. Keep a close eye on her and the prescribtion should tell you what signs to what out for.
Karina S
What is the difference between pneumonia and bronchitis?
My doctor diagnosed me with bronchitis, but I think it is pneumonia. Isn't a bronchitis cough dry and pneumonia causes a lot of phlegm?When I cough I get a rattling in my chest and my cough sounds like Rice Crispies in milk. I've been sick with a cough over a month. My doctor gave me an antibiotic but I don't feel much better.
  Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes and the bronchi that go into the lungs and pneumonia is in the lungs and where they fill with fluid. Your chest will feel heavy and hurt on movement and not just on breathing. Sometimes your chest will hurt on one side and feel"heavy" and you can definitely tell the difference.
k m
Is it harmful to take Hydrocodone-Hyomatropine syrup while on Lisinopril?
I had this cough syrup from a couple months ago. It worked wonders. I've since been started on Lisinopril but now a bad cough/cold has come back. I was wondering if it's okay to take the cough syrup now.
  One of the common side effects of lisinopril is a dry cough. So that could be a cause of the cough. And if it's not from the lisinopril, then it would be okay to take the cough syrup.

The term is, there are no interactions between these drugs.

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