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I Keep Getting Random Bumps and Bruises?
For some time, I've been seeing random bumps on my body or legs that don't hurt but stay for a day or two. Now, starting last week, I've been getting random bruises on my toes and just today I'm noticing more. I thought it was a minor sprain at first, but now I'm not sure.
  Go see a doctor,, random bruising is a sign of McCardles disease which can be very painful and limit your physical activities
victor 7707
How do I get rid of bruises?
I am a little bit clumsy and am forever getting bumps and bruises. Yesterday I did something really stupid and ended up with a big bruise on my lower leg. It is really ugly and painful. Is there anything I can do to help speed the process, I am leaving on vacation in 3 days and would like to get this thing looking close to normal.
Why Do I Have So Many Random Bruises On My Legs?
I have so many random bruises on my thighs. It's like when one goes away, another one appears in its place. And the weird thing is with all these bruises, I never remember banging my legs on anything. It's so strange. All the bruises make my legs look hideously ugly. I do take a lot of medication for various conditions. I take Felbatol, Topamax, Vimpat and Klonopin. (I think that's all of them. I take the medications for Epilepsy, anxiety/depression, and migraines.) So I don't know if maybe one of those medicines is causing me to have all these bruises on my legs, or if it is something completely unrelated. But whatever it is, I wish I could make it stop. I would really love for the bruises to go away and fast. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.
  you might be anemic. it just means that you dont have enough iron in your blood and that causes you to bruise easily. a simple blood test at your doctors office will let you know for sure. you can also start taking iron supplements.
I have massive bumps and bruises on my forarms from facemasks hitting them repeatedly...?
How can i get rid of them as fast as possible?
  nothing really
but like ice

but its football dude
its fine. its just some battle marks. it will go away and will make you stronger
it looks fine and its just your forearm its fine.

just chill wit it and let it heal by itself
How does a hemp salve help heal bumps and bruises?
What does it have and how does it work to help them heal faster?
  The injuries getting a little higher above the skin putting the wound in a state of contentment. This relax state allows the wounds to heal faster than a wound that is not as high. LOL

Either that or it could be its antibiotic compounds....
craig l
Shots? Bruises? Bumps?
I got 3 shots a few days ago. My left arm hurts...I only got one shot on that arm so I think it was probably chicken pox. It's bruised and there's a bump. I was just wondering how long it will take to go away?
I have a circle on my head.
  ohh intramuscular injections are fun... some people have more pain than others longer... it can help to ice the area sometimes...

the bruise can take a week to vanish ....

the pain will go in a couple days.. well it should.... some people are more sensitive to them than others.... ice will help... and tylenol if its hurting a lot....

good fortune
What is wrong with me? Symptoms:white coating and red bumps on tongue,bruises, nausea, swollen neck lymph node?
Also have had many body aches and pains and fatigue and malaise BTW I'm a major hypo
  Major hypo or not if the symptoms you are stating are true you need to get to a doctor SOON. These are symptoms of lymphoma, a type of cancer.
Sore bruises and bumps from injections in hospital almost a week ago?
I was in the hospital just under a week ago and had various injections, ivs, etc. Now each of the areas are badly bruised: the crook of my arm, the outside of my hand, my wrists, theyre all badly bruised. My hand is especially sore and has slight bumps. Is this normal? And will the pain go away by itself?
why do i keep getting bumps and bruises for no reason?
i keep feeling pain all over my body and when i touch the spot i feel a bump that hurts real bad. i have no idea where i get them from and i feel them most when i wake in the middle of the night. if it helps i get them mostly on my thighs, butt and around the knee area.
lil pro
  Can be due to low iron.. One of my late friend used to have that but her bruises was not painful. She was diagnosed of leukemia and she was 45 at that time. But if you feel the pain when you press the bruise it may be something else.. You should go to the doctor to get an expert opinion...
How to treat bruises/bumps on head?
I don't know what the term is for this but it's caused by hitting or getting hit by something a bit hard and causes swelling in that area in a matter of hours to days. It hurts when touched, I'd call it a head bruise but I don't really know. It's been growing since last Friday, last Thursday I hit my head against a wooden chair. I haven't been doing anything to it, thinking it'd go away by itself in a matter of days, but it grew bigger since then. What should I do to make it disappear in an instant(in a day)?
  For minor head bumps, try this proven home remedy. It's been passed down in my family from generation to generation. It's simple and it works. (*Please note this is used for minor bumps; seek medical advice for more severe head injuries).

Things You'll Need:

Ice pack
Vegetable Oil
First, apply ice or an ice pack to the swelling or bump, approximately 2-3 minutes. Rub generously. Wipe water away with a dry cloth before Step 2.

Gently and generously rub vegetable oil on the bump. Wipe off any excess oil that may drip, but leave it on the bump itself.

Finally, in soft, circular motions, generously rub some table salt over the bump, mixing it with the vegetable oil and leave this mixture on the bump until the swelling subsides. This remedy has worked for me and my family every time; swellings usually improve in appearance in a few hours. This will not help reduce the appearance of any bruises.
A burning/itching sensation with the Vaginal Anti-bacterial medecine Altabax?
Okay, so I've had these really weird bumps all over the lips of my vagina, I went to my GYNO, he says it might be herpes but he says he's not sure. He sampled it and said the results should be ready in a week. The bumps are spreading really fast so he gave me this medicine called Altabax for the bumps. He says if the bumps don't go away, then it most likely is herpes. I just put the ointment on, and the area burned and itched like nothing before. I called my regular doctor, and she said to stop taking it and that the burning/itching sensation should go away in 30 minutes. But now I'm not sure whether I should take it again b/c I/m suppose to take it 2 times a day for 5 days, and plus I really want to know what the bumps are and if they will go away. So I'm just asking to see if anyone else has had this burning sensation when applying Altabax. Also, should I take it again?
  I really don't think applying the cream again is a good idea, particularly when your PCP told you to stop taking it. That burning and itching you felt could be a side effect, or it could be an alergic reaction. Call your OBGYN and find out what the status is of the sample and go over the itching/burning of the medication with him.
Hydrocortisone Acetate?
My doctor gave me Hydrocortisone Acetate cream to deal with my Keratosis pilaris(arm bumps, leg bumps, reddened skin from bumps). Was this the right thing to give me? Will it work or at least help?
How do you get rid of bumps/bruises FAST?
Ahhhh! I have my formal tomorrow night (important school dance), and today a door accidentally slammed in my face and now I have a huge bruised bump on my forehead. I know it's easy just to cover it up with foundation and concealer or whatever, but I really need to it heal because the bump is so obvious. Can someone please give me advice on how it will heal quickly?
I've rested some ice on it, but you can still feel the lump. Does putting aloe vera help? Some advice please, people. Seriously, it looks horrible..
  Accept that you will probably have a mark at the dance. Try to think of how to cover it, instead of healing it, since these things take time, regardless of ice, or creams.

If you are a chick, think of cute ways to get your bangs to swoop accross your forehead, and also use concealer/ foundation. Bruises are usually purple/blue so use yellow tinted concealer before the foundation, if it's more red though, use green concealer lightly and then foundation over it.

If you are a guy by chance (there's no pic, not sure), get one of the women in your family, or a female friend to do the makeup tricks. Or consider a cute hat with your suit. (maybe a fedora)

Till then, like everyone else says. Ice!! Have fun!!!! You'll forget about the bump once you are out with your friends!
*Sugar Bug*
What Is With All The Random Bruising All Over My Legs?
This is really weird, and not to mention really gross. I have all these random bruises all over my legs (on both of them from top to bottom) and they're of all shapes and sizes. Some of them are massively huge and others are really small. They are also on both the front and back of my legs and are in different 'stages' (or colors) Like some of them are greenish yellow and others are brown (and others are somewhere in between). But the thing with these random bruises is that they don't hurt. They just pop up all over my legs and are very unsightly to look at. (In fact, when people look at my legs and see all the bruises, they are always asking me 'OMG, what's wrong with your legs?' And I have to tell them that nothing happened to me, they just come out of absolutely nowhere. And then the people are like 'Man, that sucks') I don't know what could be the cause of this. My first guess would be some of the medications I'm on for my seizure and anxiety conditions. I'm on a total of 6 (I think) medications. Felbatol, Topamax, Zoloft, Vimpat, Inderal, and Klonopin. This whole bruising thing is fairly recent and my medications have recently been changed. The Klonopin, and Inderal are the newer of the 6. (I know this is really an issue for my doctor, but what I'm looking for, is a way to make them go away or at least cover them up. And I don't even know if my medication is the true cause of this. I do engage in daily vigorous exercise about an 45 minutes-an hour a night so I don't know if that would have anything to do with that either.) What I DO know is that these bruises are hideous and I really need to find a way to get rid of them fast. Please help. (and absolutely NO stupid answers!) Thanks!
I have two daughters ages 1 and 3. Both have been getting mysterious bumps. Any ideas?
These bumps seemed to have started in my oldest daughter when we first moved to a new apartment about 2 months ago. They're more prominent on the knees, feet, hands and elbows but have spread pretty much eveywhere except her face. Just recently I've noticed some bumps forming on my younger daughters hands, feet and knees. My wife and I took the 3 year old to a dermatoligist who said that it looked like "bug bites". He prescribed a cream (triamcinolone acetonide) and an anti- itch medicine(hydroxyz hcl) which didn't seem to help at all. We took her again and were told that it was "infected excema", she was given another cream(locoid lipocream) and an antibiotic(cephalexin). This seems to have stopped the bumps from getting worse, but I don't know if I would say its the cure. We have a dog we have had him for 3 years, no fleas. The new apartmet is a basement apartment. I'm getting a little nervous now that my younger one is getting the same bumps. I would appreciate any help solving this
benny b
  Yes, it seems too coincidental that both kids are getting this. My "guess" is that they are having a reaction to something in the apartment. A lot of times the complex will shampoo the rugs and spray for bugs before new tennants move in. It could be either one of these or both that are causing a reaction. The only thing I can recommend you do is take the girls and stay with friends or relatives for a week and see if they improve (without medication). If they do, then it's something in the apartment. If it's something in the apartment, then I would demand new pad & carpeting. Good luck.
Allergic reaction with bumps (help, please!)?
um, ok, for the past few days, i'd say about since last thursday, i've been scratching my skin. whenever i did i noticed that i had like pimple-like bumps on them. i thought they were ordinary pimples on my skin. they were on my toes and my fingers.

the next day, friday, i noticed i was scratching significantly and i noticed that i two of the pimple-like bumps like next to each other so i assumed they were some type of spider bite that i got while i was asleep.

finally, on saturday (yesterday), i was scratching again and i finally told my dad about it but he dismissed it as something that i should put Lidex cream on. anyways, i'm wondering if anyone knew what i have? it really bothers me!

it's so itchy, and the bumps are NOT hives. believe me, i've had an allergic reaction that resulted in hives (and it was NOT cool). these bumps look like small pimples, but they are not filled with pimple pus. and i'm sure they're not CHICKENPOX either because i've had them already.

last year i was affected by herpes zoster on my eye. could this be the same thing or is it something entirely different? please help me, i'm really worried! thank you!! :)
  It could be bites -- an allergic reaction (try benadryl, if the itching stops, then thats what it is)... or simply clusters of mini skin warts (more common then you think in adolescence) son had those and they lasted for months - ugh!! The itching stopped but the bumps stayed - like 4 months... evenutally went away themselves...

look also into chicken pox (even if you have been vaccinated, or had them) you could have somehow been exposed and are having a small outbreak... especially if you had them once and the outbreak was minimal...

I would check with a doctor - rather is allergies, warts, chicken pox, etc - they can give you something that helps... if your dad brushes it off, talk to your mom, or school nurse!!

And don;t worry... everything you get now increases your immunity later... even allergies...
Is septra ds doing this to me?
Ok, so I have a toenail infection (I know, gross) And I've been taking a substitute for septra ds. It's just a bunch of little things I'm wondering about, like in athletics when I'm running it's kinda harder to breathe than normal, and I'm bruising real easily now. I play marching bass drum, and when I first started, i had bruises from the harness, and they went away, but now I'm getting them again. and bruises basicially if someone touches me haha. I've also been sweating a lot, and now I'm shivering, like I'm cold. I've also had really bad headaches. ? Just wondering if it's the medicine or what, please don't tell me to go see a doctor.
FYI i do take the right dosage, just saying.
  It sounds like Septra is not a medication you should be taking. Many people have allergic reactions to the sulfonamide class of antibiotics of which Septra DS is a member. The bruising and difficulty breathing are two of the signs (the breathing difficulty in particular) of allergic reaction to this medication. There are other options to treat your infection.
Sorry, but you do need to call your doctor.

Left an Lidoderm patch on my leg 24 hours instead of 12 and now my knee has spots like bruises?
I have knee pain and instead of having to take an oral pain med my doctor gave me the patches. I'm only supposed to leave it on for 12hrs. I got busy with my child,job and school and forgot about the patch being on(they work that well). Now my knee has spots that look like color wise bruises in that area. My doctor's office is closed so I was wondering if anyone else used these patches and had this happen to them. Should I be worried?
Unplanned Little Blessings
  Most likely it will be ok. Just check with your doctor when the office opens.
How Do I Treat A Really Bad Bruise?
My legs are covered in really bad bruises. Some of them (they're on my quads. They each have one) are really large. The one on the right is a combination of purple and brown in color and the left one is a combination is a combination of light green with a big purple spot in the middle. I also have some random small bruises on my legs (like on the front of my legs below my knee) that are green in color, but I just get so many of them for no apparent reason. I mean I know this can probably happen at any age, even to a young person. I'm only 25, but still this could probably still happen regardless. I also happen to be on a crap load of medications to control my seizures, anxiety, and migraines, but I dunno if that has anything to do with this. I take medications such as Felbatol (but I've been on that medication for years and it hasn't caused random bruising before), Vimpat, Klonopin, Inderal, Zoloft. and, Topamax. Those are all the meds I take to control my disorders and I have no idea if any of those meds have anything to do with this, or if it just came out of the blue or what. But how should I treat these bruises on my legs? They are huge (except for those one or two little ones) and they hurt like crap, and I usually manage physical pain pretty well. Please help.
  Please see a doctor about it. I didn't even finish looking through those meds, but at least two or three of them list "easy bruising" under "Serious Side Effects." I'm no expert, but my guess is that the meds that you take have caused some liver damage. Please, please see a doctor.
Sarah Bear
Question about Rosacea?
I was diagnosed with a mild case of Rosacea after having done way too many chemical peels. I was over exfoliated, and my face was left very dehydrated. I have been trying to battle the dehydration for a year now and its not really working. I have those ugly "dehydrated lines" across my cheeks on top of the redness and some of those little bumps from the Rosacea. I was prescribed an antibiotic for inflammation and metrocream. Heres the problem. The metrocream makes the dehydration WORSE! So i would not apply it for a few days, BUT if i dont apply it, the bumps come back and so does the redness! If i use the cream, the redness calms a bit and so does the bumps BUT im back to trying to battling the dehydration and those lines! Does anyone have any suggestions or advise? I cant deal with those ugly lines but i also cant stand the bumps and redness.... is there any hope?
  Try using DMAE Creams. You can find it on ebay or Dr. Perricones website or any well know skin care store. I heard lots of good reviews. Was mentioned by Dr. Oz and Dr Perricone on the Dr. Oz show..
Heres some links good luck
Dermatologist help PLEASE!!!! BIG RED ITCHY BUMPS!?
I have big red itchy bumps all over my body for months now and no one knows what they are. The doctor thought it was scabbies and I applied NIX twice. Didn't work, I know I do not have bed bugs. I now have a betaderm cream which doesn't help either. I need help. I am truly suffering here from the itch.
  If you have bumps, then the only way for a dermatologist to diagnose these is to look at them. Dermatology is a visual science, and since you didn't include a picture or two of the bumps, I'd suggest that you show your rash to your dermatologist.
hives ALL over face? what should i do?
does desonate work for hives?
the itching and redness of my allergic reaction is gone. but now i have soooo many little tiny bumps all over my face.

before i knew it was hives i exfoliated which spread it im sure. i hope that doesn't mean scarring.

i don't know what to do or use i just want the bumps to go away.
Danie G
  If you have taken the antihistamine for the allergic reaction I think you will just have to wait for the bumps to go away. If not take an antihistamine like benedryl and it should help pretty quick.
itchy face/small bumps forming - hydrocortisone acetate ?
okay so recentley i got these little acne like bumps around my chin and on my neck i also started to break out but the zits that are appearing on my face are very dry and itchy (including the bumps around my chin and on my neck) so my doctor perscribed me hydrocortisone acetate and i read the side effects. Acne? Skin thinning ? discolouration ? EXCESSIVE HAIR GROWTH? my doctor told me to use this on my face?? i think those are the last things i wanna see on my face :| is it safe to use or is my doctor just trying to mess up my face even more? please answer !! especially if you've tried it ...

  Side effects are just possibilities -- hydrocortisone is very safe, it's been around for many years. The reason those side effects are on there is because it's a type of steroid. It'll definitely help with the itching, and won't hurt your face.
How do I get rid of bumps on the back of my neck?
I went to the doctor and he says its because of my age ( im 14 ). Uhm, and I dont know what razor bumps are but Im pretty sure its not those.

He gave me a thing called Desoximetasone 0.25%but I think its for rashes.

Anyone have any ideas what it is and how to get rid of it? Thank you.
I think its warts or something.......I can actually use ProActiv on my neck?
Its on my NECK.
The back of my NECK.
Edwen T
  Are you sure it's not acne?
Around that age, many kids get acne.

If that's the case you could get ProActiv, or any type of acne remover :)
what can i do do get rid of razor bumps?
i get such bad azor bumps on my neck when i shave. i use a razor, a good one too, but evertime i shave five hours l8er its red and irratated. very frustrating and embarassing. what can i do to get rid of them? i use sensitive skin gel, a new razor everythime i shave, but nothin seems to help..any suggestions?
  Exfoliate before doing so, but not everyday as this can irritate the skin. if you do not moisturize, then do so also.
hundreds of bumps under the skin on my hand that pop and liquid comes out and then dry and crack.?
I now have 5 spots on my right hand that looks like the skin was almost burned off and they are surrounded by more little bumps. I have tried Vanos Cream, triamcinolone .1% and Cetaphil therapeutic hand cream
Can i put betamethasone dipropionate on my vagina?
I was recently prescribed betamethasone dipropionate to put on my nails and any bumps on my skin to smoothe it out. The doctor said it thins out the skin. I was wondering if i can put betamethasone dipropionate on my enlarged labia? Will i get irratation or bumps or warts etc?
Three treatments for scabies and now?
Unfortunately enough I contracted scabies from a roommate of mine roughly 5 months ago. Thankfully though I've gone through three elimite cream treatments in the last month. It appears as though all of my worst bites are gone but now I'm itching again and I'm beginning to get slight red bumps on my arms and theighs. the itching is not consistent and the bumps almost look like hives but should i do another treatment? or is it possibly an allergic reaction to the elimite?
  go to your dermatologist for an appropriate answers .
Three treatments for scabies and now?
Unfortunately enough I contracted scabies from a roommate of mine roughly 5 months ago. Thankfully though I've gone through three elimite cream treatments in the last month. It appears as though all of my worst bites are gone but now I'm itching again and I'm beginning to get slight red bumps on my arms and theighs. the itching is not consistent and the bumps almost look like hives but should i do another treatment? or is it possibly an allergic reaction to the elimite?

  go to your dermatologist for an appropriate answers .

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