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How long does Celebrex take to start working?
Has anyone ever used celebrex for a bad back?My moms 80 and shes currently in a rehab facility.They started her on celebrex about 3 days ago and i was wondering how long does it take for it to kick in?Shes has stenosis and herniations of the back and now she cant really walk because of the pain in her calves.
They are treating her with Celebrex.
  I take it also and would say give it a couple of weeks before you expect to feel the full benefit, then when you do it was well worth the wait:-)
I hope that is of help to you
What time of the day is best to take Celebrex?
I have severe hip pain and I have taken Celebrex for years. I work (stand) 8 hours a day and and the last couple of hours my pain is almost unbearable. I have always taken Celebrex at night. Does anyone take it in the morning and does it last all day? Does it cause drowsiness?
  I take it whenever. I have never been drowsy from Celebrex, but it affects people differently.

It unfortunately does NOT last all day, and my prescription says I can only take two pills...either together, or one now and one later. Unless your hip pain keeps you awake at night, take this stuff during the day. If it does keep you awake, take some melatonin and valerian root tea to help knock you out naturally.
Hannibal the Cannibal
What is the difference between arthritis medicines Mobic and Celebrex?
I take 200 mg Celebrex every day for arthritis. My RN friend says she takes Mobic 15 mg and it is the only arthritis medicine her hospital prescribes since it is safer and works better than Celebrex. I want to know why it is safer and what, if any, are the side effects?
  About celebrex: It is true that it is slightly better for the stomach (GI tract in general) and it does not have the detrimental side effects (increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality) that vioxx and bextra had.
Mobic is a less specific COX-2 inhibitor and has never been shown to be any better than celebrex.
As mobic is not generic it is as expensive as celebrex.
If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to celebrex, I would recommend Etodolac as it is generic and overall better tolerated than ibuprofen or naprosyn.
From a personal standpoint: my mother tolerated celebrex ok but had severe stomach problems with mobic. As always YMMV.
Disclaimer: I am not a paid consultant for any of these companies and have no direct financial interest in them.
Does Celebrex increase depression in people taking antidepressants and anxiety medication?
I recently started taking Celebrex for arthritis and I'm also on antidepressants, thyroid and anxiety medications. I have started being teary eyed and down in the dumps. Just wondered if anyone knows if this could be a side effect of Celebrex.
[email protected]
  There are psychiatric side-effects that can occur with Celebrex (link below, click on the side-effects tab), and also drug interactions mainly due to its action on two important isoenzymes often used in the breakdown/metabolism of medications.

It might be one to check through with your doctor - for example if the antidepressant you are on is Prozac, then the CYP2D6 inhibition caused by the Celebrex would have implications on the Prozac metabolism, possibly leading to increased levels which in turn could be implicated in your reaction.
What can you take for a headache while on celebrex?
The celebrex I'm suppose to take is once a day, it is the 200mg.
Jackie _
  You can take acetaminophen (Tylenol) for your headache with Celebrex. You can always call your doctor to be sure.
Can anyone tell me what long / short term side effects they've experienced taking Celebrex?
I'm doing some research, I recently stopped taking Celebrex, but still have some concerns.
Kenneth W
  I have heard it contributes to strokes. My mother was on it and had several strokes. Do not know if that was the problem. Just wondering.
Can Celebrex and Pormus be taken together? Pormus - Paracetamol 500mg, Orphenadrine Citrate 35mg?
My dad sprained his back muscle few years back and has been experiencing extreme back pain on and off occasions. He has been prescribed Celebrex. A friend recommended Pormus to take together, for a period of 1 month, thrice a day.
Is Celebrex recommended for a 13 year old with long lasting toe pain?
I have been suffering pain in my second toe from the big toe for 4 months. After visiting a physician I was prescribed Celebrex. I am hesitant to take it becauseacquaintancess have said it makes them drowsy and groggy, on the other hand the physician thinks it's the answer to my problem. Doctors and physicians advice please! Do you recommend Clebrex for a 13 year old?
Can Celebrex (Celecoxib) cause frequent urination?
I had my knee sugery on last Wednesday (16.06.10). After the op, doc gave me a medication called Celebrex (Celecoxib). I wish to ask has anyone had this before? Ever since I took this medicine I have been urinating very frequently with large urine quantity. I had my urine tested, but the results show nothing unusual. I do not experience pain during urination but my bladder does feel uncomfortable and slight pain when it fills up....
Denise Chiam
I'm experiencing the side effects of Celebrex after just using it for two days, should I go to the doctor?
I just took two pills of Celebrex for two days and stopped because I was not feeling well but now I still feel like this and two days has passed. I feel cold-like symptoms like fever, sore throat and headache. Also what I'm worried the most is that I feel a burning sensation in chest and stomach, difficulty breathing, dizziness, decreased appetite and a constant feeling of thirst.

Since I just used the pill for two days, should I go to the doctor or these symptoms will soon go away? PLEASE HELP ME
know-it-all wannabe
  Call your doctor right away. They will probably go away, but you might need something to counteract any allergic response you could be having.

Don't wait until tomorrow, call now. This is important.
compare celebrex and clinoril?
  Clinoril is a NSAID. Celebrex is used to treat arthritis.. Side Effects: are kidney damage and ulcers...
Julia M
Can I take turmeric capsules and Celebrex at the same time?
Can I take turmeric capsules and Celebrex at the same time?
  ask your doctor and/or pharmacist.
nancy jo
what is safer to take celebrex, piroxicam or advil?
what is the best for artheritis
albert g
  Glucosamine with chondroitin is the safest. Celebrex has had black box warnings put on it, piroxicam is overkill and advil is OK in small doses but as the doses go up, so does your risk of GI symptoms.
What can I use along with Zomig for my migraines?
I was using Celebrex but my insurance refuses to pay for it now and I can't afford to pay for it out of pocket.
Susan M
  There is a new development in migraine therapy:
can i get any of these without a perscription?
Naproxen , Acetaminophen (paracetamol), Tramaden ,Zanaflex ,Methocarbamol (Robaxin) ,Lioresal ,Ketorolac (toradol ) ,Celecoxib (celebrex)
what are the differences between the popular NSAIDS?
such as celecoxib (celebrex), meloxicam (mobic), ibuprofen (motrin), naproxen (naprosyn)? pros and cons of each for a particular health indication?
How long do I take Celebrex before it starts working?
I just began to take this medicine today.I'm wondering how long it will be before I can notice any difference in arthritis pain?
  I took Celebrex for my shoulder and i noticed that after about 4 or 5 days i had better movement with it, with less pain. Im sure its different in everyone though. Hope you feel better soon.


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