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What other reasons are there for red-blood urine except a UTI?
also having a miscarriage, but i know its blood urine because i havent been bleeding much anymore, and when i urinate, i can see red blood.

i also had this back in July 2007 when i was 8 months pregnant. they couldnt figure out what was going on, then i had kidney stones after i had my son in September 2007.
mommy of 2
  I had this last year and it meant that I had a 7 mm kidney stone in my kidney. My urine turned brown. Then it turned back to yellow normal color. The ER called it hemachuria or something like that. Go to a urologist.
I think you most definitely have a kidney stone again.
what other reasons are there for red-blood urine except a UTI?
also having a miscarriage, but i know its blood urine because i havent been bleeding much anymore, and when i urinate, i can see red blood.

i also had this back in July 2007 when i was 8 months pregnant. they couldnt figure out what was going on, then i had kidney stones after i had my son in September 2007.
mommy of 2
  kidney infection or kidney stone is what I think of. See your doctor ASAP!
What is THC in a doctors standard blood/urine work-up?
I had standard levels in my blood/urine results. Is that marijuana, or is their a different definition of Thc in blood?
How long will alcohol stay in yor system for blood/ urine test?
It's Friday, Im going to meps on Tuesday. I played a game of beer pong. idk if I'm over exagerating or not about the blood or urine test.
  You will not have a chance to enjoy any alcohol in basic training. Needless to say it was not the smartest thing to do (are you 21?) They will drug test you. Might as well tell them the truth.

Please don't think I am being mean, or harsh about this. I merely stated the fact.
Had some alcohol before doctor urine and blood test?
Hi, I was just wondering, I had some alcohol yesterday, a beer and half a glass of wine, and tomorrow I have to go to the doctors to get some blood & urine tests done for some volunteer things. Will it show up that I have alcohol in my body or not? Thanks!
Sasuke Uchiha
Will cigarettes show up in my urine or blood?
I have a screening for a clinical study on Monday. I am a non smoker who started smoking about 5 smokes a day for the past 20 days. Is 4 days enough to get the traces out of my blood/urine?
And what can I take to have it not show up?
Father Kevin M
  No because they dont test for nicotine
Are blood and urine tests tested for sugar levels?
Are they? And if so, if it is too low or too high, a doctor will inform you of this correct? On that note , if someone had , well, diabetes, and they didnt know, and had the blood/urine tests taken about four months ago, that test, both fasting and a prior one with food eaten, would it have come out with having it at that time, if they had it, or does it not show up in tests till way after? Hopefully I am being clear as to what I am asking.
  If you had high glucose during either fasting or non-fasting tests, your Doctor should have told you. If you heard nothing from them, you can call and ask what is was. Sometimes offices wil not call with slightly elevated levels so the best way to know is to ask for the level and the normal range so you know if it was high or not. If you are concerned that it wasn't high on those days that you tested you can ask to have a blood test called hemoglobin A1C..this test takes an average of the last 120 days.
What does it mean when you have blood in your urine but urinalysis shows no infection?
I went for my yearly exam at my ob/gyn and she said that I my urinalysis shows a lot of microscopic blood in my urine (blood not visible to eyes). What could be causing this if I don't have infection?
  Usually it's normal for the urine to contain microscopic amounts of blood. However, when the urine does contain blood a urinary tract infection is the first thing they look for. If that's been ruled out there are other possibilities such as blood clotting disorders, kidney stones, kidney disease, chronic diseases (i.e. diabetes or hypertension), certain medications that cause thinning of the blood (i.e. anti-coagulants), and sometimes even strenuous exercise. Often though hematuria is present without the identification of any underlying cause and usually resolves on its own.
Is it true that urine and snake blood are nutritious?
I have learned that in china and other asian countries, snake blood, urine and even bugs and other disgusting remedies exist for varying reasons, ranging from curing sicknesses or improving your immune system. Thus I am curious if the western medical studies would approve of such practices? are they purely superstition-based or do follow a certain account?
  It depends on what the remedy is. Some are your typical grandma's remedy which has a certain truth to them, some are worthless, and some are medically valid. Western medicine is currently evaluating what works and what doesn't. One particular common chinese herb compound medication is promising for treating heart attacks and in use as an IV drug in some countries. FDA is doing trial studies on it as we speak.
Dr. K
How long is nicotine in the body?
I am getting a a urine & blood test for life insurance and I am not supposed to have any nicotine in my system for the test. I have already quit a week ago but i was wondering if i needed to wait another week to take the urine & blood test. By the way i was using chewing tobacco not cigs.
  Nicotine only stays in your bloodstream for a few days, but that is not what they are checking for in a life insurance test.

They test for cotinine. About 80 percent of nicotine is broken down to cotinine by enzymes in your liver. Cotinine can stay in your bloodstream for 6 to 8 MONTHS!!!!

If you want a clean test, I would recommend going to a health food store and finding products that will clean out your blood. Don't take the liquid one shot ones, cause they will cause your cholesterol to go through the roof. You need to get the ones that are at least a week taking daily pills, even though they are expensive.

After the test, cotinine and nicotine will get back into your bloodstream from fat being burned that held the nicotine. So you won't be clean for ever.
will marijuana show up in a blood/urine test when going to get a physical?
I'm asking for a friend here so dont be concerned but she did it saturday night and about a week from now she's going to get a physical for school and camp. It would just be a routine physical. They check blood and urine for just normal health things not for drugs in particular. If theyre not looking for it will it still show up?
Even if it isn't a drug test?
  If they test actively look for it yes, but it won't show up on a normal physical
How long does nicotine from cigarettes stay in your urine and blood?
Im not that much of a smoker but once in a while i would start smoking and i have that random drug testing at school. How long would long would it take for the nicotine to get out of your blood and urine if i was too smoke 5 cigarettes a day?
  It stays in the blood and urine for up to about 48 hours and after that it cannot be detected.
Can Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride addiction cause blood urination or weakened immune system leading to UTI?
I've been using nasal spray containing Oxymetazoline HCl, found in products such as Afrin. The spray is extremely efficient at clearing up my nasal passages, however it leads to chronic congestion as the blood vessels in the nasal passage will no longer shrink on their own (without the spray). But I can't get relief from saline solutions as they are not strong enough. I found bloody mucous membranes in my tissue yesterday and I'm concerned that Oxymetazoline HCl has caused tissue damage. I've been prone to urinating blood over the last year, and think it's connected with the nasal spray. Could drippage from the nasal cavity into my stomach weaken my immune system thereby making me susceptible to Urinary Tract Infection or bloody urine? Or is it something else that is causing the blood in the urine? The time frame from when I started getting urine in the blood seems to equate to when I started using nasal sprays with Oxymetazoline HCl. It is highly addictive! How do I break it?
telling me to consult a doctor is obvious. i didn't post this question to be told to ask a doctor, anyone can figure that out on their own. I'm looking for people who have relevant experience to my issue and or knowledge to answer the question itself. I don't have a doctor.
I've seen a doctor for the bloody urine in the past, i did an ultrasound on the kidneys and testicles, no issues were found. the doc gave me antibiotics and the problem went away after the first dose of the 10 day regiment. 9 months later (now) the issue has returned but went away when I started drinking water with lemon as recommended by a friend. Perhaps the acidity in lemon also helps kill off infection. Regardless, something is causing the frequent infection in the UT. I notice my urine gets redish after drinking raspberry iced tea, but not necessarily bloody. i don't have insurance, so i don't want to have to keep going back to the doc for antibiotics for the same issue once or twice a year. the literature for the nose spray doesn't say anything regarding causation of UTI. Since this post, I've started using saline nasal spray so I will track the changes in bloody mucous membranes, bloody urine over time, and decrease of swollen blood vessels in the nose for ease of breathing.
  No way nasal spray would cause blood in the urine. The problem you are having is well known with nasal sprays. It called rebound stuffiness and the only way to get over it is to stop using nasal sprays. Oral decongestants will help some during this withdrawal. Anytime there is blood in the urine it is serious and medical attention should be found.
high blood pressure and pregnancy?
hiya, im 19 and i have pre existing hypertension. I am currently on the following meds;
My blood pressure is still not controlled very well usually around 180/120. I also have blood and protein in my urine, and have spent roughly 5 months in hospital in the last year. I have just found out i am pregnant, how will my medical history affect my pregnancy?
Joanne Q
  You need to contact the Dr who is treating your severe hypertension and let him know because those medications can negatively effect the fetus. They will probably need to admit you. Do they think that you might have a phenocomocytoma? It is a tumour of your adrenal gland that causes severe refractory hypertension. The pregnancy puts you at a higher risk of stroke so I suggest you start making phone calls today
Donna B.
A person with increased intracranial pressure is given mannitol. What effect will this have on kidney function?
1. completely stop urine output
2. increase urine output
3. decrease urine output
4. decrease dilution of solute in the urinary filtrate
  Increased urine output.
Mannitol is an osmotic diuretic which causes increased urine output.
can temaril cause a dog to have blood in there urine?
my dog has a little blood in her urine and i want to no if temaril is causing this
its temaril p not jus temaril
  Yes it can, but it could also be something more serious, talk to your Vet.
Do I have a UTI?
On October.30 I got tested for pregnancy through blood and that was negative. Then I went back on Nov.3 and told the Doc I've been having some discomfort in my right lower abdomin.
So she got me to do a urine test. I found out there was old blood in my urine. She then prescribed me Apo-Sulfatrim DS. She said she was treating it as a bladder infection. I'm a bit confused... I have discomfort and dull pain in my right lower abdomin. Doesn't seem to burn when I urinate. I'm drinking alot of water as well.
The part I'm confused about is a bladder infection is when it burns when you urinate and you have to urinate more often.
I've been taking 1 pill 2x/day as prescribed. I have been taking them for about 4 1/2 days now. I'm quite concerned about what I have, b/c I've never had a discomfort like this before.
I've been also getting a green discharge about a day after taking my medication.
If someone could comfort my concern... that would be great!
  Sounds like you have some type of uturin infection. You need to go back to the doctor and let her know about your green discharge. There could be something more seriouse going on. Have your doctor take a culture of your discharge and test it to see what it is. Then you can get the proper medical attention you need to get it straightened out.
Debbie S
will sinemet cause a urine test to show blood?
it is taken for parkinsons
  There are 2 drugs in sinemet.. Carbidopa and levodopa.. both are not known to cause hematuria or blood in the urine..

They do not show blood in the urine..

But ofcourse there is a remote chance, since one literature mentions that, it should be prescribed cautiously to those who have renal impairment.. That means its might be slightly toxic to kidneys...

But whatever it is, it cannot show blood in the urine in those who have normal renal function.. We can conclude that it does not...
Drinking Your Urine: Could it Actually be Healthy?
I stumbled upon some websites claiming that drinking your own urine can actually be healthy for you. Search the web for Urine Therapy, and you'll find more websites than you probably asked for about the subject.

Is this a legitimate homeopathic remedy? Has anybody actually tried it? Does it increase your stamina?

From what I've read, urine is completely sterile and it has a lot of good nutrients in it. The liver and kidneys process out toxins, leaving nutrients and urea in the urine . . .

Here are some websites that describe what I'm talking about:

As disgusting as this may seem on the surface, could there be something to this? Might I drink some urine before a workout for better results?
LOL- for those of you questioning my mental health for asking this question, I am simply curious.

I honestly find this suspect, but I try to open up to what I don't know. And when a lot of people are claiming that it's very beneficial in small amounts for certain reasons, I won't discount the possibility.

Maybe I'm just "too" open-minded. hehe.

(Thanks everybody for the good answers.)
  I'm not sure why people are acting so surprised by this question. Many of the popular alternative medicine gurus have promoted the drinking of one's own urine. Deepak Chopra, for example is a huge believer in it's miraculous benefits. That said, there is no evidence that it provides any benefits at all. Urine Therapy belongs in the nonsense pool right next to homeopathy and reflexology.
By the way, in order for something to truly be considered homeopathic, the substance you are using is supposed to actually cause the very symptom you are trying to avoid. It's the act of diluting the substance to the point where there are no trace amounts of the substance remaining, that is supposed to provide the magical property of preventing or alleviating that same symptom.
A person with increased intracranial pressure is given the diuretic mannitol to decrease the pressure. What?
effect will mannitol have on kidney function?

A. completely stop urine
B. increase urine output
C. decrease urine output
D. decrease dilution of solute in the urinry filtrate
  Mannitol is an osmotic diuretic. So like the other osmotic diuretics, it increases urine output. The answer is "B".

You can also use it for a forced diuresis to certain toxic exposures, and for oliguria treatment.
Neil S
Do You Think I Have a Kidney Problem?
Im am only 15 years old I Have Hypertension I take 10mg of Enalapril Maleate I went to the doctor they said i have alot of protein in urine everyday since that I been having foamy urine what should I do
oooooo u
  It sounds like you might. Protein in the urine is a sign of kidney disease. It's very important that you take your high blood pressure medication as directed, don't skip doses. Keeping your blood pressure in the normal range can help prevent further damage.
Helga A
If microscopic hematuria can only be diagnosed using a microscope?
I would imagine that the patient has some other symptoms and then they check the urine and find blood in it?
  True. It's called microscopic for a reason. If you're referring to a possible urinary tract issue, then a UA and culture wouldn't be performed without reasons. The reasons are symptoms. Hematuria isn't always present with a lower UTI but is more likely with an upper UTI and visible hematuria is most likely with an upper UTI.
How do I lower protein levels N urine? The life of my kidneys depends on this!?
Doc, does not seem to have any suggestions?

(I need help, with a medication I can tolerate for crohn’s)

(((I need an anti-inflammatory medication for inflammation of small intestine that does not contain mesalamine, which does not cost an arm and leg.

{{{{{{ Previous medications have caused kidney problems. I now have the problem of too much protein in my urine.}}}}}}

I am hopeful some may have suggestions for reducing protein in the urine, adjacent to the only information I have that is limited to diet changes, as this has proven unsuccessful.))) Can U help me pLz?
  I think you probably need to see a nephrologist (kidney specialist) about this, not a urologist.

I will also suggest that you ask on the message boards at this site: (If they are working).
There will be patients there with more experience than here.
Urine Culture Results, a little worried?
I just received my result from my urine test and was hoping someone might be able to help me make some sense out of it as the doctors office is not open and I'm stressing myself out. I will type it all out the way it is on the paper

Urine Gram Stain Final
Gram positive Bacilli: 3+
Gram Negative Bacilli 4+

Culture urine final
>100,000/ML Escherichia Coli
~35,000/ML Periurethral Flora Isolated

1. Esherichia Coli

Apmicillin <=2
Cefazolin <=4
Cefoxitin <=4
amikacin <=2
Gentamicin <=1
Tobramicin <=1
Amoxicillin/CA <=2
imipenem <=1
Piperacillin/Tazobactam <=4
Ciprofloxacin <=0.25
nitrofurantoin <=16
Trimethorprim/sulfa <=20

Levofloxacin <=0.12
Cefepime <=1

I hope this helps someone to help me ease my mind til i can call my doctor and get my questions answered
Proud Mommy
  You have a bladder infection. Not a really big deal, most people are able to clear them in a few days on their own. When you go to the doctor, they might give you antibiotics. Stay clear of extra sugar, as bacteria feed on it.
Nurse Alex
So i found bit of blood in my urine after galdbladder removal and a dr sent me home should i go back?
Just on the toilet paper when i wipe myself. I feel like I can breath now, and I have energy. I just have a fever...
  Yes I would go back and tell your doctor. This may be a sign of internal bleeding. It doesn't sound very severe since it's only a little blood so don't freak out or anything. Just check with your doctor and see if it's normal and why it's happening.
I heart FlapJacks!
Low creatinine on a urine test, what caused it?
Ok, this other might be helpful. Female Systemic Lupus patient, on plaquenil, Arava and pain med. A doctor who was new did a urine and the result came back neg, for all drugs, but also had a low creatinine level. She said I deluded my urine for the test. I SWEAR that Idid not EVER do such a thing. I tried to explain it to her, but she insisted that is what I did. I have read that if you drink alot water and liver problem it might cause it. My liver functions test are alway elevated because of t arava I take. Someone, please, please, help? I know that this test is wrong for some reason. Thank you to anyone who can help!!!
Bridget M
  I know that drinking large quantities of water, peeing until it is clear will make your urine unable to be tested and many who have to take tests do this. It is now usually caught as so many do it now. I'm not saying you did it intentionally just saying that it can happen from drinking a lot, a lot of water and have seen many do it. It always comes back saying low creatine, could not be tested. Do you drink an abnormal amount of water? I just told someone on here last week that who was looking for a way to beat a test.
Urinary retention?
For the past five weeks I've been having urinary retention on and off. I've had two doctors tell me I'm constipated, which can cause urinary retention. Yesterday I went to the gynecologist and she gave me a rectal exam while pressing down around my uterus and ovaries and stuff. Before I went to the exam I was feeling okay, and since the exam the urinary retention has come back. I also noticed that the retention went away for a couple days after my last period.
Is it possible for urinary retention to be caused by the uterus moving around or changing positions or something like that?
I've had a CT scan and an x-ray and neither one showed anything abnormal. I also went to a urologist and he just did an ultrasound and urine analysis and said he couldn’t find anything wrong. I've had a blood test, three urine analyses, a urine culture (I don't know if that's different from the analysis) and multiple ultrasounds/bladder scans and everything came back normal. I also had a rectal exam a few weeks ago and the doctor couldn't feel any stool, and then had another one yesterday by my gyno who said she could feel some small, hard stools. I can still go to the bathroom, though, and the gyno didn't say I had an impaction. Would a CT scan be able to tell whether or not I have a prolapsed uterus?
  did they mention a prolapsed uterus? That can cause it. Have your seen a urologist? You need to if you haven't. That could be more serious then they think. Also if you are constipated then you need to try and get everything out. You might be impacted which is serious.
Is microscopic hematuria normal in a toddler?
Took daughter(100% potty trained) to pediatrician after she started having accidents out of the blue, really irritable, trouble sleeping, urine that had a foul smell, and low grade fever. Dr. put on antibiotic based on urinalysis that showed microscopic hematuria. Urine culture was negative. Was told urine culture was negative & this happens sometimes. Didn't get a good explanation since I talked to staff/nurse. Will obviously call back...Should I be concerned or is this normal?
  If the culture was negative why is she on antibiotics?
She doesnt need them.
No it is not normal.
I would take her to a paediatrician to get checked out.
In the mean time, ensure she is well hydrated with water.
Good luck
Color or urine in fluid deprivation test for diabetes insipidus?
In a fluid deprivation test for diabetes insipidus should the urine be of a certain color? and if so, what color? For example, in normal healthy people they would have yellow urine when deprived fluids for 10 hours. If anyone kjnows I'd appreciate some input, Thanks!

  I have diabetes insipidus and most of the time my urine is water clear even if i am deprived without water for about 3 - 6 hours, then it gets light yellow. But by that time if you have diabetes insipidus your gonna want some water.

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