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Brain Tumors: There are 2 categories of brain tumors: primary and secondary. Primary tumors start in brain tissue, while secondary spread to the brain from another site of the body. The most common primary tumors are: Gliomas, Medulloblastomas, and Meningiomas. Glioblastoma multiforme is a fast-growing, higher-grade tumor that can arise from a lower-grade glioma and is the most common primary brain tumor in adults. Medulloblastomas are most commonly found in childrens. Secundary tumors are most common spread from the lungs and breast. The mayor risk factor for secundary tumors is smoking. Symptoms often are developed gradually and may include headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, change in speech, loss of coordination, visual change most commonly diplopia (double vision), seizures, and memory and personality changes. Its diagnosed with your history and corfirmed with imaging studies (CT, MRI, PET). Treatment depends on the tumors size, location, and type, as well as the patients age and general health. The main treatments include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. A combination of treatments is often used.
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brain tumor?
im scared that i might have a brain tumor, i am only 13 yrs old and i have been feeling sick lately, i have headaches alot, last night i had weird feelings in my hand, sometimes when im walking my legs feel weak like their gonna give out, and i kinda have bad memory. these are all symtoms i read about online for brain tumors. but idk cause i might just be sick cause i also have a fever and thats not a symtom. i dont wanna go to the doctor and be like yea i think i have a brain tumor.... thats just weird and what if i didnt. but help im scared. any one ever had a brain tumor or know anyone that did? sound like this? any advice, comforting info??? lol thanks
  I had a brain tumor diagnosed and removed in April. I'm in my 30's and I was one of the younger patients... While it CAN happen as early as age 20, it is very, very rare for a child to ever be diagnosed with a brain tumor!!!

If you want to know the symptoms I had, it was numbness on one side. Not "weird feelings" or tingling, my right hand, arm and foot went completely numb. Also I could not think of words to speak, like my vocabulary just left my head. And I didn't just have headaches, but migraines that were so painful I about passed out. So quit worrying!!! If you at 13 have a brain tumor, you will be so famous that you'll get put on TV or in the paper because you'd be about the only one who that ever happened to at such a young age!!! :)~

p.s. I'm totally fine now and even if you DID have a brain tumor (which you DON'T) it's not a big deal anymore to remove them and be fine within just a few days.
brain Tumor?
My fiance has been dealing with cancer while she has a tumor in her uteris. The doctor just found a tumor in her brain also this past week, but hasnt told her about it. The past two days she has been hallucinating and completely out of it. Both of her parents have passed away and she is talking about them as if they are alive. She is spaced out and not recognizing people, telling me about events that never happend, and just looks confused. She also isnt being herself at all and is very emotional. Is this a result of the brain tumor?
Mark T
  Mark, I'm sorry to hear about your fiance. How did you find out about her brain tumor, if the doctor hasn't told you yet? I would think this would be part of the doctor/patient confidentiality/HIPPA rules... Anywho, yes, the symptoms she is having are definitely being caused by the brain tumor. When there is a tumor in the brain, it will press on certain areas, causing different sensations, actions, behavioral changes, etc. Its kind of like when brain surgery is performed and the surgeon places an electrode or something on a certain part of the brain, and the person will smell something, taste something, see something... certain parts of the brain will conjur up different reactions. I am assuming they are going to be doing brain surgery and/or chemo/radiation for the brain tumor as well? Good luck with everything and God bless!
Tonya J
How long can someone live with an inoperable brain tumor?
A friend of mine has a brain tumor, located in the dead center of her brain..

Not the center on top or bottom, but.. In the center center of her brain..

She could get surgery, but the mortality rate is extremely high, and isnt worth the risk (at the moment) since the tumor is so small..

The doc has her on medication to control constant migranes, and the growth of the tumor

How long can one live in this situation without treatment?
What symptoms did you have before they found a brain tumor?
My doctor suspects I have a brain tumor...I go for an MRI on Monday! Feels like forever to wait! However I am just wondering what symptoms you had before you were diagnosed with a brain tumor? I know everyone is different but its always nice to know if someone is going through the same thing.
  My mother had terrible headaches and visual problems. I hope everything's okay, good luck.
Does any one have a loved one with a brain tumor?
My husband had a brain tumor that was removed Dec. 23, 2005. He lost the mobility on his right side from the tumor, any one have experience with this. He is in Physical Therapy now and seeing an onocologist who is giving him Temodar once a month. About how long can I expect this to last? He is only 30.
  you don't say what kind of tumor it is. what kind of tumor it is will have a profound influence on his recovery. so far though, from your post it sounds like he is doing well on the Temodar and going through Physical Therapy.

what you need to do is sit down with his oncologist and ask this question of the oncologist. don't let the doctor baffle you with bullshi$--if you don't understand the answer, tell him that and ask him to explain it to you in simpler terms. hey, i've told doctors before that i was the dumbest SOB on the planet---now explain it to me so that even i can understand. most docs will comply.

brain tumors are nasty things. i lost my dad on june 4, 2005 to a GBM (glioblastoma multiforme). my dad lasted as long as he did because he was a fighter and because me and my brother and mom were with him every day.

best of luck to you and your husband. you are both in my prayers.
prince uranus
How long does it take for a brain tumor to grow and cause symptoms?
Brain Tumor or something else?
I have been experiencing buzzing and ringing in ears for about a week now! My ears also hurt and I also have headaches, nausea, tiredness, and am extremely dizzy. I had a MRI 6 months ago and everything came back negative, they found nothing. Previous to that I had a CT scan done 2 years ago and everything normal. I am a 29 year old female, with no family history of brain tumors, and was just wondering if a brain tumor could develop that fast (6 months) and cause those symptoms in that amount of time, please help?
  Just because there isn't a brain tumor doesn't mean that everything is okay. If your symptoms are bothersome, take your MRI to a neurosurgeon.

Many people go undiagnosed with a condition called chiari malformation. It causes all of the symptoms you mentioned, and several others. Just go to this website and see if it sounds like you. If it does, you'll want to be sure the neurosurgeon you see specializes in chiari.

The following link is to an informational page from the chiari institute in New York:

Best of luck to you. This condition is treatable, but not curable. But much can be done to help you, if that's what you have. Most importantly, some doctors are still uninformed and will not diagnose chiari. You need to see a specialist.
Carolyn R
Brain tumor?
I got a brain scan done 2 and a half years ago because i was getting dizzy and it was clear. Could a brain tumor have developed between then and now?
  It's possible but statistically unlikely.
What is the survival rate of patients who have brain surgery to remove a brain tumor?
My sister is scheduled for surgery on June 2 and she has 2 brain tumors and one is pressing against the brain causing her motor skills to deteriorate. She has had a very serious surgery before where part of her jawbone had to be removed. What are her chances of survival to have this brain tumor removed?
  They are a lot higher than not having it removed. Statistics on survival are based on the kind of tumor it is and the grade which you do not mention. Brain tumors, cancerous or not, often recur.
What body system does brain tumor affect besides nervous system?
I have this project and I have to write an essay about a disorder. So I choose brain tumor. I know brain tumor affects the nervous system. I need to write what other system does it affect due to brain tumor and the damage of the nervous system? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! THANK YOU!!
  It depends on where the tumor is inside the brain, and whether it's benign or malignant. If it's malignant, it will probably cause the whole body to die unless you have it removed, and even then, it's likely to return. There are many different kinds of brain tumors, and I just mentioned two large categories of brain tumors. I would recommend looking at an anatomy drawing of the brain that's labeled with the functions that each part is primarily responsible for. For example, the pre-frontal cortex is responsible for planning, decision-making, maturity, advanced self-control and emotional self-control, learning from your experience, and inhibition of risk-taking. If you damage this section of the brain, you will have problems with one or more of those things.
Brain Tumor?
I am extremly concerned that i have a brain tumor. i have every simptom mentioned in a pamphlet from the hospital. but i am only 13 yrs old. i dont want to mention it to my parents cuz i have told them of my frequent headaches and they said that i was just wanting attention. but i dont just want attention!!! is there anyway i can ask them to get an MRI scan or something, like is there a certain way i should ask them?
Caitlin S
  You have to talk to your parents and before u do, you need to say, "Mum, Dad, there's something serious that I need to talk to you about." Then tell them the symptoms and tell them you're not joking. And Tell them that you would feel much better if you got checked for brain tumor.
That Idiot :D
cortef steriod for a brain tumor caused me to get osteonecrosis should we sue for surgery costs?
my husband developed osteonecrosis of the knee and hip due to a steroid he was put on for a brain tumor. Now its going to reqire surgery to fix the knee and hip. Should we try to sue the medicine company for the cost of his surgery?
  Are you asking if you should sue some one for treating your husbands brain tumor?

You should really only sue if your doctor did something no other doctor would have done.
Can brain surgery of a tumor of the pituitary gland lead to problems in learning?
My son had a brain tumor that was putting alot of pressure on his pituitary gland and was effecting his hormones. My question is that he has a hard time passing tests in school he knows the stuff but can't seem to pass the tests. Can this type of surgery lead to him unable to keep info? He never had a problem before the sugery. Please help he's getting so frustrated that he can't get is diploma. Thanks!
  Any brain surgery can cause issues. There may be some left over swelling You need to discuss it with his neurologist since he is the one who knows exactly what was done and any difficulties there might have been. He may just need to relax, it might be more of an emotional barrier than a physical one or a combination of both. Surely the school will understand and cut him some slack, talk to them. Good luck.
pcos, high prolactine levels, brain tumor, and trying to conceive....???
I am 23 yrs old, been diagnosed with PCOS, trying to conceive for almost a year. Doctor prescribed Dydrogesterone,10mg,to help me get and regularize my periods. Took the mention pill since May,07 to Oct. 07, i had to stop because i was having even more irregular periods, spotting. Now, today ( jan 30) went to doctor, the cysts on my ovaries are still the same ( normal sign of a patient with pcos ) but as ive been ttc for over a year, he suggested that i should take a blood test to see how levels of prolactin are. If it is too high, he said that there might be a tumor in the brain.
I wanted to ask, and try to find out if you have been diagnosed with the same, or you know somebody. What are the chances of getting pregnant ? Does the tumor has to be removed? or you only take pills to get the prolac. level low? does it have any effect on the baby, or in the mother? is there any risks? etc.
Thank you very much for your answers...

  And I thought I had it bad.

I hope that you get your baby, and that you both live long healthy lives together. Good luck :)
TTC #2
Is Rimadyl a bad drug for a dog? What do you think of this scenario? Thanks!!!?
I had a vet in MN. B/c of of the symptoms I gave her for his behaviour (fear, seeking darkness, occasionally biting at the air, and crying (tears from his tear ducts), the doctor said it was a brain tumor and she started him on Rimadyl 25 mg 2x per day for his "headaches." This went on for about 6 months.

We have moved back to Texas and soon started noticing that his breathing was getting heavier. His new vet said that Hudson did not have a brain tumor, but b/c of the Rimadyl his heart was very stressed. She put him on Enalypril(sp?). He was a dachsie, and she said his pain was from slipped discs high in his spine and that was probably what was causing his headaches. She took him off the Rimadyl immed, and put him on Tramadol as needed. He died 14 days after he started his Enalypril.
He was old and had a good life, but since I have four others, I don't want to put them on anything that could shorten their life.
  I am not a veterinarian, but I was a vet nurse for 5 years. It really depends on your dog and his exam, blood chemistry, & complete blood count, as to whether or not that is bad for him. Some vets are very proactive (and may have done a ECG "echocardiogram" of the heart to test for signs of heart problems.)

Then you have other vets who are more lax, because that is what some/most of their clients want: a cheap easy fix. I'm not saying that your previous vet did anything like that. But it sounds like you want a pro active vet. (That's how I am with my dogs.)

I live in Texas too. If you're anywhere nearby, check out Dr. Brian V. Benjamin at Ohio Drive Animal Hospital. (972) 599-2224. They are in Plano near George Bush Tollway and Plano Pkwy. This vet is very conscious of my dogs' health. He diagnosed my ACD with irritable bowel disease, and my dog has been feeling a million times better. (he almost didn't make it).

Good luck with your dogs!
Jackie M
A question concerning brain cancer patients & seizure medications...?
I've had no problems weening off Dilantin and onto Keppra XR. I had no problems weening off Keppra XR and onto the first Keppra. I had no issues weening from 1 keppra am and 2 keppra pm down to 1am and 1pm, but when I went to 1 keppra a day (bc they believe the keppra is making my wbc and platelets drop) I had a seizure. The majority of my tumor is gone now. We went from a little smaller than a softball to smaller than a penny. I've only had one seizure...the very first which told me I had a tumor, but now I suddenly have this one. Has any one else had problems coming off seizure meds?
I've already updated my neurooncologist, and she and I have agreed to stay at one and one for now, but I'm just wondering if any one else has done this. I also had a difficult time coming off of steroids.
Ian's Mommy is A Fighter!
Pancreatic cancer?
My mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in late may. The cancer was inoperable so they started her on chemo and trial drugs. Well the cancer has been seeming to diminish as well as her tumor marker until this past month.When her CT scan came back the cancer on her pancreas was completely gone but her tumor marker was around 10,000. My question is what does her CT scan and tumor marker mean and what prognosis would you give her.Thanks.
  CT scan stands for computer tomography. It is basically a very fancy x-ray that allows doctors to see details of your organs. So if the CT scan shows that the pancreas is tumor free, it means that the chemotherpy is working to shrink the tumor size. That is good news.
I'm not sure what the tumor marker is. Doctors look at different chemicals in the blood that are produced by or in response to cancer. Without knowing which tumor marker they were looking at, I can't tell you what the number means.
Pacreatic cancer is difficult to treat. I am glad your mom is responding to the chemo. If you have questions, ask your mom if you can talk to her doctor. He or she won't be able to tell you everything you want to know, but he may be able to explain what's going on with you mom a little better.
Kidney Cancer and Sutent?
My Dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 Kidney cancer a few weeks ago. Originally they were planning on doing a surgery to remove the kidney/tumor, but after follow up tests, they've decided that a surgery is too risky since the tumor is near a vein. The doctors are currently discussing other options, but it seemed like they were hinting on the use of Sutent to try and shrink the tumor. I started reading about it online and seemed like the side effects are severe... Anyone else with experience with Sutent/kidney cancer?
hi all: starting temodar rx for treatment of anaplastic astrocytoma brain tumor. strange side effects?
anyone suffer from side effects? details on fighting those side effects. they sound pretty substantial. thanx mike in conn.
  You asked this question a few days ago. If you are still having this problem please see a doctor. Good luck!
Question about cancer : My dad discovered a suprarenal tumor 8 years ago.?
It was a big tumor.He had it surgically removed but remnants of the tumor remained of course.He started taking the medication Lysodren (mitotane).He is still on it as we speak.He also started taking glucocorticoids in order to compensate for the hormones released from the adrenal cortex which is now inactive due to the use of mitotane.Up till now the tumor is suppressed.About a year ago he discovered cancerous leukoplakia on his tongue.He had them surgically removed but they keep appearing and he keeps removing them surgically.So my question is : Is there a relation between the oral administration of mitotane and glucocorticoids and the appearance of oral cancer ? And what other methods of treatment other than surgical excision are available for small cancerous leukoplakia? Please this is very important for me.Thanks a lot
michael scofield 88
  I highly doubt that the oral medication has anything to do with the oral cancer. The drugs wouldn't be active until they are taken up into the blood through the intestines.
Aslo with all cancers the only way to get rid of them is to remove the cancerous tissue. Either surgically or with radiation therapy. Often times both are used.
Max B
What is the best procedure to operate a cavernous hemangioma of spinal cord?
Four months ago my Mom presented numbness of the lower limbs. She is 57 years old. A month ago a MRI showed a epidural compression of the spinal cord. The next day a T4-T5 laminectomy was done and we found a cavernous hemangioma tumor. This tumor is also present at T1 and at T9. With the laminectomy only about 60% of the tumor was removed because the rest of it was sorrounding the spinal cord, by the posterior mediastinum. She walks with some difficulty. Most of the time she stays seated or on the bed. She does eat not too much. Three weeks after the laminectomy a MRI revealed the elimination of the cord compression. She's feeling better, but she still feels compression between the chest and the stomach. She needs the rest of the tumor to be removed. We've had several suggestions to operate such as injection of absolute ethanol, 3D irradiation, sclerotherapy with polidocanol and surgery. I would like to know the best procedure and where it could be performed best. Thanks a lot
  I don't think you can get a proper answer here. The decision making process must be done in collaboration with the surgeon who will perform the procedure. He/she will have access to all of the test results and imaging studies that were performed as well as the entire patient history and physical exam. When deciding between different procedures you need to know the benefits and risks of each procedure, the differences between each procedure, the success rate, how many times the surgeon has performed each procedure and what his/her success rate is, the prognosis after each procedure etc. This is obviously a complicated issue which needs to be thoroughly discussed with a professional.
Best of luck to your mom and in making the right decision for her.
My dog is peeing blood and has bladder cancer, is there anything I can do?
I have an 11 1/2 year old Golden Retriever. She was diagnosed with a tumor in her bladder about a month ago. She is on piroxicam (10 mg once a day). The bleeding is bad but we know there is nothing we can do about removing the tumor. Is this a normal side effect?
Our wonderful dog and family member passed away this passed Sunday. We will never forget her!
  I don’t know much about cancer in our 4 legged loved ones, but blood in the urine is the number one symptom of bladder cancer in humans and it is logical for it to be the same in a dog. I am so sorry, I know he or she is your baby.
cancer of the uterus ?
im a 30 y/ o woman with her tubes tied and i just went to the ob/gyn and found out i have an enlarged uterus and a tumor inside he said its a fibroid tumor , i had a pap test done on monday 8/28 and now im just waiting for the results , but i was wondering if anyone out there has had cancer of the uterus , and if any of these symptoms is related to it or is it the fibroid tumor ? i have lower back pain gonig down into my tailbone and into my pelvic area and down my legs , i have rela bad cramps , when i menstrate i have bad cramps and i pass clots , but in between that i have a milky discharge or sometimes its yellow mukusey color , my cramps have gotten worse since i went tothe doc on monday , anyways if there are any sugestions out there concerning my illness here or any illness with these symptoms , i would greatly appreaseated it , thank you
  Wow, I was just about to post about the exact same thing. Same age, same symptoms, not yellow discharge, but bleeding is clotty and Bright red almost orangey, I finished my period 2 weeks ago and it started up again 2 days ago, enough to wear a panty liner through out the day. i went to my regular Dr yesterday complaining of cramps in my calves as well, so now i get to go back to the OB/GYN tomorrow and have yet another pap, my 2nd within 3 months. I hope to hear some of your answers, they will help me greatly as well..... Let me know what happens at your follow up, it would be nice to comapre Doctors results and reccomendations.
rose r
Why would a doctor prescribe Levetiracetam to a patient getting ready to have a tumor removed from head?
my dad has a tumor on in his head. He is having surgery next week. We are trying to figure out why the doctor prescribed him a anti seizure medicine when he has NEVER had a seizure.
  This is just precautionary. If the tumor is anywhere that might start to put pressure on an area that could trigger a seizure than this would be the reason. Neurologists can look at the size and location of the tumor and see if this might be a possibility. Please tell your dad to never leave any doctor's office without asking any questions about medications that he is put on. The doctor should have gone over everything with him. These doctors work for him and he is paying them to keep him healthy for himself and your family. I can understand how worried you all must be. Any surgery is serious and especially when tumors are involved. I wish you all good luck and God Bless
my mom has adrenal gland cancer and a brain tumor and is taking the drug mitotane what is it?
my mom said that her cancer counts for her adrenal cancer came back good and that the chemo worked on her adrenal cancer and its gone but the doctor put her on the drug mitotane and i thought that was for cancer that cant be cured my mom said its just a precaution pill im scared she might be lying.
  What drug a patient takes does not determine whether or not it can be cured.
Mitotane is a drug used to treat adrenal cancers. It helps to reduce symptoms and reduces tumor bulk in addition to prolonging life. Without treatment the median survival is about 3 months. With treatment it can be as much as 5 years.
I have no idea what a “precaution pill “ is.
After an ischemic stroke, how long does it usually take for the brain swelling to peak & subside?
I am asking this question for the case of a large ischemic stroke in which around 2/3 of the left side of the brain has been impaired. Presumably it takes longer for the brain swelling to subside for a large stroke than a minor stroke.

A follow-up question is, what is the mechanism by which the brain swelling subsides? Does the swelling subside only due to the death of brain cells?

After an ischemic stroke, there are actually two types of brain swelling(aka cerebral edema) that occur.

1. First, there is intracellular edema, which is also called cytotoxic edema. When a brain cell's oxygen supply is interrupted, the cell is no longer able to regulate the concentration of its own electrolytes. As a result, while the cell is dying, water rushes into the cell from extracellular compartments. This event occurs within a few hours (2-3 hrs) after the stroke happens.

2. The second type of edema is called vasogenic edema (aka interstitial edema) and occurs later than cytotoxic edema. In this case, after an ischemic stroke, the blood vessels downstream break down and begin to leak water and proteins into the area of dead brain. These events occur with 6-12 hours and progresses for about 3 days.

When someone has a large stroke, it is the rapid progression of interstitial edema that is potentially lethal. The estimated peak of interstitial edema is about 3 days, but more realistically it is about 3-5 days.

Eventually as the neurons and its supporting cells die off and are replaced with scar tissue, the cytotoxic edema subsides. Also, as the blood vessels repair themselves or either die off, the leakiness of the blood vessels subside as well. Thus, to answer your question, the resolution of swelling is not directly due to the death of neurons, but it is due rather to the decrease of inflammation and the gradual repair of the blood vessels.

Hope I was able to answer your question!
Elavil, how does it affect the human brain?
I am doing a research project for school and Elavil is the drug I have chosen to write about. The only problem is that no sources I have looked into explain how the chemicals affect the brain. Like what chemicals are involved? What do they bind with? Basically at a molecular level what is going on in the brain when this drug is consumed
  There are many drugs on the market for which they do not know exactly how they work. They only know that they help cure or alleviate certain symptoms. Good luck with your project!
How much alcohol does one need to drink to get brain damage?
I am 21 years old. I have drank alcohol about 10 times or so. The last time I drank was a year ago. I never want to have a drop of alcohol again because I have heard it causes brain damage.

Do you think I have brain damage from drinking 10 times? I have had a few nights in which I did not remember everything.

How many times does one need to drink alcohol before having permanent brain shrinkage/damage?
  well, it will be your liver that is going to suffer first...

brain damage is rather relative: its the nerve cell death, happens every time you drink, especially if it is low quality alcohol.

i don’t think 10 times can make such a difference, and considering the time of abstinence, you should be fully recovered by now.
What are the life expectancy ranges based on for carcinoid tumors?
I have a carcinoid tumor on my liver and am having it resected. I also have two lymphnodes near the liver which are showing signs of activity via an Octreoscan. If the tumor on the liver is removed and they remove the two lymph nodes that are showing positive for carcinoid are there any life expectancy guidlines regarding a timeline? Is it possible it will never return again and I am cured?
If it does come back can they just take it out again? If they keep taking it out will I live an otherwise normal life expectancy?
Thank you! : )
Sharpen up
  Your question has about as many answers as their are folks with carcinoid cancer. You will probably have to look at this as a "chronic" disease, not a curable one right now. (But who knows, they are making miracles every day on treatments for cancers!) But for right now your best bet is to get to a carcinoid cancer expert FAST. There are myriad things a carcinoid expert can do to extend your life, but you will need to connect with them BEFORE your surgery. There is a great team at the Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, headed by Dr. Edward Wolin. They are top notch and would be a good place to start. You can also contact Dr. Eugene Woltering, BEFORE your surgery, to get all the information about what and where your surgeon can send LIVE TISSUE from your cancer so that it can be evaluated by experts that can help determine the kinds of therapy that would be best for you in the future. Check out these experts and more and how to contact them at the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation's You will also want to make sure that the surgeon and anesthetist are aware that carcinoid patients can have what is called "carcinoid crisis" during surgery...especially if they are "messing with your tumors". This life-threatening situation can usually be avoided by administering a protocol of octreotide intravenous injections before during and after the surgery. I am a carcinoid survivor and I can't stress enough the importance of getting to the experts right off. So many of us wish we has known to do that before our surgeries!! We would have saved ourselves a lot of grief! You can contact me by email if I can be of further assistance. Best of luck to you...Dianna B.
Dianna B
How often does lung cancer spread to the brain?
My grandmother is 80, diagnosed with small call luncg cancer. She will have a brain scan this week to determine is it has spread. How often does lung cancer spread tot he brain? How long does it generally take to spread?
  Cancer can spread sometimes very quick. I have known numerous cancer patients with lung cancer that it had spread to the brain. There is really no right answer on how fast this can happen. Depends on the individual.

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