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Can a person have body dysmorphic disorder and see things that are not there without obsessing?
Can one have body dysmorphic disorder and see body problems that arn't there and not obsess over them?Or in order to say one has this do their whole lives have to be focused on the issue?
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  The diagnostic criteria require that the patient suffer "clinically important distress" or "impaired work, social, or personal functioning." Admittedly these are rather vague descriptions, but I believe they both reflect some degree of obsession. [In fact OCD is sometimes comorbid with BDD].

So if a (hypothetical) patient perceived some imaginary disfigurement and wasn't particularly concerned about it, I suppose BDD would be excluded as a diagnosis. The answer to the question would then be: a person cannot have BDD without obsessing over their appearance.

That hypothetical case seems very unlikely to me, but I have no proof that it couldn't happen.
why body dysmorphic disorder can be frequently confused with addiction?
I was my chatting with my friends when our topic shifted to body dysmorphic disorder. I know this is a disorder where you dislike your own body, but most of my friend associate this is addiction. How can this be associated with addiction? Any insights is appreciated.
  I think that it depends on the context that body dysmorphic disorder is in. I think that it is the cause and an addiction is the effect. Say, for example, that someone doesn't like the way they look, so they develop body dysmorphic disorder. This might drive them to be anorexic and/or bulimic, which are both serious eating disorders and the effect of the body dysmorphic disorders; anorexia and bulimia are both considered special types of food addictions. If this happens, then I would say that it could lead to an addiction, but wouldn't necessarily be an addiction in of itself. However, I'm strictly talking about a dislike of someone's body with respect to weight. If we're talking about body dysmorphic disorder because of something like an acne breakout or someone's skin tone, then I wouldn't call it an addiction at all; I'd call it a complex. However, I can see where the argument for an addiction would come from.
Travis K
How do i know if i have body dysmorphic disorder?
How can i tell if i have body dysmorphic disorder My mom thinks i do and all my friends think i care too much about my looks, but im not sure what to think. I am only 15 so i didnt think i could have this disorder. I am already saving up to get plastic surgery but i didnt think it was that big of a deal. How do i know if i have it, and how can i get help if i do
  View: Only use a small hand mirror to check appearance, so just a small part of the body may be seen at a time, yet anything wrong will still be immediately apparent; cover (taping over/painting) full length mirrors. Check out www.bddcentral/mainpage2.aspx and… and and and… and… and and Practice a relaxation method, daily, and when needed, such as… or… and/or Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or yoga. Other things worth trying: Enter "EFT" in the searchbar, at (free), & "EFT therapists (professional is recommended) a good tryout, to see if it helps you. There is a version for use in public places, (you could claim to have a headache, as you use the acupressure massage/tapping on your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: repeating to yourself in your mind): "Even though I have a distorted body image, I deeply and completely accept myself". All of these things are designed to bolster the central sense of identity, enable emotional centering, and changing the focus from that of a person's appearance. When you notice something negative, such as: "Why can't I be beautiful, like those in movies, and magazines?", or a disturbing image, recognise that this is generated by the negative part of your mind.

After identifying it, visualise a large red "STOP!" sign, and/or possibly a stern faced person wagging an index finger at you in a negative manner, then say to yourself as forcefully as you can, even aloud in a big voice, if alone: "I know this tactic: GO AWAY FOR A WHILE !!!" You may want to use either: "ruse", "ploy", "game", or "trick", instead of "tactic". In the case of an image, visualise a large "STOP" sign, or your preferred version. Some people go so far as to keep a wide rubber band in their pocket, then put it around their wrist, when they catch themselves backsliding, stretch and release it, as a method of reprogramming their mind sooner, but I don't regard it as being strictly necessary. Remember to remove it, afterwards, if you use this method. It may well be worthwhile going to the Groups, at Myspace, Google, and Yahoo, and discuss it with them. Read "Picture perfect : what you need to feel better about your body" Jill S. Zimmerman Rutledge. by Health Communications, c2007, & The BDD Workbook: Overcome Body Dysmorphic Disorder and End Body Image Obsessions - Paperback 2002 by James Claiborn and Cherry Pedrick, & The Broken Mirror: Understanding and Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder - Paperback 2005 by Katharine A. Phillips M.D., & The Body Image Workbook: An Eight-Step Program for Learning to Like Your Looks by Thomas F. Cash from your bookstore, or Try the support groups, chat sites, and forums: &… &…
Can perfectionism connect to body dysmorphic disorder?
I have been a 'procrasinating perfectionist' sense I was around 10. Could this be connected to body dysmorphic disorder? I have recently seen stuff about myself that I have'nt seen before. Like my face is too wide and my skin is a mess, my eye aren't bright enough, my teeth aren't on so on. Could these be connected?
What makes body dysmorphic disorder an obstacle?
I'm doing a research project on Body Dysmorphic Disorder and one of the questions is: What makes it an obstacle/ What difficulties are experienced? I don't know how to answer this. please help me. (:
  If someone has body dysmorphic disorder, every day can be a challenge. Doing simple things like going to a grocery store or even looking at yourself in a mirror can be extremely stressful. Being seen by other people is usually a huge stressor. People with this disorder can't stand the way they look and do not want to be seen by anybody, even themselves.
What do I do when I have body dysmorphic disorder?

Of course, my mom doesn't believe me. She says people just like to "diagnosis themselves". It's so annoying. I already know that I have BDD. I'm definitely sure because it fits perfectly with how I act about my looks.

I heard you have to see a psychiatrist/therapist? How do I do that when my mom doesn't even believe me? It's like I have no one to talk to. >.<
Me :)
  go to doctors and ask them!
if ur mum wont listen to u then u need some1 who will thats y its best to see people who no wat there doing! ie. [doctor]

dont diagnoise urself, EVER!

If u think theres something not quite right then go to ur doctor and tell them everything ur feeling! dont be embarressed either cuz its all private so nobody will no that u have been!
can you still have Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD if you eat?
i have all the signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD , ecxept i still eat, so does that mean i cant have it? or does it still mean i have it?
  From what I've read (which wasn't much so...) BDD isn't the same as an eating disorder.
You obsess about some part of your body which is 'ugly' and you keep worrying about that much so that disrupts your daily life.
People with BDD don't necessarily starve themselves because it's not their weight their obsessed about but 'how bent their nose looks' or 'how small their fingers are'...random examples :P

So could still suffer from BDD but I'd seek professional advice if you really want to be sure.
How do you get body Dysmorphic Disorder?
I'm asking seriously, I think I may have it. How does someone get it? How do you know if you have it? What are signs of Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Heeelpp.
  Body dysmorphic disorder for me was false realization that because I wasn't the way I'd like myself to look, I'd never get anywhere in life. It came spontaneously, but I have a feeling high school bullying over a slow and long period of time had a prominent effect.

About a year ago, my skin was covered in severe acne. I cried every night in heart break and jealousy of people with decent skin. About nine months ago, I developed body dysmorphic disorder. I would literally spend hours upon hours looking in the mirror, crying my eyes out. My lowest point was in June, when I tried to kill myself by overdosing on pills.

Don't worry, I know where you're coming from. I think lack of people truly knowing where you're coming from is a dangerous down side to this disorder, at least for me. It caused severe loneliness and isolation, which I think is why the disorder stuck with me so significantly.

I used to passionately despise people who treated the situation like a simple fix, ignorant people who didn't know where I was coming from, or the severity of the situation. I'm a lot better now, and I was surprised by how fast I progressed, and how quickly this horrible mentality of mine went away. Do you want to know what cured me? Activity, dedication, goal, love, and a passionate sacrifice. That sacrifice for me was art. Did you know most people who suffer from this disorder are artistic?

While these duties may seem simple, they require a lot of emotion and motivation. I encourage you to work on them as a distraction, it will pay off in the long run.
Can anyone give me some information on Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
Can anyone give me some information on Body Dysmorphic Disorder? I'm curious what are some common signs one might have it, some symptoms, etc? Thank you!
Pisces Sweetheart
  When someone is EXTREMELY worried about how they look to the point that they get depression. Not getting enough potassium, copper, iron, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B5, and/or vitamin B2 could make Body Dysmorphic Disorder worse, because these nutrients effect our emotions.
This girl I have recently gotten very close with just told me she has body dysmorphic disorder how can I help?
This girl I have recently gotten very close with just told me she has body dysmorphic disorder how can I help?
Cubbies wha'ts another year?
  That's very considerate of you. Don't give her a hard time about it, and don't try to rationalize with her. She doesn't see what you see when you look at her, really. Keep her distracted from her inner world wherever possible and don't make any issues about appearance. Help to build up her self esteem and make your moments together happy ones.
Ben 2.0
How effective is the EMSAM patch in treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder?
My doctor is talking about possibly putting me on this in 4 weeks. Anyone tried this before? How did it help you?
Also, will it interact with my birth control pill (Yaz), since it's an MAOI?

Yes, I'm in therapy. Please do not suggest that. Thanks! :)
  I have heard of the patch and it may be effective. Be sure your doctor knows all the medicines you take and use the same pharmacy with a drug interactions computer.

I have been told by the drug reps that it does not have the MAO interactions at lower doses, but check with your doctor.
do i have Body Dysmorphic Disorder or am i ugly?

i look in the mirror and see something HIDEOUS. then my friends and family say i'm beautiful and they say there's lots of guys who like me. But it doesn't make sense, I mean is there something wrong with my eyes because i physically can see how ugly I am? WTF?
Phoenix Lightman
  You most likely suffer from BDD. I know, it's weird, but trust me...I've heard this story before a million times...Girl is absolutely convinced she's horribly deformed but actually isn't and her friends and family just don't see it...Your ugliness is probably all in your head, but I don't know how ugly you are. If you WERE ugly, then someone would've told you that.
Gnoll Gnerd
Will a CT Scan show Attention Deficit Disorder?
I have what I think is major depressive disorder, but having recently switched psychiatrists my new one now wants me to go for a CT scan to rule out any possibility of another disorder - which I'll soon be attending. The only other disorder that this could possibly be, at least from my perspective, is Attention Deficit Disorder. Would a CT Scan show the brain abnormalities associated with the disorder?
  No, your doctor wants to rule out physical abnormalities with your brain. Mental disorders don't show up on CT scans because they are problems with the neurotransmitters and are not like tumors or strokes. I have schizoaffective disorder and my CT shows a healthy brain when I went in for migraine headaches.
Pick A Winner
What is the best way to support someone with panic disorder?
What would be an example of a supportive person or friend to someone who has panic disorder? I have panic disorder, and sometimes it feels like I have lost those who were the most important to me. What are ways people can support those with panic disorder? I am just so scared all the time, and it is also a load to have to take care of others (not children, mind you, but other people's problems).
  I guess a friend would support you by reaching out to you regularly, whether in person or over the phone, so that you would not be so isolated. A panic disorder is worse when you are alone all the time. Although millions of people struggle with panic or anxiety, if you are the one with the problem, you often feel all alone. You often feel ashamed of this "weakness" so you don't have the courage to reach out to others. It's important that those who care about you help challenge you to get out. I would say a walk, or a trip to the gym would be great activities.

A supportive person also knows or learns how to set healthy boundaries. They can't be JUST a sounding board if you (the one with anxiety) want to constantly talk about and vent your anxiety. They should know how to set healthy boundaries - it's good for both of you. An example would be saying firmly but kindly, "I'll listen to you complain or vent for 5 minutes, then you'll need to switch the subject or I'll be getting off the phone for now." The truth is, the person trying to "run the anxiety through you" is not served well by dwelling on the anxiety either. They need to learn to think about other more positive things; it will help them feel more "normal" and lessen the isolation as well because more people will want to be around them.
Miriam M
Bipolar DIsorder?
Can Untreated Depression or Major Depressive Disorder turn into Bipolar Disorder and/or psychosis?
I nd Help
  its not the un-treating it makes it turn into bipolar but more that the manic side of bipolar was just lay dormant waiting for something to trigger it off.
take care good luck
Panic disorder?
I havent been diagnosed with panic disorder yet but Im sure I will be as I have them everyday and I have done for about 6 to seven months and they just keep getting worse.
What Im worried about is sometimes I get extremely depressed, is that part of panic disorder and will medication for it help it go away?

Thanks in advance
Cellar Door.
  My mom is on zoloft to help with her depression and anxiety- panic attacks. She's been on them for about a year and she hasn't had anymore panic attacks. She seems like a much happier person now.
What is the difference between bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder?
I see some symptoms in common between the 2, but is bipolar disorder more extreme? and how can borderline personality disorder be cured?
  Bipolar is a chemical imbalance in the brain and Borderline is a set of learned behaviors and thoughts that were developed to cope with a traumatic childhood. Borderline does not have a chemical component so meds do not help with Borderline. The mood swings in Bipolar last for weeks or months and do not have triggers. The mood swings in Borderline are triggered by events and only last hours or at most a couple of days and they can change in a flash. People with Bipolar can be overly emotional and dramatic but usually only when in a manic episode. Borderlines are like that all the time. People with Borderline tend to self harm and have eating disorders while you do not see this as much in Bipolar. Those with Borderline tend to be very dramatic and have certain behaviors and ways of seeing things that are unique to Borderline, they have an intense fear of abandonment, they tend to see thing in black and white only (things are either very good or completely evil, nothing in between), they love you one minute then hate you the next without much in between. They tend to self harm and threaten suicide as a way to manipulate people, ie: threatening suicide during a fight then swallowing a handful of tylenol in front of the person who made them mad... knowing the person will stop them and that the tylenol will not hurt them. Someone with Bipolar who is suicidal will more likely isolate themselves and attempt suicide quietly and with conviction. Really the only similarity is the mood swings but even those are very different in the two disorders. What make is difficult is that people with Bipolar often ALSO have Borderline. As Bipolar runs in families someone may have also had a parent with Bipolar and developed Borderline as a way to cope with their tumultuous childhood.....

It is impossible so say which is more extreme as people have anywhere from ild to completely debilitating cases so an extreme case of Bipolar is worse than a mild case of Borderlien and visa versa. Bipolar can be treated with medication but Borderline can not. Meds can be used to treat some of the symptoms but not the disorder itself. The only cure for Borderline is therapy and until recently even that was not very helpful. People with Borderline tend to see their disorder as being part of who they are. For instance, my sister in law (ex sister in law) has it and she just says she is a "hot tempered latin chick" and she thinks it is sexy.. she refuses to admit that it might be her fault that she cannot maintain a relationship and cannot keep a job for more than 6 months because she is so nasty to other people.... She likes how she is. They usually end up seeing the therapist as the enemy who is trying to take away their personality and they stop going to therapy... or they see it as hopeless and cling to that, "I CAN'T get better, it's not my fault I have a disorder, pity me". Those with Borderline get a bad rap (so do those with Bipola but more so with Borderline), they can be EXTREMELY difficult to be around but they are in tremdous pain..... that does nto change the fact that they are difficult but they are not just bitchy and manipulative as some people think.

I once heard Borderline described as being "an emotional burn victim", they have no protective skin over their emotions.... they are always on the surface and always raw and they have little control over them.
Rebecca Morgan
INVEGA ER (Paliperidone) 9mg Have you used it and for which disorder?
say's its used for Schizophrenia , bipolar mania, and Schizoaffective disorder. Now i was prescribed it for a mood stabilizer For IED (Intermittent explosive disorder ) and Bipolar Disorder NOS .I also have severe ADHD (being treated for successfully) and anxiety and extreme insomnia ( have a temporary solution for now Clonipin )But what has your experiencee been with this drug ?what side effects has it caused ? weight gain or headaches? would you recommendd it for my diagnosis ?what was you treated for with it ? how old are you and what sex are you .Thank you so much or any input***NOTE SPELL CHECK ISNT CO_OPERATING SO PLEASE NOTHING RUDE ON MY GRAMMER thanks
  Paliperidone is used to treat the symptoms of psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia. It may be used alone or together with other medicines to treat patients with schizoaffective disorder. This medicine should not be used to treat behavioral problems in older adult patients who have dementia.

Tell your doctor if you have ever had any unusual or allergic reaction to this medicine or any other medicines. Also tell your health care professional if you have any other types of allergies, such as to foods, dyes, preservatives, or animals. For non-prescription products, read the label or package ingredients carefully.

Take Paliperidone exactly as directed by your doctor. Do not take more of it, do not take it more often, and do not take it for a longer time than your doctor ordered. To do so may increase the chance of side effects.

Take care as always!
Bipolar disorder?
I'm writing a book. Anyone have any experience with living with a parent/loved one with bipolar disorder? I'm particularly interested in the mania stage of the disease. The mother in my book has it and rarely, if ever (I'm in planning stages) goes through the depressive stage. Mainly just mania. Any comments/anything I need to know?
I may describe the depressive side, but it isn't actually required to have the disorder. I do know a little bit of what's required for diagnosis, but I don't know what it's like to be around someone who has the disorder.
  I dated a woman once who was bi-polar. Every time she went through a depressive stage I would hold her in my arms all night long and tell her everything was going to be ok. She would tell me about why she was sad and I would stay with her until it was over. One time I asked her what was wrong and she told me she didn't like her toothbrush. That was when I realized that she would never be better, that I couldn't take all her pain away, that I was helpless with her problems.

Later, I went into healthcare. At one point I got one of my MR residents diagnosed as bi-polar (they incorrectly thought he had obsessive compulsive disorder). When he was manic he would be easily distracted, in the middle of a conversation he would start cleaning his apartment because it was dirty. He would do this for hours at a time even if there were other more pressing things to do. When he finally had a depressive episode he would lie in bed and lack the energy to even get up. The medicine helped but left him feeling like he couldn't experience emotions (it took the highs & lows away).

I remember a third person who was obsessed with germs, when she was in a manic state she would shower dozens of times a day. She would actually run her books and notebooks through the dishwasher to keep them germ free.

Manic Depressive behaviour often looks a lot like OCD, except in OCD people realize what they are doing is silly - they just don't feel comfortable not doing it. With bipolar they don't realize there is anything wrong with thier behaviour.

It can be very difficult to live with someone with Bipolar, and it requires a special kind of love.

Good luck with the book :-)

NOTE: manic / depressive cycles are very long, usually weeks or months... shorter cycles (hours or days) are a different disorder.
Chemists/ Doctors. If someone had an eating disorder that the doctor didn't know about...?
My friend has an eating disorder, she is with me now, and she hasn't told the doctor. If the dr. has prescribed her maxolon tablets (metoclopramide hydrochloride) and prochroloperazine and omeprazole, which one would be the best one to take? to stop an eating disorder? need professional advice please.
Meg M
  Wait - omeprazole and metoclopramide are for heartburn and nausea - they won't stop eating disorders. But never take any medications with eating disorders that you haven't told your doctor about - some medicines we prescribe need food to dissolve and take effect.
What do you think about Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit HyperActivity Disorder?
I am working on a presentation about ADD/ADHD and I need some personal feedback. What do YOU think about this ADD/ADHD phenomenon? Do you think it’s over-diagnosed? Do you think it even exists? Are you diagnosed with it? Can you tell me about some of your struggle?

Any opinion about Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
  I am 14 years old and I have ADD.
My elementary years were terrible...i wasn't a behavior problem (most girls aren't) but I couldn't keep my mind on one thing. I fidget all the time... I multi-task and I have a very short attention span. I was diagnosed with ADD last year and at first I was upset. Why LABEL me with this disorder? I found out more about it and it's actually a breath of fresh air to know that that was the reason I couldn't keep many friends (communication problems) and that's why I always felt different.

My older sister has it too...diagnosed when she was 18. She's 27 now. She says that when she makes love, its hard for her to enjoy it because she has so many racing thoughts and that creates relationship problems.
How can someone get drugs for bipolar disorder for free or at a reduced cost?
A friend of mine is unable to pay for a psychiatrist to prescribe drugs for her bipolar disorder. She has been clinically diagnosed and her bipolar disorder is seriously affecting her quality of life and she is unable to function normally. She is having suicidal thoughts and she really needs help. Are there any gov't agencies that can help her?
Princess Anne
  If you are in America there are usually psychiatric emergency departments at a hospital. They will either give you samples, or a prescription to be filled at that hospital for low cost. It's usually a long wait to be seen, and the hospitals are usually teaching hospitals - but she will be seen and hopefully helped.

Also, check out local agencies in your area, such as clinics, case management, and behavioral services.
Can anexsia be prescriped if it helps patient with eating disorder?
my good friend has an eating disorder. She was prescribed Anexsia for another physical pain. She said since being on the medication, she no longer has the urge to purge, or binge and feels totally normal again, and eats normal! Could this become a treatment for the eating disorder she has had for 7 years?
  No. This medication is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen which is a narcotic used for pain. It is very habit forming so she would be trading one problem for another. It would not be a healthy or beneficial solution. She really needs counseling to deal with her eating disorder whic would be far more wise than forming an addiction to a pain killer!
Bipolar Disorder?
I saw a web site for Bipolar disorder people to date,In other words, Bipolar disorder dating site.Is this a good idea,2 people with the same diorder.Would like feedback on this.
  I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder myself, and quite honestly, I think it is a horrible idea for two people with this disorder to date.

I want to be able to have a normal love life, not a relationship that focuses on Bipolar.
How soon will Depakote help someone with bipolar straiten their moods out, What about Borderline Personality D?
My husband has been on Depakote for about a week now and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of effect it would have on each disorder. He is being hospitalized now and they diagnosed him with Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar. What effects will depakote have on each disorder and how soon will I see a difference?
I Love Richard KHC
  I may not answer your question the way you would expect but telling you what happened in my case may be helpful to you.
I was put on Divalproex Sodium (Depakote) for the same diagnosis as your husband. As far as my agitated mania was concerned it proved to be useless. It was difficult for my psychiatrist to ascertain whether this medicine was having any therapeutic use in my case at all. Even if Depakote would have shown clear therapeutic efficacy, the serious problem was the rapid weight gain. I gained so much weight that I was diagnosed with 'Postural Hypertension.' This is reversible, as it was in my case, after I was taken off of Depakote.
Later I was put on Lithium which has proved very effective in controlling my mood swings. Carbemezepine, an anti epileptic drug is also considered as potent drug in treating Bipolar Disorder.
As far as Borderline Personality Disorder is concerned I am doing really fine. No drug is really indicated for this problem. In my opinion to suggest a drug, or prescribe one simply does not make sense. Psychotherapy is what usually works, as it did in my case. Most important is reflection, introspection, which would end up working. These words may seem complicated but the actual process of reflection, introspection become very natural as time goes by.
I hope this helps atleast somewhat. Good luck, hope your husband feels better.
bipolar disorder?
My 14 year old brother has bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, fetal alchol syndrome, and oppositional difiance disorder. He and i were severely abused by my biological mother for many years, and all of the non-genetic disorders are results of the abuse. My biological mother also had many mental disorders, including the bipolar, which she passed on to him. I managed to escape the situtation with only bad memories and bruises. Why does he have so many problems and i have none? I am not saying that i want any of them, just wondering how i managed to not get them.
We have since been adopted and our entire family is in therapy. The therapist says that i have moved past my issues and have "healed", but because of my brother we are still in therapy.
  The reason it passed you by is because the universe wants and needs you to be there for your brother. Coming from the background that you did I am so glad that you are both in counseling.
How do you cope with seasonal affective disorder?
I have seasonal affective disorder. I have a hard time wanting to get out of bed and do anything in the winter time. Does anyone else have this? Any ideas how to cope with this disorder?
Does anyone know where you can find those lights to aid SAD?
  I absolutely hate winter and the grey skies. It's so despressing. Try guided imagery. There are CDs out there for relaxation/mediatation purposes. Get one where the person talks you through the "imagery" Many will talk about peaceful, warm, sunny beaches! This does help. Also there are special lights sold to mimic the spectrum of the sun. These also help. I try to do things outside (shop, doctor's appt, etc) on days when it's not TOO COLD. Then when it's totally unbearable i try to stay indoors, and do activities I find entertaining. Or, when possible have company over.
Has anyone had success with the body aches/pain part of cymbalta? Has it relieved your anxiety and depression? How would you rate it on a scale from 1 to 10 of other anti-depressants you've tried? I just got put on it because of my body pain along with social anxiety disorder and i was starting to get depressed. Just want to gather some information!! Especially about the PAIN/ACHES part... I really want to know if that helped you!!! Thank you!!!!
only people that have taken the medication...yes i have talked to my doctor.
  I just got put on cymbalta last week for depression. Even with taking as short as I have, I've noticed a change. I feel a little more lively and not as achy as I have been. So far I think I'd rate it at an 8, but that's only after 1 week. I think that it will get better the more I take it.
Have clotting disorder, how do I get rid of this odd infection?
I have a myeloproliferative disorder (thrombocythemia) or high clotting factor and polycythemia vera due to JAK-2 genetic mutation and Lupus anticoag positive. I'm on a lot of medicines. Currently taking 1000mg Hydrea (Hydroxyurea) daily as well as 14mg Coumadin and an 81mg baby aspirin, Lamictal 150mg (for epilepsy), Benicar 40mg/12.5 HCT, Protonix for reflux daily. I'm having an odd problem which I'm not sure how to fix because I'm very limited in what antibiotics I can take. I keep getting repetitive yeast infections each month. They go away on their own right around my period. My last CBC showed a 12.7 white blood cell count, platelets were finally normal range at 347. Could the Hydrea be changing the Ph in my body to where certain bacteria are overgrowing and then the hormonal change is bringing them back in check? It's becoming an aggravating issue because I can't seem to shake these infections for longer than a couple or three weeks at a time. Up until I started the Hydrea I'd never even had a yeast infection. I've also been getting minor skin infections on various body areas as well. Is there any way to combat this issue without having to get an antibiotic that will screw my INR up? Sorry I'm so complicated, but I can't help it. There's got to be an answer right?
How many panic attacks does one have to experience to be diagnosed with Panic Disorder?
I was curious about this. I have been recently diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and I think I have been also diagnosed with Panic Disorder, but I am not sure. How many panic attacks does someone have to have to be diagnosed with Panic Disorder?
  Negative emotions (like sadness, stress, anger, etc.) causes your Serotonin production to be low; when your Serotonin level is low, you are more prone to getting Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, etc.

Medication like Antidepressants (SSRI - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) helps to boost Serotonin level.

But there are natural ways to do it without medication. There's this strange herb called "St John's Wort" - it is said to be more effective than Prozac. No, it is not for mild depression only and ignore those sayings. In fact, it does help anxiety and panic-attacks as St John's Wort works like prozac. Other natural ways will be exercise, diet, more exposure to light, etc.
The problem is that, even if your Serotonin is balanced... you have that "learned behavior" in your mind. You need to break that initial cycle to destroy that learned behavior - Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) does this. A technique that you can use without CBT will be Distraction... There are several other techniques to help cope them!
Ok, to use Distraction: Firstly, try to....

Extracted from Source.
efxdc x

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